The Wife Watching Me Sucking On A Cock

Honey i can`t stop thinking about last night i know it was a accident and you did not do it on pussy starts to get wet every time i think about you having those three hard cocks so close to your mouth. tell me the truth was you tempted? you know it would not upset me if you wanted to see what it felt like to suck on a big hard cock and taste another man`s cum. as long as i got to watch my wife told me. it sounds to me like you want me to suck on another man`s cock i told her. only if you really wanted to she said. so it would really turn you on to see me with a big hard cock in my mouth. o fuck yes i would love it and when he shot his big load in your mouth and there was cum dripping from the sides of your mouth you could share it with me. so what do you say will you do it? please! i really don`t think i could do it i told her. please just think about it OK sweetheart. i will but don`t get your hopes up. and think about it was all i could do for days. i was not honest with my wife cause i really think if the time was right i would not have any problem with wrapping my lips around another guys cock and let him fuck my mouth and see if i could swallow is cum. i have all ways wondered what it would taste like. but to suck on a guys cock in front of my wife. i don`t know about that. but for some reason i keep trying to figure away i could do it. so Friday night i asked her if she wanted to go see a movie. but i did`t tell her that we was going to one of those adult bookstore theaters to see a adult movie and i was hoping it was a gay movie playing so maybe we could try it tonight. hey look there is a adult bookstore wanna stop and get a dirty movie for later? i asked. sure lets get a real dirty one OK. we walked around looking at all the stuff. the wife was more interested in the toys then the movies. look they got a movie theater right here. you feeling brave? i asked my wife. yea lets check it out i heard these places can get real nasty. so we bought a ticket and headed inside. i noticed every guy in there was staring at my wife as we sat down. did you see that guy had his cock out and was jerking off? the wife asked me. maybe we should sit closer to him so we can watch him jerk off.said my wife. we can do that i told her. wait look over here i told her. there was a guy just a couple of seats over from us with his pants down around his ankles and was stroking on his cock. o my god look how fucking big it is the wife whispered. i started to watch the movie and sure enough it was a gay flick. one guy was down on his knees in front of his two buddies sucking their cocks.i looked over at the wife and she was still staring at that guys huge cock. and now he was really pounding on his cock hard and looking over at us. it kind of shocked me when she said man how i would love to be fucked by that huge fuck stick. and with out thinking i said i don`t blame you honey i`ll bet it would feel great being fucked by that cock. yes we should try to get some of that dick she said. as she unbuttoned her shirt exposing her big tits for him to see. then see reached over and undid my pants and pulled my now rock hard cock out and started jerking me off. and as hard as your cock is you must like that idea too. don`t you said the wife. do you think you could get all of that mother fucker in your mouth? i asked my wife. maybe! you get him over here and i will try i told her. "YOU WILL!" well then lets see if this gets him to come over. my wife stood up and looked right at him and took her skirt off. she was not wearing any panties so she was standing there with nothing on but her heels. i was loving it! she then motioned him over. he did not waste no time he came right over and sat down on the other side of my wife. before he could get his pants undone my wife was grabbing for his huge cock. o what a cock you got there mister i love it and i want it. i heard her tell him. you have got to feel this thing. honey she grabbed my hand and put it on his cock nice uh. real fucking nice i told her and started stroking it for him. with one hand he was playing with my wife`s tits and finger fucking her cunt with the other. so i reached down and started finger fucking her sweet ass at the same time. we had her so fucking horny i`ll bet she would have done any thing we wanted. he looked over at me and said your wife is one nasty bitch."SUCK MY DICK" he told her i plan on it when we get back to our place. right now my husband is going to let every one in here watch him suck your cock. i was so fucking horny i could not wait to get his cock in my mouth. i got down on my knees in front of him and wrapped my lips around hard cock and started sucking on it trying to get as much of it down my throat as i could when he started to fuck my mouth my wife grabbed the back of my head and said suck it bitch take it all. i could not get it all in my mouth but i did have most of it in my mouth when he said i am going to cum. oh fuck yes do it fill my husbands mouth up with your hot cum. and did he ever it was dripping from the sides of my mouth as i tried to swallow as much of it as i could. come on lets go so you can fuck me with that huge horse cock of yours the wife yelled
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1 year ago
Great read...awesome
2 years ago
My ex-wife was a lot like her and while the setting was different, thats real close to the first cock she had me suck...we used to party in Vegas a lot..!!
2 years ago
awesome story!!
3 years ago
mmmm yesssss
3 years ago
That's so hot
3 years ago
Great story, would love to have a wife like that.