Is a gangbang a gangbang if it is my three brother

The first time my three b*****rs and I had sex together,
I was 1six as was my twin b*****r. The other b*****rs
were one4 and almost 1three yrs old. We never intended
it to be my first gangbang. My twin b*****r and I were
playing with each other as we did most nights before going
to sl**p. I was giving Karl a moist hot blow job that
he was enjoying by the moans coming from him. Karl's
hips were moving in rapid motion under my breast. The
same boobs and nipples that not 10 minutes before Karl
had between his lips. He had the sticky liquid flowing
in the center of my legs. I was so turned on tonight
and I really did not know why. I had the feeling that
I was more than the center of just Karls attention. That
thought of being watched had me so hot and
nervous all at the same time. We started our nightly
routine of oral sex a couple hours earlier than we
normally do. Karl had been horny as hell most of the
day. As soon as we got to our bedroom,
Karl was playing with my pussy hair, pussy lips
and as always my clit. Karl, was so talented at working
me into a sticky mess that my pussy was so use to. I had
not neglected my twin b*****r by any means. I had his balls
in my one hand and his cock in my other hand. My mouth was
lowered onto Karl's tasty, uncut hard cock when out of the
corner of my eye I saw them. I sat bolt upright nearley
taking a chunck out of Karls dick with my teeth.
Our younger b*****rs were sitting just inside our bedroom
behind one of our chairs. Both had a smile on their face
and each had their hand on their own dicks.

Karl and I knew that we were in a bad situation. Mike(1four)
and Andy the younger finally asked how long we have been do
this kind of stuff. To cut the story short I will get to what
they "blackmailed" Karl and I into.
Mike, said if I was too do the same thing to him and Andy
they would NOT tell our parents. I tired to talk him out
of that idea, but part of me (my pussy, nipples and mind)
were well ahead of Mike. I know that I was to far gone
to stop what Karl and I had been doing. I walked over to
Andy, gentley pushed him onto his back. I put my hand
around his young hard cock. Andy, started to say
something but all that came out of his mouth was OOOOOOOOh
my god!!! I had lowered my mouth onto his tiny little
prick. It was so sweet and smooth I was leaking pussy
juice onto the bedroom floor. I was able to run my
tounge on his balls while I had Andy's dick in my mouth.
There was no deep throating with his dick less than
three inches long. Andy loved the action that my tounge was
also doing on the underside of his prick. I could not
believe how excited and HOT I was with my youngest b*****r.
Then I felt that fimiliar feeling on my pussy lips.
I knew that Karl was doing his best to get me to have an
orgasm. But, when I opened my eyes Karl was sitting in
the chair with his dick in his hand.
OOOOH, it had to be Mike working on my pussy like he had
a masters degree in sex. This k** was only just turned
1four and was smashing his face up my pussy with his nose
tickling my asshole. His tounge felt like it was a foot
long and I was not going to stop him. I then felt Andy
start shaking, moaning and pushing his hips into my face.
Here was my youngest b*****r having a dry orgasm in my
mouth. Another b*****r had me gushing juice from my love
hole like never before. Then looking up I saw my twin b*****r
Karl shoot the biggest load of baby seed into the air.
My head was spinning, nipples were acheing, that's when I then felt
the most wonderful sensation. Mike, had gotten up behind my
upturned ass and was pushing his super hot dick into my
pussy. I was so shocked at what I was feeling, it was not
a little boys prick. Mike must have a cucumber for a dick
that he was driving into my dripping wet hole. Mike only last
a few strokes before he emptied his balls into my fertile
pussy. He pushed into as I was pushing back into him as well.
I was so turned on and cuming like I had never came before in
my short sexual life. I motioned for Karl to get closer to my
face and he was there in no time. I had his cock in my mouth and
cleaned up what I could of his sperm that was left on his dick.
It did not take long for Karl to be hard again. I was already having
another orgasm tonight. We all just layed on the floor with our
bodies tangle into one mass of hot sexual flesh.
Ok, this may not be the typical gangbang but it sure was a great
start for our sibling sex life that is still going strong today.
Iam sorry if I got a bit wordy and gushy, but remembering that
night to this day gets me so horny and ready for sex.
That reminds me......Karl, Mike, Andy hey boys it's time to
make your s****r happy again.
Let me know what you think good or bad.
92% (27/2)
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3 months ago
if this blog is really true, then it makes you very special in the hearts of a lot of us porn perverts out here. is there any way, without showing any faces at all, that you could post pics of ur brothers taking turns with you?.....
3 months ago
add me
4 months ago
This is a gangbang no matter who is banging who.
You are a very nice guy to help out your brothers like this.
It won't be long before you help out other guys as well.
5 months ago
wow you are a sexual freak nice story
5 months ago
Wish my sisters had been like you, your brothers are so lucky .
5 months ago
Can only imagine the cum dripping from you beautiful kitty
5 months ago
hot story!
5 months ago
That was one hot story, made my cock twitch with excitement
5 months ago
It doesn't matter that story was so hot. Your brothers are lucky to have you for a sister and vice versa. Great stories!
5 months ago
23tim, it worked for me as it was happening as well. glad u liked it.
Cowboy7979, Iam not Bad as my brothers say, Iam a ok fuck, but a good sister. yet they
always want more, so I guess I am better "ok" as a fuck. LMAO
5 months ago
you are so good when you are bad. wish you were my sister ;)
5 months ago
Damn, that was hot. Worked for me.
5 months ago
Girl I will have to look you up next time I am in the williamsport area lol