i have a story.....read all at once!

we had just been in the pool, and we were both pretty relaxed. you still smelled like chlorine which i loved, but i had taken a quick shower and had washed my hair. so my skin was soft like yours but smelled like salivating-worth vanilla, my hair was dry. i had just finished blow drying it a few minutes earlier. so it felt like soft sheets just out of the dryer, warm and light. we were both slouched back in the sofa. i was on your right and we were just gazing onto the television. i didnt even know what was on cause at that moment i suddenly became overwhelmed with how much i wanted you. i looked over at you and you smirked back. you had no idea what was coming, and i loved you right there for smirking at me. so i waited. i let it build up in me for a little while. and i think you noticed my right foot stroking the left one it was crossed over. so to stop myself. i stretched my right leg over your right leg, and my hips just realigned themselves so that my whole body was facing you. i let my head rest on the end of your right shoulder, and inched my right hand under your shirt. i moved up your abdomen till i got to your left breast, your left pectoral muscle. i used the end of my fingers, cause i knew you would be more sensitive to the ends of nails, it was like light scratches over and around your breast, you leaned your head back and closed your eyes for just a second, and i knew you were going to let me do whatever i wanted because you wanted it too. so i watched you. and i just kept moving, i moved my hips closer to you and pushed my legs together so that you could feel me better. but i knew you couldnt take not having done anything to me yet. so you took your left hand and moved it under my soft shirt, and we were caressing each other. my breathing changed, and i didnt want to let myself get disabled by your touch, so i decided to take control. your right hand was now under my left butt, like you were ready to move me where ever you wanted. like an agile cat i moved my right leg all the way over your body, and went for your right ear. you moaned, which only happened on rare occassionals, and so i smiled while i was playing with your right ear. i stroked the end of your ear lobe with my tongue, and made sure it was wet with my saliva, that way,when i let go, i knew the air would take to the liquid all over the end of your ear, and give you a chill. i set it up so that when i went for your ear again, the warmth of my mouth would feel so nothing like the cold chill you had just felt through your whole body. you wanted to melt. i thought you didnt know what to do with yourself, but you did. you just as quickly took your right hand, that by now had been all over the dip in my back down through the bottom of my thighs, and went inside. i loved surprised and stopped making love to your ear. you always loved when i was that wet. it was so gratifying to know it was my bodys secret from you, and you had just found out. i collapsed over your right shoulder, in just one movement i couldnt believe how deep you had gotten in. i tried to lift my head up, but you pushed in again, and i was panting already. you took your left hand out from under my shirt and lifted my head, i was so incapacitated that you could only kiss the right corner of my mouth, the top lip, and then the bottom. i wanted to kiss you back but i didnt feel like i had the energy to. now you smirked for a different reason, basically the tables had turned, and i hadnt known that was coming. but i was determined after all. and composed myself. i didnt want to waste the bl**d now running down to your lower body, and kissed you with all the lust i felt in my body. i took a deep breath in, and looked down, it threw all my hair in my face, and you were wondering where i had gone. i was frantically unbuttoning your pants, you realized what i was doing and unzipped them, we threw them down together. thank god mine were lose and it didnt waste too much time. we looked at each other for a second, and mutually thought about how we had thrown ourselves into a situation, where yes, we were all alone in the house. i told you i wanted you inside, you whispered yes back. i collapsed again, i always forgot how amazing it felt when you first went inside. it was the slowest and most sensitive moment, and i loved it. you didnt have to do anything. i was consumed with pleasuring myself, and straddled you like a professional, it was my agenda, i reminded myself of how it felt like dancing. how i could do whatever i wanted with my hips, and did what i did cause it turned me on. i was surprisingly quiet, because i was fully content. i didnt need anyone else to know, because i knew it was coming. for awhile your hands were helpless, but they eventually found themselves around my labyrinth of a body, and neither one of us felt lost. i got so warm inside, and then i realized i was wet all over, we had both worked up a sweat, and my shirt was sticking to me, it felt hot. and i remembered the fire place was still on. you threw your head back again, and i remembered to relax my hips i was tensing up again, you moaned when i did that, and i smiled, but my smile became and oh my god and then my whole body started shaking. you grabbed me by my waist because you could tell, i worked harder, and got loud...i didnt want to hold anything back now, i kept moving the hair out o f my face and breathing out through my nose. then i came all over you. i collapsed over your right shoulder again and then slid down your breast, we were more sweaty than i had thought. you asked me if you could finish and i whispered yes. i looked over my left shoulder and bent backwards to grab the sheet on the floor. thank god i occasionally stretched. i threw it over my back so that we were in a cave of sexss. and i took off my shirt cause all i wanted was to be completely naked all over you. i moved my hips more gracefully now, mostly because i was exhausted from my orgasm. you started thrusting forward and it took seconds before you collapsed back. i thought about whether or not i liked my collapsing more than i liked yours. and it was close call. watching you lay back and completely overwhelmed by this amazing event, made me love you so much. i ran my right hand through the hair just at the nap of your neck, and squeezed you with my whole body. i felt so fragile like i had been in a jacuzzi for hours only after having conducting the most strenuous labor ever. i had a new respect for all those times you were on top. i smirked thinking about the ab workout. i managed to pull myself up and looked over your left shoulder, the clock on the stove said it was 216am, and so i eventually suggested that you lay down, and you took a quick nap. i laid down next to you. but i couldnt sl**p from everything that had just happened to me. i felt amazing, and somewhat emotional. i let myself lay with you for awhile. but then i got up to take a bath. you looked so handsome. my sl**ping greek god. i was surprised how long it took me to stop breathing so heavy. i wanted to do that on the hour, every hour, for the rest of my life.

i basically tried to take a quick nap when i finished talking to you, but came up with this scenario instead. i was really wet, and played around for awhile, but really wished you were there instead. yup dirty naughty Nivi strikes again. and i never read those novels too. guess i dont need to huh? just thought i'd share it with you. muah**

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1 year ago
Mmmmmmmmm, nice.
2 years ago
that was amazing... please write more!
4 years ago
Wow thst was something else great story you should try to write a book or something
4 years ago
I reluctantly rated this as Excellent, 5-X's! That reluctance is because there weren't 10-X's or a hundred X's. You said more in this short piece than some do in volumes, I have saved to my favorites, hope it never goes away!