Making Mother A Slut

Making Mother a Slut
John raced up to his room and tosses his bookbag carelessly onto
his bed. Looking at the clock he noticed he still had a good two hours
before his mom got home from work. More than enough time he thought
as he booted up his computer and logged on to check his e-mail. He
stiffened slightly at the "New Mail" message.
It had started as a joke about a month earlier. He had found the
singles ad his mother had placed while searching in her room for the
stack of playboys she had confis**ted from him. At first it had surprised
him. He had never thought of his mother as needing companionship. It
had been over 5 years since his dad left, and in all that time she had not
once even mentioned dating. Still, John thought, he could get back at her
for taking away his stash of magazines by playing a little joke on her. He
had put everything back the way he had found it and took the ad back
with him to his room. It read:

Seeking Someone Special, SWF,
37, 5'7", traditional mother of 1
looking for adventurous, outgoing
male for companionship and corr-
espondance. If interested please
e-mail *****

That had been a month ago, and things had taken an unexpected
turn. Evidently he had been the ONLY one to respond to the ad and his
mother had been so thrilled at any response that she was doing her best
to keep the e-mail correspondence going. Even agreeing to things she
would never have even thought of before. It was no longer just a game,
it had become a way for John to manipulate his unwitting mother. He had
mentioned in one of his e-mail how he thought a growing boy should be
allowed to stay up as late as he wanted. Of course his mother had agreed
wholeheartedly in her response and it was soon after that John found his
bedtime curfew lifted. It was this new found power over his mother that
he was now pushing to the limits. He wanted to see just how far she
would go. In his last message he told her he was not going to write her
anymore since she was just not his "type" and since he doubted she could
ever change this was going to be the last she heard from him. This would
let him know how far she was willing to go.
That night, John noticed his mother was a wreck. She seemed on
the verge of tears all night long. but this morning she seemed strangely
happier, although a little frazzled over something. Now John new what
that something was. She had made a decision last night all right. The
message on the screen read:

" I can change. Please give me a chance.
I can be anything you want me to be."

That kind of submission from his mother shocked him, but that was not
what had his adolescent dick standing at attention. It was the attached
photo his mom had sent. It showed her sitting on her bed with her blouse
halfway open showing off a lacy black bra and looking into the camera
with a mixture of embarrassment, lust and longing. As John stared at the
picture something inside him new that this was going to change
everything between them. A slow grin cracked his face as he reached
down to rub the bulge in his jeans.
" Looks like I've got my self a girlfriend, he chuckled as
he continued to rub the growing bulge in his pants.

Part 2
Making Mother My Slut
(baiting the hook)
John must have stared at the lewd photo his mother unknowingly sent him for
an hour. The way she arched her back to thrust out her tits and make them
strain against the black lace bra had the 13 year olds dick stiff and throbbing. He still
couldn't believe his mother would send such a photo much less take one. She had always
seemed so prudish in the past. Yelling and carrying on when she'd discovered John's stash of
playboys as if the world was coming to an end. Now here she was posing like a woman
desperate for male attention. The more he thought about it, the more it bothered him. She
had made such a
big deal about the magazines, and then she goes off and sends a photo like
this to a guy she doesn't even really know.
She really must be desperate, he thought
An idea began to form inside John's mind. Looking over at the clock he
sees he doesn't
have long until his mom gets home, so he hurriedly types a reply to her.
Janice Monroe was a mess. She hadn't been able to concentrate on her work
day. She felt guilt and embarrassment over the photo she'd sent, to a
virtual stranger no
less. Yet her mystery man seemed to know so much about her already. He knew
how to
push her buttons, to convince her of almost anything.
This is foolish, she thought, a woman my age acting like a love sick
schoolgirl. My
God what was I thinking sending him a photo like that. He probably thinks I'
m cheap
Janice shook her head trying to clear away the jumble of questions. She
new she
was throwing her self at a man she never even meet face to face, but it had
been so long
since she was able to "connect" which anyone the way she did with her
mystery man.
What if he rejects me, she thought in horror. What if he looks at my
picture and
laughs. Oh God I hope he writes back. I lost Frank because I wasn't willing
to be the
woman he wanted, I'm not about to loose another man.
Thinking of her ex-husband Frank brought back a twinge of pain. She'd
always felt
like something of a failure as a woman since he'd left. She vowed not to
make the same
mistake again. This time she would please her man. No matter what.....No
matter what!
she told herself.
John watched his mother pull into the driveway. He smiled knowingly to
himself as
he sees her hurriedly grabbing her papers and briefcase, then practically
run to the front
door. He crept over to the top of the stairs and peered down to see her
standing above a
jumble of paperwork s**ttered in the doorway. In her rush to check her
messages, she'd
dropped her papers. John laughs to himself as he sees her just leave the
s**ttered mess.
Taking the time to pick them up now would only delay her finding out if
*HE* had
written her. She disappeared into the den, and a moment later John could
hear the familiar
*beep* of a computer booting up.
"Dam, she's got it bad all right," he muttered. "Guess mom's more desperate
I thought. hehehe"
Below, Janice waited as the computer ran through it's set up routine and
began to
search for any new messages. It seemed to take an eternity. She pranced
about nervously
and nearly jumped out of her skin when the computer *dinged* the familiar
sound of
"New Mail"
"It's him", she mewed. It's got to be him...Oh please God let it be HIM!"
Fingers shaking she keyed the *open* command and felt a tingle rush
through her
body as she saw that it was from her mystery man after all. She read:
That's very cute Janice. The photo you sent
just goes to prove that you're all wrong for me.
If you were any kind of REAL woman you'd
have tried harder than that. You think undoing
a few buttons on your blouse will bring me back?
If you want this to go any farther you'll have to
much better than that. How am I suppose to know
you really WANT me to keep mailing you?!?
A flood of emotions washed over her as she read. He had mailed her back
all right,
but only to express his disappointment in her. She didn't measure up as a
real woman in
his eyes. Feelings of failure washed over her. She felt small and vulnerable
reading his
word, but then she began to brighten as she realized she still had a chance.
He had said she
needed to do better. She could! She knew she could. She would prove she was
worthy of
her mystery man, anyway she had to. Making a quick mental list in her mind
of the things
she would need she called up to her son.
"John..John are you up there?"
John stiffened at the mention of his name. Had she found out it was
him. Had he push
her to much?
"Yeah I'm here", he called back.
"John I've got to go out and run a few..umm.. errands. I'll be
later. I'm leaving you some money for dinner. Order a pizza
or something OK."
"Yeah sure mom. Thanks"
He wondered what that was all about and where she was off to in such a
It was late when Janice finally pulled back into her drive way. She
gathered up the
assortment of bag from her shopping spree and headed inside. The pile of
papers was still
cluttering the doorway.
"Dam, I'm gonna have to sort that all out," Janice sighed. "But not
right now. I've
got more important things to do."
Janice almost giggled as she skipped over the pile and headed up to her
room. She
couldn't remember when she felt this good. Locking her bedroom door behind
her she
spread the assortment of newly purchached lingerie out on her bed. Red lace
and frills
where everywhere. Sheer and skimp panties with half bra and garters covered
the bed. She
smiled. She'd win back her man if it was the last thing she did.
John woke up and blearily peered at the clock. He had given up waiting
for his
mom last night and had gone to bed.
"I wonder where in the hell she went off to? Well there's one way to
out, he thought.
Getting out of bed he called up his mail account and went to get
ready for school. It
was still downloading when he got out of the shower.
"DAM!" What the hell did she send me anyway"
John walked down to the end of the hall and called out.
"Mom... Mom, you still here."
He knew she would be half way to work by this time, but he always made
sure before
venturing into her room that she was no where abouts. Getting no reply he
pushed open
the door and looked around. She must have been in a rush this morning. Her
bed was still
unmade and clothes littered the floor. He stopped as he spotted one of his
sitting open on his mothers night stand. It was open to a picture of a woman
with her legs
spread wide, showing off her shaved pussy and pushing up her tit as if
offering them to the
"What the hell was she doing looking at this?"
Then it hit him. He raced back to his room. The new message had down
loaded and he
excitedly opened it up.
I'll be what ever you want me to be.
Just tell me what you want. Give me a
chance to prove my self to you.....
John called up the attached photo and was nearly knocked over by what he
There on his computer screen was his dear old mother. Her long legs spread
showing off what appeared to be her newly shaven pussy through a pair of
panties. She also had her massive mams encased in a matching half bra, which
did a
wonderful job of pushing them up and out for the taking. Just like in the
magazine he
thought. She must have used it as a guide. John dick was rock hard as he
looked at the
view before him. He pulled out his young dick and began to slowly stroke
the hard shaft.
He no longer saw his mother as the caring, nurturing figure that he once had
. Instead he
saw his chance to own his very own private whore. Thoughts of his mother's
pussy, all
hot and waiting to be filled, swarmed in his mind as he pumped out thick
gooey strands of
cum all over her picture.
Wiping his cum from the screen, he sat down and began to write the
message that
would set her on the path to becoming his private fuck slave......

Making Mother My Slut 3
(reeling her in)
John rummaged around his mothers room, going through drawer
after drawer and taking carful note of every bit of clothing she owned. If
plan was going to work he had to stay one step ahead of his mom.
"Shit, where did she put them? They got to be around
here somewhere. Ah Ha, Paydirt!"
He pulled the large box from the back of his mothers closet and
opened it up. His dick stirred slightly as he eyed the silky contents
This was what he was looking for alright. He reached in and pulled out the
pair of crotch less panties his mom had worn the night before. He quickly
looked over his shoulder, then lifted them to his nose.
*Sniff*, "Oh man!" His head swam as he breathed in
his mothers musky scent." The Bra... where's the
Ah, good. Let's see now.... 36D hmm, she looked
bigger in the photo."
He played with the silky material for a while. Enjoy the thought that
he was running his fingers over the same clothes that had been so close to
his mothers skin.
"Let's see what else we got here. Garter, stockings... Oh
cool my mags!"
He pulled the stack out from the box and flipped through them
briefly. After a moment he realized he was falling behind schedule. He gets
home only two hours before his mom does, and if he was going to send his
message off today he had to get moving. He shoved the mags back in and
ran the panties one last time across his cheek before placing them and the
rest of the lingerie back into the box and shoving it into the closet.
Janice watched the clock slowly tick out her last hour of work. She
tried to keep her mind focused on her job but it wasn't easy. She let out a
small sigh, then quickly checked to see if anyone had heard her.
"Dam, I'll go crazy at this rate."
She swivelled her chair around and sat bolt upright as a chill swept
across her pussy. Her panties had been lightly rubbing against her newly
shaved snatch all day long, and had made it very sensitive. Checking to
make sure no one was looking her way then tried swivelling the chair back
to the left.
"Umph!" she moaned out as she felt her pussy twinge from
her panties silky touch
This time people had heard her, and she blushed deep red while
trying to play it off as nothing more than a leg cramp. Satisfied no one was
still looking she began to rock the chair left to right.
"Oh yes, yes this was nice" She thought. "I'm getting so wet
just sitting here like this."
Realizing that if she kept it up she risked an embarrassing wet spot
showing up against her skirt she stopped. She could already feel the moister
just those few moves had made.
"I've got to be carful. I shouldn't swivel in the chair any
more. I'll just sit her till the hours up. Yes
that's it, just sit
here, but not swivel.. No not
5 o'clock rolled around and everyone began to pack up and head
toward the elevators. Janice sat at her desk slowly rocking back and forth
her chair with a lazy day dream expression across her face.
"Janice... JANICE! You coming or are you planing to spend
the night here."
She shook her head as if coming out of a dream.
"I said, are you coming?"
"Cum... cumming? What do you mean,"she asked
Her co-worker looked at her strangely and asked again.
"Are you OR are you NOT going to go home?"
Janice glanced up at the clock.
"5:15! God," she thought. "Where had the time gone?"
"Yeah, Yeah I'm com.. I mean, I'll be right down."
She sorted through the stack of papers on her desk and got ready to
leave. As she stood she felt the slippery wetness coating her thighs.
"On no. No No NO, Please God don't do this to me. Not
She reached around with a sense of dread and felt the back of her
skirt. She groan in despair as her hand came away damp.
"What was wrong with me. God how embarrassing"
She sat down quickly and felt the damp crotch of her panties squish
back up against her bottom. She waited till the last person left the office
before risking the trip down to the parking lot. As she walked toward the
elevator she imagined she could hear her crotch squish with every step.
Janice felt deep shame at what she'd done. During the ride down to the
parking lot the small space of the elevator quickly filled with the musky
scent of her pussy juices and she prayed no one else would get on till she
had a chance to leave. The rest of the trip was a blur as she raced to her
then onto the freeway.
John sat in front of his computer and thought carefully about what
he should write to his mom next. He may not have had much experience
with women... well ok he had no experience with women, but he did know
his mom. If this was going to work, he knew he would have to make things
happen in a way she'd be able to rationalize. If he was to straight forward
with her, she might back out and he'd loose his chance at her all together.
Smiling he began to type.
He heard the front door open and close hurriedly, followed by his
mothers footsteps rushing up to her room. She was late, and acting rather
strange. The past few day the first thing she usually did was go straight to
check her messages. He wondered what she was up to. As long as it didn't
change the way things were going, he didn't much care. Unbuttoning his
jeans and pulling his dick out he headed back to his room to look at the
pictures of his mom again.
Janice locked her bedroom door and began to remove her soiled
clothes. She undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. The spot on the
was bigger than she feared. She hoped no one had seen it. She peeled off the
wet panties next.
"Jesus. I soaked them". She looked at her juice soaked panties
and felt a small thrill run down her. If her mystery man knew what she'd
done he'd be proud of her. She just knew it. Only a real woman could get so
hot for her man.
"Her man! Oh God I forgot!"
Pulling on her robe she rushed down to check for any new words
from her love. She felt a bit guilty for not doing it first thing. If he
she'd forgotten what would he have done. Maybe he would think she really
didn't care after. If he knew, he might stop writing her. He might stop
loving her... Janice fought back the feeling of panic welling inside her.
"Well it will never happen. I'll just have to make sure that I
check my messages before ANYTHING else"
*Ding* She smiled and felt giddy as she opened up the mail.
Better. Definitely an improvement.
You may work out after all. I mean,
any woman who has a WHOLE
wardrobe full of the kind of lingerie
you do, is worth getting to know
better. I can't wait to see the
selection of erotic toys you must have.
"Toys?" Janice thought a moment. "Did he mean.. Could he
have ment..." Janice chewed at her bottom lip as
she tried
to think this through. "Well of course. I mean,
they do
make them for women... and I AM a woman. So of
he would think I own a few of them." Janice
brightened at
her revelation. It was only natural she thought. It
sense...didn't it?
Janice suddenly realized that her MAN thinks she had a whole
wardrobe full of exciting lingerie. If she sent him another photo in the
old stuff she had on last night he'd realize she didn't. He might think she
mislead him. Panic once again began to well up inside her. She looked over
and saw that the stores would be closed before she got to them.
"Maybe I can skip the photo that
won't work he might think I'm being lazy. Think
Janice, THINK! I can alter some of the thing I have.
Yes! Yes that would work. I'll just have to be
creative for my man. I'll prove to him that I'm worth
keeping..but the toys..what will I tell him about the
That night John noticed his mother seemed preoccupied with
something. As if she were trying to work out some puzzle in her head. He
knew what that puzzle was of course. He'd written the message so she
would be f***ed into buying more lingerie, but things took an unexpected
turn. Since she came home so late he knew she had also missed the stores.
So now she was probably trying to come up with something. What ever it
was he hoped it was good.
John popped out of bed and booted up his computer the next
"Time to see what new delightfully wicked things mom sent
her dear loving son. Hehehe."
As he waited for the attached photo to download he opened the
I knew I could change. I just new it.
Hope you enjoy my new photo. I did
it special for you.
I do have a confession to make though.
I don't own any erotic toys. I'm SORRY!
It's just that it never came up before. Now that
I know I need them I'll get some. I promise
I will. It's just a silly mistake on my part.
"Things are going better than I could have hoped. Mom's
going to make this easier than I thought."
He called up the photo next.
"Oh my Gawd!"
His mother never ceased to be able to shock him. In the photo, she
was sitting in the large plush chair she kept in her room. She had a leg
thrown over each arm, exposing her bald pussy to the camera. Inside her
pussy was what appeared to be a rather slimy looking cucumber. Her hands
also appeared wet and the area around her pussy was swollen. It was
obvious she'd spent the previous few minuted viciously working it in and
out of herself.
Oh no mom. You're not getting off the hook that
easy, he thought One way or another your gonna
have to go and buy yourself a REAL dildo"
Looking back to the photo he saw she had the black lace bra back
on from her first photo. Only she'd cut out the center, so her nipples poked
through the slits, but what sent him over the edge was the look on her face.
He couldn't tell if her face was redder from the vigorous fuck she'd just
given her self, or from the embarrassment of having enjoyed it so much.

Making Mother my SLUT
Part 4
(Decisions of desperation)
Janice awoke feeling sore, tired and very troubled that morning. As she drove into
work, her mind tried to sort out the jumble of emotions she was feeling.

Why do things always have to be so complicated, she thought? I finally meet a guy
whom I'm interested in and who seems to be interested in me, and I still can't seem to get
things to work out properly. Maybe Frank was right. Maybe I am destined to live my whole
life alone.
Even after five years the pain of her husband's abandonment hadn't eased any. Before her
husband had walked out, he'd said many things. He berated her and called her a "sorry excuse
for a woman." Those words still cut deep into her. She'd tried to forget them, but like a
bad dream, they kept coming back again and again to haunt her.
These thoughts plague her throughout the day. She went over it again and again but
kept coming back to the conclusion that if she was going to have any chance at happiness she
was going to have to prove her self to her e-mail lover.
"I'm sure once he's convinced I'm sincere about wanting a relationship with him,
all these tests will be at an end. I just have to stick it out a little longer. Prove my
self to him, then all these obscene trials will be over."
Janice! Did you pull the McFreyer file like I asked? It's not on my desk, so where
the HELL is it.
Ummm, the McFreyer file? I.. I.. No not yet, I'm sorry Miss. Dori, I'll go get it now.

Ugh!, Don't bother I'll have one of the other adjustors get it for me. I can't
wait all day. Honestly Janice your becoming more and more incompetent by the day!
Janice watched as her supervisor stalked off. She notice the confidant way in
which she moved. Dori was younger than Janice by a good seven years, but had moved up the
chain of command quickly with her naturally aggressive nature. Janice looked at her as she
went over to one of the other adjustors. She noticed her shapely toned legs and the way her
ass swayed ever so slightly.
"I bet she never had to rummage around her refrigerator at two in the morning trying
to find something to shove up her pussy, just so she could prove herself a *real woman*.
That bitch could probably have any guy she wanted."
Her anger quickly faded to feelings of self loathing at the remembrance of last
nights escapades. Her pussy was still a little sore from the vigorous fucking she'd given
her self with that cucumber. Not that she didn't like it at the time. She remembered how
cold it had been at first. The way it had pushed her lips apart as it slowly stretched her
long neglected hole. How good it had felt to have something filling her again as she rammed
the green makeshift dildo up her rapidly juicing cunt. She'd spent a better part of the
night ridding that slimly satisfying vegetable. Janice could feel her self becoming wet
again at the memory.
"It wasn't so bad, she thought. It was kind of nice now that I come to think of it.
The way it squished in and out of me. The slurpy sound my pussy made as it pumped in and
out. Maybe my mystery man knows what's best for me after all. "
Luch hour found Janice in one of the seedier parts of town. She checked the address
again to make sure she was at the right address.
"Le Sex Shoppe
22527 Napuc Ave"
This was the place alright. She had looked for listings in the phone book earlier this
morning, as was surprised to discover that there was an adult shop so near her work.
"Just go in, get what you need and leave," she told herself. "How hard can that be?"
Janice opened the door and stepped in. She paused a moment to let her eyes
adjust to the dimly lite room. The first thing she noticed was the smell. It assaulted her
senses as she stood there and gaped at the sight before her.. The small shop had the musky
smell of cigarettes and sex, and was packed with a variety of porno movies and plastic
dildos of every size. She spotted a selection of sex toy against the far wall and quickly
headed for them.
Dildos, vibrators, and buttplugs of every size lined the wall before her.
"There all so BIG, she thought. I don't know what I should be looking for..." She picked
something up and read. "Buttplug Buddie," were they k**ding?! Did people actually put these
things up their ass!?! Janice realized she had no idea what to buy. What kind of things
would he expect her to own. Did he expect her to own a "buttplug". Did women really by these
thing? She didn't have any bases for comparison. She'd lead a rather sheltered existence up
till now. Maybe she was out of touch with her womanhood after all.
"You gonna buy something lady, or are you just gonna stand there and drool over
The deep gruff voice came from the man behind the counter. She'd been aware of him
staring at her for some time now.
"I.. No..I mean yes.. I mean.. I'm looking for..for.. For a GIFT! Yes a gift for a
friend. I'm trying to find a gift for a friend of mine." Janice regretted saying that the
moment it left her lips. It was such an obvious lie, but she just couldn't bring her self to
allow anyone to think she was buying one of these for herself.
"Oh I see," the clerk said with a smile. He'd heard it all before. He'd known from
the moment she'd walked into the place she was out of her element." Well perhaps I can make
a few ...suggestions for your friends gift" It had been a slow day so he though he could
have a bit of fun with her.
"Thank you. That would be very nice of you" Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad
after all she thought. She could agree with what the man said and act like she knew what she
was doing.
"Well the first thing we got to determine is what kind of woman your friend is. I am
assuming this is for a woman right?"
"Oh yes. I'm... I mean SHE needs to pick up a few ..umm.. Of the items women
need now a days"
"I see." He was getting a kick out of playing along with this bitch. She
didn't have a clue what she was doing and he though that this might be a way to make up for
the slow sales earlier. "Well if your friend is any kind of real woman at all, I'm sure
she's going to want quite a few of our *items*."
Janice bristled for a moment at the question of whether or not her "friend" was any
kind of real woman. The man had unknowingly hit upon Janice's sore spot with that comment
and her answer was spoken with quite a bit of annoyance.
" You needn't worry your self about what kind of woman I... I mean SHE is, just
please show me what the standard assortment for a woman would be!"
"Standard assortment?" He thought about this for a moment. What the fuck was
this bitch talking about. Did she really believe there was some kind of minimum amount she
was suppose to buy? "Oh of course.. the *standard assortment*" he said as if he sold such
thing all the time.

"Thank you, I'm sorry I was a little cross but I'm in a bit of a hurry," Janice just
wanted to get out of there as fast as she could. She felt like a foolish c***d at having to
ask a man something she believe she should already now about.
"Well then lets see. Your *friend* is going to need a dildo. All the basic packages
has at lest ONE dildo. Now what size do you thing she might want. Small, Average or Horse?"
It took all his will to keep a straight face while talking to her.
"Uh? Uh.. average I believe would be more than adequate"

"Ok then," he said as he grabbed a soft pink colored dildo from the wall and placed
it on the counter. "Now does your *friend* use the standard daytime wear butt plug, or does
she prefer the ones you can leave in over night?" He had to smile at that question as he
watched her frown in thought.
"Umm.. Well she.. I think that maybe .." Janice floundered. Had she been able to
think straight she would have questioned the assumption that all women wore butt plugs
throughout the day, but lack of sl**p and the need to get away from this embarrassing
situation left her muddled. "Day time wear is fine... I guess...," she stammered.
It went on that way for the next ten minutes till she had amassed two dildos, one
vibrator, a butt plug, a bottle of lubricant and several magazines depicting hard core sex
scenes that the man in the store assured her was usually included with such a purchase. She
paid for the items then hurriedly left.
"God I must be an idiot," she moaned as she went through the bag of items
while sitting in the parking lot. She'd realized later that the man had been toying with
her. "Standard day wear or overnight indeed!" She spat as she replayed the conversation in
her mind. "And I stood there like an idiot and actually believed him! Well I'm not going
back there, so I guess I'm stuck with all this stuff. If nothing else at lest I've got a few
different thing to show my mystery man tonight.

Making Mother my SLUT 5
(Jumping Jack Jiggles)
Janice sat impatiently at a stoplight, waiting for it to change. "C'mon, you stupid
thing. Let's go," she muttered as she wiggled her bottom back and forth, enjoying the
feeling as the lips from her fiery pussy rubs slightly together. . "I don't have all day."
she said as she absent mindedly reached up to massage her big breasts through her blouse.
She felt her nipples grow hard as they pushed and strained against the rough fabric of her
The workday seemed to drag on forever. She couldn't wait to get home and check her
e-mail. Every day was the same. She would promise herself that she wasn't going to let
herself be distracted during work, that she would set aside her personal life until the end
of the day. She would start out pretty well, busy and focused, but within an hour she would
start dreaming about *HIM* and the things he would have her do. Soon she would feel her
pussy getting wet, her bare outer lips swelling and pushing against her panties, rubbing
whenever she twisted or turned at her desk. Her nipples would stiffen and push out into the
open, causeing lewd obviose bumps against her blouse. It was all she could do not to spread
her legs and masturbate right on the spot. She tried to imagine the scene that would cause.
Skirt hiked up, legs splayed wide, and half her hand buried up her pussy while her
co-workers gawked at her. She found herself thinking more and more about sex. It took great
effort, to pull her mind back to her duties but within an hour she would start daydreaming
and become aroused all over again. Playing out erotic little fantasies about her e-mail man
and what he might have her do. By the end of the day, her overheated pussy would be aching
and her nipples would be sore from rubbing against her bra.
The light finally changed and Janice shot around a slower car. Humming to herself, she
absentmindedly ran her left hand up and down her thighs as she drove, occasionally rubbing
her mound for a second or two. As her excitement built her foot pushed harder and harder
against the accelerator. She was well over the speed limit by the time she shot by the
police car.
"Oh great! Just what I needed." Janice cursed as she saw the red lights flash in her
rearview window. "Ok, pull it together girl. Just tell him your sorry, get the ticket and
get home. Nothing to get yourself worked up about." Janice pulled over and waited.
The car door opened and a formidable looking female officer stepped out. Janice watched
as she slowly approached her car, then pause as she looked into the backseat. A look of
disgust crossed her face as she shook her head and walked up to the window.
"I'm sorry officer, I guess I was just a little anxious to get home." Janice laughed
casually, trying to play down the event.
"Yes, I bet you were," she responded with distaste.
"Excuse me officer?" Janice looked at the woman in puzzlement.
The officer looked down and then eyed Janice accusingly. She followed her gaze and only
then noticed that while she'd been wiggling her little ass around, her skirt had managed to
work it's self up her thighs pretty high. "Oh! Oh, excuse me." She felt her face burn hotly
in embarrassment as she tried to work the hem back down.
"Next time watch your speed or I'll haul you in!"
"Yes, I will officer. I promise." Janice couldn't figure out why the woman was acting
so hostile towards her. All she'd done was go a little over the speed limit. Nothing to
warrant the disdain with which the woman treated her. After she handed Janice the ticket she
noticed her look into the back seat one last time and swore she heard the woman murmur
"SLUT" under her breath..
Frowning she looked into the back seat to see what the big deal was. The minute she did the
questioning look on her face came crashing down. She felt a hollow feeling in the pit of her
stomach as the first thing her eyes landed on was the cover of a magazine showing a woman's
face, smiling and covered in cum. The cover beared the title "CUM QUEENS" in bright yellow
letters. When she'd turned the last corner her big bag of goodies had fallen oven and dumped
things everywhere. Dildos, vibrator, buttplug and dirty magazines covered the back seat.
Janice sat there for a good ten minute before pulling herself together enough to collect up
the items and stuff them back in the bag.
"Just... just don't think about it. Just DON'T think about it!" But she did think about
it. She kept playing it back over and over in her mind. "That lady must think I'm the world
biggest whore. Here I am with a back seat full of porno, my skirt half way up to my ass and
me telling her "I'm anxious to get home!" She groaned and tried to think of other things.
As she turned onto her street and caught sight of her driveway, her heart started beating
faster and her spirits heightened. She had to fight to keep from driving too fast again.
All thoughts of what happened left as she thought of *HIM*. She couldn't wait to hear from
her honey.
She blushed as she thought of the picture she had sent him last night. It was the most
outrageous thing she had ever done, and she had done it in front of a perfect stranger.
Somehow, though, it was ok to show that side of herself to him. She'd never shown that side
of herself to anyone- didn't even know it existed- until she met her on-line lover. She just
knew he loved her for it. Suddenly nothing seemed so bad after all.
I'll bet he thinks of me all the time too, she thought. He's probably as lonely as I
am. I'll bet he thinks I'm some kind of sexy woman. Surely he's hopelessly in love. It won't
take long and he'll be proposing to me. I'll be married again soon and we'll live happily
ever after. All I have to do is keep pleasing him until he proposes. I can do that. I can
keep him happy. She pulled into her driveway with a smile once again on her face... and a
bag of porn by her side.


Janice hurried in the door and threw her papers down on
the table. "John! I'm home, honey." She had her coat off and
was heading for the den with the bag when he popped out into the hall.
"Hi, Mom. Wanna see my History test? I got an 'A'," John
beamed, waving a paper at her.
Janice sighed. She was anxious to check her email and
see what her lover's message was for today. Her pussy was
already soaking wet. Lately it started flowing as soon as she
got home and started for her computer. Her panties always seemed to be wet now a days.
Still, she couldn't neglect her son.
Of course, John guessed how anxious his mother was to
hear from her new boyfriend. He was deliberately delaying
her, for two reasons. First, it was fun to talk to her,
knowing she was dying to go get her mail. He enjoyed watching
her as she unknowingly wiggled her bottom from side to side, trying to ease the pressure on
her boiling pussy. Second, it was great talking to her,
trying to guess what perverted pose she would be sending him
later tonight. Knowing that the well dressed business woman who now stood before him would
soon be posing like a two dollar whore by nights end.
By the time they finished and Janice got into the den,
she was dying to whip off her clothes and masturbate right on
the spot. God, I'm turning into such a sexy woman, she
thought to herself. I'll bet my lover can't wait to hear from
me. She was grinning like a schoolgirl as she read her
It's obvious that you are a woman who loves sex and
believes in pleasing her man and that is excellent.
Good girl (Janice felt a wave of pleasure at the
praise).However, I feel you've been dishonest with
me. In your early letters, you told me that you
were of average weight. After looking at the last
few pictures you have sent me, that is obviously
not true. Based on that small roll of fat around your
tummy, I'd put your weight at about 150. According
to my calculations, you're about 20 pounds
Janice flushed with embarrassment. He thought she was
fat! All her work and all her effort and he was going to dump
her because she was out of shape! Panic seized her. Of course, he was right- she WAS a
little heavy. In fact, she'd told John just
yesterday at dinner that she weighed 152, the most she had
ever weighed. She'd been meaning to go on a diet for a while
but then she'd gotten distracted by *HIM*. Now every thing was in jeopardy because of it.
All her dreams of wedding bells and becoming a f****y again were crumbling before her. With
tears in her eyes, she continued reading:
I'm willing to overlook this lie THIS TIME, on two
conditions. First, you must never lie to me or try
to fool me again. If I ask you a question, I expect
it answered truthfully and if I ask you to do
something, I expect it done. Lie to me again and we
are through. Second, I want you to start a diet and
exercise program. Tonight. Since you have lied to
me about your weight, I will need daily proof that
you are exercising. I want you to make a poster
that lists your weight, what exercises you have
done and how many of each type. Each day when you
finish working out, I want you to have someone else
fill in the chart. You may not do it yourself until
I can trust you again. Have your picture taken
beside the poster in your exercise clothes and
email it each day, along with whatever other
picture you are sending me. Then I will believe
that you are really trying to lose weight.
There IS one more thing. You lied to me. For that
you must be punished. I won't tell you how- I want
you to select your own punishment. Think about it
until tomorrow night, then tell me and I will tell
you if it is sufficient. I expect the punishment to
equal the crime. I don't like doing this but you
won't respect me if I don't. Once you are punished,
we can go on.
Janice felt the hot tears rolling down her cheeks. He
thought she was fat and dishonest. There was no doubt about
it, she was losing him. She knew it. She couldn't let that happen.
Quickly, she typed a reply:
Please forgive me for not telling you I needed to lose
some weight. I know it was wrong, but I was embarrassed. I
will lose weight- you will be proud of me. I will also think
of a fitting punishment for lying to you. I will mail you
again later, after I've exercised and promise never to try and
hide anything from you again.
Janice stripped to her bra and panties and started
rummaging through her drawers. She already had her old sweats
out and was putting them on when she remembered that *HE* was
going to see her outfit when she had her picture taken
afterwards. I've got to look good, she thought. I need to
impress him. The last thing I want is for him to be any more disappointed in the way I look.
Pulling the sweats back off, she dug into the
bottom of her drawer.
The only thing she could find was an old yellow leotard .She eyed it for a moment.
There was no way she'd be able to keep her current bra and panties on under that thing.
She'd look ridiculous with them poking out from underneath. She'd have to take a photo later
she knew, and the whole point was to look good. Quickly she unhooked her bra and her ample
tits came spilling out of the cups. It would be a bit awkward, but she'd have to exercise
without it till she got a new outfit. She peeled off her moist panties next, then picked up
the old yellow leotard again.
She pulled it on.
"God, I haven't worn this in five years," she thought as she surveyed herself in
the mirror. It was so tight she could barely fit into it and it was stretched tightly over
her body. The scoop neck was pulled low, exposing her deep cleavage to the point of almost
exposing her tits all together. The crotch pulled tight across her mound, clearly outlining
the shape of the pussy beneath it. As she bent over to pull on some socks the back pulled
deep into her ass crack leaving her cheeks exposed.
I hope it doesn't rip, she thought as she straightened
and plucked the material out of her butt. Well, it'll do for
tonight, then I'll buy a new one. Now, I need to make a
poster, then find an exercise partner....
John lay on his bed, watching TV and rubbing his cock
through his pants. He had spent all of math class thinking up
his message. He knew he'd written it well so when he heard
the knock on the door, he wasn't really surprised.
"John, can I talk to you?" his mother asked.
"Sure, Mom. Come on in," John replied.
It was hard not to suck in his breath when his mom
walked in. Her outfit was skin tight, he could see her
nipples sticking out as her big boobs jiggled together with every step she took. Hell, he
could see almost everything she had. He f***ed himself to
act nonchalant.
"J-John, I've decided to start exercising again and I
want you to help me. I want you to keep track of my progress
on this poster. If we do it together, maybe I won't quit."
"But, Mom, I'm watching TV. This is a good movie," John
put the pressure on.
"Please, baby. Help me out," Janice tried to stay calm.
"I won't stick to it if you don't help me. This mean a lot to me."
John pretended to be engrossed in the TV. "Well, can you
do it in here while I watch TV?"
Janice was so grateful he was willing to do it, she
nodded her head eagerly. "Yes, that's a great idea! I'll be
right back." She scampered down the hall to get the scales, her tits bouncing and ass
As soon as she left the room, John scooted over to his
open closet door. Reaching up to the shelf, he turned on the
video camera he'd hidden there. This ought to be fun to watch
later, he thought as he grinned. He hurried back to the bed.
He'd been pretty sure she would come to him. She
wouldn't want to tell her friends that she needed someone to
witness her exercise program. Damn, this was going to be
great. She was practically naked- he could see everything-
and she was going to be in his room like that for an hour
every night. Mom, you are such a SLUT. You deserve everything
I'm going to do to you...
Janice came back in and put the scales down. When she
bent over, her leotard popped into her ass crack and she didn't
notice it in her excitement. She stepped on and waited for
the needle to stop moving.
"Ok, honey. Write down 151."
John recorded her weight in the proper box, then looked
up at her. "What exercise are you going to do next, Mom?"
"I'm not sure. What do they have you do in gym?" It had
been so long since Janice exercised, she had no idea what to
do. John was ready for that.
"Well, they usually have us start with 25 jumping
jacks." He pretended to be absorbed in his movie but at the
edge of his vision he could see her tits bouncing up and down
wildly as she jumped. I can't wait to play that back in slo-
mo, he thought. When she finished he wrote down the number
and started her touching her toes, wondering whether her big
tits would fall out of her top when she bent over. Each bend pulled the crotch of the
leotard higher and higher up into her ass as well, and eventually began to pull between the
lips of her pussy. She unknowingly put on a great show from her son as she puffed and
panted. Her leotard creeping up her pussy and tits almost spilling out.
John led her on for an hour, from toe touches to situps
to leg stretches to leg lifts to crunches to working with the
weight set in his corner. By the time he was done she was
soaked in sweat, her leotard all but invisible. Her nipples
were clearly visible and if he hadn't already known her pussy
was shaved, it would have been obvious from the view he had
of her plump lips while she did her cool-down exercises. The
seat of her leotard was completely twisted and pulled between
her cheeks and she'd given up on pulling it out after about
the fifth time.
Janice smiled sexily as John took her picture, holding
the poster. John didn't really care about the picture, he'd
been there to see it live and he had a video, but it was
important that she dress slutty for her training. Tomorrow
he'd tell her how much he liked her outfit and how he'd like
to see her in it every day. She wouldn't be buying anything
that fit better. He would also have her do 5 more of every
exercise. You will be the best exercised SLUT in the state,
he thought as he eyed his mom, with her leotard halfway
up her snatch and her tits practically falling out the front.
Janice scampered down the hall with her prized picture.
I can't wait to show him how good I can be, she thought.
He'll be so proud of me. As soon as she got to her room, she
stripped off her soaked leotard. Sitting at the
computer naked she ground her ass into the chair began to type. Tomorrow I better get
something new, along
with a sports bra. Her boobs ached a little from slapping
about. Thank God John hadn't seemed to notice- he's still too
young to pay attention to girls.
She quickly typed her letter and sent it off, along with
her picture. Now, I need to think of another picture for
tonight and a punishment to make up for lying...
John replayed the tape of his mom while she showered up . He watched as her tits bobbed
and heaved with every jumping jack set . Dressed in her tight sweat covered leotard,
bouncing and jumping around on the screen, John grew hard and avidly pumped his dick in time
to her gyrations. She was so pliable, so accepting, so perfect. She could easily be made
into the worlds hottest SLUT! John smiled wickedly as he focused in on the red puffing face
of his mother as she exercised on the screen before him... "And she's gonna be all mine!"
Janice struggled over what kind of punishment would be fitting for lying to her lover
about her body. It had been embarrassment over it that had prompted her to lie in the first
place. She chewed on the bottom of her lip as she thought. Since it was that embarrassment
that lead to her lie, it made sense that she should somehow make it part of her punishment.
Well, I'll have to think about it later, she thought as she set up her camera on the
tripod to take tonight photo for her lover. ....

Making Mother My SLUT 6
(Handfuls of humiliation)
Janice awoke as if from a haze and looked around, trying to get her bearings. "God, "
she groaned sl**pily as she gazed over at the clock. It had been a long night for her, spent
discovering the new found joys of her dildos.
"Oh no, OH NO! 8:02! I should be at work by now. I never over sl**p, what's wrong with

Throwing off the covers, she sends an assortment of porno magazines and dildos flying to
the floor in her rush to get ready.
"I'll have to skip breakfast, no time. Just a quick shower to freshen up before I go,"
she muttered as she got up and started for the bathroom.
As she stood she heard something hit the floor with an odd "sluurpopp" noise as it
slithered out from her pussy. Looking down she sees one of her dildos laying on the floor by
her feet. It was covered in a lite sheen of her pussy juices and reflected the light from
her bedside lamp obscenely. She remembered the delightfully full feeling it had given her
while she slept, then with a shake of her head put the plastic phallus out of her mind.
"I don't have time for this, I've got to get ready."
John crept out from his room and listened at the bathroom door, making sure his mom was
in the shower before sneaking into her room. He was surprised to still find her home when he
got up. Usually she was long gone by the time he got up for school.
"Must have been a rough night, he chuckled as he walked into her bedroom and saw the
assortment of dildos and vibrators s**ttered about. The smell of her overheated pussy still
hung in the air from the previous nights escapades. John took a deep breath and reveled in
his mothers musky scent.
"Mmmm, I can't wait to see what my little mother slut sent me this time," He smiled as
he thought of the way his mother was becoming more and more accepting of her situation. She
was like an addict, willing to go through anything for her next fix from her e-mail man.
John noticed the bright pink dildo on the floor and bent to pick it up. It was still
slightly warm and covered in his mothers juices. His heart raced, and he felt dizzy as he
brought the glistening shaft slowly up to his mouth, then quickly darted his tongue out
across it's side.

"Oooo, mommies got a tasty twat alright" He began to lick the rest of her cream off the
shaft and wondered what she would say if she could see her little boy now, cleaning her
juices off the dildo that was only minutes before buried up her snatch. If she found out
that her precious baby knew what her pussy tasted like now, he wondered what her reaction
might be.

"Soon", he said. "Soon I'll be licking this right out from her first hand, and she'll
beg me to do it." He drop the dildo and went to check and see what his mother had sent him,
the taste of her pussy still fresh on his tongue.
Janice rushed to get her things together and was almost out the door when she noticed
that she'd left her computer on last night.

"Dam," she fought with her self over checking to see if he'd sent her anything yet. "He
probable hasn't even checked his mail this early in the morning. Besides, I really should be
going. I'm over an hour late as it is...." Janice still stood there staring into her den at
the computer. Finally she gave in.
"Oh what the won't take long.. Just a quick peek to see if he sent me
She was surprised and very happy when she heard the *ding* of new mail ring out.
I like your new workout uniform and don't want you to change a
thing. I will expect to see all future progress photos with you in it. Is that clear?
Second, I was VERY displease about not receiving any other photos of you to go with it,
and what about your punishment. I'm still waiting for that. (Janice suddenly felt ill. She'd
taken several photos with her new dildos last night, but had fallen asl**p before sending
any of them off). Since you seem to not only be a liar, but a forgetful bitch as well, I
seriously doubt weather you're worth any more of my time. If you can't remember to take the
picture your self, then find someone to take them for you! I will also be checking to make
sure you're dressing like you say you are. I've talked to several friends of mine in your
area that will be able to check up on you. You won't know who they are, but they'll report
back to me if your being honest or not. Don't disappoint me Janice. You can't afford it! I
have such plans for the two of us. One more thing, I'm tired of hearing you refer to your
"breasts" and "vagina" in your messages. They're called tits Janice.... TITS!, JUGGS! MEAT
MELLONS! And it's not a "vagina" It's called a pussy, a cunt, snatch. For Gods sake
woman, stop acting like a c***d.
She sat unmoving as tears rolled down her cheeks. She kept disappointing him at every turn,
but he forgave her again. He was so good to put up with all her faults for so long. She new
his patience was wearing thin and she couldn't blame him. Wiping the tears from her face she
glanced at her watch an noticed she'd just made her self another 20 minute late by checking
her messages.
"It's was worth it", she thought as she got up to leave. "At least now I can have time
to think up a way of making this all up to him. He said he had plans for us.... He must mean
marriage. Yes that's it, he want to marry me...ME! and .. and I keep disappointing him...."
she stopped before she began crying again.
John watched his mother through a crack in the door. He'd hoped she'd stop and check
her messages before she left. Turning her computer on so she would notice it on her way out.
He'd been disappointed to only find the workout photo she'd sent to him this morning.
"Shit," he thought. "I've got a whole tape of the whore jumping around and shaking her
ass, I was looking forward to seeing dear old mom with a dildo up her cunt!."
Of course Janice had no way of knowing that her son was the one manipulating her. Playing
on her fears and doubts. She sent every picture of her self thinking it went to some
handsome stranger, who longed for her as much as she did for him. She was wrong. As her son
spied on her from the door he didn't notice the tears on her face... only the way her tits
bounced ever so slightly with every sob. She was just a big titted slut to him. The fact
that is was his own mom made it all the better.
It was 10:20 by the time Janice dragged herself into work. She was hoping to slip in
unnoticed, but knew that was impossible when she saw Miss Dori standing at her
"I'm sorry..I.. I overslept. I've never been late before in all the time I've been
wo.." She stopped and just stood there under the piercing gaze of her supervisor. Janice
felt like a bug, pinned to the spot by the younger woman's stare. She didn't say a word.
Just looked at her for what seemed an eternity, then stalked off. Janice new better than to
come in late again.
As she worked Janice tried to come up with a fitting punishment, as well as think up
some more "adult" ways of referring to her self. It was harder than she originally thought.
Thinking in erotic, sexy ways was new to the 37 year old mother, but she had to start if she
wanted her relationship with her lover to continue.
"Tits," she'd say to herself. "Juggs." She rolled these words around in her mind. "That's
how he want me to start think of my brea... I mean my *mellons*." After 2 hours she found
herself no closer to coming up with new ways of describing her self than before. In the
back of her mind she thought she heard a faint *squeaking* noise.
"Maybe that Sex Shop would have something...?" She hated the idea of going back there.
"I don't think I could ever face that man again." *squeak Squeak SQUEAK* The sound seemed to
be getting louder. "Maybe he won't recognize me. He must get lots of women go through there
every day." *SQUEAK SQUEAK* "I can make a quick stop on my lunch break. I..." SQUEAK SQUEAK
SQUEAK! " Where in the WORLD was that sound coming from!" It was only then that Janice
notice how quite the rest of the office had gotten. She look over and for the first time
noticed that all her co-workers where staring at her. "Wha..." She looked confused then
realized in horror that the sound was coming from her!" Her chair had been swiveling
slightly from side to side from the motion of her ass wiggling about as she thought of all
the things her mystery man was making her do. Everyone just looked at her, not saying a
word. Slowly the hum of the office started up again and everyone went back to working.

Janice sat in the stall of the restroom with her face in her hands. "Oh what they all
must think of me," she wailed. She'd practically run to the restroom after the humiliating
experience. While she sat there, she heard a few of the other women in her office enter the

"My God, did you SEE her!"
"Yea, talk about pathetic. "
Janice listened to the two women as they gossiped about someone.
"If it wasn't so funny, it would almost be sad."
"Poor girl. Must be years since she last got any good meat in her!"

The two broke into laughter. "Who were they talking about?" Janice leaned forward trying
to hear better.

"Well, is it any wonder she doesn't have a guy of her own. I mean, have you
seen the way she dresses. I've known nuns with more style than that old cow."
" Yea, it's to bad too, she kinda has nice tits."
"Well she does, even under those frumpy clothes you can see she has a real big
set on her."
"Yea, well at her age they probably hang half way to her knees>'
Peels of laughter rang out again as the two girls viciously talk about the unknown
woman. She tried to imagine who they could possible be talking about. It was only as they
began to leave that she heard one of them say..
"Poor Janice...."
She's become the office joke.....
Janice fumed as she drove down to the small sex shop during lunch. "Those BITCHES! Who
the hell do they think they are to talk about ME like that! I'll show them. I DO have a man
of my own.... and he cares and loves me for the sexy woman I am... well... almost.." Janice
set it into her mind more than ever that she HAD to do every thing possible to make her man
happy. More so now than ever. She'd show them that she could be just as desirable as they
were. All she had to do was follow her lovers directions and she'd show everyone!
The shop was just as she remember it. Small, dark, and smelling of sex and cigarets.
"Hello again."
"Oh God this is all I need" Janice was hoping the clerk had forgotten her, but evidently
he had not.

"Umm..Hello"she whispered out.
"Don't tell me. Let me guess. You've come back for a bigger size, or perhaps
something a bit thicker."he smiled as he announced this loudly across the store.
"No, no. It's plenty big enough thank..I mean...No, NO it's fine! Janice was
becoming flustered again. It seemed the moment she walked into the place her mind had been
left outside. "God what a question to ask me," she thought as her face burned brightly with
"Well then what can I do for you today" The moment he saw her walk in his dick
began to harden. He'd been thinking of her ever since she'd come in a couple of days ago. He
loved the way her face turned bright red when ever he asked her anything. It made his dick
stone hard knowing she was so uncomfortable around him.
" I'm looking for a video, but I'm not sure which one I want. Is it ok if I
just look around a while?"
"Oh sure thing, sure thing. Take your time, look around."

Janice tried to look inconspicious as she walked around the store, gazing at all the
videos. She never realized what a wide selection of videos there were. This was going to
take more time than she'd originally thought. "I can't afford to be late back to work. Not
after this morning. I"m going to have to ask..." Janice braced herself and walked up to the
counter. She knew the moment the man started talking to her she would fall into the same
jumbled mess she had before.
"Excuse me... I was wondering if you could suggest a video?"
"Well we got lots of videos lady. We carry a little of everything here. What kind
you looking for?" He smiled as he leered openly at her.

"Well I'm not sure. I'm kinda..well that is... I was... I need to.."
He watched as she faltered. He'd long since taken his dick out and was slowly
stroking it behind the counter ,out of site, as he watched her try and explain her need to
"I'm not really sure, I need something with a lot..a lot of talking in it." She
didn't know any better way of putting it than that.
He smiled like a cat asked to watch the canary. "Talking?" he asked innocently.
"Well let me see what I can find for you. In the mean time why don't you have a quick peek
at our video booths in back?"
"Video booths? Umm. Why yes thank you. Thank you very much." Janice fished out a
few dollars and handed them to the man, who exchanged them for small golden tokens.
"Here you go" he said as he reached over and clasped her hand, letting the now
slimy tokens fall into her palm. "Sorry about that, I guess I've got sweaty palms."
"That's ..that's ok," she smiled weakly and wiped her hand off on her skirt,
then headed into the darkness of the back room.

He watched her as she went into the back, the streak of his precum drying on
her skirt where she'd wiped her hand. As soon as she was out of sight he opened a small
cabinet behind the counter and took out one of the specialty tapes hidden there.
Janice stumbled around till she saw the faint glow of the tv monitors up ahead.
The place reeked of..of..well she wasn't sure what the smell was. She found an empty booth
and dropped a token in. Instantly the small room was lite up by the image of a young woman
happily bouncing up and down on a mans huge cock. The girl seemed so happy. So content,
Janice remember how wonderful her dildo had felt up inside her last night. How full and
complete it had made her. She could feel her pussy begin to drool as the lewd images flashed
before her in the darkness. She looked around then quickly slipped her hand up under her
skirt and let one of her fingers slide into her buttery smooth pussy. It was so hot, felt so
good. As she fingered herself she began to enjoy the deep musky smell of the back room. It
was so manly she thought Sexy. Her fingers flew wildly in and out of her. She new
that anyone could walk in at any moment but she didn't care. Her head swam with the manly
smell of the small warm video booth and she LOVED it. She didn't know what had suddenly come
over her. She just felt so horny, her pussy burned for something more than just her fingers
to fill it. As she leaned against the side of the booth, skirt hiked up around her waist,
fingers pistoning in and out of her she noticed for the first time she wasn't alone.
Across from her in the opposite booth was a man staring at her as she fingered herself.
She should have felt shame at him seeing her in such a private way, but she didn't care. Her
pussy was in control at the moment. She turned her head to look directly at the man, her
hips now thrusting themselves onto her hand as she neared orgasm.
`He's masturbating," Janice thought, and then changed her mind. "No, no he's jacking
OFF!" Thinking this way made her cunt twitch with excitement and she slipped two more
fingers into her drooling snatch.. "He's jacking off while looking at me.. At ME." That
thought pleased her. It made her believe she was sexy. That she was desirable and not the
pathetic older woman the girls at the office thought her to be. She felt like a real woman
for the first time in a long time as she lewdly pumped half her hand into her twat with loud
sucking sounds. " I still have a chance to prove my self worthy to my man. I still have a

Janice came at the thought of pleasing her mystery man. Her body shook violently as her
pussy clamped down on her fingers again and again. She noticed that the man across from her
had walked over and was now pumping on his swollen prick mere inches from her leg. She just
continued to ride her fingers as wave after wave of lust pasted over her. Just as she was
coming down from the sexual daze she felt something hot hit the side of her calf, then
another, so looked down to see the stranger shooting thick gooey white ropes of cum across
her exposed leg. She could feel it's hot sticky wetness as is drooled down her leg toward
her shoes and all she could do was smile and think to her self....

"I'm sexy.......I'm sexy"
Afterward the man zipped up his pants and hurriedly left. She stood there with his cum
running down her leg and pussy juice covering her hands and most of her inner thighs.
Reality slowly started to sink back into her mind as her pussy now sated released control.
"What have I done! I must be going MAD!" She looked around and tried to find something to
wipe the vile cum quickly drying against her leg off with. She couldn't find anything..
There was nothing to use to wipe it up with. Jut then her watched sounded off, beeping the
hour to her. "I've got to go. I've got to go now." She pushed her skirt down and tried to
straighten herself up as she walked out of the back room and into the front of the store
once again, not know that she'd left her soaked panties behind.
The clerk looked at her and smiled. "Did you enjoy your movie?" He looked over the
counter and noticed the drying cum stain on her leg. "Well I see someone did..."
She didn't look up at him. She could meet his gaze, not now, not after what she'd..
`How much do I owe you for the movie?" She just wanted to get out of there. Well it's
a rental, you'll have to return it in two days. There a $60 deposit and a $5 rental fee.

"Fine.. Fine..Here you go. $65" She grabbed the tape and headed for the door. It only
dawned on her then that she would have to come back to return the tape.

The rest of the work day was hell. She had made it back with only seconds to spare. She
quickly tucked the leg with the mans cum on it under her desk and out of sight. She spent
the rest of the day trying to get her work done and ignore the whispers around the office
about her.
By the time she got home Janice was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. All she
wanted to do was take a long hot shower and forget the day ever happed.
"Hi mom, ready for your workout?"
Her son bounded down the stars and the tired woman just looked at him in confusion.
"Workout?" she croaked
He held up the tiny leotard and just smiled....

Making Mother My SLUT 7
(Wanton Workout)

Janice looked up at her son with tired and weary eyes. "What are
you talking about John?"

"Exercising of course. You're the one who practically begged me
to help you with this."

"John I'm too tired right now...and what are you doing with my
leotard. I told you about going into my room young man." Janice worried
that her son might have seen her new collection of toys she'd left laying
about, not knowing that she her self had told him in great detail about her
new collection of dildos. Of course see didn't know she was telling her
son at the time she sent the mail off.

"Hey, I didn't go into your room." John said defensively. " You
left this laying in the bathroom. I just thought I'd bring it down and save
you a bit of time." John held out the small striped leotard toward his

"I'm sorry John. I didn't mean to snap at you...I'm just really
tired" Janice reached out and took the small piece of stretch material.
"Just give me a few minutes and then we can get started...ok?" She
needed her son to help her. Her email man had told her to have someone
else make a photo record of her exercise program, and she had no one
else to turn to.

"Yeah...what ever," John said and turned to go back up stairs. He
knew she needed him. Hell, he'd made sure she would have to come to
him for help.

"Just a few minutes John.. really," Janice began to get nervous. She
couldn't afford to make her son angry with her. She didn't really have any
close female friends she could ask to help her, and he was the only male in
her life. Well, him and her new e-mail mystery man. She made a mental
note to make it up to John somehow. After all, he was only trying to help


The computer in the den came on with a beep and the whirl of the
hard drive. As usual, before she'd even taken off her shoes or gotten out
of her work clothes, Janice went to check her messages. She sat and
waited patiently..then she waited some more...then a little longer. No new
message greeted her.

"There must be some kind of mistake." she laughed nervously to
herself. "Yes, that's it. I must have dialed into my account wrong." Janice
worriedly tried to bring her e-mail messages up on her computer....

"I...I..don't understand... it was working this morning. It has to
work...IT HAS TO!" Janice turned the computer off and then tried
rebooting her system. Nothing. She tried retyping in her password and
user name...nothing.

"JOHN! John honey come down her quick..please! Something's
wrong with my computer! I can't...I can't seem to get..." Janice began
frantically hitting keys. She looked like an alcoholic trying to coax the last
few drops from a bottle as she tried to get her computer to give her just
one more message.

"JOHN! PLEASE HURRY!" her voice cracked with anxiety. If
she couldn't check her messages, how would she know what *HE*
wanted. How would she send him proof that she was worthy of him. How
would she...

John stood just around the corner from the den, listening to his
mother as she tried to get her computer to work. He knew it wouldn't do
her any good, he'd seen to that earlier. Oh sure his mother could send
messages, type up letters, and even scan her pictures in, but beyond that
she was lost when it came to understanding the programs that made it all
run. He tried to hide the wicked smile on his face as he turned the corner
and walked into the den.

A look of panic and fear crossed Janice's face as her fingers flew
over the keyboard trying all the tricks she'd learned from her son to get
the computer to load up properly. She turned away in frustration and
began to call out again.

"JOH... Oh there you are. My computer seems to be locked up. I
can't check my messages." She said this last statement with a desperate
edge in her voice.

"Well it's probable just a glitch. Did you try rebooting?'
"Yes I tried that."
"How about checking the system files for.."
"Yes yes I check that too"
"Did you.."
"I check EVERYTHING! I checked it ALL and it still
won't WORK!" Janice was practically hysterical.

She tried the computer again. John looked at his mothers ass as
she turned around and bent over, hitting a few keys on her computer. He
knew when he'd fixed it so she couldn't use it that she would be a bit on
edge, but he wasn't expecting her to fall apart so fast. His dick swelled
and his young balls ached as he watched her ass sway beneath her skirt
while she worked on getting her computer back up and running. He'd
noticed that his mother seemed to be swishing her ass around a lot more
lately, or maybe it was just that he was now noticing it. Everything was
working out as he'd planed. He pulled his eyes away and tried to make
his next few words sound angry.

"I'm not the one who messed up your stupid computer!" he never
spoke back to his mother, but thing were changing. She needed him and
he used that fact as leverage. "So if your gonna yell at me, you can fix the
dam thing your self!" He turned and started to stalk off.

Janice wasn't thinking straight. She ever so slightly wiggled her
hips back and forth as she tried to get her computer running. She hadn't
been thinking straight for some time now. Her thoughts lately had been
muddled and always seemed to focus on her new lover. "I've got to be
able to get my messages...I've just GOT TO!" She u*********sly moved
her ass around more, trying to relieve the growing itch deep in her pussy
that seemd to always be there these days.

At her son's words Janice stood and looked up quickly. As she tried
to figure out what to say to her son she found her self thinking in a
strange new way. She should be furious with him for talking back to her
that way. Instead all should could think about was that if he didn't help
her, she would loses all contact with her new love.

"NO!.. I mean no, no Wait please. I'm sorry John... you know,
it's just been a bad day. I woke up late, had a terrible time at lunch... then
this..." she waved her hand toward the computer, "happens and I just got
a little overwhelmed." Please." Please fix the computer for me.." She
almost cooed out the last few words.

John raised an eyebrow and looked at his mom. He liked to hear
her beg in that winey voice. He'd never heard her speak to him with
anything less than absolute motherly authority, and now her voice was
dripping with sweetness trying to coax him into helping her. He loved
playing with his mother this way.

"I thought you were going to change so we could get your
workout done?"

"Well..yes but I was just going to check on my mail first..."

Janice stood there looking sad and almost pathetic in her sons
eyes. Some times he felt guilty over what he was doing to her. When ever
he felt that way he'd look at the pictures she'd sent him. Pictures of her
spread wide and looking like a complete whore, or the video of her
exercising with her big tits flopping around and ass shaking about. All
guilt would be gone as he jacked off to these things. She was his toy now.
His new plaything, and he loved the feel of power he had over her.

"Look, I'll check your computer for you. In the mean time go get
into your workout clothes. This way we won't lose any time."

Janice seemed torn between getting the workout started and
staying to see if her son could get her computer working again. Slowly
she left to go get changed.

"Finally'" John sighed as he checked to make sure the lockout he
installed on his moms computer was still working. "It's good mom's
thinking through her pussy these days, or she would have easily found the
security lockout." He chuckled to him self as he rearranged a few more
files on her computer. He'd been trying to keep her off balance
deliberately. Making sure she was up late taking pictures of her self.
Keeping her worn down with the exercise program, and now making sure
her alarm wouldn't go off to wake her in time for work. She was slowly
breaking down and he loved every moment. What son wouldn't want to
get the upper hand on his mother.


The leotard was just as tight today as it was yesterday, if not
tighter. The almost sheer fabric hid practically nothing as her large tits
seemed to want to spill out of the deeply cut front with each jugg jiggling
step she took. The bottom wasn't any better. The bottom kept working
it's way up her ass, and the crotch looked like her pussy was trying to
swallow it as it kept slipping between her swollen cunt lips. She looked at
the ridiculous image of her self in the mirror. Where once stood a
dignified respected older woman, now stood the image of a cheap looking
slut. The tight lycra leotard was almost worse than being naked. The way
her tits strained against the top and made her nipples visible was bad
enough, but the bottom was just obscene. "Doesn't matter, she muttered.
The only one who sees me dressed like this is John, and he could care
less." At that thought she was surprised to find her self feeling a little sad.
She didn't want her only son to look at her in a sexual way, but he was a
man (well a boy really) and she couldn't help but feel a little unattractive
at the thought of him not seeming to care that she was about to bounce
around in front of him half nude.

"I'm ready," she said as she walked back down stairs. She
stopping every few feet to pull the bottom of her suit out from her ass.
"Did you get the computer working?" she asked hopefully.

John looked at his mom standing there in her tiny uniform. He'd be
pumping a thick load out tonight thinking about the way she looked now.
Her hair and make up still styled so business like and professional, while
her body was dressed in something more fitting a street hooker.

"To bad she's not ready yet," he thought "I hate to waste all this
hot jizz... I'm gonna he'd have to find some way of *sharing* all this
creamy goodness with dear old mom till she's ready to take it straight
from the source"

Janice noticed the strange smile on her son's face and thought he
must have figured out what was wrong with her computer. "Can I check
my messages now?"

"Sorry mom. Looks like your computer need some major work.
It'll take me a day or two ta get it running again."

"A DAY OR TWO!" Janice caught her self yelling and then tried
to calm down. "But..but I need to send some...Ummm..some...*things*
out tonight!" Janice's mind raced. What was she going to do! She needed
a computer... then she remember that her sone had a computer up in his

"John," she said sweetly. " Do you think I could use your
computer till you get this one working?"


Janice wasn't expecting that answer and just looked skocked.

"I'm sorry mom but I need my computer for my homework. You
know that."

"But you don't understand...I... I... HAVE to send.." Janice
walked over to her son and tried to get him to agree with her request. She
knew she could just tell him to bring it down. Order him as his mother,
but then he wouldn't help her with the exercises any more. Either way she
was going to lose her new man. If she didn't get online and send off her
photos she would lose him. If she ordered John to let her use his
computer, she wouldn't have anyone to help her exercise and would still
lose her lover. She was on the verge of crying when she heard her son

"Well...I guess you can use it as long as it stays in my room."

Janice's heart soared. "Oh thank you, it will only be till you can get
this one fixed" she hugged her son, pressing her large tits against. Relief
flooded over her as she once again knew she could mail her new love.

The feel of his mother tits against him felt good as he hugged her
back. He could smell the slight hint of her perfume, along with what he'd
come to recognize as the smell of his mother over heated pussy. He
lightly pressed his hard dick against his mom as they hugged. He could
feel her stiffen slightly as he did, but she didn't let go of him right away.

Janice was happy. The world was right again. She would still be able to
talk with her love and send him the pictures he wanted. As she hugged
her son she thought she felt him push what felt like a VERY stiff dick
against her. She froze for a moment. She must have been mistaken. Why
would her son have a hard-on over his middle-aged mother. It must just
be her mind playing tricks on her again.


The music from the stereo pumped out a beat that Janice tried to keep
time to, as her son instructed her on her daily exercise regiment. He
started with jumping jacks again. This time she needed to do 25 of them.
As she jumped up her tits, unrestrained by a bra began to bounce and
jump against her chest painfully. She had always had a rather large
bustline. It had helped her attracted he first husband Frank, but as the
years wore on they had begun to sag ever so slightly and now needed to
have a bra to support their massive weight.
By the time she finished her last jump her chest was stinging and her
nipples felt a little raw from all the rubbing up and down against the inside
of her leotard. She felt a small spark of excitment begin inside her as her
nipples throbbed.

"What's... <pant> what's next John> <puff>? Janice was out of
breath already, but knew she had to keep going if she was ever to get slim
down to her new lovers ideal weight.

"Let's try some deep knee bends mom. Those are always good."
John tried to act like he could care less about watching his mothers
sweaty body bounce around in her tight clothes. He just kept reminding
himself that the hidden video camera was taping everything for him to
ogle over later.

"Deep..<puff> Deep knee bends <Puff>? Janice was a little
worried about how the crotch of her leotard would work up inside her if
she squatted down. It was already riding pretty high from just the jumping
jacks. "Don't be silly Janice", she told her self "This is your SON, just do
the exercises and get them over with. He'd not even paying attention to
you." Janice blushed over worrying about her uniform.

John began to count out the knee bends....

One... Janice went down, her knees parting as she squatted, the
clothe of her suite pressing tightly against her mound.

Two...As she went back down she could feel the bottom just
beginning to snake up.

Three...Her pussy began to bulge out around the sides as the
material was f***ed up between her lips

Four...With this one the hem disappeared between her fat cunt lips
and her pussy was clearly visible.

Five...She looked over at her son nervously and was glad to see
that he wasn't even facing her. He had his nose buried in some book.
What she didn't know was that the video camera was at a perfect angle to
capture every moment.

Six... As she went down this time she began to realize that the
material had bunched so that every time she sank down to her knees it
slide deliciously across her tender little clitty.

Seven...She bit her lower lip and looked over at her son again.
Her pussy was starting to drool.

Eight... Her knees began to get a little shaky as her pussy juiced
up and her clit began to swell, making the material rub even more with
every move.

Nine....Her hips began to give a slight thrust forward every time
she slide down. The material of her leotard now soaked with her cunt
cream began to squish back and forth.

Ten..Janice could feel an orgasm approaching. She new if she kept
this up she would cum, but if she stopped it would cause her son to look
over at her. He'd see that the inside of her thighs were already covered
in her cream and her pussy was hungrily chewing on the band of clothe
riding between her legs.

Eleven...Janice closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling of her
hot pussy's pleasure. He head was spinning and she felt dizzy with lust.

Twelve....She could feel the pressure building up in her cunt as it
boiled and juiced.

Thirteen...As she slide down her knees gave out and a powerful
orgasm ripped through the middle-aged mothers cunt. Her hips jerked as
she rode the wave of pleasure, forgetting that her son was only a few feet

It was a few moments before she realized that her son had
stopped counting. The f***e of her powerful orgasm still had her dazed.
She barely noticed that it was her son helping her to her feet. She stood
there with a happy "well fucked bitch" smile on her face as her son
handed her a poster board and the took a picture.

<Snap> "It's ok mom"
<Snap> "I guess you just fainted from the workout"
<Snap> I'll just take your record photo and we can stop early for

Janice stood there. Her brain slowly starting to register that she
had just orgasmed in from of her c***d. That while he was trying to help
her better her self, she had rutted around on the floor in the throws of a
powerful orgasm like some slut. Shame burned inside her. Her flushed
face slowly began to turn a deeper red from the embarrassment and
humiliation of it all. She looked at her son as he patted her on the arm.

"Why don't you go get some rest mom. You look really tired."

She just smiled weakly at him as he walked off and headed up
stairs... leaving her standing there with the bottom half of her leotard
jammed up her cunt and the inside of both her legs smeared with her
juices. She began to cry...

"He thinks I passed out from exhaustion...He thinks that I just collapsed
from the strain of the workout. Janice felt small and cheap as these
thought filled her head. In her mind her son was an innocent, a c***d still.
So she let herself believe that he didn't know she'd just creamed during
her workout. She needed to believe it. She was changing, she could feel
it. She would never have done something like that before..

Janice picked up the Polaroid picture of herself. It showed her
holding the chart of progress, a slight glistening wetness between her
legs, and her leotard pulled WAY up her snatch. As she looked at it she
frowned...Odd..I could have sworn he had taken 3 photos..She took the
picture and headed up to take a long relaxing hot shower and let the day
fade away into a distant memory.

Up stairs John had his pants down around his ankles and pumped
furiously away on his young adolescent prick. The thick shaft of his
swollen cock began to spew out hot gooey ropes of cum as he looked at
the other two pictures he had take of his mother. Oh sure, she would have
sent them to him through her messages eventually, but he couldn't wait.
After watching his mother cum like the slut he knew she was, he needed
release. All doubts he may have had about turning his mom into his sex
slave slut vanished as he'd watched her withering on the floor before him.
As the flood of cum from his bloated balls began to subside he looked at
the small puddles of his jiz he'd squirted onto the floor. His face took on
an almost evil look as a plan to get his mother to swollen his cum
unknowingly crossed his mind. ...

Making Mother My SLUT 8
(Sampling Sperm)

Janice let the warm soapy water wash down her body as the spray from
the shower drained away all her cares. The memories and trials of the past
week faded into distant dreams. The weekend was finally here and Janice
Monroe was planning on catching up on some well needed rest. While letting
the spray of the shower hit her body one of the jets struck her nipple and
caused it to stiffen instantly. A tingle began to spread over her body as
she stood still, letting the hard pulse from the shower head dance over the
ever hardening nib of her tit.

"Ummmm, yes," she hissed through clenched teeth. Her pussy began to
boil again and one of her soapy hand found it's way down and began to rub
it. "Nice.... so nice...." Janice was lost in the pleasure as random images
began to flash through her mind. She could feel the beginning of an orgasm
start to build deep within her.

She thought of the man at the Adult Shop who had jerked off on her. The
feel of his hot cum at it hit her leg in slimmy bursts, then ran down and
cooled against her hot flesh. Her pussy spasmed slightly against her

She thought of the look on the clerks face as he leered at her. Staring at
her body. Seeing the drying cum and knowing what must have gone on in the
back booths. Her pussy tingled and gripped her fingers harder, but still her
orgasm was just out of reach.

She though of the women she had overheard in the bathroom at work, and was
surprised to find her pussy flutter slightly at the though that one had
though she had nice tits.

She remembered looking over at her son sitting on the couch, seemingly
reading a book. The way her pussy felt with the crotch of her leotard jammed
up inside it and the slick feeling of her thighs as they rubbed together
every time she stood. She remembered cumming in front of her son,.... and
her orgasm hit her like a truck! Her pussy clutched at her stabbing fingers
and she could feel her cunt muscles trying to milk them, as if trying to
coax cum from her finger tips. Her body shook violently and she almost fell
as wave after wave of excruciating pleasure washed over her.

It was some time before the panting woman was able to regain control and
slide her fingers from herself. She felt worse now than ever.

"You're SICK Janice Monroe!" she told herself. "It wasn't bad enough you
had to act like a common tramp in front of your own son..... On no! You had
to use that memory to get your self off AGAIN!" Janice was disgusted with
her self. What kind of mother was she, to be getting excited over such
things was wrong. "I wouldn't blame him for hating me...He must think his
mother is so cheap. I only pray he keeps thinking I collapsed from
exhaustion instead of wanton lust...." Janice felt dirtier now than when she
had gotten into the shower....

John worked fast in his mother's room. He didn't know how long she would be
in the shower so he had to hurry. She kept the door to her room closed all
the time now, so the smell of her nightly activities was strong. The smell
of pussy seemed to be everywhere. Her sheets lay crumbled at the foot of her
bed, along with an assortment of hardcore magazines and what John had come
to recognized as her favorite dildo.

Digging through her dresser drawers he grabbed another couple of her
plain white panties and stuffed them into his pocket. He'd been slowly
taking them out from her room for the last week, depositing them in the
clothes hamper, till all she had left to wear was the sexier styles. As he
walked from her room he pause and looked at her alarm. She'd forgotten to
set it this morning and had been off schedule all day. He knew that being wo
rn down was helping him to manipulate her. He couldn't afford to let her
catch up on her sl**p, so he made sure to set her alarm to go off at 4 am.
Once his mom woke up he knew she couldn't easily fall back to sl**p. "That
ought to keep the bitch so mixed up so won't be able to think straight. " He
no longer thought of her as his mom. She was just a set of tits and holes to
be use for his dicks future pleasure.

Janice Monroe wasn't the only one changing. Her once loving and devoted son
was becoming more and more manipulative and degading to her by the day.

She took her time in the shower. She was in no hurry to face her son again.
She wrapped herself up in her robe and headed toward her bedroom, checking
the hallway to make sure her son wasn't around first. As she opened her door
the dimly little room reminded her of the grimy Sex Shop. It was dark...
smelled of sex... and a variety of pornography and sex aids littered the
area. She made a note to herself to spend some time this weekend to clean up
the room and air it out. Heading over to her dresser drawer she looked
around for something to put on. All her regular panties were gone she
noticed. Only the crotch less and high french cut lacy styles remained.

"That's weird, could I have used all the others already? I'm sure I did
a load of wash just last weekend." Cinching her robe back up she left her
room and went over to the hamper by the linen closet and looked inside. Sure
enough, s**ttered about inside was a variety of her conservative cut
panties. She picked up a pair and noticed that the crotch seemed to be
moist. Dropping the wet item back inside she headed returned to her room.

"Jesus woman you're going to have to control yourself better." Janice told
herself. " At this rate you're going to soak every single pair before the
middle of the week." Janice had no way of knowing that the wetness was
caused by her young son's copious amounts of cum. He'd taken to jacking off
an then smearing his nut butter into the crotch of his mothers panties
before dropping them into the hamper. She had thought that her lack of clean
lingerie was do to her constantly drooling pussy.

Choosing the more modest of the few styles left Janice slithered into a
black pair of sheer high french cut panties. "At lest these have a crotch in
them" she thought as the thin material snuggled up against her mound. She
reached for her comfortable set of sweat pants then stopped. "I've got to
learn to dress better. Even if it's just at home, I've got to teach my self
to try and always look my best" Janice scanned her room and looked over what
she had to wear. She had already decided to go out shopping this weekend to
pick up a more flattering wardrobe, but she needed to find something for
now. Rummaging through the bottom of her dresser drawers she came across a
pair of old running short she used to wear when her ex and her went jogging.
She used to be slimmer back then, and if she tried to put them on, she knew
they would be way to tight. Then again, from what her net lover had told
her, men find tight clothing on women sexy...."Why not." she said as she
stepped into the eclectic blue satin shorts.

John worked down stairs fixing dinner for the two of them. He'd decided on
spaghetti since it was relatively easy to make and the heavy taste of the
sauce would mask the special *seasoning* he would be adding to his mothers

"Oh yeah.... Ummph..umph..." John pounded on his prick. His pants
around his ankles and his young cum bloated balls bouncing crazily bellow
his jerking cock as he imagined his mom eating his cum. " Gonna give you
something to eat tonight mom..Umph ahhh..." He stood with his raging dick
pointed at his mothers plate of spaghetti. "Oh yeah..YEAH OOOAHHH!" John
watched as the purple head of his cock pulsed and a jet of white cream shot
out and landed across his mothers food. He kept pumping his dick. Milking as
much of his cum out onto his mother's food as he could. As the last few
dribbles of his thick cum landed on her plate he tucked his spent dick back
into his shorts and pulled up his pants.

Janice looked at her self in the mirror. She had had a hell of a time
squeezing into the old shorts. The bottom of he ass cheeks showed plainly
below the tight material and hugged her ass like a second skin. As she
turned to see the front she noticed that with her sheer panties and the
tight pussy gripping short that the outline of her cunt was as plain as if
she were naked.

`Boy am I glad I don't have to go out like this." she said as she looked
for a top. She came across a blue shirt that more or less matched the color
of the shorts and took one more look at herself before going down stairs.
She resemble one of the women in her ever growing collection of porn. Cheap,
slutty and easy. "Well... that's the way he want me so... so I guess that's
the way I'll have to be. It's not so bad. I do kind of look sexy, kinda of
young and sensual." Janice left to go down stairs...ass cheeks showing and
tits bouncing all the way. Looking more like a slut on the make, than a
mother going to have dinner with her son.

John was just finishing stirring up the cummy mess on his mothers plate
when she came bouncing down. He had to stiffly a laugh when he saw her. She
looked ridiculous in her get-up. A 37 year old woman dressed in clothes no
self respecting highshcool slut would even wear. He put a straight face on
looked at him mom.

"You look very nice tonight mom."

"You...You think so?"

"Yeah, sure do. You look like a million bucks." John smiled at this as he
thought "Well, more like a five dollar whore, but you don't need to know

"You don't think it's to small on me?"

"Not at all. I think it makes you look years younger, and really pretty."

Janice beamed at her son's praise. She felt more at ease now. Her son
though she looked pretty. That was so cute she thought.

"You stay here mom and have a seat. I made us some spaghetti. You looked
really tired earlier so I thought I'd cook for once."

"That's very sweet of you John." Janice was so lucky to have a son like
John. Dressed the way she was and with the way she'd been acting lately she
was sure her son must be wondering what was wrong with her, but he'd just
been so supportive. "I'm a very lucky woman," she sighed as she sat and
waited for her dinner.

Being young John's supply of cum never seemed to be in short supply, and
after seeing the tramp that came down the stars posing to be his mother he
knew he was going to be adding to her meal.
"Hope you.. *ungh ungh* like cum mom because * Ohh Umm* your gonna be
eating lots of it from *ahhhh* now on * ughhhhhh <spurt spurt spurt>


Making Mother My SLUT 9
(Nightly Duties)

John watched as his mother swallowed mouth full after mouth full of the
cum coated spaghetti. He loved the fact that she was unknowingly gobbling
down his freshly pumped out cum. His mind started to drift as he imagined
her sucking down his creamy nut batter straight from his dick. The way
things were moving she'd be his in no time.

Janice looked up from her plate and noticed her son staring at her. He
seemed to have a far off look in his eyes as he watched her.

"John? John honey is everything ok?"

John snapped out of his fantasy and stumbled for something to say...
"Oh..err, yeah. Yeah sure thing mom. I was just wondering if you liked the
spaghetti." He put on his best innocent smile and looked at her sweetly.

"It's fine dear. As a matter of fact it's delicious. I never knew you
had such a talent for cooking." Janice spooned down another mouthful of her
sperm sprayed food as she spoke.

" Oh it was nothing really. Just a little something I *came* up with."

"I really don't know if I should be eating this though. I mean I am
supposed to be watching my weight you know."

"Ah come on mom. One meal isn't going to ruin your diet. Besides, I think
you look great just the way you are. What made you decide to go on this
health kick all of a sudden anyway?"

Janice flustered slightly at the question. "Oh..umm..I don't know. I was
told that....I mean.. I was thinking... I was getting a little over weight.
That's all."

"Well I don't think you are. You may dress a little old fashion but your
not fat or anything. You look...

"You think I dress old fashion?" Janice cut him off before he could finish.

"Well..... Your clothes are a little old looking."

Janice bit her lower lip and thought about what her son was saying. She
was planning to get new clothes this weekend, but what if she just ended up
choosing all the wrong styles again.

"I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean to say that you were old... just the way
you dress makes you look older than you are is all." John took a sip from
his soda and looked over at his mom. She was sitting there with a pathetic
sort of "who me" look on her face as she tried to think things through. He
knew he was playing on her insecurities.

"I... I look old?

"Well not now you don't. The way you dressed tonight makes you look
much younger. You look like one of the girls in that TV show about the
Lifeguards. You know... the ones who are always running around in the
swimsuits." John took another bite of his dinner and acted as if he had just
stated something that should have been perfectly obvious to his the world was round or that the sky was blue.

"Really?!" Janice beamed at being compared to the beauties on the show.
She looked down at her self and saw the way her big floppy tits made the
tight material of the teeshirt swell out. "Well I guess I have been dressing
a little conservative lately."

"Well, not for a librarian thinking about becoming a nun you haven't..."
John paused then laughed out loud. His mom started laughing with him and
both enjoyed the joke over their meal. Janice felt really good about her
self as she sat across from her son laughing. She took another mouthful of
her plate of cum soaked spaghetti and smiled at her son.


Janice closed the door to her room and made sure the lock was on. The
dimly lite room was a mess and she made another mental note to herself to
clean the place up before it got any worse. Carefully she pulled the tape
she'd gotten from the Sex Shop out and looked it over. It had no label or
identifying marks on it at all. She slipped the tape into her VCR and
pressed play. She had moved a small set into her room and had fumbled with
the VCR connection for an hour before getting it hooked up right. Usually
John was the one who did things like that for her, but she couldn't have him
seeing the condition of her room. For that matter he might have asked what
kind of movie she wanted to watch that she had to be locked up in her room
to watch.

The screen was blank as she settled back onto her bed to wait for the
movie to start. With a loud grunt and gasp the screen came to life.

Janice jumped from her bed to turn down the volume as the first scene to
come on was that of a woman noisily slurping away at a huge cock. She looked
back at her door and hoped her son hadn't heard it. There had been no title
or introduction...just this vulgar opening scene. She left the volume low
and moved a chair closer to the set. She leaned in and tried to listen to
what was going on as the blonde girl continued to suck away.

"Ooh yeah baby, suck my cock! Suck on my big dick and I'll give you
something to coat your throat with!!"

" Umph ummm gulmph ummmm..." Was all the woman on screen said as she
greedily slurped on the man's gigantic tool.

Janice watched the action on the screen. She'd never seen a porn flick
before. Well, not except for the brief time in the booth at the Sex Shop
this afternoon. She was enthralled as the woman on the screen made love to
the man's dick like it was a dream come true for her.

"My god I can't believe people actually let themselves be taped doing
this!" she said as she watched the lewd scene. " His voice sounds familiar
though for some reason." She wondered about it for a moment, then got caught
up in the action on screen. She could feel that all to familiar tingle start
in the pit of her belly as she watched the tape. Her pussy was still tightly
wrapped up in the small pair of jogging shorts and she could feel it start
to heat up. She began to moved her ass around in small circles in the chair,
enjoying the way the tight clothes pinched and rubbed against her mound.

The movie was of rather poor quality and she thought it must be some
sort of home made video. As she watched she tried to slip a finger under the
crotch band of her short, but they were far to tight for her to work even
one finger up into her dribbling snatch. Instead she began to rub her
fingers across the outline of her pussy through the quickly dampening
shorts. As the camera pulled back and showed the face of the man getting the
blowjob, she realized for the first time that it was the man from the Sex
Shop on the tape! Her fingers stopped rubbing against her crotch, much to
the anguish of her pussy, as she just stared at the smiling face of the
clerk who was getting his dick drooled over by the nameless blonde slut.

"Dam him!" She thought. "Dam him and his tape! He knows I've got to go
back and face him when I return this thing" Janice turned the set off and
tried to push the image of the man leaning back in his chair getting a
blowjob from the blonde bimbo out of her mind. Her pussy still unsatisfied
began to burn and itch in frustration. All it cared about was getting
something nice and thick inside it. She was horny now and needed to get off
bad. She just couldn't bring herself to watch the rest of the tape though.
It was bad enough every time she closed her eye's she saw his face smiling
at her, she didn't need to make it any worse.

"I'll just have to find some other way of improving my vocabulary for my
lover. Maybe.... Maybe John.... No.. No, that's going to far asking him to
help me learn words like that." Janice ejected the tape and shoved it back
into the bag. She sighed and looked at the clock. It was already eleven PM
and she was dog dead tired. She looked back at her bed and just wanted to
crawl in and sl**p, but she knew she still had pictures to take. Bleary eyed
she searched for her favorite pink dildo among her collection of toys and
magazines. She picked one of them up and looked at the cover. "Pink Pussies
on Parade" it said. She chuckled to herself. Only a few weeks earlier she
had yelled at John for having a few Playboy magazines in his room. Suddenly
she felt like a hypocrite. After all her son was doing for her she treated
him so badly. She made up her mind to return his magazines to him in the

Janice rummaged around for her vibrating pink lover a while longer. As her
pussy started to heat up again at the thought of finishing off what it had
started earlier, she began to feel the energy coming back to her again.
Janice smiled as she found it, then stood to wiggle out of her tight
clothes. She laid back on her bed, sl**p no longer on her mind as she spread
her legs and pushed the head of the plastic cock between her meaty pussy
lips and sighed.


It was well past one in the morning when Janice crept into her son's
room. Her hair was tangled and mated to her forehead with sweat. She looked
like she had just run a marathon and reeked of over heated pussy from her
juice smeared lips, to her slick pussy creamed thighs. She peered at her
son through the darkness and was relieved to find him asl**p. She walked
over to his computer and sat down. Upon touching the keyboard the screen
lite up and showed that it was ready to go. She noticed he had even hooked
the scanner from her computer up to his already.

"He's such a blessing," she whispered to herself. "He's always looking
out for me, and trying to help." She put the first picture into the scanner
and watched as the image transferred to the screen. She had noticed that
several of the women in her magazines had been sucking on the ends of the
dildo's they were using, and had imitated them in her photos. She was quite
surprised to find that the taste of her own juices was rather pleasant. In
fact she had began to repeatedly pull the dildo from her cunt with a wet
*slurp* only to lick it clean and shove it back in with an equally loud

After scanning in the last of the three photos she began to write her
love about all the things that had happened to her today. She was unsure
weather or not to mention the man in the booth cumming on her, but figured
it would be best to be totally honest with him. He already thought she was a
liar, best to not anger him any more. She poured her soul out in her message
to him, attached the 3 pictures and connected to her account to send off the
mail. Just before she was going to close the connection her in box beeped
out that she had mail waiting for her. Excitedly she opened and read the

*/ Janice, although you do seem to be sticking to the exercise
program, you have yet to submit a punishment for your past lies. < Janice
was suddenly glad her son had insisted on her working out tonight, and that
she had proof to show her lover>. So since you can't seem to do anything on
your own, I'm going to give you the first half of your punishment my self.
From now on you will be forbidden to wear panties of any kind. Maybe having
to deal with being bare beavered will help you remember that you can't hide
anything from me! The second half of your punishment is that you may no
longer choose your own clothing. Since you obviously have no idea as to how
to dress, maybe someone else can do a better job for you. You will do these
things Janice. And I expect proof of each!
I know this may seem a bit extreme Janice, but I am doing this for your own
good. Soon we will meet and I want you to look as beautiful to the world as
you do to me.\*

Janice didn't think he was being to extreme. Once she might have, but not
now. If anything she thought her man was very patient with her. She had been
given every opportunity to find a punishment for her self and had forgotten
to. Her tired, sex addled brain only seemed to register one thing as she
sat and reread the message...

"I want you to look as beautiful to the world as you do to me...."

She read, reread. and re-reread the words again and again. "He thinks I'm
beautiful.." she said as she sat there with tears in her eyes. In the
darkness John watched his mother. Her face was illuminated by the glow from
the screen and as he heard her words he congratulated himself for adding
that last part to his message. She was eating it up, and looked like she was
on cloud nine. He knew when he sprung his trap she would fall, and fall
hard... right into his arms.


As Janice crawled into bed and drifted off to sl**p she worried as to
who she could get to pick out her clothes every day from now on. She knew
the answer of course. Her son was the only one she could ever trust with
anything her mystery man asked of her. She knew he wouldn't make her go out
dressed badly, he cared for her. Maybe even more than her online
lover...maybe even more...... Janice drifted off to sl**p a happy, but very
confused woman.

Making Mother My Slut 10
(Shopping Spree)
Janice slowly became aware of the shriek of her alarm as it pulled her
out of a much needed sl**p. She opened a bl**dshot bleary eye and looked at
the small clock radio with confusion.
"Wha.... Time to get up already?" She laid there for a moment
listening to the loud and annoying buzz before slowly struggled out of bed.
Janice stumbled around a bit trying to get her bearings. "Can't be late..
Got to be on time today..." She opened her closet door and stood in front of
it. As she looked into her closet and tried to decided what to wear to
work, her brain slowly started to come out of it's sl**p induced haze.
"Wait..what am I doing.. It's Saturday. She walked over to her alarm
and picked it up. "4 AM! What the hell..." She jerked the cord out from the
wall and threw the clock into the corner. Every muscle in her body screamed
for her to go back to bed, to get some more rest..
Janice plopped back onto her bed and tried to go back to sl**p, but even
as she laid there she new it wouldn't do her any good. As tired as she was,
she new once she woke up, that was it. She would stay awake. She looked
around and felt like crying she was so exhausted. Janice reached over and
grabbed one of the porn magazines from her night stand. She had a lot of
time to kill before her son would be awake, and she could check her morning
messages. As she opened the glossy pages and stared at all the cheap and
sexy women inside, her pussy started to tingle and demand attention. Sex was
the only thing that seemed to comfort her these days. No matter what was
going on in her life...or how bad things got...shoving two or three fingers
deep into her snatch always seemed to make everything better. Janice spread
her legs as wide as she could and worked a fourth finger into her slobbering
pussy, bucking and thrusting her hips up onto the stabbing fingers of her
hand as she orgasemed. As she laid there panting and gasping, her fingers
slowly began to slide back in and out of her pussy. She had LOTS of time to
John woke-up and got dressed. It was nearly 8:30 before the youth
decided to get out of bed. As he came down the stairs and into the kitchen
he saw his mom sitting at the kitchen table sipping a cup of coffee.
"Morning mom."
Janice looked up at him and tried to smile at her son.. "Morning
"Gees mom you look terrible. Didn't you get any sl**p last night?"
"Not really, that dammed alarm clock is broken or something. Half the
time it doesn't wake me up, the other half it goes off for no reason."
"Well maybe you should go out today and get yourself a new one."
"Umm..... yes I was planning to. Uh John, speaking of going out today, I
have something I need to ask you."
"Sure mom, anything for you." John turned from his mother and grinned
wickedly as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. He knew what was
"I..I was wondering if you could...ummm well. I need to go shopping today
for new clothes and I was wondering if you would go with me and.."
"Ah mom you know I hate going clothes shopping."
"Please John. Please, it would really mean a lot to me. It wouldn't take
long, really."
"Well..<he pause> as long as it doesn't take all day."
"Thank you John, oh thank you. It won't take us long. You'll see." Janice
felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. " I'll go and get
cleaned up, then we can go." Janice was just about to leave when she
remembered what her lover had said about picking out her own clothes.
"Oh umm, John, one more thing. I know this is going to sound really
strange but...but can you pick something out for me to wear today?" Janice
blurted out the last few words and waited. She had no idea what her son
might think of her request.
"You want me to pick out your clothes for you? John said it like she must
be crazy to ask him such a thing.
"Well... yes" Janice squeaked out timidly. She didn't know what she'd do
if he said no. "Please God don't let him say no," she thought.
Well...., if that's what you want mom. I don't understand why, but I'll
do it for you." John acted like he was making a supreme sacrifice in picking
out his mom clothes.
Janice came forward and hugged her son tightly to her. "You're so good to
me John" she whispered as she crushed her body against his. "I know I've
been acting a little weird lately."
"No, it's cool mom. I happy to help you out." John pushed back into his
mom and made sure his crotch was against her's.
Feeling the hard lump against her Janice's hips thrust forward
u*********sly. She began to grind against him slightly. His embrace felt
strong and in it she felt warm and loved. More importantly her pussy felt
something hard pushing against it, and began to boil in anticipations of
being filled with a hot piece of man meat. The two stood there for a few
minutes as mother slowly ground her crotch into son's. Janice's eye flew
open as she realized what she was doing. She pulled away quickly, causing
her robe to open, reveling a good portion of tit to her son.
"John! I'm...I'm so sorry I..I.." She left quickly and ran up stairs.
"You're a HORRIBLE woman Janice!" Tears filled her eyes and rolled down her
cheeks. "I can't believe I just tried to dry fuck my own son!" Janice hated
herself for enjoying the feel of her son's body against her's, but she hated
herself even more for wishing she could have finished rubbing herself off
against him before she'd run off.
John stood in the kitchen, a smile across his face and a large bulge in his
pants. His mothers constant masturbation, lack of sl**p, and crumbling
confidence was beginning to take affect. His Slut was starting to shape up.
Janice emerged from the shower with just a towel wrapped around herself.
She hoped she wouldn't run into John yet. She was still feeling very guilty
about what she had try to do with her son. Dashing into her room she quickly
closed the door behind her. A sigh of relief escaped her lips at being once
again safe in her room. Looking over at her bed she saw that her son had
laid out some clothes for her. "He was in my room! Oh God!" Janice looked
around at the s**ttered magazines showing women in various stages of being
fucked. Her favorite bright pink dildo sat plainly visible on her night
stand next to a big jar of lubricant. " He saw...He saw everything." She
stammered. She cursed herself for not having thought of the fact that he
would have to go into her room to pick her clothes out.

He probably thinks I"m some kind of sex fiend," she whimpered. "What son
would have anything to do with such a depraved mother? Oh God I'm going to
lose him...just like his father...." She began to sob.

"Mom? Mom are you ok? John had been waiting for her to get out of the
shower. He'd been in her room lots of times, but she'd never known that. He
knew she would be embarrassed about him having seen her collection of sex
Janice looked up "Oh John I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me." She cried
John watched her for a moment. Enjoying the sight of her large breast as
they heaved up and down with every sob, he began to wonder what they might
look like with pieced nipples. Then decided he'd have to think more about
that.. Walking over to her he kissed her on the cheek and said "Mom that's
just silly. I don't hate you. Now get ready ok. It's getting late and I
really don't want to spend all day clothes shopping." He walked out and
closed the door behind him.
<sniff> Janice began to smile. Then a small laugh escaped her lips. "His
mother is turning herself into some cheap Slut for a man she's never even
meet before.....and all he cares about is not having to spend the day
shopping for clothes." Janice began to laugh uncontrollably as she slipped a
little farther into her sexual insanity. Everything else in her world was
falling apart or changing ecept her son. He seemd to be the only anchor in
her life. The only reliable thing.
Janice came down dressed in the clothes her son had laid out for her.
Everything except the panties that is. She knew better than to try and get
away with anything with her mystery man. As she walked she kept tugging on
the pair of jogging short. She didn't like the way they showed off her ass.
They looked painted on, they were so tight. The top at lest was more
conservative. It was a rather loose blouse that came down and did a rather
good job of hiding most of the shorts. Unfortunately her son did not put a
bra out for her. "He probably didn't think about it" she'd thought. "Most
men have no idea what carrying so much weigh around on their chest is like,
so why would he." Janice discover that the loose fitting blouse was not so
much of a blessing as she moved around. Every turn or step cause her
pendulous breasts to bang around under the material. The once pert and well
shaped tits of her youth, now sagged a bit and flopped around freely when
not encased in a bra. She just couldn't bring herself to ask her son for
permission to wear a she went without. "I'll just have to be
carful." she thought. "I'll just have to be very careful.
"Here you go John." Janice held the small stack of Playboy magazines out
to her son. "I was wrong to take these from you."
John looked at the magazines and took them. "Oh, hey thanks mom. What made
you change your mind? I thought you said that only sick people look at stuff
like this." John stared knowingly at his mom.
"I was wrong.... I admit it. So just take the magazines back..ok" Janice
felt really stupid standing in front of her son and trying to make him take
back his dirty magazines. If nothing else it would make the fact that she
owned her own collection not seem so bad.
The trip to the mall was a quiet one. John had on his walkman and Janice
was busy trying to convince her self that she didn't look completely
ridiculous dress the way she was....She was losing that argument.
Finally she just had to ask him. "Uh..John? Why did you pick these
clothes for me to wear?
John turned to his mom and then removed the walkman. "What?"
"I said, why did you pick these clothes? They're a bit small for me you
know. I feel kind of funny knowing I'm going to be walking around dressed
like this."
"Ah come on mom. You're the one who said you wanted me to pick out your
clothes. If you don't want me to then.."
No-no, no..I'm not complaining, really. I was just curious." She smiled at
him soothingly.
"Well that's the kind of stuff the girls at my school wear mom. I think
you look really pretty in them"
Janice blushed. Well thank you John but don't you think people will stare
at me?
"So what mom. People will only stare because you look really good.'
"You think so? Well I guess if ..." She looked at him. He would never lie
to her..she thought. "Ok then John. Thanks I feel better about it now."
Janice Monroe walked into the Central City Mall with her son, looking like
a complete whore. Her ass jiggled as the cheek tried to squirm out the back
of the tight shorts. Her tits bounced and swayed wildly under the loose
blouse. She heard the gasps and saw the people pointing at her. She looked
to her son for reassurance.
"See mom, I told you. They all think you look really hot. Every woman in
here is probably dying of jealousy."
Janice gazed at her son, her confused looked turned into a wide smile.
"You think so John? You really think all the other women are jealous."
"Oh yeah." John had to turn his head at that moment to keep from laughing
at her. "God she was stupid, he thought. Every person in the place with half
a brain could see she looked like a complete Slut...well everyone except

Janice held her head up high and strode through the mall proudly. Her
muddled mind didn't see the pointing fingers and snickering smiles as
insults, but as complements.
John steered his mom toward one of the larger department stores. A sales
girl quickly approached them.
"Can I help yo..." the young woman stopped and just gaped at Janice. Then
she looked towards John. At first glance it looked like the adolescent boy
had bought himself a hooker, but as the young girl stood there she realized
it was the strange woman's son that was with her.
"Yes said Janice, I need to buy some new clothes."
"Obviously," said the salesgirl.
" I beg your pardon," said Janice.
The young salesgirl was never one to let a good commission get away from
her and quickly added..." I meant that of course you're here to shop. You
look like a woman with shopping on her mind."
"Oh..well yes that's true." Janice smiled at her. "I think I'll just
browse around for a while first though." Janice wandered off to look at a
skirt that caught her eye and left John standing alone with the salesgirl.
"My your..your..," the woman struggled for the correct word,"mother is it?
She sure looks...well...different."
"She sure does," smiled John. "The doctor said that she might dress a
little weird at first but that she will get better in time."
"Doctor?" ask the salesgirl.
"Oh yeah, my mom was in a car accident a few weeks ago and hit her head
pretty bad. She's ok though. The doctor said I was just suppose to agree
with her if she said something strange. That it's just temporary.. Something
about being tram..traom..trim.."
Traumatic? Finished the salesgirl.
"Yea, that's the word he used. She wanted to go shopping today so I
thought I'd better come with her."
"Oh that's so sweet of you. Tell you what, I'll make sure and go along
with whatever she says."
"Thanks, but I should warn you that she thinks she's still in highschool
and a cheerleader. That's why she's dressed that way."
"Oh ok no problem. We have a lot of *special* customer who shop here."
"Special," John thought. He had to laugh at that. The sales girl thought
his mom was brain damaged. She's not brained damaged, he thought, she's
just cheap, and by the time I'm through with her the whole world will know
"John..John honey come here a moment please." Janice called over to her
son and he left to go see what she wanted. As he went the salesgirl thought
he must be a really great k** to put up with a mother like Janice.
`What do you think John? Janice held the skirt up for his approval.
"Nah, that's old stuff mom. John looked around and grabbed a skirt off a
rack. "Here, try this on."
"But..but John that skirt is for someone much smaller than I am. Besides
it much to short."
"You see mom that's your problem. You think like an old lady, so people
look at you as if you were. If you dress young, people will think you're
"I.. I don't know about that John, I mean I'll have to wear this stuff to
work you know."
John just looked at his mom till she began to squirm under his gaze.
"Look if you don't believe me then go ask that sales girl. She thought you
were my s****r you looked so good."
"John that's just silly. I'm 37 years old." Janice wanted to believe her
son. If for no other reason than to feel young again.
"Well go ask her. I'll start picking out a few more things for you."
Janice pause a moment then headed toward the salesgirl. "Excuse me, I know
this is going to sound silly but how old do I look to you/"
The young girl remembered what John had said about her accident. "Oh..Oh I
don't know..ummm....I'd say you look like your probably in high school. But
I don't remember ever seeing you in any of my classes."
"Highschool? Janice repeated with amazement. "Really, well I ... I mean
your right of course." Janice's head swelled with giddiness. She pushed her
large tits out and relished her new found youth.
As she walked away the salesgirl shook her head and just said, "I hope
she gets better soon, for that k**s sake. Man, what a nut."
When she got back, John already had an armful of clothes for her to go
try on.
"Here you go mom." Go put this stuff on and I'll go look for more."
Janice just took the clothes and headed off toward the changing room. She
was half sex crazed, exhausted, and now with the exhilaration of being
thought of as so young, her mind was starting to accept anything John said
as Gospel truth.
In the fitting room Janice tried on tube tops and mini skirts. Sheer
blouses and half tops. She would come out and stand there squeezed into
clothes two sizes too small and both John and the salesgirl would both tell
her how wonderful it all made her look. The last outfit Janice tried on was
a denim skirt that only came 4 inches below her shaved pussy and a half top
that clearly showed the bottom half of each of her massive saggy tits. If
the top was just two inched shorter, both nipples would be plainly visible.
This along with a pair of black thigh high stocking and some high heels John
had brought over to her made the outfit complete. She peeked out of the
changing room.
John...John you there? Janice called to her son but she couldn't see him
anywhere. She took a deep breath and walked from the changing room. "John."
she called out drawing the attention of most of the other customers.
"Over here mom."
Janice looked over at the far end of the store and saw him standing by the
jewelry counter. She timidly walked out from the safety of the changing room
and toward her son. With each step her confidence faltered. "Umm John I
though you were going to stand by the changing room."
"Wow mom you look hot!"
"Boy I'll say, hey look mom I found some great jewelry for you." John
handed her a collection of large gaudy plastic jewelry. "Here try them on."
He began slipping some large plastic rings around her wrist, then handed her
some large gold hoop earings.
" I..I don't know John. I've never been one for wearing much jewelry."
She could hear the clink of the plastic rings around her wrist every time
she moved her arm.
" Just try them on mom. Please.. For me."
"Well ok...for you. Janice put the earnings on and looked at herself in the
display mirror. What she saw was a complete stranger. Cheap would be to kind
a word. She look like some poor white tash prostitute.
"Boy those sure make you look sexy mom."
Janice just smiled then looked back into the mirror. She could feel
herself slipping away. Being replaced by someone and something else. From
deep within herself a voice cried out for her to stop before it was to late.
As she walked from the store with bags and bags of new clothes and saw all
the men gawking and whistling at her, that voice grew more and more

Making Mother My Slut 11
(Turning Point)

The two of them went from store to store. Each time John would tell the
sales clerks the same thing, and each time Janice would be told what ever
she wanted to hear.

"John? What do you think of this one?" Janice held up a bright
blue nylon tube top for her son's inspection.

"Oh yeah, that a definite yes. That will go great with the black biking
shorts you bought at Macy's." John just stood back and watched as his mom
went around buying skimpy tight fitting clothes for her self. He no longer
had to try and convince her to get anything. Thanks to his little talks with
the clerks, they ended up telling Janice she looked great in anything she
tried on. Janice was convinced that squeezing her aging body into the tight
fitting clothes made her look young and beautiful. Actually they made her
look cheap and pathetic. She looked exactly like what she was. A middle aged
woman so desperate for one last fling, that she was willing to throw her
dignity out the window to get it.

Janice placed the top in the growing pile of other clothes she and
John had selected. She felt better than she had in years. She felt young and
attractive once more. It was like waking up and having all her dreams come
true. She had a man who desired her, a wonderful caring son who loved her,
and a second chance at being young. Nothing could bring her down from the
high she was feeling...or so she thought.

John looked at his watch. He had been planing this day very carefully.
Things were working out better than he could have hoped. If things went
smoothly, he should have his mom begging him for attention...any attention.

"Mom it's getting late. You promised we wouldn't spend all day shopping,

"Oh," Janice looked at her watch. "Oh I'm sorry John, you're right. I
guess I just got carried away. I'll just buy these things and then we can

John watched her wiggle over to the sales counter. "Mom sure has a nice
ass," he thought. "Can't wait to slip my dick up in it. I bet it's butter
soft up inside that crack of hers. She's a moaner too, I just know it. She
looks like she's really loud when she gets going." John daydreamed about all
the things he was going to get a chance to do with his mom as he watched her
pay for her clothes.

"Well I'm all ready." Janice stood before her son with her arms full of
bags. I have to drop something off downtown, but I'll stop by the house
first and let you off. Is that ok?"

"Yeah, sure mom."

Janice smiled down at her son. He had been patiently waiting while she
had spent most of the morning shopping for her new wardrobe. "I've got to do
something special for my little man," she thought. "John deserves something
nice for all the help he's given me over the last few weeks."

As Janice and her son walked away from yet another mall, she could feel
all the eyes of the men on her. It had been a long time since anyone had
paid much attention to her, and she was loving every second of it..

*** **
Janice hummed happily to herself as she and John drove home. She couldn't
wait to try on all her new outfits and pose for tons of pictures for her
mystery man. She just knew he would love all the new sexy clothes she had.
Her revery was broken as she heard John talking to her....

"You must be the prettiest mom in the world." he said as he turned in
his seat to look at her.

Janice blushed, "Why thank you John. What a nice thing to say."

"No really mom, I mean it. I bet there isn't another mom around that has
a nicer set of tits than you do."

The smile fell from Janice's face almost immediately. "Wh...What did you
just say!"

"I said you've got a nice set of tits. They sure are big to mom. Nice and
REALLY BIG. You've very pretty" John just smiled at her innocently as if
sons often talked about their mother like he was.

"I BEG YOUR PARDON YOUNG MAN!" Janice slipped easily back into the role
of mother at hearing her son's words. "How dare you speak to me that way!"
Janice had no idea what had gotten into her son. He'd never spoken to her
like that before. She wasn't sure how to react.

"I meant it as a compliment mom....really I did. No need to get all mad
and stuff." John tried to act hurt at being reprimanded. He knew she would
balk at hearing him talk about her like that. He had hoped for it as a
matter of fact.

"Compliment? COMPLIMENT! Telling your mother that she's got nice big tits
is not a compliment young man! I ought to wash your mouth out with soap for
speaking like that." Janice forgot all about needing her son's help. All she
could think about was that her precious little boy had just made a lewd
comment about her breasts.

"Well then FINE!" I'm sorry I ever said anything!" John turned from his
mom in the car. He had to or she would have seen the big shit eating grin on
his face. It was going down like clock work. She was acting just like he
knew she would.

Janice was in a bit of shock."What the hell has gotten into that k**?"
she thought. "John has always been so helpful. I can't
believe he would just...just..." Janice froze as that thought ran through
her mind. She had yelled at him without considering the consequences. She
NEEDED him. Needed his help "Dam! I'm in it now." Janice bit her lower lip
and glanced over at her son. He was still sitting with his back to her.

" Why did he have to say that anyway?" She thought. "Of all the
things a son can say to his mom...why that?

"You know why, a small voice inside her mind said back to her. Look at
your self...Look at how your dressed for God sakes!"

Janice looked down at herself as she drove. The swell of her large breasts
was for the most part hidden below her loose blouse, but every bump in the
road reminded her of the fact that she hadn't worn a bra that day.

"Well he's the one that didn't put a bra out for me this morning."
Janice argued with herself.

"God, are you listening to what your saying! You're saying it's your
son's fault that he made a comment about your tits, because HE didn't put
out a bra for you!?! My God woman your 37, you're his mother and you've been
walking around shaking those udders of yours at him every chance you get.
What did you expect from him. You want to blame an adolescent boy for
noticing a set of tits you've been shaking in his face and rubbing against
him every chance you got. DO you know how pathetic that sounds?!"

Janice took another quick glance over at her son as these thoughts raced
through her mind. "It really isn't his fault.... I'm the one who asked him
to help me with my exercise, then end up wearing practically nothing to
bounce around in front of him in. I'm the one who asked him to choose what I
worn today. I'm the one who was grinding my body against the poor boy ...."
Janice stopped as guilt washed over her. She had paraded around in front of
her adolescent son for the past few weeks. Rubbed her self up against him so
lewdly in the kitchen this morning. Then gave him his stack of playboys back
and told him looking at such things was ok. Is it any wonder the boy said
what he did.

"He was just trying to say how nice I looked in my new clothes and I
barked at him... I...I had no right to ..." She stopped and looked over at

"John....John honey I'm sorry. It's just that son's shouldn't say such
things to their mothers. Do you understand honey"

John understood all to well. He knew his mom. She had an over developed
sense of guilt. That combined with her lack of sl**p made her as easy to
read as an open book. He didn't look over at her. He just let her speak.

"John? Come on John...please don't be that way. I said I was sorry."
Janice felt terrible at that moment. Just a few minutes ago she had felt
like she was on top of the she felt like a first class heel.
"I know... How about we go out to a movie? How about that?"


The rest of the trip was silence...

Janice watched as her son got out of the car and headed straight for the
house without offering to help her with her packages. She couldn't blame him
for hating her at that moment. She hadn't been much of a mother to him
lately...then all of a sudden she had to get on her high horse about some
silly comment he had made about her tits. "Serves me right", she thought.
Serves me right..."

John raced up stairs to get things ready. He didn't think his mom would
try and use his computer as bad as she was feeling at the moment...but just
in case, he had to be ready. Quickly he sat down and began to type out a
message for his future Slut.

Janice placed the packages down on her bed. Suddenly she wasn't so
thrilled about trying on any of the new clothes. She felt horrible. She
sighed and picked up the bag with the video tape in it and closed the door
of her bedroom behind her. She paused at the top of the stairs. She debated
for a moment then headed towards her son's room.

<Knock knock> John? John I just wanted to say I was sorry again...and ..and
well..." Janice swallowed hard and f***ed the words out of her mouth. "Thank
you for saying mommy has nice tits. I appreciate you saying so John....
Really." She waited for a reply. Sadly she didn't hear one. Turning to leave
she was almost about to cry when she heard..

"Your welcome.."

A smile cracked Janice's face. Once again her son had been able to accept
her...forgive her. He never seemed to hold anything against her for long.
Even her e-mail man had not been able to do that. As she left the house and
got into the car her spirits were starting to rise again. She giggled
slightly and said.. "My son thinks I have nice tits..." She paused, "nice
BIG tits.... how cute."


All the parking spaces close to the shop were taken. Being the weekend,
the small shop had it's usually full load of customers. She parked a few
blocks down and decided it would be easier just to walk.

"Hey baby... How much?"

Janice looked over at the small silver car as it pulled up and the window
rolled down to reveal a greasy looking man behind the wheel.


"How much hot stuff?"

""How much for what?" Janice looked at the strange little man with

"Geez! How much for a blow job babe? God you ain't to swift are ya?
That's ok though. The less brain in that head of yours...the more room for
my dick in that sweet mouth...hehehe"

"WHAT! I'm NOT a hooker you sleazy sick little man!" Janice was
practically yelling at him.

He looked around nervously, afraid that Janice's shouting would attract a

"How DARE you even suggest such a thing. I'll have you know I'm a well
respected member of this community!"

"Dressed like that you could have fooled me" was all he said as he sped
off before she could say anything else.

"What was THAT suppose to mean?!"she yelled after him. Janice felt
outraged as she stood there on the street. "How dare he suggest that I'm a
...a hooker. Where does he get off saying such a thing." Janice caught the
reflection of herself in a store window just then. She saw the way her
blouse came down just below the top of her form fitting shorts. With out her
bra, her nipples poked out against the thin material and were very obvious.
The shorts themselves cupped her ass and pussy tightly, but because they
were so short a generous amount of her ass cheeks spilled out beneath them.

"Oh my GOD, I do look like a hooker." Janice was suddenly very self
conscious about the way she was dressed. Why hadn't anyone told her the
clothes made her look cheap? "John wouldn't let me go out looking like a
hooker....would he? No, I can't believe that. I'm just jumping to
conclusions here. John said I looked attractive in my clothes...not cheap.
Besides, not one of the sales clerks at the mall had said anything bad about
the way I was dressed. I'm just letting one freak with an over developed sex
drive get to me. He probably asks every woman he sees that question. .....
probably...." Janice continued walking to the shop. A little less sure of
herself, and her clothing.

The small building was surprisingly empty. Janice looked around but only
saw the same man as before at the counter, and an older woman standing there
talking to him. Both looked up as she walked in. She could see him whisper
something to her, then they both laughed.

"I've come back to return this tape and get my deposit back." She said as
she walked toward the two.

"Really," said the smug man. "Is that all you came back to pick up?"

Before Janice could shoot back a reply she saw the older woman hold up a
very familiar pair of panties. "You forgot these here hun," she said, then
looking Janice straight in the eyes, and brought the cum crusted panties up
to her nose and breathed deeply.

"You... they''s... not mine. You must be mistaken." Janice looked
worriedly at the two. She knew they were. She had used them to try and wipe
up her juices, and then left the soaking panties behind last time she was

"Oh really? Well I guess we were wrong." They both knew she was lying.
The woman lowered the panties and said "Ah what a pity, I was so looking
forward to meeting the sweet pussy that belongs to these." and she shook
them in front of Janice.

Janice couldn't believe this. "Has the whole world gone insane!" she
thought. She looked the woman over. The lady was definitely older than her.
She appeared to be in her late forties or early fifties. Her hair was well
styled and deep reddish brown. She was shorter than Janice, and dressed far
more conservatively than her. Janice would have easily thought her to be a
librarian or teacher from her looks. That is, if it were not for the fact
that she kept playing with the old pair of panties Janice had left behind.
She made Janice very nervous....more so than even the man did. Confidence
oozed from her. She knew who and what she was, and had embraced it fully.

"Please just...just give me back my deposit ok. I'm in a hurry." Janice
smiled nervously at the two.

"Sure thing. Do you have the tape?" he asked as he held out his hand.

"Yes it's right here." Janice gave the man the tape and tried to ignore
the woman. She didn't know how such a disgusting woman could stand to live
with herself. She was so brazen and obscene, but what really made Janice
scared of her was the fact that the woman excited her in they way she so
boldly went after what she wanted.

"Did you enjoy the tape"

"No...I mean I didn't get a chance to even watch it. I was to busy."


Janice could tell the man was disappointed, but she didn't care. She
wasn't about to give him the satisfaction of knowing she'd seen it.

"I'll have to write up a receipt for you before I can give you back your
deposit. It'll only take a moment. Why not go see a movie or two in the back
while you wait?"

" No thank you. I think I'll just wait right here." she said curtly

"Good for you hun. That'll gives us girls a chance to get acquainted." The
older woman leered a Janice hungrily.

"Ummm... on..on second thought. I think I will go take a quick peek in the
back." Janice had to get away from this strange woman, and hoped she
wouldn't follow her into the back. She handed the man a few singles and took
the cold tokens in her hands and walk away from the two.

The back was just as dark as before, only now the sounds of several
different movies being played echoed in the hot musky back room. No one may
have been in front, but the back of the shop was almost packed will men. As
she walked by trying to find an empty booth, she could tell most of them
were jacking off. Some didn't even try and hide the fact, and turned towards
her as she walked by, stroking their dicks and smiling at her.

Janice looked away and headed straight to the far end to an empty booth.
The fact that a woman was in the back had not gone unnoticed, especially a
woman dressed as sexily as Janice was. She drop a few tokens into the slot
and her booth sprang to life with loud moans and flashing images. Every so
often she would look sideways and see that almost all the men had turned in
her direction and were now openly beating their dick off at her. Janice felt
a fluttering feeling deep in her belly.

"All these men find me sexy!" she thought. In truth they found her cheap
and easy looking. Janice had gotten more attention in the last few weeks
than in the past 5 years, and didn't know how to handle it. Her pussy did
though, and immediately started to juice up. She looked towards them again
and noticed several had come out of their booths and were not standing with
their dick out. One or two was waving their meat back and forth, as if
inviting Janice to come and play.

Her pussy was screaming at her now. This was more dick than she'd ever
seen in her life. Her fingers roamed to her pussy and rubbed the folds of
her lips through the thin material, as the other hand tweaked her nipples.
Her breath coming in short gasps as she worked herself up. She wasn't sure
why she was so hot. She should be offended at the way all the men were
displaying themselves, but she wasn't. Maybe it was the sounds of all the
different movies gasping and moaning out chants of "fuck me.. fuck me" and
"Cum cum cum". Maybe it was the hot musky smell of sex that hung in the
air...what ever it was Janice loved it.

"Looks like you have a few fans hon"

Janice jumped at hearing the woman's voice whisper into her ear. She
didn't even see the woman from the front approach her.

"Look at them all," she said louder so the men could here her too. "Look
at all those stiff pricks."

Janice tried to pull her hand away from her pussy. Playing with herself
in front of all these strange men was one thing, but she felt odd doing it
in front of another woman.

"Ah it's ok honey, I won't bite ya. Not right away any how." She smiled at
Janice and held her gaze with her piercing eyes.

Janice felt the woman's hands on top of her's as she guided it back down
between her legs.

"Now you keep playing with that hot sticky pussy of yours hon, while all
these men watch you."

Janice's pussy was doing the thinking for her now. She rubbed harder and
her crotch as the woman continued to whisper things to her.

"Doesn't that look delicious, all that hot throbbing cock dancing in front
of you... and those big cum heavy balls. Look at the big balls on them. Just
imagine all that tasty ball butter being churned up while they watch you
play with your pussy."

Janice was clawing at her shorts now. Trying to work a finger up into her
steamy cunt desperately. "Yes..."she gasped "Oh yesss!"

The woman motioned for the men to come closer while Janice fought with her
shorts. Twelve men in all approached, not one stopping his pumping action as
he did so.

Janice was almost insane with the need for something in her pussy. She
finally was able to squeeze a finger past the tight crotch band and sighed
as it slide deep into her wet snatch. She looked back over at the men. She
didn't know when they had all gotten so close.... or how her blouse had
become unbuttoned.

"That's right, finger your nasty pussy while all these men watch you."

Janice looked around for the woman. She could hear her voice still, but
she was no longer standing by her side. The woman was now standing off to
the side, to give room for all the guys to crowd around Janice. All Janice
did was just stand there with her finger jumping around inside her pussy.
Her hips bucked against some imaginary lover as she humped against her hand,
tits exposed and bouncing around. Janice felt hands slowly pushing her down
to the sticky floor of the booth....

" Looks like your about to be baptized hon." The woman started to laugh
as the first hot spurt of cum splashed against Janice's tits.

Janice was going wild now. The feel of the hot gooey cum spraying across
her chest caused her pussy to spasm and she climaxed as a dozen men began to
shoot off all over her tits.

"Yes...YES... YES!!!! Cum on me..CUM ON ME!" Janice chanted as her orgasm
ripped through her tattered mind. She slumped up against the back of the
booth as the men continued to hose her down with globs of jizz.

Janice slowly came back to reality as her powerful orgasm past. She was
alone now except for the other woman. She didn't now when the men had
left...or how long she had been out. She felt sticky...and all wet.

"What...what happened?

""You've just been baptized as a Slut hon. You're now a first class
whore.....isn't that wonderful?"

"What are you talking about?" Janice didn't remember much of what
happened. As she pulled herself up from the stick floor of the porno booth
she felt something wet and hot running down her chest. She looked down.

"OH MY GOD! No...No this didn't happen. This didn't HAPPEN!" she said
shakily. Her tits looked like they had been glazed over as the cum from
twelve different men ran down her front and began to soak the top of her

"Oh it happened alright, and you know you loved it!"

"No..I..I'm not like you.."

"Oh really," the woman said arching an eye brow. "And just *how am I*?"

"Your a horrible disgusting woman," Janice gasped as she pulled her
blouse closed to cover her goo covered breasts. The fabric immediately began
to become see through as the cum soaked into it.

"Horrible? Disgusting? I'm not the one who just let twelve complete
stranger empty out their full bloated balls all over me" She said and began
to laugh wickedly at Janice.

Janice's head spun wildly at the thoughts of what she had done. She
could loose every thing if people found out about this...her job....her
lover...and worst of all, they would take John away from her. The only thing
in her life that really mattered to her.

Janice ran from the back she came out of the back room and
squinted against the sudden change of dark to sudden light she heard
clapping. As her eye's adjusted, she saw the twelve men from the back of the
room standing around her and clapping at their cum queen. She looked around
confused and saw the man behind the counter smile at her and hand her her
the $60 deposit back.

As she stood there with the men all clapping and whistling at her,
dressed in a now cum soaked and see through blouse she felt sick...and just
took the money and quickly ran from the shop.

The older woman slowly walked from the back room and smiled at her son
standing behind the counter as she came out. "Did you get it?"

"Oh yeah, I got it." he said as he patted the video camera.
Janice had no way of knowing she had just been the star of her first porn
flick...a movie where at the end it looked just like she had been paid $60
to let a group of men cum on her....she had been set up, and never even knew

Janice cursed herself for her stupidity and lack of will power. "How
could I have been so stupid! My God I must be going insane. Well No
more...NO MORE! She yelled as she drove home. The smell of cum was strong
and filled her senses....her once slimey chest had now began to dry and feel
crusty with all the cum. Her blouse stuck to her tits as it dried. Janice
began to cry openly.

By the time she had reached home she had already decided to break things
off with her mystery man. She didn't need him... Well she did, but not if it
might cost her John. She was going to throw all her sex magazines away, and
take back all her new clothes. But before any of that, she was going to burn
the filthy cum crusted things she had on now.

Janice walked into her house a mess and reeking of cum. John stood there
waiting for her. He was a little taken back at the sight before him. His
nose burned with the smell of what he knew was fresh cum as he looked at his
mother. He had no idea what had happened to her, but seeing her that way
just made him want her all the more as his Slut.

"John! Oh John I wasn't expecting you to be waiting for me..I ..I uummm I
can explain this. I know it looks bad but..."

"Explain!" He yelled at her "Explain, this!" John threw down a stack of
color computer print outs. "How could you mom! You give me the third degree
about a few playboy magazines, then go off and buy your self enough hard
core shit to start you own business!"

Janice shrank back as her son yelled at her.

THE WORD TITS!!!! John threw down a second stack of paper that Janice new
must be her e-mail correspondences. "Tits is nothing compared to what you've

Janice dropped to her knees and began to dig through the pile of color
printouts of her fucking herself with dildos and cucumbers...of her hands
tweaking her nipples and playing with her pussy.

Where....where did you get these John?" she asked as tears fell hotly
from eyes and rolled down her cheeks. She looked up at him as he drop a
large envelope before her. With shaking hands she picked it up. It was
addressed to John but had no return address. It did however have the name
of who sent it..."Frank" was written on the front of it. Her ex- husband....

Janice began to piece things together, or thought she was. Her mystery
man had been her ex-husband all the time....She had been used by him. Used
to turn John against herself.

"I though you loved me mom! I though you were something special!" John
walked from the room. He knew that he was crushing the last spark of life
from his mother, but his dick had long since convinced him it was worth it.
Everything had come together so perfectly...he had no idea what had happened
to her this afternoon, but it had helped him to crush her, and that would
allow him to reshape his mother into what her wanted her to be....his total
sex toy.

Janice curled up into a ball amide the s**ttered papers and sobbed like a
baby. She had lost everything...her dignity...her self respect...her son.
Janice Monroe died that day as she laid among the obscene letter she had
written and photos she had taken..all that was left was a shell of the woman
who was once a happy single mother...

ARRGH!! Yes I know this is late! I wanted to get it out sooner, but
between studying and maintaining the website I haven't even had time to pull
the old pud...well ok maybe just a little. Any way here you go. Oh and if
you have visited my website, the pictures will be changing in a day or
so...and if you haven't..hurry up folks because the ones that are there are
coming down so new ones can go up.

Making Mother My Slut 12
(Sunday Slave Training)

It was around two in the morning when John crept from his room and went
down stairs to see why it was so cold in the house.
"Dam, it's cold down here! He looked over at the heater setting an
noticed it had been left off. "No fucking wonder I'm freezing my balls off.
Who the hell turned off the fucking heat!"
On his way back up stairs he noticed his mother was still laying on the
floor in the doorway, curled into a small ball and shivering slightly. He'd
thought she'd long since gotten up and gone to her room, but she hadn't
moved an inch since he'd left her there crying.
"Shit, if she stays down here she'll freeze. She must have turned the heat
off..... I don't know what the hell she's up to, but I can't let her stay
down here like this." John thought a moment then ran up the stairs to the
master bath.
Janice Monroe felt her life was over. As she laid in the small pile of
pornographic photos of herself and shivered, she whimpered and mewed as
nightmares assaulted her.
"You're a failure Janice! You're a failure as a wife... as a mother...
and as a WOMAN!"

" it's not true... I.. I... tried to be good! I tried... I really
tried..." Janice stood alone in her nightmare as voices called out from the
darkness and told her how worthless she was. She had had similar nightmares
right after her husband Frank had left her, but none this bad.
" You tried!?!," A voice called out mockingly. "How pathetic... You're
not good for anything Janice...NOT A SINGLE DAM THING.... Well nothing
except maybe this!!!!"

In Janice's nightmare she felt something hot and wet splash against her
face as a single shot of cum came out of the darkness and struck her. Then
another... and another... then more and more. Janice threw up her hands to
try and stop the ever increasing shower of cum that seemed to rain down upon
" stop it...stop IT!" As she struggled to get away from
the flood of dick snot that was flying at her, she heard a voice off in the
distance. Soft a first.... then growing louder.
" wake up... MOM!"
Janice's bl**d shot, puffy eyes flew open to the face of her son kneeling
down over her.
"It's ok mom. It's ok. I'm just trying to clean you up a bit."
Janice looked at her son in confusion. She was cold and disoriented.
Janice felt something warm wash up against her cheek just then and turned to
see a wash cloth in her son's hands.
"I'm...I'm so sorry John...." Janice mewed out like a little girl.
"P...Ple ... Please forgi..."
John held a finger up to his mother's lips to silence her, then continued
to wipe some of the dried cum from her face.
Janice just laid there, looking up at her son as he continued to wipe the
last bit of crusty cum from her face. He had saved her, she thought. She
was being drowned in cum in her dream, and he had come out of the darkness
and saved her.
"Come on mom," John said as he helped his mother up from the floor.
Several of the pictures stuck to her, glued there by the now dried cum on
her blouse. "Jesus you stink," John thought as he wrinkled up his nose at
the smell of his cum caked mother. He had already filled the tub in the
master bath with warm water and intended to scrub his mother clean. "Nothing
worse than a messy pet," he grunted as he helped her up the stairs.
Janice just stood there with a blank look on her face as her son undressed
her, peeling off her clothing and every so often letting his hands roam her
body. He'd seen her naked in the pictures, but there was a big difference
between looking at a picture of his mom's tits, and feeling the warm weight
of them in the palms of his hands as he felt her up. Through it all she just
stood there.
John knew what he did now was very important. He had shattered his mother
and now had to put her back together again. Only this time he would put her
back togther the way HE wanted.
"Come on mom, just lay back and relax. I'll take care of everything from
now on." John helped ease his mother into the warm water of the bath.
Janice felt like she was dreaming again. Only this time it was no
nightmare, it was heaven. Only moments before she had been cold, alone,
unloved. Laying in a heap on the floor, wishing she were dead. Then her son
came to her rescue, and took all the pain she felt from her. Now she was
warm... loved.... happy.
"I'll take care of everything... I'll take care of everything.. I'll take
care of everything.." John chanted to his mother as he ran the soapy sponge
over her tits.
Janice looked up with complete love in her eyes at her son. He was
washing away all the cum from her whore baptismal she had gotten at the Sex
Shop. At the same time, she felt he was washing away all the guilt from that
day as well as the pain from all her failures she had suffered over the last
few weeks.
"I'll take care of everything.." John said once again.
"You'll take care of everything" Janice repeated in the voice of a small
"That's right, " John smiled at her as he continued to move the soapy
warm sponge over her body. He wanted to just climb in and fuck his mother
right there and then, but knew that if he was ever going to have her truly
accept him as her new master he had to be gentle at the moment.
"I know how to keep you safe and happy.... "
Janice felt her son's hands running over her body as she sat in the
bathtub. It didn't bother her. At the moment nothing bothered her. She could
tell that her son was washing her, not m*****ing her. He could very easily
have, and she new that after the disgusting things she'd done, she deserved
no better. He didn't take advantage of her though. That made Janice feel
all the more that her son was right about being the only one she could
trust, depend on.
"You know how to keep me happy and safe, " she said as tears of joy began
to run down her face. She believe what she was saying. She knew that from
now on she would be ok as long as her son was there to protect her.
"You need me... I know what's best, and without me you'd be all alone.
If you try and do things by your self you, will be all alone.."
Janice reached up to clutch at her sons arm. She held on to him for dear
life. "No... no don't leave me..don't ever leave me, please."
A wicked grin spread across his face at hearing those words. She was his,
now... and forever. He leaned down and kissed his mother on the lips. A
slow, sensual kiss. He then looked into her eyes and said..
" I won't leave... as long as you remember that I know what's best."
Janice shook her head yes and beamed up at her son... her savior...her
Janice awoke feeling well rested and good for the first time in a VERY
long time. She looked over at her clock. It was unplugged, but by the amount
of light coming into her room from the window, she knew it was well past
morning. She snuggled back down into her clean sheets and sighed happily.
"It had all been a dream," she said as she lay there. It was all just a
horrible dream..."
Janice suddenly realized she was naked under those sheets. " What the..?
I never sl**p in the nude... I never even go to bed with out at least...."
Janice's heart stop as she turned over and saw the blouse hanging on her
closet door. The once expensive silk bouse was now stained with blotched
of yellowish white streaks, and hung in a way that showed it was stiff from
something that had been spilled down it's front.
"No... was all she whispered as she sank under her covers... "no...."
John worked around the house picking up the clutter and mess of the last
few days. He'd be glad when his mom went back to maintaining the house.
"Maybe I'll get her one of those cute little french maid uniforms to
wiggle around in. I'd love to see her squeezed into one of those...." His
thoughts were interrupted by the sight of his mother standing at the foot of
the stairs.
"Good morning mom. I was beginning to think you'd sl**p the whole day
away." John walked towards her and gave her a hug, as well as a slight pat
on the bottom that made her stiffen.
"Ummm... John honey... "
Well...errr...all my clothes are gone from my room. There isn't a single
thing left for me to wear." Janice stood there wrapped in her now newly
shortened white robe.. or what was left of it. It had been cut VERY short
indeed, and now only came to just the top of her thighs. Janice tried to
keep the front pulled down to hide her smooth bald pussy from view.
"Well now mom that's not entirely true now is it. I mean you do have your
robe, and if I'm not mistaken there is the blouse and shorts you had on the
other day still in your room. Funny thing though, I didn't find any panties
on you last night. Since you don't seem to like to wear them, I threw them
all out. The rest of your clothes I have in my room."
Janice stiffened at the mention of the cum covered clothes left up in her
room. She knew only to well that they were up there. Her son had placed them
so they would be one of the first things she saw when she woke up.
"You must be starved," John said suddenly changing the topic. Come on
I'll fix you breakfast."
"Well what about my....."
John shot Janice a mean glance and she immediately shut up. For some
reason the very thought of disagreeing with her son filled her with a panic.
She didn't remember much about last night...only blurred memories and
"I'll fix you some eggs and toast. How does that sound," John continued
speaking then as if he had never stopped."
"Yes thank you John, that sounds delicious."
Janice followed her son into the kitchen and decided to forget about her
clothes for the time. She didn't want to upset her son... for some reason
she felt she mustn't do anything to upset him or... or.... Well she wasn't
quite sure what would happen, but she new she would feel terrible if she
Janice sat down as her son started to make her breakfast. The robe
immediately came up past her ass and exposed her pussy as she sat down. She
tried different things to try and get the new hemline to hide her exposed
snatch, but it was just no use. After a few minutes she just gave up and
waited for her food.
John fixed up the eggs and toast in no time. It was going to be the last
thing he ever had to cook now that he had himself a slave. He put the two
eggs and the slice of buttered toast on the plate and then brought it over
to his mom.
Janice watched as her son placed the food in front of her. She was just
about to start eating when he stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder.
"Don't forget your seasoning mom. I know how much you like the taste of
it." With out saying anything else he pulled down the zipper on his pants
and fished out his hardening dick.
Janice watched speechlessly as her son began to give his massive tool
slow long strokes. His dick was only inches from her face, and she could
smell the heady musk from his now bouncing balls. She felt horrified as she
watched him jacking off in front of her. She wanted to get up and run out of
the kitchen, but her son still had his other hand on her shoulder. Her eyes
were transfixed on the swollen meat log of her son as it began to drip
pre-cum onto her plate.
"I figured since you seem to like cum so much mom, I might as well help
you get all you want.
Just then the head of his dick flared and a long hot white jet of cum
pulsed out and shot across Janice's food. Wide eyed and in a state of shock
she watched as he continued to pump his heavy load all over the plate.
Covering the eggs in a gooey layer of his jizz.
"Oh yeah,,, yeah that feels good," He said as he shook the end of his
dick, causing the last little bit of his cum to drip from the tip. "There
you go mom. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you."
Janice looked up at her son with wide eyed amazement. Her son had just
jacked off in front of her.... RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER.
"I don't know what's gotten into you John, but if you think I'm going to
eat that...that...." Janice gaged a little at the thought of eating the
cummy food.
"You will eat it AND thank me for letting you ! Do you understand?" John's
voiced boomed out and Janice cringed in front of him. She was his mother.
She was older than him. She was bigger than him... and still she was
terrified of making him angry. He was all she had. The only one who could
care for her...protect her..
"Besides, you seemed to like the taste of a mans cum just fine the other
day! Or is it that my cum isn't to you're liking! IS that it... maybe you
want to go out and find someone else who will put up with you! Who will
still care for you after you go out whoring around and come back covered in
John through down a small hand towel he had been holding for effect and
began to walk out of the kitchen.
Sheer panic rose in Janice. NO! NO JOHN NO!!! She was up and out of her
chair in an instant. She began babbling at him insanely.
"You're're right.. Of course you're right. I was just being
silly. Yes.. Yes that's it.... just silly."
Janice was tugging on her sons arm, the whole time trying to get him to
come back to the kitchen. If he left her she would be unprotected.... she
needed him to protect save her from...from... She wasn't sure what,
but she knew it was something horrible that only he could hold back.
"It was just a little joke.." Janice said as she pulled him back into the
kitchen and sat at the table. "See...? See....?" I'm eating... I'm eating.
Janice shoved a spoon full of the runny cum covered eggs into her mouth
and repressed the urge to gag.
"Ummmmmm," Janice said around a mouth full of her son' cum. "Thank you for
fixing such a delicious meal for me," she said and shoved another mouthful
of the mess into her mouth.
Janice felt ill. She felt like any second she would spew the eggs back
up. "I've got to eat them," she told herself..."I've got to show John that
I'm not rejecting him... I'm not rejecting his cum... How could I. After
coming home covered in the jizz of could I then just refuse
my own son. He'd think I loved strangers more than him..I can't let him
think that..I just can't..." Janice wolfed down the rest of her meal as her
son watched.
John watched in amusement as she eat it all up, then used the toast to
wipe up any last remaining traces. He got up and then kissed her on her
"I knew you'd love it. All horney little sluts like you love cum. I just
hope I can give you enough.. Hahaha"
His words burned in her ears as he spoke them. She should hate him for
speaking to her like that...but she just couldn't find any hatred for him.
Strangely Janice found herself happy that her son was pleased with her.
Although she still wasn't to crazy about the lingering taste of his cum in
her mouth.
"Come on mom I've got lots to teach you.."
"Teach me!"...she gasped as her son walked from the kitchen. Janice knew
that the things her son had in mind for her were not the kind of things a
mother and son should do... but then again Janice wasn't much of a mother...
"I may not have been a very good wife... or even a very good mother....
but I have to work hard to prove to John that I am good at something...for
something...and if that means becoming a slut...then so be it.
Janice got up and followed her son into the living room. Her white robe
showing off her ass as she wiggled away.
Making Mother My Slut 13
(Rule and Regulations)

Janice followed her son into the livingroom, the taste of his cum still
fresh on her tongue. She wasn't sure what her son meant when he had said
"teach" her, but she would do her best to please him. John was all she had
left now, and losing him would just kill her.

"It won't be so bad," she thought. "After all, if I was willing to do
anything for that bastard online, I should be willing to do anything for my
own beloved son."

Janice had no way of knowing that it had been John manipulating her from
the start. That he was the reason the once happy, well balanced mother was
now a mental wreck. Even if she was to find out, she wouldn't have
cared...not really, not now.

"Sit down mom. I want to go over a few things with you."

Janice went over to the couch and sat. She tried to hold onto the bottom
of her robe, so as not to flash her pussy on the way down. When she looked
up at her son he was scowling at her. She wasn't sure why at first, then it
dawned on her. Slowly Janice began to spread her legs, reveling her bald
pussy to her son. The wider she spread her legs, the bigger the smile on her
son's face got. Finally she was splayed open as far as she could go, and the
lips of her pussy had parted slightly from the strain, revealing the deep
pink recesses inside.

"That's better mom." John said as he stared between his mothers legs.

Janice felt mortified by her lewd display. He had not asked her to do
this, just given her a look. The look was one of displeasure though, and to
Janice that was all she needed to know.

"Now then, things are going to change around here mom. From now on you do
what ever I say. There will also be rules that you must follow at all

Janice just sat there with her legs spread, showing off her pussy and
listening intently to everything her son had to say.

"Since you don't seem capable of making decisions for your self, I will be
taking control for you."

"Taking control..." These words echoed in Janice's mind. For some reason
the idea of no longer being expected to make her own decisions made Janice
feel secure. She would no longer be responsible for her own actions, and
that meant that she would no longer have to feel the terrible guilt that had
plagued her most of her life.

"I'm finally going to be happy. No more doubting my self, or feeling
ashamed for not living up to what I should be..." Janice smiled with love at
her son as he continue to spell out how it would be from now on. She could
put up with showing a little skin if it made him happy.. And she could learn
to like the taste of his cum on her food. That might take a while though. He
wasn't asking so much from her.... not really

"...shouldn't be that hard for you. I know you'll love getting a nice
solid fuck every night before bedtime."

Janice was snapped out of her daydreams of happiness. "Did he just say
what I thought he said? He can't mean to have sex with me...his own MOTHER!"
Janice held up her hand slowly, as if she were back in school and needed to
ask a question.


John stopped and turned back toward his mom. He had been pacing back and
forth as he laid down the new house rules for his new toy. "What..." he said

"I'm sorry to interrupt.... but it sounded like you said you wanted to
make love to me..." Janice laughed nervously at the absurdity of what she
though she had heard.

A big smile broke out on John's face. "Of course I didn't say that
mom.....' John said chuckling.

Janice smiled back in relief.

"I said I was going to FUCK you every night. Not make love to you... You
have to earn that....."

Janice's mouth fell open as she heard this. She immediately pulled her
legs together and drew her arms in tightly to her chest. "JOHN! She breathed
out in shock. "That's too much! That's going to far!"

John was ready for this. He didn't expect her to just role over and let
him fuck her right off. Actually he was hopping she wouldn't. He wanted her
to come to him and ASK to be fucked.

"Oh I see mom. It's ok if you spread your legs for someone else though,"
he said accusingly. "That you went around taking pictures and buying dildos
so you could fuck yourself silly for some guy online who's name you didn't
even KNOW!!" John began yelling at his mom now.

"John it wasn't like that...I." Janice fell silent. I was like that, and
she knew it. Everything her son was saying was true. She couldn't deny it.

"You don't seem to have any problem letting complete strangers enjoy your
body...but it's not ok for your son!!! Is that it?! FINE!!! If you don't
want anything to do with me..then I don't want anything to do with you!"

Janice watched as her son walked to the front door and marched out. It
had all happened so fast she didn't have time to say anything. It took a
moment for what had just happened to sink in...

"He's.....he's... gone." Janice's lower lip began to tremble. Tears welled
up in her big blue eyes and began to rain down onto her cheeks. She had
blown it. She was truly alone now... alone and lost. She had told herself
she would do what every it took, and then she goes and ruins it all.

"Why did he have to ask that from me...why..why..." Janice felt it
terrible. Not because of what her son had asked, but because of what she had
said. After all it wasn't her son she should be blaming, she's the one who
ruined things..she always ruined things. Everything was fine till she had to
go and mess it up...... She just cried...

John got on his bike and headed down for the local movie theater a few
blocks away. He had planed on his mother's refusal and shock at the
suggestion he fuck her. In fact he was glad she had. It made every thing so
much easier in the long run.

John had already made plans earlier that day to meet some friends at the
movies and see the "Mortal Combat" flick. Hell, if his mom had gone along
with him about fucking her, he would have had to cancel the movie. Not that
he would have minded. Either way he would be enjoying his afternoon. John
began to whistle as he peddled away. Things were going smoothly.

Janice didn't even get off the couch for an hour. The tears had stopped,
but only because they had run dry. Zombie like, she went upstairs and sat in
her son's room. Just sat...and stared at the wall. Being close to his things
made her feel slightly better.

It was almost 4 in the afternoon when Janice was suddenly jarred awake by
the sound of someone coming in the front door.

"Could it be..... Please God let it be...let it BE!!!!"

She ran to the top of the stairs and looked down to see her son walking


John looked up in surprise. His mom had literally screamed his name and
came running down toward him. "Oh Shit she's snapped!" he thought and
prepared himself for the worst. She ran into him full f***e and crushed him
to her with all her strength.

"John, Oh John, John.." was all Janice could say as she hugged her son
for dear life. He had come back to her.

John was taken back by the way his mom had reacted to him being gone for
just a few hours. He had no idea she was THAT messed up. He would need to
remember next time that he didn't need to push her as much as he'd
originally thought.

"John I'm so glad you came back <kiss> I knew you wouldn't abandon me
<kiss>..I just knew it deep down <kiss> You care for me to much to let me
suffer alone <kiss>"

Janice was kissing her son on the face as she babbled on. She couldn't
explain why, but for some reason she'd shifted all her emotions and feelings
around him. If he was happy..she was...if he wasn't..she was miserable.

"John, were did you go anyway?" Janice asked as she wiped a few tears of
joy from her eyes and smiled at him... "John?"

John just looked at his mother and didn't say anything. As a matter of
fact for the next three hours Janice couldn't get a word out of him. She
would try and engage him in conversation, but he just acted like she wasn't
there. Janice was thrilled at having her son back with her, but he still
seemed to be angry with her. Finally, while they sat and ate dinner Janice
grew silent as well. She stopped her attempts at trying to get him to talk
to her. After a few minutes of the silence she said..

"Ok... I'll do it"

"OK what mom?" John said as he kept eating.

Janice looked up from her plate. This was the first thing he had said to
her since this morning. The sound of his voice sent a shiver of pleasure
down her spine...

"Ok, you know...If you want to."

"No mom, I don't know. What can I do if I want to?" John was enjoying his
mother's embarrassment over this.

Janice's voice dropped to a whisper as she said... "You can...fuck me...
if you want to." Her face turned bright red as she spoke and she looked down
at her plate.


"No?" Janice's head came back up quickly and stared at her son in

"You obviously don't think I'm good enough for you. You'd rather fuck some
stranger than let your own son touch you, so I'm not going to f***e you."

"John that's not true.." Janice was confused. She thought telling him he
could fuck her would make him happy.

"That is true mom and you know it. You don't think I'm good enough."

Janice wasn't sure what to do now. She tried to imagine what John must
be feeling... "He must think I don't care for him...I've got to show him
that he means more to me than anyone else! If that means letting him use
me, then so be it." Janice still wasn't comfortable with the idea of letting
her son fuck her, but now it was important that he did. It was more than
just a physical thing. It was a way for her to prove to him that she loved
him. That she would always love him.

"John..," Janice said softly. "I really do want you to," Janice struggled
with saying the next part to her little boy.. "To fuck me."

John smiles and played his part perfectly. "Really.." he said

"Well I don't know mom..I don't want to f***e you to have to do anything
you would hate."

Janice felt terrible. She had given her son the impression she would
rather fuck anyone but him. "Really John, I do want you to fuck me. It's
important for me to let you"

Janice no longer felt funny about speaking like this in front of her
son. It was more than just allowing him his fun. Her motherly (if somewhat
twisted) instinct had taken over. She needed to make her son feel loved.

"As a matter of fact John, I can't wait for you to fuck me." Janice was
starting to feel bolder as she rationalized what she was about to do. "It's
not wrong" she told her self. "I'm just doing what any good mother would do
for her little boy. I'm making him feel loved. That can't be wrong...can

Janice's twisted mind accepted this strange reasoning and allowed her body
to start enjoying itself. She could feel her pussy start to juice up in
anticipation. She was still wearing the robe from earlier, and slipped a
hand down to play with herself as she stared at her son across the table.

"Are you sure mom. I don't know about this."

"Oh I'm sure John," Janice gasped as her cunt began to boil. Her mind had
let go of control, and now her pussy was in charge..and it wanted to be
filled! It didn't care who or what, it just wanted to feel something inside

"Come fuck mommy John... Come fuck mommy deep and hard!" Janice was
starting to wiggle around on her seat, and her breath became ragged Her
fingers were now stabbing in and out of her sloppy cunt as she eyed her son
with lust.

"Prove it" John said. He felt his dick start to rise as he watched his
mother jerk and dance across from him. He couldn't see her hand below the
table, but knew what she must be doing.

"Prove it?" Janice though a moment and tried to think of a way to do so.
She got up and began walking toward her son seductively. Her left hand never
leaving the warm folds of her cunt. In the magazines she read, when ever a
woman wanted to excite a man, they had talked dirty to them.
Janice still wasn't sure what things to say, so she just said the first
things that came to her.

"God I want you John... I need you!!! I want you to fuck me....please
fuck me John...please."

Janice was hanging all over her son by this time. She noticed his dick
swellings in his pants.

"Fuck me John..fuck mommy with your big dick!"

Janice heard her son grown slightly when she used the word "mommy", and
decided to focus on that.

"Mommies pussy is so wet and hot for her little boy's dick.... let mommy
fuck you baby..let mommy fuck you." The words were having a definite effect
on John, as well as Janice. Talking this way caused her pussy to flutter
around her probing fingers.

"Ok mom..I'll fuck you...I'll fuck you just like the whore I know you
are!" John stood up and placed his hand on his mothers pussy for the first

Janice began to cum. The feel of her son's warm hand on her scalding cunt
was so forbidden that it kicked off an orgasm in the
middle-aged mother. Her son played with her pussy and grinded his dick up
against her thigh.

"I'm going to fuck you mom. I'm going to fuck you tonight...and
tomorrow..and the day after. I'm going to fuck you anytime I want, from now
on, and you'll love every minute of it won't you...?"

"Yessss baby," Janice hissed out as her body shook with her orgasm.

John stood there for a few minutes holding his mother through her
violent cum. He kept up a light brushing movement over her pussy with his
fingers, and Janice tried to pull back as he would toy with her sensitive
clit every so often. She was coming down from her first orgasm, and her son
was building her towards yet another.

"Oh John I love you..I love you," She said as he played with her bald

"And I love your pussy mom," was all he said in response.

"You know this is still wrong John... but I don't care. I'll do anything
for you. I'll do anything for my son...ANYTHING!"

"Anything Mom....?"

Even through Janice's sex addled brain she could tell her son had
something in mind, and after she had promised him, she couldn't refuse..what
ever it might be.

"Yes John...," She said a little less sure of her self.

"Ok then....Let's go upstairs and fuck..."

Janice's felt relief at those words. She had already decided to let her
son fuck her. In fact she wanted him to now. If that was all he had in mind
it was fine with her. Janice felt her son lean in closer and felt his hot
breath whispering into her ear...

"And since you seem to still have a little hang up about letting your son
fuck you mom...maybe you'll feel different about it when it's the father of
your c***d who's the one pumping into you..."

Janice's eyes flew open wide at the implications of what John was saying
to her then.... that this is what he had meant when he had asked her is she
would do Anything for him... She was trapped by her promise..and they both
new it...


Making Mother My Slut 14
(Sunday Night Slut)

Janice wasn't sure about this.. She wasn't sure about
anything John had in mind, but didn't dare say so. Inside she struggled with
what she was about to do as her son lead her upstairs.

"This is wrong... oh so wrong! I shouldn't let him.. Not my own son..
I can't fuck my own little baby boy.."

"Why not?" was all the small voice inside her head said in response.

She had repressed her sexual desires for years, and now they were
breaking free. The small moral part of Janice Monroe that was left, was
waging a losing battle to the sexually hungry darker side of her

As the two of them reached the top of the stairs and started towards
her bedroom Janice's mind raced.

"This is it! If I go in there with him I'm lost. It'll never been the
same between us again..."

"No it won't," was her desires response... "It'll be BETTER! So much
BETTER than before!

John shuffled his mom the last few feet into her bedroom and turn on the

"Ummm.. John? Could we leave the lights off please?" Janice felt like the
c***d now, not the parent. John was the one in control.

"Why mom? It's not like I haven't seen you naked before you know. You
made a show of parading around the house half dressed for the last few
weeks.... and now you expect me to believe you're shy?!"

Janice kept her eyes lowered. She couldn't bear to look at her son. He
was telling the truth, and both of them new it. Shame washed over her.

"Come on mom, I know you want this... you need this." John moved a hand
to his mother's overheated pussy and sipped his middled finger into her

"Ohmmm," Janice sighed. Her cunt had been drooling in anticipation of
her son's prick ever since he told her he was planning to fuck her.

"You're so wet mom..," John whispered to her. "Your pussy is a swampy mess
with your juice. "

"Ughhhh." Janice spread her legs wider as the heat within grew. Her son's
word burned into her brain.

"Tell me mom... Tell me what you want"

Janice raised her eyes for the first time and looked deep into her son's.
Her mouth moved, but only a small squeak come out.

"Say it... SAY IT!"

John pulled his finger from her dripping snatch and waited. His mother was
standing before him breathing heavily. Her robe had fallen off her left
shoulder, and as she stood there looking at him through half closed eyes,
she showed off a good portion of her creamy white tit to him.
At that moment John thought his mother looked like the sexist woman
alive. The sheer unadulterated lust she embodied was unbelievable.

"No...please don't stop John." Janice said huskily. Her head was
spinning. The feel of her son's warm fingers, only fueled her desire to get
his dick buried deep into her all the more.

"Don't stop what? Come on mom..say it. You know you want to. You need to
say it!"

Janice was trying to push her pussy against her son's hand in a
desperate attempt to get him to continue his fingering.

"I... I.. I want you to.. To .. do IT"

"It? Was is "IT" mom? I want to here you say the words. I want to see
those full red lips of your spell out EXACTLY what you want me to do."

Janice suddenly straightened and grabbed her son by his shoulders. "FUCK

She pushed her son back against the bed and fell on top of him, ripping at
his clothes. Janice didn't care at that moment. If she had to wait one more
minute to feel her son's dick in her, she would go insane!

John just laid back and watched as his mom tore at his shirt and pants.
She was pulling and ripping at them until she had managed to get most of his
clothes off. He could feel his mothers weight upon him, and her ass as she
grinded away on top of him.

"Oh yes baby! YES! Mommy's gonna fuck you. Mommy's gonna sink her nasty
old pussy down onto that beautiful boy dick of yours and ride her self

Janice's pussy was in full control of her now. It hadn't felt the hot
meat of a man in it for years, and wouldn't settle for anything short of a
thorough pounding.

As much as John loved having his mom climbing all over him, he wanted
her to know who was the one in control here. In one quick move her rolled
his mom off and on to her back. He then got on top and looked down at her.
She was still pawing at him, running her hands up and down his chest and
cooing in the pleasure she new was coming.

" Are you my slut mom?" John asked as he grabbed big handfuls of tit
and began massaging them and tweaking her nipples.

Janice felt her son's small hands playing with her breasts and her pussy
fluttered. Every part of her body felt like it was on fire.

"Fuck me now John!"

"I asked you a question mom...I'll fuck you after you answer me. Are you
my slut?" John kept playing with his mother's body. Moving down so he could
get between her legs and honey pot.

Janice just whimpered and pushed her body up at her son. "Just fuck me
John. Fuck mommy, and I promise I'll make it good for you to."

John positioned the tip of his dick against his mothers sopping cunt.
He slowly move the head forward and parted the fat pussy lips. "Tell my what
you are mom, and I'll fuck you...."

"I'm your's John..I'm your to take, just PLEASE fuck me and fuck me NOW!"
Janice was going insane with desire. She needed her son's cock bad. Every
fiber in her body ached for it.

"Not till you say it."

"Ok..Ok.. Then yes I'm your slut, now fuck me!" Janice bucked her hips up
and got another inch to slid inside her. She gasped at the please of it. It
had been so long since she'd had a real fuck, dildos were one thing, but
nothing was like the feel of a real piece of hot man meat throbbing deep

"NO!" John said and pulled his dick out. "Say it like you mean it mom. I
want you to say it like you mean it!"

"OH God John don't tease me like this!" Janice was so close to having her
pussy filled, only to have it pulled away at the last minute.

John smiled wickedly down at his mom. He slid his dick across the outer
lips of his mother's pussy, then laughed. "You know what you have to do mom.
Just say it like you mean it, and I promise I'll fuck you."

"I'm a SLUT!" Janice screamed out. "I'm a SLUT...I'M YOUR SLUT... I'm
your horny cum eating son fucking SLUT! Now PLEASE in the name of God FUCK

John rammed his dick into his mother then. Burying it to the hilt in her
hot buttery smooth pussy. "Take it then MOM! Take your son's dick! Take it
like the slut you are!"

Janice's mind exploded in ecstacy the moment she felt John's dick slid
into her. Her body shook and convulsed as an orgasm stronger than Janice had
ever felt before rocked her body and soul. This was it for Janice... this
was heaven. To be laying under the bucking body of her son as he sawed his
young virile dick in and out of her overheated pussy.

"Yes John YES! Fuck mommy..FUCK MOMMY LIKE A WHORE!"

John pumped in and out of his mother like a wild man. He watched her eyes
roll around and her face turn deep red as another orgasm slammed into her.
With each thrust his mother large sagging breasts rolled around on her
chest. He had driven her to the edge of ecstacy over the last few weeks, and
now was pushing her over that edge.

"Oh... Oh goddd yessss. Such.. Such a.. gooood boy! Such a good goood
boy! Ummm..Ah! Don't stop baby....Never stop!! Never stop fucking me John!!
Never stop fucking your mommy with that nice big dick! Ughhhh ummh ahggg

The room was filled with the sound of John's dick as it sloshed back
and forth into his mom soupy cunt and her panting babbling voice as she
urged her son on. John was close to cumming in her. He could feel the rumble
deep in his balls and quickened his pace.

"Gonna cum mom! Gonna fill that hungry hole of your full of my cock
Janice just grunted and pulled her son closer by warping her legs around
his small body.

"Oh it C-U-M-Sssss!"

Janice felt her son's dick jerking deep inside her as it pumped her womb
full of i****tuous sperm.

"Yes....Oh yes yes yes!! Tears of joy began to stream down Janice's face
as she was filled with her own c***d's sperm. The thought that she could be
getting pregnant at this very moment touched off one last final orgasm, and
as it consumed her soul with pleasure, she raked her fingernails down her
son's back and gave out a wail of perverse pleasure.." Oohhhhhummmmahhh!"

95% (210/11)
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sooooooooooo hot gave me a hadron Thanks for the posting
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good boy. make mommy preggers.
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This is just a story with high sexy drive in it Great
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A great story,,the length of it was,I felt, needed to build the full picture,,,and you did,,fantastic writing,,,I hope there's a follow on from it,,John just has to lend her out for films and his friends to use,,the list is endless.
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Loved this story!
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Great story. It took me a long time to read it all but it was worth it. I'm not sure if you're the original author but either way it was a pretty good story. One of the best I've read on here.
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Wow that was a real turn on!!! I came so hard and so much. Thank you
1 year ago
Great story Would love to see How it turns out When He becomes a teen and adult and a father And how she handles it As time goes on
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WOW...I'm wishing it didn't end.
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Wow loved it
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Wow great story.
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long but terrific story
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I'm jumping the gun andmaking a sort of pre-comment. This was so long that I had to read some comments first before devoting the time to reading this. Overall, the results seem really positive. One thing maes me slightly warey and that is people keep commenting on how they want to find more of the story. It's ususally a good sign if the author's writting a sequel, but I'm not interested in getting a, "what the fuck" cliffhanger type feeling. Is it like that? Ah hell, I'll probably read it anyway!
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really great story , on the long side but well worth it and glad I had the time to read
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Awesome story
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DAMN!!!! This story was AWESOME! I was almost upset when I reached the bottom of the page and realized there was no more continuation! lol
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Best story ever and is their more to the story or where I can find it? Anybody?
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great story. i usually don't read stories with people under the age of 18 in them, but you know, the concept of a younger boy wanting to have sex with his mother has been around along time. and really when you think about it, most men when they were younger, like in younger high or whatnot, wanted to have sex with a teacher or a friends mother or there own, and they thought it would be the greatest thing if it ever happened. now i'm sure not many went though every thing outlined in this story. i'm sure it happened to some but not everyone at that age. i really like this story.
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All I can say is - WOW!
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By far the best "Short" story I have ever read.
*Claps his hands together in wholehearted praise*
4 years ago
really nice but tooooo long.
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gret story , i came 3 times reading it
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I quit reading it about chapter 5.. sorry but I hae other thing to do.. yawn
4 years ago
Good, if a little drawn out.
4 years ago
thanks for sharing. This story was originally published in other forums and seems like you just copy-pasted it here.
It is no doubt a great work of erotic art but I want you to edit it and provide information about original author.