Her Fantasy

Written for a lady with certain requests....

He draged Tammy down the basement, she was naked. He had riped her clothes off. She saw the post and hesitated. Attached to the post was a very thick rubber cock. It was wider at the base and about 8 inches long, sticking out from the post. It was level with her pussy. She turn to say something and he brought the leather tawse across her ass. She screamed moving forward a red make across her white cheeks.

MOUNT THE COCK NOW.... She looked at it shaking with fear and excitment. SMACKKKKKKKKKK the crack of the leather on her ass. She jumped forward, not sure how to mount somehting so thick. She knew it would stretch her pussy to it limits. Walking over she spread her leg pushing the tip into her pussy. The hard tip pushed the lips of her pussy open, when it hit her clit she felt that jolt like when a man was on top and just started to ram into her. She loved that feeling of being pounded between her legs.

She grabbed the post for support and started to rotate her hips forcing the tip deeper. She knew he was behind her watching her ass move and clench for his own pleasure, she didnt dare stop. Her breasts where move and she must looking sexy humping the post. SMACKKKKKKKKKK she screamed and push hard into the cock, it tore her open as she went another two inches down on it. Now she could feel the juices starting, the cock was getting slick. She got half of it between her legs, straining to oper her legs wider.

He came over and pushed her upper body against the post. It was wide enough but her breast were on each side. Next her took her hands pulled them around the post, then tied several wraps around her wrists. She could not get them appart as he tossed it over a hook in the beam and pulled her tight against the post. Now she was caught between the the rubber cock and against the post. As she squirmed she felt the cock go deeper. It was streching her pussy as she went further down on it.

He came over to the post on the other side and grabbed both her nipples. Started pulling twisting, pinching them as she grunted and yelled. When they were very sore and swollen, he pulled out two nipple clamp connected to rings. He open one and she watched as he let it snap shut on her nipple, aghhhhhhhhh ohhhhh the pain sent shocks to her pussy. Then did the other oh nooooooooooo ohhhhhh god that hurts ohhhhh ughhhhhhh. The he took hold of both rings and started to pull up, yewwwwwwwwww as he lifted her tits by the sore nipples, owwww. Then let them bounce until she was begging him to stop. She looked in the mirrors around the room and could see her body tight. She never looked so hot or open... the rings hanging off her nipples

Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, the cock going deeper 5 inches.... He let them drop and then took string tied the rings together tight around the post so they pulled on her breasts. Any move she made tore at her nipples. She couldnt move in any direction, that was when she saw him pick up a whip with mutipule strands of leather. He went behind her but she could see him in the mirrors. He swung the whip smackkkkkkkkk against her ass. NOOOOOO dont do thattttttt as her hips went down futher on the rubber cock.

Then he took his time using the whip up and down her body. Doing the sides catching her breast making her jump. Her whole back was on fire, including the inside of her thighs. She started working on the cock, her skin tingling, nipples pulling her cunt opening. Sliding up and downn drenching the rubber cock. She had never been used like this.

He dropped the whip and started taking off his clothes. His cock was thick and very hard. Walking over to he started to play with her. Her legs were wide and a large part of the rubber cock was inside her. She saw him lubing his cock and when he pulled her ass cheeks apart she knew what he was going to do. He put the head of his cock against her anus and started rocking, just probing. This open her then let it out. As he rock she was pushed against the pole pulling on her nipples but forcing her futher down on the huge cock between her legs.

As he was invading her ass, "Oh ugh ugh no I dont think I can take both ughhhhh " bump bump bump forming a rymth. Sliding on the cock with each bump. She had no choice when he grabbed the pole on the other side of her and used it in one huge push to go up into her ass. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH she screamed as both her ass and cunt were f***ed open. When she twisted to find relief her nipples pulled. He kept going harder and deep until she was impaled in both holes. He stopped and stood still.

She moanedddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmmm letting her body feel it all. Thats when he pulled almost all the way out and then slamed into her. Taking her off her feet down on the other cock. "IM CUMMING IM CUMMING AGHHHHHHHHHH FUCK MY ASS FUCK IT HARD" He was going hard and fast as she came. He didnt stop she came again as he push cum deep into her aching ass. Finally he pulled out soft and juices were running out of both holes. She could feel it dripping down her ass.

He smiled put on a robe and was looking at her. She was a sight tied tight her cunt stuck on the cock, body pink with both the whip and the effort. How did you like it he said, " oh oh I have never cum like that." Good he smiled, that when she heard the door at the top of the stairs open and feet comming down. She was shocked when she saw three large black men walking toward her. She shook her head NO NO NO I cant take anymore please. He slapped her ass as he walked upstair,

I will be back in an hour as they were taking thier clothes off.......

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2 years ago
would love to know what happened with the black men but my goodness the story so far was wow really hot
2 years ago
Wow i came alover myself would like to know what happended next
3 years ago
What happened with the black men?