My mother in law

My mother in law is a widow living near us. I have been married to her daugther
for more then 20 years. She is in her late 60s and looks like an older women
with large breasts. I dont find myself attracted to her but once I saw her in
our guest room door with only panties and that large white bra older women seem
to wear. I couldnt take my eyes away and I was getting hard. She didnt see me
but I have often thought of that sight and wondering...

My wife told me her mothers large breasts were very senstive and she could
orgasm from stimulating the nipples alone. I got a call from her one weekend
when my wife was traveling, she offered dinner that night. She told me to just
come in, so when I got to the door I open it walked in. I didnt see her so I
called out and was surprise when I heard her down the basement.

It was an unfinshed basement, cinder block and steel round poles holding up the
beams. You can imagine my surprise when I got to the bottom and there was Judy
up against the post. She had a strap around her waist several times, including
the post. Her eyes were blindfolded and when I looked behind her, her hands were
in cuffs behind the pole. She was standing there in a white blouse and skirt.

"Tom she said, I was watching your house while you were on vacation and saw your
hidden file of bondage information. I know you dont have a sexual interest in me
but I need something. I thought tonight you will supply it. I havent had an
orgasm in years and I need you to give me one. I took a chance and tied myself,
including the blindfold so its like you are a stranger who broke in to the
house. I dont want to have intercourse, but I need an orgasm so bad, I need
it... or I will let my daughter know about your bondage interests.....

I was angry but getting excited. Just looking at her, her daughter never wanted
anything to do with bondage. I didnt say anything just walked over to her, she
could sense I was standing in front of her... "Please I know is this awful of me
and thought once I had the hand cuffs on I could not turn back out, please,"" I
didnt touch her made her wait, she was getting very nervous, breathing hard
pulling on the cuffs. She needed to know I was in control...

Finally I said, "say the words beg me or I walk out." NO NO dont please dont
leave me like this no. "Tell me what you want, tell me now." OK OK she had her
head down, I want my breasts naked so you can play with them. Open my blouse cut
it off expose me please.... I saw the siccisors on the table, picked them up and
start cutting the buttons, one by one. Until the blouse was hanging open. I
pushed it back looking down at the large white bra holding her breasts like they
were being offered to me.

I bent foward and ran my tongure over the tops,,,, OHHHHHHHHH yesssssssss
ohhhhhhhh more please she beg, mmmmmmm it feels so good. What ever you want."
She was getting red and breathing faster, then I poke my tongue down the side of
the bra, "AGHHHHHHHH she jumped ohhh ohh jumping as much as she could ohhh mmm
yes yes more please more I need it ohhhhh." I took the siscors and pushed them
under the center of her bra and waited. "YES YES do it make my tits naked, they
are yours do it do it, I want them naked. As I cut thru she yelped as the
support gave way and she could feel the cold air on her nipples.

They hung large and soft, with big thick nipples. She held her breath as I just
stared, she waited for me, she was wide open nothing to stop me. Cut the rest of
the bra out of the way. Took my hands and lifted both feeling each, picking up
the weight and gently massaging them. "OHHHH that feels so good OH YES aghhhhhhh
she ketp saying as I felt them. Then I lifted one and ran my tongue over the

I was shocked she came so fast but kept on the nipples as her body jerked, hips
thurst forward. The first in several years. Finally she stopped trying to get
her breath, her body damp from the excertion. Thank you she said..... I wasnt
done, I reach down and unzipped the skirt. She went ridged NO NO dont do that
no, I let the skirt drop.Ran my finger up the edge of her large white panties.
Ughhhhh she was very sentitive after cumming. Then took my finger out and ran
it up her slit on the outside of the panties. Her whole body went stiff,
aghhhhhhhhh she tensed.

I teased her for a long time then I cut the panties as she yelled at me to stop.
Pulled them away from her, she was naked. She had and old cunt with white curly
hair. She was trying to close her legs to hide it. "I didn say you could do that
she said now stop,STOP PLEASEEEE.

Reached down and ran my finger up the center of her slit, she yelled (oh oh
nooo) and tried to pull away, the strap held her. Her tits were bouncing. She
was very wet, when I hit her clit she demanded I stop. "Even my husband didnt
touch me thier...." As I slowly circled her yelling stopped. She was shaking her
head but starting to move her cunt with my finger. "OH this is bad ohhhhhhhh
noooooo ughhhhhhhhh take it away ohhhhh." Then I reached up and grabbed her

YESSSSSSSSS she screamed YESSSSSSSSS, pulling on the nipple and rubbing her clit
was driving her up the wall. Then I let go of her nipple and slapped her breasts
while I fingered her. UGHHHHHHHHH what are you doing, smackkkkkkkkk the other,
OHHHHH dont NOOO. I was just smacking them enough to make the red and sting.
Smackkkkkkkkkkk,,,, "do it to me smackkkkkkkkk oh again, finger on clit,
smackkkkkk OWWWWW yessssssssss . I AM CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG her body shudder
hit me more smackkkkkkkkk smackkkkkkk fater harder as she came. I didnt think
she was going to stop.

At last she was done, but I wasnt. I pulled off the blindfold and she yelled
looking at my naked cock. NO I wont allow it no, as I put my cock in her slit,
she was still yelling no. She was so wet with one shove I was in to the hilt. I
held my hard cock deep inside of her to feel her juices around me, She looked at
me FUCK ME NOW FUCK ME HARD. With that I pulled back out and rammed her deep,
slamming her agains the post. Using my hips to sink in deep. She was trying to
get her breath, when I grabbed both nipples and pulled.

FUCKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE RAM THAT COCK, You could hear the wet slapp of each
push as she was cumming and I shot everthing into her. I made sure she would
feel it between her legs for weeks. When we were done I reach down grabbed the
sicissors and started to cut her cunt hair off. At first she protested then let
me shear her.

I looked in her eyes and pushed a finger up her soaked and sore pussy. She
moaned but when I pushed it into her mouth she licked it up. I stood back and
took several pictures of her. Close up of her red tits, and dripping pussy. That
for insurance we can do more next. I got dressed, unlocked the cuffs and went

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1 year ago
They should add fucking the mother in law to the marriage vows...I would get married just for that...and the granny in law!!!
1 year ago
Very descriptive - loved the story
1 year ago
great story hope to hear more
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Well done.
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2 years ago
So dam hot thanks
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Very dominating story
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that got me hard.
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very hot story
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great story,any more well hard now