Caught in the act

It was as they say a dream come true.

I was alone in the house with my mother...I had long planned what was to
transpire but had never had the opportunity to fulfill the see my
mother nude...until this evening.

My father was out of town on business and my s****r was at a pajama party with
her friends. I knew my mother would take a long hot tub after dinner and that
was when I would take the opportunity of my young sex life...actually I was a
virgin so I had had no sex life except regular and recurring dates with my right

During dinner I told my mother that I'd put the dishes in the dishwasher and
clean up the dining room and kitchen. She smiled and said that she appreciated
that and would use the time to take a hot tub and do some reading. I could feel
my young manhood start to swell as I realized that my dream was getting closer
to reality.

As I finished the kitchen chores I could hear the water running in the Jacuzzi
in my parents bathroom. I called to my mother and told her that I was done and
that I was just going to watch some television in the den. She said ok and I
heard the door to the bathroom click shut.

I held my breath for a moment so that I might hear ensure that my
mother was in the bathroom before I ventured forth into her bedroom. Satisfied
that she was, in fact, in the bathroom I ventured carefully into her bedroom.
s**ttered on the bed were her clothes, including her panties and bra. That she
was now nude behind the door I had no doubt and my manhood reacted with youthful
vigor. I picked up her bra and panties to inspect them...they were lacy white
and offered forth the aroma of a woman. It slightly dazed me when I realized
that I was sniffing my mother's underwear that she had just removed...I was that
close to pulse raced and my rod pulsated.

I approached the door carefully and in exactly the manner I had rehearsed in my
mind. I had removed my shoes so that I would make no noise as I crossed the
dark emerald carpet. I cautiously bent down and peered through the keyhole
which I knew was in a direct line from the tub. I have to admit that I half
expected the view to be blocked by my mother having d****d a towel over the
doorknob. But as I got closer to the keyhole I could see light through it and
realized that there was no towel to obstruct my view.

I held my breath so as to not utter a seemed to me that my mother
must be able to hear my heart as it pounded wildly and loudly in my chest. I
carefully and discreetly peered through the keyhole and what I saw literally
took my breath away...I had only seen women in old black and white pictures and
I suppose I wasn't ready for the impact of seeing any woman, little less my
mother, fully nude to my gaze. I remember it completely and fondly...and I
remember its f***e...there was my mother standing completely nude for my eyes to
see...slowly brushing her long auburn hair. My eyes went immediately to the
dark triangle between her legs...she had a more lavish growth of hair between
her legs than anything I had ever seen or imagined. If I thought that she was
beautiful, the thickness and beauty of her pubic hair was her crowning jewel.
It spread across her lower stomach and formed an almost perfect triangle except
that it was slightly bowed at its top.

With difficulty my eyes moved upwards from that beautiful bush and gazed on her
stomach, flat and taught. I could see her that her breasts were ample but not
overly large. They were shaped like two halves of a melon but more beautiful
than any melon I had ever seen. Her nipples were a shade of crimson pink and
about the size of a quarter.

As I was watching, she put her brush down and slowly gazed at herself in the
mirror while she ran her hands over her breast. Her right hand slowly massaged
her left breast and fondled that lovely nipple. Her eyes closed and she sighed.

She slowly turned and walked toward the tub and upon reaching it slowly bent
over to test the water with her hand. For the second time during this momentous
experience my breath was taken from me...I could see that the luxuriant growth
of auburn hair continued in its abundant fashion between her legs and all the
way around her crack.

My throbbing rod could take no more and begged to be released from the confines
of my pants. But I dared not because I knew what would happen if it were
rescued from its confinement...I would have a puddle on the floor and a mess on
the door...and that I couldn't risk.

That I would come in my pants I didn't expect...but the overwhelming stimulus of
seeing my mother nude coupled with the strength of my dreams overcame the lack
of physical stimulation and I exploded when my mother raised her right leg and
placed it on the edge of the tub thereby giving me a complete and unrestricted
view of the center of her womanhood...her pouting lips peered at me through that
wild tangle of auburn hair.

It was more than I could contain...and it roared forth with such volcanic f***e
and fury that it dazed me and I stood there convulsing with the aftershocks...I
had never experienced an orgasm like that before in my life...and this without
touching myself...

At that, I realized that it was time to leave...I had to clean myself up before
my mother was having achieved my dream I slowly withdrew from her

Later, as I was lying on the floor watching television I could hear my mother in
her bedroom. She came into the den wearing a long bathrobe with her auburn hair
cascading down onto her thought returned to the auburn hair
between her legs and I could feel the initial throbs of an erection...I rolled
over onto my stomach to watch the television.

My mother sat down on the couch and crossed her she did so her robe
fell partially open and I could see the lower part of her thighs.

"Did you like what you saw through the keyhole?", she asked nonchalantly.

I was could she have known and if she knew why did she just parade
around for me intentionally. Thoughts raced through my head but no answers came
to my lips...the casual repartee was years away in my development and on this
occasion I was simply speechless.

"I saw your shadow on the floor, under the door", she said. "So did you like
what you saw?"

About the only thing I could do was nod stupidly and mumble something about
being sorry.

"Well, I guess its to be're growing up and are curious...I
understand that," she said, "And I guess I'm a bit flattered that you'd go to
all that trouble to see me with no clothes."

I simply continued to nod witlessly.

"You still haven't answered my question."

"Uh, yeah...actually I think your more beautiful than I imagined," I finally had
something to say.

"It's a bit unfair though," she said. "I haven't seen you without clothes since
your were about ten and my guess is you've changed a lot since then."

"I guess" was all I could mumble as my mind tried to comprehend where this
conversation was going.

"Don't you think it would be fair if I asked you to let me see you without

"I dunno, I guess so," was all I could stammer.

"Well, why don't we go to my room and you can let me see you without any
clothes on and then we'll be even...OK?"

With that she got up off the sofa, bent over and took my hand and led me to her
bedroom. That I was being seduced by my own mother had not yet become apparent
because if you'll remember I told you I was a virgin without any experience. I
was too numb to think.

"When I realized what was happening I decided to not take a bath. At least not
just then and not alone. I thought that it would be very nice if we took one
together since we're going to be together, alone, tonight...what do you think?"

With that my mother slipped her robe off and it fell to the floor. For the
second time that evening my mother was standing in front of me nude..but this
time there was no door between us and she was unbuttoning my shirt.

Her perfume wafted around me and further aroused me as if I needed more arousal.

She had my shirt off and was unfastening my belt. She had the zipper down and
tugged at the tops of my pants, which on the way down got hung up on my engorged
and throbbing staff. As I helped her pull them down and stepped out of them we
stood face to face for the first time...each nude and looking at the
eyes could not pull themselves from that lavish forest of auburn hair between
her legs...

"You've certainly grown a lot since the last time I saw you with no clothes and
I must say it's been in all the right places", as she eyed my pulsating member
which was pointed right at her bush.

I was still dazed by what was happening and the idea of what was about to happen
had me shuddering. My mother stepped toward me and reached out and embraced me.

In so doing my manhood was pushed against her hairy mound and stomach. Her
breasts became one with mine and she looked me in the eyes and asked me if I had
ever made love with a woman before...

I answered with a weak "No" and she smiled and said that shortly I would be able
to answer yes to that question but that it must be our little secret...she then
raised her head and kissed me full on the lips..."Then tonight you shall"

That I wasn't at all in charge of what was going must be overwhelmingly clear to
you at this point...that I was being seduced by my mother and carefully drawn
into my first sexual experience with all the love, warmth, and sensuality that
experience ought to have is something I didn't realize at the time. I was only
aware of an overarching sexuality stimulated by the visual presentation of my
mothers body and the sensations aroused by her touch, her body heat, and her

She led me to the tub where we both got in and submerged ourselves in its womb
like warmth. My mother lay back and closed her eyes and told me that she had
dreamed of this moment for sometime but was afraid that it would never come to
pass. It was something that just had to happen she said, you can't plan
wouldn't be right.

She reached out and took my hand and placed it on her breast and said "I love
you and want to give you the most personal present I can. I want to give you
myself and take from you yourself. I want us to again become as one, as once
we were.

As I gave you life I now want to give you the gift of sexuality and love. And I
don't know any other way to do it."

"I love you too" I said, as I leaned over and kissed her. We lingered over that
kiss as I felt her tongue search out mine. They touched and danced and
maintained their own embrace as I felt my mothers hand on my erection for the
first time.

As we kissed she stroked my pounding staff with a tenderness I had never

She slowly withdrew and smiled at me and said that we can't hurry. We had all
night and we needed to pace ourselves accordingly...we'd both enjoy it more.

As she lounged back against the side of the tub she handed me a bar of soap and
asked me to wash her. I started with her shoulders and back as she turned away
from me. I slowly lathered her back and worked my hands around to her breasts.
I lingered on her breasts...caressing them as carefully as I could...rubbing her
breasts as she gently guided my hands to her nipples. I delicately took her
nipples in my fingers and rhythmically rolled them between my fingertips like I
had seen her do to herself earlier.

Slowly she stood up and turned to face me...she was offering me her womanhood
and I reached up and started to lather her bush. As I rubbed the soap bar in
her hair she slowly spread her legs so that I might reach between them and
completely access her pussy.

She took my hand and had me stand up and took the soap from my hand and started
to rub the soap between my legs and under my balls. As she rubbed the soap in
my pubic hair she stroked my prick with her right hand and slowly tipped her
head up and kissed me.

We were both on the verge of explosion so she calmly withdrew her tongue from my
mouth and sat down in the tub...

"Let's rinse ourselves, dry off, and get into bed", she cooed through partially
opened eyes.

We got out of the tub, dried each other off, and went into the bedroom where we
both fell onto the bed.

Without a word, my mother slid down my body and placed her face on my stomach.

"I know you can't last long the first time, so here is my first gift."

With that she took my throbbing prick in her hand and kissed it. I couldn't
believe mother was about to suck my dick. She slowly licked my prick
over its entire length and nibbled on the head before sliding it into her mouth.

We both moaned together as she slowly sucked my full length. As I watched, she
took my full length in her mouth and her nose was buried in my pubic hair. She
started a rhythmic sucking motion that had my mind reeling. My mother was
sucking my dick and I was about to cum in her mouth. The faster she sucked the
greater became the urge to ejaculate until I couldn't hold back another instant.

As I erupted into her mouth my mind went blank and my body felt as if
she was draining my body...sucking me into her...and it went on and on and on...

Slowly she withdrew my now flaccid dick from her mouth and looked at me with
dazed eyes and asked me if I had enjoyed that as much as had she. I think the
look on my face gave her all the answer she needed because I was incapable of
uttering a sound.

I rolled over and reached out to hold her and caress her. We embraced and I
again told her that I loved her. She smiled and said that there was a way for
me to prove it. As she rolled onto her back and spread her legs I thought I
knew what she wanted...for me to eat her just as she had sucked me off.

As I kissed her lips and slowly, at her urging, worked my way down her body I
first came to her breasts. As I looked at them closely for the first time I
could see that the nipples had extended themselves to almost half an inch. I
kissed her breasts and took her protruding nipples into my mouth where I slowly
rolled them between my teeth. I could fell my mother shudder and hear her heart
and her moans of enjoyment as I sucked on her nipples.

I moved farther down her body knowing that I would soon be in that jungle of
hair which had so captivated me since earlier that evening. My mind was having
a difficult time keeping up with events. Here I was putting my face between my
mother's legs...her hairy mound rising up to meet my face. I just wanted to
stop and look at her was the most beautiful thing I had ever
seen...the long auburn curls were lavishly I reached up with my hands
to feel her hair I realized how much thicker it was than my own...her pubic
mound was as thick as the hair on her head...I slowly lowered my face to it and
simply luxuriated in burying my face in her wild jungle...I started to lick it
and gently nibbled on it and lovingly pulled at some of the hairs. As I slowly
got to the lips of her pussy I reached up and spread them apart. Looking for
the first time at my mother's pinkness I felt a strong urge to simply kiss her
there...which I did. I then proceeded to lick her slit and nibble on her
lovebud...all the time her hair was rubbing my face.

She writhed and moaned under the constant attention my tongue was giving her.
As she built to a climax, I inserted a finger into her pussy and slowly started
to insert another into her rear hole. She was thrashing about the bed in such a
fashion that I had a difficult time maintaining my tongue within the folds of
her pussy. Her lovejuice was covering my face in much the same manner that my
cum covered the walls of her throat just minutes before. When she came to the
zenith of her climax she simply moaned and clamped her legs around my head and
virtually enveloped me within her pussy. It seemed like moments before she
released her grasp of my head and I very tenderly kissed her clitoris by which
she responded with a shudder.

"Now you must fuck me," she said.

And with that she pulled me up to her face, kissed me, grasped my prick and
guided it into her. As I entered her she told me to look her in the eyes, that
she wanted to see into my soul that very instant. That the boy to whom she gave
birth she was now making a man and she wanted to look deep into me and as I
penetrated deep into her. As I slipped between her legs and penetrated her
cushion of pubic hair to probe the depths of her pussy we looked into each
others eyes and as I began to fuck her we said to each other "I love you."

97% (58/2)
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2 months ago
"Caught In The Act" - Unnamed Married Mother and Unnamed Early Teenae Son.

This mother must have had some inate desires over the ensuing years, as she very quickly, but cautiously, went right to the matter at hand, that being the total and complete seduction, manipulation and incestually taking her son's virginity. If God had only made all mothers to the caliber of this mother, her interest and capicity to take her son under her sexually mothrly wing for his manhood mothering and nurturing!! The story IS a love and romance story; the mother is not to be denied thought her young virgin son is very willing and accepting of his mother's advances, foreplay, and control of their sexual unity!!! Majestically Awesome!!!
2 years ago
Great Story, looking forward to more!
2 years ago
another great Mom and great story.
2 years ago
Man wish I had a mom , like that 1 ! I like the story . . . . . .
2 years ago
Very intense story.
2 years ago
made me cum
2 years ago
Holy fuck that is a hot story.
2 years ago
he had such a loving mom, not like mine who made me a sissyboy because she loved women.
2 years ago
another good one
2 years ago
Very nice mom and a very nice story.
2 years ago