Shady Tree Rest Home

Jeff refused to feel guilty as the toothless old woman inhaled all of his long thick cock .She had waited in anxious anticipation as he made his nightly rounds at Shady Tree .Jeff Reynolds was a tall handsome thickly muscled black football player from the local university moonlighting to earn a little extra cash .Little did he realize the kinky fringe benefits would be better than cash ! As soon as the door closed behind Jeff, Virginia Love had dropped down in front of him on her bony knees and skillfully worked her thin strong hands to rip open his tight pants open and giving him some of the best oral sex he ever had !" Hurry Virginia " he moaned .If she heard him, she did not answer ,the old woman was deepthroating all of his massive black dick easily .Jeff leaned his back against the door and sighed .Jeff smiled to himself and remembered the day the old womans daughter had called him aside after touring the facility.She was a tall pale skinned woman with obvious curves and fantastic legs under expensive clothes .Whispering she said "There is only one thng that keeps my dear old mother quiet. " She looked both ways with no one else near them .Jeff was paying strict attention to the tall sexy woman watching her plump cherry red lips closely .She licked those full red lips and said without hesitation "If mama acts up you need to stick a big stiff dick in her mouth !" The tall woman watched his reaction closely .Jeff said nothing as he cooly hustled her into a nearby unused office sitting down next to her on a sturdy leather couch .Jeff still had not spoken and he wanted to choose his words carefully ."Ma'am I do not think I could do something like that without getting into big tr..." Before he could finish the big woman leaned across his lap and unzipped his pants . His cock was already growing hard .She skillfully pulled his fat cock from his underwear .She bent her head down and stuffed his manhood into her warm moist mouth .He put his hand on the back of her neck as her head bobbed slowly up and down between his strong muscular thighs .After a few mindblowing minutes she pulled her sexy now swollen lips off rigid slick shaft .She wiggled her lips on his veiny boner and slowly came up to the fat head of hs cock that was leaking precum and he realized she really liked what se was doing and she was showing off her cocksucking skills to him !Her lipstick was smeared and her eyes slightly glazed with spittle drooling off her lower lip "Mama is going to enjoy you ! You got a biig dick cowboy just the way she likes 'em ,the bigger the better !" Again she leaned into his lap opoening her mouth wide. In a long slow descent down his now massive full size erection until her nose was buried into his wooly pubic hairs and then she worked her way back up the entire length of his fat long penis . "Is it a deal ? " she asked in a low throaty whisper he could see her eyes starting to water as she stroked his long cock in two soft strong hands.Jeff did not answer he just pushed her back onto the couch watching her dress slide up her big well toned thighs .She helped him by pulling back her shapely muscular legs all the way back to her big heaving titties .She moaned as cool air reached her dripping cunt as he pulled her sopping wet black lace panties aside. He fucked that big firmly stacked woman for two full hours in every position...on the floor...on the her her pussy and in her fine fat rump .When they arranged their clothes over their wilted bodies she said "My name is Moana Love and I have to go and make arrangements for Mama to come to her new home sweet home " As she walked toward the office door she turned looking at him through sexy bedroom eyes "After a couple of sessions with my lovely little 80 year old mother you will see where I learned to please a studly man like you !I look forward to coming here and we can have special times together !" She turned on 3 inch stillettos and I could smell her perfume as she walked down the hallway with a soft sexy chuckle.
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