Not mine, but thought I'd share....

It was a Friday night and I had agreed to watch the teenage daughters of a
friend of mine. Sheila and her husband were going away and she wanted me to
stay with Tracy and Lisa. They were both home from college, way too old for a
sitter, but Sheila was worried about leaving them for very long. Like a good
friend, I agreed to leave my f****y and spend the weekend with them. I fully
expected to spend the weekend watching television and reading, bored out of my

We had just finished cleaning up after a nice supper and were watching
television when, out of the blue, Tracy asked if I wanted a cup of tea. I said
sure and offered to fix some for all three of us. Both of them quickly stood
up and shouted that I should stay put and they would be happy to make it. I
thought they were acting funny but soon became engrossed in the movie and
forgot the whole thing.

When the tea came, I tasted it. "Mmmx! This tastes great! What kind is
it?" I asked, as I took a bigger sip.

The girls giggled. "Oh, some eastern blend Mom had," replied Tracy.

Within five minutes I had that cup gone and asked for another. The girls
quickly made it and I drank it too. I was starting to feel strange, like time
was slowing down, but just assumed I was tired.

The next hour or so was somewhat hazy. I noticed both girls on the phone a
lot, but really did not think it was a problem. Then they both came in and sat
down beside me.

"Ok, Mrs. Hopkins. It's time to get ready for the party," said Lisa.

"What party?"

"You remember. The party we are throwing tonight. Mom hired you to help,"
said Tracy.

"She did? I thought I was baby-sitting."

Lisa giggled. "Do we look like babies? She hired you to work for us."

"I guess I must have gotten the wrong idea, but it's probably my fault," I
said. "What do I need to do?"

"Well, first you need to get into your clothes," said Tracy.

"What's wrong with what I have on?" I asked dully.

"If you are going to work for us, you have to wear the uniform Mom got
you. She insisted and you agreed when she told you about it. You know how she
likes people to think we're rich."

"All right," I said. "If I said I will, then I will." I did not remember
promising Sheila, but I must have. Knowing Sheila, it was very possible she
wanted me to wear a uniform.

Tracy led me into Sheila's bedroom. Laid out on the bed was a very skimpy
maid's uniform. It was low-cut and had a short skirt. Next to it were black
stockings, a red garter belt and high heels. It did not look like anything
Sheila would make me wear. It looked more like something she had bought for
the bedroom.

I said exactly that to Tracy, but she insisted I had seen the outfit and
agreed to take the job, so I got undressed. Lisa brought me more tea that I
drank down. By now I was so out of it I did not even notice they had me get
dressed without my bra and panties.

When I finished dressing, I looked myself over in Sheila's full length
mirror. The high heels added several inches to my 5'4" frame and also
tightened my calves and accentuated my full bottom. The dress, a very sexy red
and black mini with a plunging neckline, pushed my ample breasts up and out.
Although I have always tried to watch my weight, I had put on some extra
pounds in the last few years and I was really too plump for this sort of
outfit. There certainly was a lot of skin showing, both at the top and at the

Tracy brushed out my shoulder length brown hair. She insisted I needed to
redo my makeup, including ruby red lip gloss. I asked why I needed to get so
dolled up but the girls just said they wanted me to look nice. every time I
asked a question they gave me more tea.

I was just finishing up when the doorbell rang. "Can you get that,
please?" asked Lisa. As I walked down the hall my boobs jiggled from the
effects of my high heels. The dress was so low cut I had a mile of cleavage
showing and as I looked down I could see part of a nipple peeking out. I
tucked it back in but it was so close to the edge of my bodice I knew it would
not take much for it to pop out again.

As I opened the door three teenage couples poured in. The guys all hooted
at my outfit as they went past. I blushed and hurried into the kitchen where
Tracy explained that I was to answer the door and keep the beer glasses and
snack tray full. For the next hour I was kept hopping as everyone arrived.
There were lots of couples, but also several unattached guys and girls. By the
time everyone was there the house was packed. The party was wild and everyone
was soon half-d***k.

As I worked my way back and forth through the crowd the boys would comment
on my outfit and rub up against me. They would ogle my exposed cleavage and
several times they could see the edges of my nipples before I noticed and
tucked them back in. Their remarks were usually pretty graphic, describing my
body and how much of it was exposed. I was still so befuddled it did not occur
to me to protest their crude suggestions.

Somebody spilled some beer on the carpet and Tracy called to me to come
clean it up. Without thinking, I got down on my hands and knees and started to
scrub the stain. I heard two girls behind me gasp, then start to giggle, and I
realized my dress had ridden up so high they could see my pussy. I started to
get up but Tracy said to keep scrubbing before the carpet got stained, so I

The girls called some boys over to see and they started laughing as they
stared at my exposed ass and pussy. I turned scarlet but pretended I didn't
know what was going on; I hurriedly cleaned the spill and retreated to the
kitchen. As I was leaving I heard one of the boys tell the other two he would
like to make me suck his cock until it was rock hard, then fuck my 'big hairy
pussy' until I couldn't walk. He told them they could have 'sloppy seconds'
after he was finished fucking me silly.

When I got into the kitchen I sat down. I looked down at my hands and
realized I was shaking. Something seemed very wrong; I was sure I should not
be here, dressed like this, letting young men I didn't even know make crude
sexual remarks to me. Unfortunately my mind was so fogged up I was unsure of
exactly why it was wrong, so I just sat there trying to figure it out.

Lisa came in and saw me sitting there. "What's the matter? Why do you look
so upset?" I told her what had happened and what I had heard. "Oh, Mrs.
Hopkins, I'm sure he thought he was paying you a compliment! You know how guys
are; that's just how they talk to each other. You should be flattered. Lots of
women would love to have someone flirt with them like that."

It had not sounded much like flirting, but I knew Lisa was a nice girl so
I believed her. If she said it, I was sure it was true. I was in no condition
to argue.

Lisa fixed a new pot of that delicious tea and put it on the table beside

"Listen, Mrs. Hopkins. I need to go back in to the party, but we're all
set for food and punch for right now. We don't really need any more help from
you until later. Why don't you take a break and stay out here for a bit? No
one will bother you and I'll call you if we need anything. You just relax,

I nodded, so she left me to my thoughts and my tea.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew I had my head resting
on my arms and Tracy was gently shaking me awake. I groggily looked around and
tried to focus on what she was saying to me.

"Mrs. Hopkins, we have a problem," said Tracy. "We ran out of beer and no
one has enough money for more. Is there any way you could charge it on your
credit card and we'll pay you back next week?"

I nodded. "Sure, Tracy. I know you'll pay me. It must be in my purse." I
laid my head back down.

She shook me again. "Come on, Mrs. Hopkins. You need to wake up. You know
we can't use your cards. You have to go with the guys to buy the beer."

I still did not move so Tracy and another girl stood me up and gently led
me out to a waiting car. There were two guys in the front seat and one in the
back. "These guys will pick it out and carry it for you," Tracy said. "All you
have to do is pay for it. Thanks!"

Just before the door of the car closed another guy slid in beside me,
pushing me into the middle. I looked over at him and realized it was the boy
who had been so graphic when I was cleaning up the spill. He smiled at me and
said hello, so I decided maybe Lisa had been right all along about him being
nice and I smiled back at him. The other three boys also greeted me and we
pulled out.

As soon as we got going one of the boys produced a small flask of liquor
and passed it around. When it came to me I said no thanks. The driver looked
in the rear-view mirror and asked me if I was a prude.

"No, I'm not a prude. I just don't want a drink right now. Thanks anyway."

"I don't know, Mrs. Hopkins. I always heard you were pretty straight. I
just never realized how straight you really are. You don't even drink?"

"Of course I drink, when I want to. I'm not a prude."

The boy beside me handed me the flask. "Prove it."

Fine, I'd show them I was not a prude. I took a small swig and gasped as
the liquor burned its way down my throat. They said it was just a sip so I
took a bigger drink. The boys chuckled then and started passing the flask
around again. It seemed to constantly be in my hand, with someone urging me to
take a drink. I wanted them to like me and not think I was a prude, so I drank
when they urged me to. Combined with my already dazed state, my head was soon

Dave, one of the boys beside me, started asking me questions about my
early years. "So, Mrs. Hopkins, have you always been pretty conservative, or
were you a little wilder when you were younger?"

"I'm not conservative. I'm the same now as I have always been. I like
having fun as much as the next person."

"Did you date much when you were a teenager?" asked Brian, the driver.
"Were you pretty popular?"

"I guess I was popular, but I didn't go on very many dates. My parents
didn't let me. They didn't want me to get a 'reputation'."

"Were you attractive? Maybe you just didn't get asked much," said Jack,
from my other side.

"When you did go out, did you enjoy the sex? Did you look forward to it?"
asked Dave.

"I never had sex on a date," I answered proudly. The boys looked

"Never?" gasped Bob. "Didn't anyone even try to feel you up or anything?"

"No. They were always perfect gentleman." I thought they would be
impressed with my chastity. Instead, they saw it as a drawback.

"Maybe they weren't being gentlemen," said Dave. "Maybe they thought you
were too ugly to fuck."

The shock of having Dave suggest I was ugly kept me from protesting his
vulgar language. "I looked just like I do now, only younger. Am I ugly now?" I

"You don't look too bad, just a little plump. It's hard to tell in the
car, though. Let's get a good look at you, and we'll all decide if we would
have asked you out," said Dave. "How does that sound?"

I smiled nervously. "OK. That sounds like a good idea." I wanted them to
like me. I hoped I looked attractive to them.

Brian twisted his mirror and the three boys riding turned toward me. I
looked down at myself. My dress had ridden above my stocking tops, displaying
my pale thighs in the dim illumination from passing street lights. My breasts
were pushing out of my top and a long line of cleavage was showing. I blushed
as I realized that the edge of one nipple was peeking out of my top, but I
didn't want to push it back while they were looking at me. They would have
been sure I was a prude then.

They looked me up and down for a very long moment. Bob was the first to
speak. "I think you look pretty good," he said. "I think I might have asked
you out if you were my age. I just can't figure out why nobody ever got
friendly with you on a date. Is there something wrong with your body or

I shook my head. I was beginning to feel like maybe there was something
about me that wasn't sexy. I took another gulp from the flask.

Jack spoke up. "Has anyone ever seen your boobs? Did you ever show them to
a guy on a date? Maybe they are ugly and word got around."

"Just my doctor and my husband, after we were married." Maybe I was
undesirable, after all. I felt like I was going to cry.

"I got an idea," said Dave. "Why don't you show them to us and we'll let
you know what we think."

"I don't knowx I d-don't think I should do that," I stammered. I wanted
them to like me, but showing my breasts to them seemed wrong.

"Hey, no problem," said Jack. "We were just trying to help you out. It's
your call. Say, did you guys see Katie tonight? That girl looked hot!"

The boys immediately started discussing Katie and several other girls from
the party. I felt lonely and ignored. After another drink I took a deep breath
and turned to Jack.

"I guess I've changed my mind. I would like to show you my boobs. If I let
you guys see them, do you promise not to tell anyone?" They looked at each
other, then nodded their assent.

My hands shook as I reached up and took hold of the bodice of my dress. I
hesitated for a few seconds, settling my nerves, then pulled it down and
tucked it under my breasts. My nipples immediately stiffened in the cool night
air. I waited with bated breath, hoping the guys liked what they saw. My face
grew warm and I felt like I was in another world. No one spoke for what seemed
like an eternity.

Finally, Bob smiled at me. "I think you have very nice tits, Mrs. Hopkins.
They sure are big enough. You have every right to be proud of them. You are a
very sexy lady."

I smiled and relaxed. I knew I was plump, but I had always thought my
boobs were too big and fleshy. They thought I was sexy!

I was so happy they liked my breasts, I barely heard Bob ask Jack if they
were firm. Before I could react he reached out and cupped one of them. I
gasped as I felt his warm hand squeeze my cool flesh but said nothing. His
fingers found my nipple and it jumped under his caress. As I tried to decide
whether or not I should protest, Dave did the same thing with my other boob. I
wasn't sure if I should let them touch me, but it certainly felt nice, so what
harm could there be in it? I looked down. I could see my dark nipples being
squeezed by their strong fingers and I felt myself getting wet.

"For being such big tits, they're nice and firm," Jack told Bob. "Her
nipples are very sensitive, too. They're rock hard. I think she likes it.
Let's take a look at that pussy you were telling us about, Dave!"

Jack and Dave each grasped one of my legs and pulled it over onto their
laps. My dress pushed up almost to my waist and I was spread wide open,
without any panties on! I tried to pull my legs closed but I was no match for
them, so I gave up struggling.

"It's ok, Mrs. Hopkins. We just wanted to see what you look like. We think
you're very pretty and sexy, don't we guys?" Bob said. They all murmured their
assent. "You have a very beautiful pussy."

Bob reached back from the front seat and softly rubbed my knee. Jack and
Dave kept kneading my breasts as they stared at my pussy. Their other hands
were holding my legs apart, and they began stroking up and down along my
stockings. Each pass their hands traveled a little higher and they were soon caressing my naked thighs. Bob kept telling me how pretty and sexy I looked. I laid my head on the back of the seat and closed my eyes, trying to calm my thudding heart.

Part 2

Just as I felt Dave's fingers brush against my pubic hair, Jack leaned
down and kissed my nipple, tickling it with his tongue. As I jumped in
surprise my movement pressed my pussy against Dave's hand. He cupped it and
gave it a gentle squeeze, making me moan. I heard Brian laugh from behind the
wheel and ask what was happening.

"Well, Mrs. Hopkins is just showing us what she would do if she were
dating again," said Dave, gently massaging my outer lips. As he rubbed his
hand up and down the length of my pussy mound he began pressing a finger
against my already wet slit. "She's all wet and ready for fun. You look
beautiful too. Those stuffy old farts who were afraid to touch you will never
know what they missed. I'll bet you would have drained them dry, wouldn't

I giggled. "I'm not sure about that, but thank you." It was hard to gather
my thoughts, with one guy sucking and kissing my boob and another trying to
insert a finger into me as a third one watched. Right at that moment, I felt
like the most popular and desirable girl in the world.

Dave's finger was pressing insistently at my pussy lips and it wasn't long
before they peeled slowly apart. I was so wet by this time that he encountered
little resistance as he slid his finger inside me. "God damn, this lady is
boiling!" he exclaimed. "I'll bet you keep your husband pretty happy with this
little toy. Are you sure he's the only one who's ever touched your pussy?"

"He is. He, and now you, are the only men who have ever played around down
there like that," I answered. I tried to muster some willpower. "Maybe you
should stop. I think he might be mad if he saw what you were doing."

"Oh, no. I think he'd be pleased," said Brian, looking into my eyes in the
mirror. "Guys want everyone to think their wives are attractive and sexy. He
would be thrilled that we enjoy looking at your beautiful breasts and that
lovely little pussy of yours. I'm sure he would consider it a compliment."

Bob nodded as he gave me the flask again. I took a nervous gulp. I was so
confused. I was pretty sure my husband would not think it was a compliment,
but these guys certainly knew what other men liked and I was in no shape to
argue, so how could I say they were wrong? They seemed to have my best
interests in mind, and I was enjoying all the attention they were showering on

Dave started rubbing my clit and I felt it thicken under his manipulation.
By now my pussy was very hot and wet and I was finding it increasingly
difficult to follow what was being said. I remember hearing Bob tell Brian to
stop the car. I felt the car come to a halt, then Brian turned and looked at
me, sitting back with my legs wide open and my tits hanging out while being
sucked and fingered by two young men.

I looked around. We were parked in a corner of a large parking lot, not
far from a light pole. I could see a shopping plaza. Most of the stores were
closed and the lot was nearly deserted. At least no one else was likely to see
me. Brian said something to Bob that I couldn't catch, who got out and went
into a convenience store. When he came back to the car he showed me a small
disposable camera, the kind with a built in flash.

"We would all like to remember how nice and sexy you look," he said.
Before I could make any protest, he snapped several pictures of me as the boys
played with me. Well, as long as no one else saw the pictures I guessed it
would be all right.

"Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get fucked by another
man?" asked Bob as Dave stroked and pinched my excited clit. I groaned and
shook my head. "You've never wondered how a different cock would feel, sliding
into your nice hot pussy?" Again I shook my head. "Have you ever even seen
another cock?"

"No," I answered. Suddenly I was ashamed of my limited experience.

"Would you like to see another one? Another cock, that is. After all, it's
only fair. We've seen those nice big tits and that hairy pussy of yours. Would
you like to see us naked? No one will ever know."

Blushing, I said that I would. As Jack and Dave let go of me I felt a pang
of disappointment, but they returned to playing with me as soon as their pants
were down. The guys quickly pulled down their pants and underwear, proudly
displaying their already stiff members.

I never realized until then how different men's penises could be. None of
them looked exactly like my husband's. One was curved, one was straight, one
looked almost purple and Jack's penis was at least two inches longer than my
husband's. I never knew they came in different sizes, either. I was

"What do you think?" asked Brian. I gulped. "Go ahead and touch one if you
want. We don't mind."

I reached out and touched Bob's cock. He smiled at me, so I wrapped my
fingers around it. It felt hot to my touch. Slowly, I slid my fingers up and
down it, enjoying the feel of the rock hard shaft and the spongy head. Dave
resumed stroking his finger in and out of my pussy while he rubbed my clit
with his thumb. Groaning, I reached for each hard cock in turn, giving it a
few strokes and marveling at how different they felt. I ended up with my hand
on Jack's big cock. It felt satisfyingly thick in my hand.

Bob handed me the flask again. "You know, Mrs. Hopkins, you look very sexy
right now. I think your husband would be very proud of you tonight. Did you
know there were cocks as big as Jack's?" I shook my head. "Now that you've
seen it, don't you wonder what it would feel like inside that nice hot pussy
of yours?" He snapped a picture of my hand, wrapped around Jack's cock.

I tried to clear my head. "Yes...but I'm sure that would be wrong. I can't
do that."

"Oh, you're right, Mrs. Hopkins. It probably would be wrong if he were to
fuck you. But, if you asked, maybe he would just put it in so you can get an
idea how it feels. It won't really be fucking, so there shouldn't be any harm
in it."

I hesitated. It would be nice to see what it felt like. Would it feel
different than my husband's? I sighed. I wanted to know.

"All right. You can put it in. No fucking."

"Absolutely," agreed Jack.

Dave pulled his hand from my slit and laid my head down in his lap, then
began rubbing my nipples. Jack pushed one stocking clad leg up over the rear
seat and the other up into Brian's lap. Brian immediately began rubbing and
massaging my calf. I looked down as Jack knelt between my legs. Through the
hair I could see my pussy lips, parted slightly and gleaming with wetness.
Jack paused, his cock just inches away from my pussy.

Jack grasped the shaft of his cock and leaned toward me. I saw the thick
head push into my pubic hair, then felt it graze the lips of my pussy. He
rubbed it up and down my slit, getting me ready. With a gentle push I saw the
head disappear and felt my pussy lips parting as his big cock entered me. It
felt so good I moaned my pleasure, causing all the boys to chuckle. Jack
pulled his cock back, rubbed it around my opening again and pushed it back
inside, this time sliding in several inches along with the head. Again I
moaned; it felt great. He eased out and pushed in several times, each time
deeper and deeper. Finally I felt his pelvis press against me and I knew he
was all the way in.

"Well, how does it feel?" he asked.

"Fuller than my husband's does. It feels nice," I answered dreamily. "I
never knew how different it would feel."

"Let me ask you a question," said Jack. "Which do you like better?
This...?" he fucked in and out slowly, each time pushing deep inside me. "Or
this?" Now he started fucking me rapidly, banging hard into my crotch.

"I like both. It's in so deep, I feel all stretched out. I think I like
the fast one better, though," I answered, completely forgetting he had
promised not to fuck me.

"That does feel pretty good, doesn't it?" he said as he continued rapidly
thrusting his cock in and out.

I heard Bob snap off several more pictures of me as Jack gave me a hard
fuck. Jack's body was banging into my clit and I could feel his balls slapping
against my ass with each stroke. He continued pounding his thick cock into me
I began pushing up against his thrusts.

Dave shifted my head on his lap. When I felt his cock touch my lips I
automatically kissed it. He pressed it harder against my lips and I opened my
mouth, allowing him to slid his cock into my mouth. It tasted delicious as I
licked the head and tasted his salty pre-cum. Feeling delightfully wicked, I
started sucking on it. I wanted these guys to think I was as sexy and fun as
the younger girls they'd been talking about. As Jack kept up his rapid fucking
of my overheated pussy I began giving Dave the best blowjob I could, working
my tongue along the underside while moving my lips back and forth along his
hot cock.

"How is she, boys?" asked Brian.

"Oh, man, this is one hot broad," answered Jack. "Her pussy is wrapped
around my dick like a warm glove. This lady likes to fuck."

"She's not a bad cock sucker, either," added Dave. "Come on, Mrs. Hopkins.
Suck my cock. Wouldn't you like a nice creamy load to swallow?"

I nodded and sucked hard on his cock and heard him groan in pleasure.
Pleased that he liked what I was doing, I redoubled my efforts. I twirled my
tongue around and tickled the underside of his rock-hard dick as he encouraged
me to swallow it all. I wanted to make him happy so I pushed my lips as far
down his cock as I could, coming closer to the base with each thrust. I knew
that I was doing a good job as I felt him stiffen and push his cock deep into
my mouth. I felt Dave spasm, then flood my mouth with his jism. Gulping, I
felt his thick cum slide down my throat and into my stomach as he continued to
pump more cum into my eager mouth. I had never swallowed my husband's cum
before, but I was so horny I cleaned up every drop of Dave's as it shot into
my mouth.

"That's a good girl; suck me dry. That was a nice blowjob. You really like
eating cum, don't you?" he asked. Giggling, I nodded.

Jack's fucking now had me almost ready to cum myself. I felt myself
getting closer and closer, rising toward a peak. I was almost there when I
felt him jerk and pump his load deep into my pussy. I groaned in frustration
at how close I had been to cumming. He pulled out and asked me if I wanted an
orgasm. I nodded eagerly, so he got out of the car and Brian took his place.
Without any preliminaries Brian just slid his cock into my cum-soaked pussy
and started fucking me.

Brian's technique was very different from Jack's. He alternated several
hard thrusts with several gentle ones, as well as pausing for long moments
with his cock nestled deep within me. Every time I got close to cumming he
sensed it and paused and soon I was begging him to let me cum. He just
chuckled and kept up his maddeningly erratic style. I almost started crying
when I felt him add his cum to the load Jack had already deposited inside me.
My poor hot pussy felt empty when he withdrew. Inquiringly, I looked over at

"What's the matter, Mrs. Hopkins?"

I paused for a long moment, not wanting to say it out loud. Finally I
asked him, "Aren't you going know...?"

"Aren't I going to what?" Bob was not making this simple for me. He knew
what I wanted.

"Aren't you going to make love to me?"

"Make love? Nobody has made love to you yet. Say what really happened. Say
what you want, and ask me nicely," he grinned at me from the front seat.

"All right. They fucked me, but I didn't have an orgasm. Will you please
fuck me?" I lay there, almost naked in the back seat of a car, with my legs
spread and cum trickling down my crack. All I wanted was to have someone slide
his dick into me and fuck me until I came. I did not care who did it.

"Well, since you asked so politely, I'll be glad to fuck you, Mrs.
Hopkins. But what if seeing it makes the other guys horny again? Will you fuck
them again too?" Bob asked.

I nodded desperately. Bob turned me so I was facing the front of the car,
with my ass on the edge of the rear seat. He eased through between the seats
and lifted my legs up onto his shoulders. I felt his cock push into my pussy
and he started up a nice rhythm that soon had me boiling again. I was a little
uncomfortable as he pressed my neck back against the seat but his pounding
dick soon made me forget that discomfort. Jack and Brian got on either side of
me and started sucking and playing with my tits. I was in heaven.

When I finally came, I came the hardest I ever have. I closed my eyes and
felt like I was flying through the middle of an explosion. I screamed and
started bucking my ass, almost throwing Bob off me, but he managed to keep
fucking me. When I finally came back to reality he was still pounding into me.
He finally stiffened and shot his load, then pulled his cock out of me.

Brian immediately twisted me toward him and slipped his cock into me. As
he started fucking me for the second time I hooked my legs behind his ass,
pulling him into my pussy as far as I could. I was so hot I began having a
small series of miniature orgasms. I started bucking and jumping like a
madwoman. The boys told me I was the hottest woman they had fucked in a long
time, making me feel proud.

One after another they all fucked me again. Bob and Brian even had me give
them a blowjob and I tasted my own dried juices on their cocks, a definite
first. By then I eagerly sucked their cocks as deep into my throat as I could,
swallowing every drop of cum as it spurted out at me. I was too gone to care
how many times I got fucked or who I was sucking off.

When they finally finished I could feel my pussy throbbing from its
workout. It felt full and well fucked. I looked down at my crotch and I could
see my puffy lips, red even in the dim light. My nipples were sore from being
sucked and chewed and even my tongue was tired. All I wanted was to go to

We all got out of the car to straighten out our clothing. My stockings
were all laddered and torn and my dress was wadded around my waist, but I
tried to make myself as presentable as I could. I stuffed my boobs back in and
smoothed my skirt down as best I could. My pussy felt so swollen I was sure my
cunt lips had to be dangling down below my skirt, but I knew that was not
possible. I took some satisfaction in the fact that the boys looked similarly
worn out.

Jack walked up to me and pulled my top back down. "You look much better
like this. I like seeing those big tits and fat nipples of yours," he
explained. I protested but left them out.

After we all got back into the car, Brian started driving again. We soon
arrived at the beer store and we all got out and walked to the entrance.
Several youths were lingering near the entrance. When they saw us they started
shouting and laughing at me.

I knew I probably looked bad after my gang fuck but I had thought I could
pass acceptably in public. I could not figure out why they were laughing at
me. Puzzled, I asked what they were laughing at.

"Maybe they like your tits," Jack chuckled.

I suddenly realized the top of my dress was still down and everyone could
see my tits hanging out. I turned scarlet. I turned around and pulled it back
up but they kept on jeering me. Mustering as much dignity as I could, I
entered the store, ignoring their catcalls.

I was glad we were in a store where I did not shop. I was sure the clerk
could tell I had just been fucked long and hard by the guys I was with. As
quickly as possible I signed the credit slip and returned to the car. The boys
soon returned with the beer and we started back.

As soon as we pulled out Dave eased my top down again and started sucking
on my tits. I made no protest as he also worked a hand under my dress and
began stroking my pussy. I fell asl**p with him playing with my tits and pussy
and did not awaken until he gently shook me as we turned into Sheila's street.

I put myself back together yet again and made my way inside, with Bob
helping me. Tracy met us at the door.

"Well, you might as well put her in bed. She's not going to be much good
now," she said as she looked me over.

Jack chuckled. "She has a right to be tired. She's had a really big
workout. Once we got her started, she turned out to be a pretty hot fuck. She
satisfied all of us."

As they eased me into bed, I heard her tell Jack, "Remember, this is a one-time thing. You promised you'd leave her alone after this."

The last thing I heard was Jack's reply.

"Absolutely. This was a one-time thing..."

Part 3

I woke up Saturday morning feeling a little fuzzy-headed, but nothing
really extreme. I couldn't remember much from the night before, although I did
remember I was spending the weekend with Sheila's daughters and I vaguely
remembered we'd been at a party the night before. I assumed I'd just had a
little too much to drink and was battling a hangover.

I did remember having some really erotic dreams after I went to bed.
Trying to recall the dreams, I reached down and cupped my pussy. I was
surprised to feel how swollen and hot it was. I giggled to myself. It wasn't
the first time I'd masturbated in my sl**p. I must have been pretty horny. It
felt like I'd been rubbing my cunt all night.

I took a long hot shower and felt pretty good. After dressing, I headed
downstairs but both Lisa and Tracy were gone. I don't usually eat much
breakfast so I just had a couple of pieces of toast. As I was buttering it I
noticed a box of tea on the counter. THAT I remembered. It was the most
delicious tea I'd ever had. I made a pot of it and went out onto the patio
with the paper.

I drank tea and read for a little while but then everything got hazy
again. I thought I must be catching a bug or something, I was so muddled this
weekend. The sun was warm on me so I decided to nap in the heat and try to
bake it out.

I think I'd dozed for an hour or so when three boys came around the corner
of the house. I knew I'd met them the night before but for the life of me I
couldn't think of their names.

"Hi, Mrs. Hopkins. How are you feeling?" the first one asked me. When I
just looked at him without answering, he continued, "It's me, Brian.

I nodded groggily. "Hi, Brian."

"What's the matter with her?" I heard another one ask. "Oh, shit guys. She
got into the goodies again." He picked up the teapot and sniffed it. "What do
you think, Jack. Should we go again?"

Jack looked at me. "What the hell, why not? Mrs. Hopkins, why are you
sunbathing with all your clothes on? Don't you want a nice tan?"

"Y-yes, but people might see me."

"Nobody will see you back here but us and we've already seen you naked,
remember? Why don't you get a nice golden tan for us?"

I giggled. "Ok." It seemed like a good idea. I quickly stripped down then
reclined on the lounge. I saw Brian carry my clothes into the house while
Brian carried my clothes into the house. A few minutes latter he emerged with
some baby oil.

"Mrs. Hopkins, you better let Dave rub some lotion on you. Those big tits
of yours will cook pretty quick in this sun." When I nodded he threw the
lotion to the third boy. Dave came over to me and stood grinning at me as he
flipped open the top on the lotion. With one smooth motion he squirted a line
of oil that began at my throat, ran down the middle of my chest and stomach
into my pussy hair then back up to loop around each nipple. The oil was cold
compared to my overheated skin and I shivered, making my boobs wobble
violently from side to side. Dave laughed.

"Easy there, Mrs. H. You shake those things like a two-dollar stripper. He
sat beside me on the lounge and started rubbing the oil in. He began on my
stomach, rubbing and rubbing until the oil heated up and was worked completely
into my skin. He moved up to my boobs and began working the oil into them. I
could feel my nipples stiffen as he rubbed. They got so hard they felt like
they were going to pop right off my chest. I began moaning as I got aroused.

After finishing my arms and legs, Dave returned to my pussy. He gave it
another liberal squirt of oil and rubbed the oil all over it, inside and out.
"We don't want this hot little cunt to get a bad sunburn, do we?" Dave asked
as he worked two or three fingers into my pussy. "I've got a feeling this
pussy is going to be out in the light of day a lot more from now on. We want
it to look good."

When he finished, Dave went over and sat down with the guys. They opened
beers and left me alone. I dozed, on and off, for the next hour or so. At one
point I felt someone lift my hand and place it on my pussy. Already hot from
the sun and being rubbed and stroked, it twitched when I touched it so I
slowly rubbed my clit as I lay there. I thought I heard a camera but I
couldn't be sure and quite frankly, I didn't much care.

I felt a hand shaking me awake. "Time to turn over, Mrs. Hopkins. you
don't want to burn your tits." Brian helped me sit up and fed me some tea. I
sipped it thirstily.

"Thank you. You guys are so nice to me."

Brian chuckled. "That's because you're nice to us, Mrs. Hopkins. We love
helping horny old ladies with big tits and hungry pussies. Now lay on your

I turned over and laid down again. I could feel my boobs squash under my
weight and my nipples pressed through the webbing on the lounger. Brian
noticed and reached under, rubbing them and then pulling on them to make them
stick out further. They were still covered in oil and slippery so he was able
to pull a some of my tit out too, but not all of them. After flicking my
nipples a few times, he took the bottle and squirted oil along my back and
down my ass crack.

As Brian started rubbing oil into my shoulders I could feel a thick
trickle ooze between my cheeks and down my aroused pussy lips. I wanted to put
my hand back into my crotch but I couldn't reach in this position so I
pillowed my head on my arms and closed my eyes.

Brian worked his way down my back and thoroughly rubbed oil into each
cheek of my ass, commenting to the other boys on how large and meaty they
were. I smiled to myself, happy they liked me. Brian started rubbing oil up
and down through my crack, pulling my cheeks apart.

"If you get a burn there you won't be able to sit down. Just keep
snoozing, Mrs. Hopkins," Jack called over to me from his chair as Brian kept
rubbing oil into my asscrack and pussy from behind. He would occasionally
squirt more oil down my butt so I was really slicked up.

Each pass up and down my crack, he would drag his fingers across my
asshole. At first it twitched and puckered each time he touched it but
eventually I relaxed and stopped reacting involuntarily to each touch of his
fingers. As I dozed off I felt his fingers pressing harder and harder with
each pass. Soon his finger popped inside my asshole. I felt him run it in
smoothly until his hand pressed against my ass then ease it back out and
continue up over my cheeks. The next pass he repeated the process, in and out.

Soon Brian was pushing two fingers into my asshole. I was so oiled up I
felt no pain, even though I'd never had anything in my ass before. In fact, it
felt pretty good and I found myself pushing my ass back against his hand as he
finger-fucked me. It felt so good that I groaned when I felt him pull out and
stand up.

I heard a chuckle. "Don't worry, I'll put it back in a minute. Do you like
having something up that lovely ass of yours?"

"Yes," I murmured sl**pily. "Please put it back."

"No problem, Mrs. H." I felt Brian get back on the lounge and soon felt
the now familiar press against my sphincter. A slight push against my greasy
asshole and he slid smoothly into me. It wasn't until i felt his body press
down on me that I realized it wasn't his fingers. I started to rise in protest
but the weight of his body held me down.

"Oh, yeah! Push that sweet ass back against me, baby," Brian grunted as he
started moving his cock in and out of my ass. I'd always heard anal sex hurt
but this felt terrific. I could feel my cunt throbbing as it picked up the
rhythm of Brian's cock and began building toward an orgasm.

"How's her ass, Brian?" Jack called. "Is she a three-holer?"

"Man is she ever!" Brian gasped as he banged into me. "Her pussy might be
a little loose but her asshole is as tight as a teenager's. Oh, shit. She's
too hot; I'm cumming!" With a shudder he buried his cock deep in my ass and I
felt him twitch as he pumped his sperm into me. He collapsed on my back,
pressing me tight against the lounger.

"Hey, get off her," I heard Dave say. "I want some of that ass too."

Brian pushed off me. I felt his cock pull from my asshole as he stood.
Reaching down, he pulled my cheeks apart and I heard the camera snap and the
two boys laugh as my asshole slowly closed up. Dave then got behind me and
quickly fed his cock into my now hungry ass, while Brian went back and sat
with Jack.

I felt myself heading toward orgasm as Dave humped me hard but I was still
not there when he too spurted his cum up my ass. I was relieved when Jack rose
and pulled off his shorts. After Dave moved out of the way Jack squirted some
more oil into my crack and slid his big cock up my ass in one long push. I
giggled and pushed back against his crotch.

Jack and I fucked for several minutes and I was almost ready to orgasm
when I heard a voice.

"Hey! You guys promised!" I lifted my head to see Lisa and Tracy, arms
loaded with groceries.

Jack quickly pulled out and scrambled to his feet, his thick cock bobbing
obscenely. "It's not our fault, Tracy. She got into the tea again and we found
her lying out here. We figured, what the hell..."

Lisa made a face. "You guys are pigs. Do you get off, fucking an old lady?
Do whatever you want."

Jack grinned and quickly got behind me. I pushed back as he began fucking
me again. "Yeah we get off. She gets us off, don't you Mrs. Hopkins? Besides,
she's not too old. Just nicely broken in. I think this bitch has lots of fucks
left in her."

Tracy walked over and squatted down beside the lounge. I lifted my head as
she looked me over. I could feel Jack's thick cock sawing in and out of my ass
as Tracy smiled at me. She reached underneath the lounger and started pulling
gently on my nipples, still pushing through the webbing.

"Is that true, Mrs. Hopkins?" Tracy asked me as she milked my throbbing
nipples. "Do you have lots of fucks left in you?"

I was so horny I nodded. Tracy gave me a disgusted look as she let go of
my nipples and stood up. She picked the camera up from the table and snapped
several pictures of me, groaning in ecstasy as Jack fucked my ass.

I still hadn't cum yet when I felt Jack shudder and add his cum to the
other two loads in my ass. When he pulled out and spread my asscheeks, my
asshole gaped open. I squeezed it shut and Jack laughed when it slowly opened
back up again. He asked Tracy to take a couple of shots of my asshole.

I started to reach back between my legs to finish myself off when I felt
Jack push my hand away.

"Not yet, baby. You just snooze while we have another beer. We'll finish
you off once we rest up. I want you nice and horny."

I protested but did as he told me. The hot sun soon had me nearly asl**p
while my new friends sat in the shade, talking quietly and sipping their beer.
I could feel the sweat form and run off my body as I lay there.

I think I slept for about half an hour or so. I felt someone crawl under
the lounger and brush across my nipples, then gently start licking them. It
felt like Brian but I was sl**py and it felt so good I just kept my eyes
closed, enjoying the sensation as he licked first one sweaty nipple, then the
other. I started grinding my crotch against the lounger, hoping he would hurry
up and fuck me so I could cum.

"Ewwww, that's sick," I heard Tracy say. I heard laughter as I opened my
eyes and looked over into the shade. It took me a minute to focus but when I
did I saw everybody sitting there, the three boys laughing while the girls
looked disgusted.

Everybody? Then who was licking my nipples? I looked through the webbing
and saw a large brown dog lapping at my breasts where they pressed through. I
gasped and started to pull up but Tracy was quickly beside the lounger,
pressing down on the back of my neck so I couldn't lift up. When I started to
struggle she reached down between my legs and gave my pussy a gentle rub.

"There, there, just lay still. You seem to like it, so don't get up. I'll
play with your pussy if you calm down." As she slowly stroked my pussy lips
with her long nails, I stopped fighting and relaxed. "Good girl," she patted
my head. "You really are a slut pig, aren't you?"

I heard more pictures being taken, then Tracy stopped playing with me and
stood up. The dog licked me for a few more minutes, then I felt my nipples rub
across his back as he crawled out from under me. He trotted back out of the

"Ok, Mrs. Hopkins," I heard Jack call me. "Come on over here and suck us
hard again. We'll give you that orgasm you're aching for." When I sat up and
started to stand Tracy interrupted.

"No, no, I think you should crawl, Mrs. Hopkins. Horny sluts like you
should crawl to get their cock, or go without."

I was so horny I didn't want to go without cock so I got down on all fours
and started crawling across the yard. I could feel the grass brushing across
my nipples as my boobs hung down, swinging as I made my way to my new friends.
I crawled to Jack first, wanting that big cock pounding my pussy as soon as
possible. I reached out to grab it but he pushed my hands away.

"No hands, Mrs. H. Just use that hot mouth of yours. Suck me off, then
I'll give you a good fuck."

I complied, licking the end of his cock until it stiffened, then dipping
my head and capturing it between my lips. My pussy was crying to be fucked as
I eagerly sucked him hard and started pushing my mouth down his thick shaft.
In no time I had his cock glistening with saliva as I sucked hard on it.

"Oh, what a great cocksucker she is," Jack moaned. "How does my cock
taste? Can you taste your own shit, you slut?"

I was so horny I hadn't even thought about how dirty their cocks were. It
was too late to worry about it then so I kept sucking and slurping. They took
more pictures of me kneeling between Jack's legs as I blew him, finally taking
his load deep into my throat. I licked his cock clean, swallowing every drop,
then crawled over to Dave and began tonguing him.

He pulled my head off his cock and pushed me away. "I'm not next. You
skipped somebody."

I looked up, confused. I had blown Jack and Dave was next in line.

"You forgot me," Lisa spoke up, sitting in between the two guys. I hadn't
even thought of her. As I looked at her, she spread her legs and pulled her
panties aside. "C'mon, slut. Start eating or you don't get to cum."

I crawled between Lisa's legs and stared at her pussy, all nicely trimmed
and neat looking. When I hesitated she grasped my head and pulled it against
her crotch. Not knowing what else to do, I kissed her. She gave me
instructions and I soon learned how to eat pussy, sucking on her clit until
she had the orgasm I was dying for.

I was then allowed to suck off Dave and Brian and eat Tracy to an orgasm.
I really got into it after a while, enjoying the thick globs of cum as it slid
down my throat. I even started liking the tangy flavor of Tracy's pussy as I
chewed on her lips and thrust my tongue deep up inside her.

Finally, I had made everyone else cum and it was time for my orgasm. I
looked around to see who was going to fuck me. Jack told me to crawl back out
into the sun in front of them.

"You get started and one of us will join you. You need to do a good job
masturbating. Show us how hot that pussy of yours can get," he told me.

My body was screaming for release so I had no choice but to do as I was
told. I crawled in front of them and lowered my head to the ground, my ass
high in the air and facing them. Reaching back between my legs with my hand, I
alternated pinching my clit and sawing my fingers deep into my hungry cunt. I
heard them giggling and snapping pictures but I was too far gone to care,
desperate to please them so they would fuck me and let me cum.

They never helped me. I finally got myself off, shuddering in the grass
and pushing my ass back at the open air as they told me what a horny pig I
was. They took a few more pictures as I laid there with my fingers buried in
my pussy, resting.

I felt myself falling asl**p as they got up and went into the house. I knew I should get up but I was too tired so I slept right there, in the yard with my head down and my ass high in the air, the breeze tickling my tender asshole.

This time when I woke up I knew I hadn't been dreaming. I was lying
facedown in the yard, naked and alone, my ass, pussy and thighs sticky with
cum. I realized, too late, that Friday night was no dream either, but a sad
reality. I looked around but there was nothing to cover up with. After looking
around to make sure nobody could see me, I dashed quickly for the house.

I stepped inside and slammed the door behind me, then ran to the guest
room. I spent the rest of the weekend in my room, emerging only when I
was sure nobody was home. I avoided talking to Tracy and Lisa, pretending to
be asl**p when they knocked on the door. As soon as Sheila got home, I
pretended I didn't feel well and rushed home.

I couldn't believe what I'd done. After living as a model citizen for 40
years, trying hard to be a good wife and mother, I'd thrown it all away in a
day and a half of lust and depravity. What would I do if my husband and
c***dren found out? What would I do if my boss ever found out? I'd been a
secretary at the insurance agency for 22 years. I knew I was a good secretary
but their business was dependent on the people of the community; I'd be
dismissed in a heartbeat if I was found out. I was determined not to let that
happen. I'd just avoid everyone involved and let the whole thing die down

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O.M.G. GREAT Thanks for the posting
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marijunia was in the tea very good story
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what was in the tea?
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I am so glad that I hate tea lmao. Would it ever happen ? still worth a 5