weekly report to my master

My weekly report to Master Brixtonian
Mancbobbie knew I was a total slut needing thoroughly & regularly dominating and fucking by a large group of dom guys and as such he arranged a series of sex parties at his flat where a large group of random hot guys could use & abuse me and use my body for their pleasure. This was to be a regular Friday event.
On arriving I dressed as quickly as possible so that Bobbie did not have to wait long for me to suck his cock and be ready to entertain his pals in every way possible. I was wearing my satin thong, new bra, lace suspenders and large pattern fishnets. Bobbie had arranged for me to submit to guys from 12.30 through till 5pm solid without any breaks, he wanted me to serve 12 guys in that time ie at least one guy to completion every thirty minutes with no breaks…
I had to bring the guy off either in my mouth, deep in my pussy or all over my face – those were my three choices, but I had to get every guy to unload on or into me for it to count.
The first guy arrived promptly at 12.30 walked into the flat and immediately ordered me onto my knees at his feet while he unbuttoned his trousers and brought out his cock for me to suck. He had a fab cock both long and fat with a lovely big head and a glistening piss slit ready for my tongue to do its magic. I worked my tongue into his slit whilst very gently stroking his balls. I slowly ran my tongue up and down his shaft and gently sucked his fab cock head and looked up into his eyes to ensure he was enjoying the sensation. I felt his cock stiffen and he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it tight plunging his cock right down my throat – I didn’t realise he was cumming at first because his seed jetted straight down my throat without me tasting it, but then he part pulled his cock out and I could feel his seed flooding my mouth and the lovely flavour on my tongue.
Second guy put me straight over his knee and started to spank me quite hard. Stroking and rubbing my smooth arse cheeks, then “crack” a very hard slap which he continued dealing out slowly and rhythmically until both my cheeks and up and down my legs were glowing. After he tired of spanking he borrowed my lube and started playing with my pussy, first one finger then two and quite soon all four I think. It went through my slutty body like a knife and made my poor clit strain and leak a tiny bit. Once he knew I was hot he tried to slide all 5 fingers / thumb into my pussy and it really stretched me to the max and I started squirming with pain. At this point he flipped me round and pushed his hard cock straight into my pussy and started fucking me doggy style. After about 5 mins of pummelling he turned me round and offered me his pussy juice covered cock to suck. I hardly had it in my mouth 2 seconds and he jammed it deep and started cumming in big tasty wads.
Soon after guy no 3 arrived and he wanted me to rim him while he wanked off. He was very excited and after virtually no time he started groaning and grabbed my head and came in my mouth almost straight away. After cumming he smeared his cum filled cock all round my mouth and over my up tuned face.
4 & 5 arrived at the same time and wasted no time getting me air tight and simply fucked me relentlessly for what seemed like hours, taking turn to swap ends and keep feeding me my own juice and their pre-cum. They had a competition to fuck me hard without cumming – the first one to cum I think would lose, but I could not really see what was happening between them as my face was constantly held down at cock, arse and balls height as you can guess.
Number six arrived and wanted me to suck him in the hall just as he arrived. I got on my knees and took his cock and tried to really give him a fab sensuous blow job. I licked his cock head, dribbled and slobbered when he asked and deep throated him as his wonderful cock was the perfect size and diameter for my throat and just slipped down balls deep amazingly easily. Once he knew he could go balls deep me, he took me into the bedroom flipped me on my back and had me hold my head over the edge of the bed so he could really throat fuck my face very deep. While he was throat fucking me another guy who I could not see started taping and caning my poor clit with a crop and thwacking my exposed little balls to make sure I was not enjoying it too much. This throat torture and clit abuse went on for ages until eventually with a grunt he simply emptied his full balls straight down my neck
Number seven then arrived with eight and nine all at the same time. I was made to suck them all in turn while another guy mounted me and plugged my pussy with his cock. I lost count of who was where and how many cocks were in me by this time and just surrendered to the a****l deep sissy need to surrender to all and not allow my clit to get too excited. I sucked cock, rimmed guys, licked their balls tweaked their nipples, but above all offered my pussy for their pleasure. I really concentrated on trying to pulse my pussy tight round their cocks to give them maximum pleasure but my poor ring was getting tired by now from the continual battering, but I carried on tightening it and pulsing it round their cocks as best I could.
The guy number 8 was black and as usual he had a massive thick prince of a cock, long fat and glistening with my pussy juice – I spend ages worshipping it and licking his heavy balls and even gently rimming his fab arsehole to give him as much pleasure as possible. The black guy became my priority and the centre of my life – giving his beautiful black cock as much pleasure as a tgirl could was my only priority in life! No 8 swiftly mounted me grabbed my hips and plunged his weapon in deep causing me to wince a little as it was slightly too long for my love tunnel but I took the pain anyway as BBC always gets what it wants with me no matter how painful the experience.
After what must have been a good ten mins of deep pounding and stretching of my poor pussy he started groaning told me to grip him harder with my pussy ring and to suck up all his cum, he let fly – crying out and moaning in ecstasy he led his whole heavy load fly from his massive full balls deep into my gut it felt amazing and reaffirmed my desire to serve dom guys especially black ones whenever possible… I was delirious with pleasure and pain at serving him and for getting him to unload into me. I probably spent too long with the black guy but he did so turn me on!!
He fucked me, came deep in my pussy and wiped his cock on my arse and face then left.
While I was still recovering and my pussy still gaped wide one of the other guys came behind me and started rimming my pussy slurping at the cum dribbling out and rimming me as best he could. He slowly licked my pussy lips and them delved deep for the precious BBC cum and scooped it out as best he could. He then came round to my face kissed me and snowballed as much of the precious cum as he could onto my hungry lips and tongue. A moment never to forget as long as this slut lives and hopefully to be repeated soon!
This abuse and continual fucking of my mouth lips and pussy by the other guys went on for ages as they never seemed to tire but eventually one guy said he had to go and pick up the k**s and needed to seed my pussy. He turned me round face up on the bed and fucked me looking into my eyes wanting to see the pleasure and pain on my face and the moment he shot his seed deep into me.
The last guy pushed me shoulder down and got me to stick up my arse for one last spanking session then sunk his raging cock deep into my exposed pink tender pussy. Another big load pumped deep into my bowels and I was so hooked now and never wanted it to stop.
Bobbie called an end to the session and the guys started getting washed and changed while I was left on the bed full of cum thinking about my new role in life.
Just as I thought I was being allowed to clean up and get ready there was a knock at the door for guy number ten (not including Bobbie) and an unexpected bonus dom guy walked in.
He had me on my knees sucking his cock in no time as usual and took me back into the bedroom to get more access to my pussy. He flipped me over got me to spread my battered cheeks and hold them open wide and plunged straight in and started fucking my poor sloppy gaping pussy. As he pushed my face into the bed he grabbed my poor balls and squeezed hard enough to ensure I was not enjoying myself too much.
He again made me squeeze his cock as best I could and started to verbally abuse me telling me what a total worthless slut / whore I was and made me agree out loud and tell him what a disgusting dirty perverted tgirl I was and how I should be ashamed to be alive but that luckily serving dom guys gave me at least some base purpose in life at least. He said he would love to castrate me and have me as his neutered eunuch but that fucking my pussy would do for now.
After what seemed like hours he withdrew his cock told me to turn round and spurted what felt like gallons of hot sticky smelly cum right onto my face lips hair and eyes - laughing while he did it saying the look suited me. Guy no 6 came back in and kissed my cum covered face and again scooped it off and fed it to my hungry lips while confirming what a total whore I had become.
With a slap to my arse I was dismissed and told to get cleaned up ready for next week where Bobbie thought I could probably take more guys if I tried harder…..
He promised to post all the photos all over the net and ordered me to attend next Friday.
I didn’t need ordering I now knew my place and my role in life was sealed

100% (10/0)
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9 months ago
It is a very true story and I so loved doing it im hooked now and have to repeat every week xx
9 months ago
9 months ago
nice story1