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[Story] "Ex Daughter-In-Law"

It's late Friday night when the phone rings. A quick look at caller id shows that it’s the ex-daughter-in-law Amy.

"Hey, what's up?"

"David and I got into a big fight, can I stay there tonight?"

It's late I'm tired and not thinking so, "Yeah sure."

I'd be lying if I said I never had any sexual fantasies about Amy. She's got a sweet B cup and a nice ass. But she is the mother of my grandson, married, and currently about 4 months pregnant. While doing a quick pick up of the house before she gets here I suddenly think, where is she going to sl**p? I only have two beds, the gran... Continue»
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[Story] alone in the wood.

The weather was warm but a little cloudy and spud was at a lose end so he decided to take a walk down to the canal, as he was strolling along watching the ducks and dodging the odd cyclist the sun came out and started to beat down on his back, feeling the heat he pulled off his sweatshirt and let his broad shoulders catch a bit of a tan as he carried on in his vest top enjoying getting away from civility but not to far away.As he was enjoying himself being away from the normal things that bothered him in his daily life and it being so hot he decided to cut through a housing estate and walk up ... Continue»
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[Story] Gay and loving it

Carl is the type of black man that white women fantasize about having sex with. He's tall, muscular, very dark skinned, 36 years old with a shaved head and strong African features. I am a tall, slim 48 year old white guy who looks much younger than his age. I met Carl while playing on a local softball team. We quickly became friends and fell into the habit of spending Saturday nights together when neither of us had dates. He would come to my house and we would order pizza and drink beer.

One of those Saturday nights he showed up with a bottle of Jack Daniels which we promptly started to dri... Continue»
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[Story] Swinger lifestyle

Holiday in Cap d'Agde

This is Dan. My wife Mandy and I spent a two-week holiday in Cap d'Agde in the south of France in September. We stayed in the naturist section, called Port Ambonne, which has a reputation as a place where couples come to have fun after the f****y holiday season has finished. We had such a wild time that we just had to write down our holiday experiences so that you can enjoy them too. Here's the result.

The sun was hot as Mandy and I packed our luggage into the bright green Renault Clio at Montpellier airport. On the flight from the UK we'd sat opposite another cou... Continue»
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[Story] Finding A Female Coworker On A Yahoo Swinger Site

Hey, my name is Wayne and I work for a pretty cool company here in Dayton, Ohio. I'm an estimator for a commercial electrical company and have a decent working relationship with everyone there. I've been married to my wife for the last ten years but we had been dating since she met me on my 21st birthday when I was out with my buddies for a few drinks. She was the waitress that served us our drinks. Long story short, I married her five years later.

Now Beth, my wife, and I had talked a few years ago about the possibility of us venturing outside of our marriage and checking out the local... Continue»
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[Story] Pantyhose at John and Laura's.

It is only a couple of days after our sex session in the country park when I get a text from John telling me that Laura is feeling particularly randy and asking for me to come round. I don't need asking twice and after a quick shower and shave I slip on my favourite pantyhose, tan sheer to the waist with the gusset cut out, and pulling on a tshirt and trousers I grab my bag which is packed with a selection of other sexy underwear and as usual my camera and tissues. I get in my car and drive round to the address that John has sent me which turns out to be only 15 mins drive. I park and walk up ... Continue»
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[Story] A Moment in the life of a Traveling Man

Traveling day to day has perks and down falls. I have always enjoyed the adventure but find the down time in the evening and at night boring and lonely. I recently decided to take a bold step to address these moments of down time. It came to me about three weeks ago. I was 'web surfing' when I came across Craigslist. I had no idea that an individual could set up an ad that would allow you to express what your seeking and allow others to respond to your ad. So I decided to place an ad three weeks ago just to see what would expectations.
Placing the ad was easy; 48 y/o male ... Continue»
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[Story] My New Neighbours

As the summer progressed, I rode my bike pretty much every day. I also rode real hard which made me quite exhausted. I usually sat on my balcony after I rode and took my t-shirt off and sat in my spandex shorts. What I didn't know was that a new couple moved in not too long ago and noticed me from time to time. One day, as I sat after a ride, I was on my tablet chatting with a male friend and passing pictures - he was making me hard.

The couple had been outside and from their view were watching me. They noticed me readjust my cock in my shorts. There were a couple of days during the followi... Continue»
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[Story] The hottest story ever from Mariel

Babies have that smell that makes them appealing and cuddly to most adults. Most of us lose it as we grow older, developing other smells, from what we eat, and from our genes.
Girls are naturally sweeter, we maintain that aura, but being unaware of our allure to men, we tend to aid it with perfumes and soaps, so when he commented that night as I lay in my bed, in the seclusion of the top floor of our house, “You smell so good,” he murmured and I noted his eyes were closed, as he did so and the look of pure pleasure was written all over his face, that was when I almost literally threw up.

... Continue»
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I saw this and had to share...... "My, Santa...what you have."

I almost hit my Santa hat on a tree bough, startled by the interruption from behind me as I stashed presents under the tree at about 3 a.m. Christmas morning, long after my well fucked wife was sl**ping soundly, the combination of Christmas Eve dinner, midnight mass, and vigorous sex having done her in.

The teasing tone sounded almost but not quite like my new wife, right down to the pregnant pauses, which emphasized the fact that my bride loved me not just for my wit and wisdom, but also because even in my fiftie... Continue»
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[Story] Seduced by a Stepdaughter

The doorbell rang on Friday afternoon and Michelle opened it to see her best friend Kristen standing there. The first thing Michelle noticed was that Kristen looked angry. Hand on her hip, lips pursed, green eyes glaring.

"Kristen, it's so great to see you, but what's wrong?" Michelle asked her.

"Can I come in, or are you too busy?" Kristen asked in a terse tone with a snotty emphasis on "busy".

"Of course! Come in, my dad's still at work," Michelle shared with her friend as she ushered her to the living room.

The girls sat down on the leather couch facing each other. Michelle ... Continue»
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I'd been at college for two months when my mom called me and said that my step dad was coming to town on business and wanted to take me out for dinner. I knew this was their way of checking up on me, but I was a student on a limited budget and a restaurant meal was very tempting.

I'd left our little town a bright-eyed virgin, but after 2 months of various freshman fun and initiations I'd not only lost my virginity, I'd managed to try quite a few different things in bed. The problem was that I only ever got to fuck guys my own age and even though they were as horny as me we were all new to i... Continue»
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Lori sat in her room on the bed running her hands over her large D cupped breasts. She was feeling horny, but it was late and she knew her Father wouldn’t let her go out. She grunted at the injustice of it all. She was 20, and should have been able to do as she pleased at this point, but her parents insisted that as long as she lived in the house she was to abide by their rules. Her mom had gone to visit her grandparents which left just her and her Father. If only he’d gone with her Mother, she would be able to hook up with one of her fuck-buddies.

Thinking about how she was being treated l... Continue»
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[Story] Some Guy at a Concert and I Got Hands-y

"Screw him!" Jess said down the phone and I knew she was right. "I have two tickets in my hot little hands to a concert tonight and we have to go!"

Jess was my best friend since as long as I could remember. We were always there for each other no matter what. She wasn't a fan of Darren when we first hooked up eight months ago and was pretty vocal about me moving on. Darren cheating on me was the clincher.

"I really want to have a quiet one." I said in a tone that told Jess if she asked one more time I would go. She picked up on this.

"I'll be over in thirty minutes and then we are goi... Continue»
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My foot twitched restlessly as the day neared its end. Screw work. I wouldn't be able to focus on it anyway. Tick, tock, tick, tock. I could almost hear the ticking of the clock, even though it was just the numbers on the bottom of my computer screen that changed as the minutes dragged on. 6 O'clock hit and my computer was already off. Except now I was getting a little nervous. I'd been contemplating, anticipating and considering the meeting for days but now that it was actually time to go, I was not as confident as I had been when I agreed to it. My stomach knotted up a bit. As I drove toward... Continue»
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[Story] Kits Adventures in the North

**Crossdress Story**

It had been about six months since I'd had any chance to dress, any chance to feel sexy and been even longer since I had any kind of sexual contact.
Work tends to do that; gets in the way and screws about with "me" time. Luckily, though, it was only a temporary job. It could have been permanent, but
I'd decided against it, I had plans to visit up north anyway and now I had the money, what better time?
I had all my things packed and was ready to go, sliding a jiffy bag full of condoms in my shoulder bag I was about to head off to catch the early train when I s... Continue»
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[Story] shemale experience (Fantasy wish it was true!)

So here I am sitting at the sherries accross from my hotel.Eyeing a good looking blond girl, she looks about 21, nice little bubble butt,hips and D tittys,very pretty. she catch's me looking at her and give's me a wink, I make it a point to chat her up(while being intoxicated by her strange happy attraction)I end up talking her into coming back to my hotel for a swim,after of course I get her a bikini at the store down the street. we end up back at the room and we talk and begin to make out,she goe's and changes we go for a dip and things get hot so we head back.....

At this point I can't ... Continue»
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