Stranger Finger Fucks My Ass!

Honey I`m horny! I feel like getting nasty,real nasty! what do you say we go out and find some one to get nasty with.the wife said. sure what you got in mind? i asked. you know that thing you keep promising you will do for me.well lets do it tonight. ok lets do it i think i am ready to try it. we can check out the bookstore first maybe we can meet some guys in there. the wife said. guys? so you are wanting me to suck on more then one cock tonight? i asked. yes i am thinking as many as we can find! so you are going to have me sucking cock all night long. well not just sucking i am going to try and get you fucked a couple of times as well. she said. get me fucked! i don`t think so i will suck a cock or two for you but that is it. i told her. please it feels real good i promise pleaded the wife. NO! i said. and what are you going to be doing? i asked. watching at first cause i don`t want to miss out on seeing you get your first mouthful of hot cum! then i plan on sucking some cock with you. my wife said. my wife had me good and horny by the time we got to the bookstore. as we were walking in my wife said look those guys back there are fucking! lets go watch! wow that looks like fun lets join wife said. you can pretend i am a guy and fuck me in the ass cause i know you have always wanted to try it. we said we was going to get nasty tonight. next thing i knew she had her shirt opened and her skirt off standing right in the middle of all of those guys fucking each other. come on give my ass a good fucking my wife said. i looked around and thought what the hell and slid my pants down and got behind my wife and began to push my rock hard cock into her tight ass. as i picked up the pace and started fucking her hard i noticed her reach over and start playing with the guy`s cock that was getting fucked next to her. i was her ass hard when i felt a hand start to play with my ass! i looked back and was a guy standing there jerking off with one hand and playing with my ass with the other. i should stop him i thought to myself but i didn`t! and then he got a little braver and started working his finger into my ass. and when i didn`t stop him he begun to fuck my ass with his finger. man did it feel good! oh fuck honey it`s happening i whispered in her ear. what`s happening? she asked me and she turned around and looked at the guy and said fuck him good! he wants it don`t you honey? yes fuck me please i said. when i felt him put some lube in my ass i knew it was really going to happen i was going to get fucked by this guy. then i felt the head of his cock start pushing against my ass and it slide deep inside me with no pain at all. oh good it felt good! fuck me i shouted! but it didn`t take long before i felt him start filling my ass full of his hot cum! and what a feeling it was! you liked it didn`t you? the wife asked. fuck yes i did so much that i let two more guys fuck me before we left!
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2 years ago
Hot story!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Fucking hot wish I had a wife like her!