My friends cute girlfriend

Ok so this story took place on a beach down south west england in a town called bournemouth, me and my mate decided to go down and stay for the weekend down the beach with our girlfriends me and my friend Rob was just 17 and very horny as you could imagine the friday morning we got the train and arrived and checked in at our 4* hotel it was very warm and it was made warmer by our 4 bodys heat we was sharing a room for the weekend 2 double beds in the hotel room.

me and rob decided to check the beach out and left the girls behind to relax i still to this day have no idea what they talked about but as me and rob walked down the beach we had a few drinks in a bar and at around midnight we got back to our hotel room my girlfiend zoey wasnt there but rob's girlfriend leanne was as we got in i fell back on my bed as rob went into the bathroom and was being sick due to the ammount we d***k.

as i was led back on my bed i looked over to rob's bed where leanne was laying under the covers staring at me, i felt a little creeped out as i had no idea what she was looking at me for, she began to bite her lip and i couldnt turn my head as she slightly lifted the covers rob and leanne hadnt had sex yet she was just 16 and still a virgin but the way she looked at me she didnt seem one.

She got out of the bed, grabbed the white silk dressing gown off the hook and asked if i would walk her down to the bar to find zoey, i said "sure its time she came back" so we went to tell rob where we was off but by now he passed out in a pool in his own sick so we just walked out.

Leanne walked in front of me down the corridor and i could see the outline of her round peach ass as she had no underwear, she pressed the lift button with her right hand but stroked her left across my jeans,there was no eye contact in the lift atall but when it stopped she got out and headed towards the bar, as we arrived i saw zoey kissing this lad and i just felt angry so i stormed out the front of the hotel, leanne ran after me and before i knew it we was on the beach, i always wanted to know so i asked leanne "have you ever given a blowjob?" leanne looked at me like pushed her hair behind her shoulder and said "yes but it was along time ago" she began to undo my jeans kissing my lips, she tasted like mints no hot ones the nice kind of ones, i knew this was wrong but i couldnt stop her.

As my leanne finally got my jeans undone she stuck her hand down my boxershorts and pulled out my hard thick cock, she gasped and said "wow. ive never seen one this big" i smiled and said its not that big leanne dont be silly, she ran her wet warm tounge around the top of my cock as it felt good i began to push it into her mouth, i couldnt controll myself as her hot toung felt so good on my cock, i begain to rub her pussy under the dressing gown it felt like she had just shaved as i rubbed she began to get wet so i pushed my fingers in her finger pussy as my fingers got deeper she sucked my cock hard, i knew i was going to cum soon so i pushed my cock as deep as i could in her mouth i began to shoot squirt after squirt i knew she could feel it ruinning down her throat as she looked at me she swallowed everything i began to lick her clit while fingering her wet tight pussy,then i swapped fucking her pussy with my toung while rubbing her clit, she looked down and asked for my cock in her.

i pulled the dressing gown up and rubbed my hard cock on her wet pussy as i began to push it in i felt the sand on my balls drop bit by bit she moan so loud so many people was looking as i was about to take my bestfriends girls virginity, i pushed my hard cock in her inch by inch she took it untill my balls was against her ass, i pulled out so just my cocks head was in her and pushed back in harder and began to fuck her feeling my balls hit her ass with every pound, it didnt seem like this was her first time because she kept repeating for my to fuck her harder as she bent forward and grabbed my balls in her hands as i was fucking her i knew it was time to shoot again so i got faster untill i felt my cum shoot all inside her she gasped again as she felt it in her aswell i slowly pulled my hard cock out as i finally pulled my cock out of her warm, wet, tight pussy i could see my cum oozing out of her, i stood up and as i did she said 'that was amazing'

i felt so guilty as i knew i had just betrayed my bestfriend by fucking his girlffiend, i looked down at leanne she was soo beautiful dark brown hair around 5'8ft not one bit of fat on her stomach, round peach ass and her pussy as i looked at it, it looked good my cum oozing out of this freshly shaved small tucked in pussy

i told leanne i had to get back and she said "i think im gonna tidy myself up first", i agreed she should and told her i would see her back in the hotel room as i walked off i looked back and saw her lick her lips and fingers i knew she liked it and loved the taste of my cum, but that night i will never forget even tho it wasnt the last time of me and leanne.

My first story sorry it isnt amazing.
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3 years ago
good story
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nice story
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thats not bad ;)