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[Story] Coerced

Not mine, but thought I'd share....

It was a Friday night and I had agreed to watch the teenage daughters of a
friend of mine. Sheila and her husband were going away and she wanted me to
stay with Tracy and Lisa. They were both home from college, way too old for a
sitter, but Sheila was worried about leaving them for very long. Like a good
friend, I agreed to leave my f****y and spend the weekend with them. I fully
expected to spend the weekend watching television and reading, bored out of my

We had just finished cleaning up after a nice supper and were watchin... Continue»
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[Story] Making Mother A Slut

Making Mother a Slut
John raced up to his room and tosses his bookbag carelessly onto
his bed. Looking at the clock he noticed he still had a good two hours
before his mom got home from work. More than enough time he thought
as he booted up his computer and logged on to check his e-mail. He
stiffened slightly at the "New Mail" message.
It had started as a joke about a month earlier. He had found the
singles ad his mother had placed while searching in her room for the
stack of playboys she had confis**ted from him. At first it had surprised
him. He had never thought of his mothe... Continue»
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