The Wife Caught Me Sucking On A Cock! part 2

What do you mean? i asked. you two wanted to get nasty.well then get nasty real nasty and me and the s*s will watch. i pretended to be upset but by this point i was so fucking horny i was up for all most any thing. and it was a good thing to! i had never seen my wife act like this she was being a nasty bitch and i liked it. OK honey i want you and Tom to play with each other and get your cocks good and hard again. that`s it, you guys are getting pretty good at it. now lick Tom`s balls you Tom suck on my husbands cock. you know you want to! dam it felt good! now i think its time for Tom to use some of this lube and get your ass ready for a good fucking. don`t you honey? i have never fucked a guy before Tom said. but you want to don`t you Tom! come on tell us all how bad you want to stick your big dick in my husbands tight ass and fuck him good and hard. yes i do wanna fuck him. and you wanna be fucked too don`t you honey.i know you do the wife said. OK just for you i will do it i told my wife. o fuck yes this is going to feel great i thought to myself.OK Tom smiled but first i want to use my tongue and the next thing i knew Tom had his tongue buried in my ass. it feels so fucking good! i yelled. you like that don`t you honey?yes i do! well you are going to love this! my wife was standing there with a huge latex cock hanging between her legs. it had to be 7 or 8 inches long! move Tom i get to be the first one to fuck my husband`s virgin ass. but don`t you worry when i get done fucking the shit out my husband. you and Amy can take turns fucking his ass while i ready for this bitch!the wife asked.but little did my wife know i was ready and wanted to be fucked. i felt her start pushing the head of her latex cock against my lubed up ass and was waiting for the pain to begin as she pushed her latex cock further inside me. but there was not any pain it felt good. you OK honey? do you want me to keep going? she asked. YES PLEASE IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!i told her. with her s****r and Tom watching she buried her latex cock deep inside me and started pounding my ass hard.mind if i help Tom asked as he grabbed my cock and started jerking me off as the wife fucked me.O FUCK YES!i shouted. then i started cumming and shot a huge load all over the three of clean it up with your tongue the wife i started licking my cum off them. Amy the wife`s s****r said i want some of that ass and with one easy push had her latex cock buried deep inside me. both the wife and her s****r fucked me good.but i wanted to feel a real cock buried in my ass. what you waiting on Tom? COME FUCK ME WITH THAT HUGE FUCK STICK OF YOURS! i told him. AND DAM IT FELT GOOD!!!!!
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2 years ago
so dam hot and erotic i came in my panties again
2 years ago
3 years ago
Dam love to be there!
3 years ago
read this look at Zynest and cum ho so good
3 years ago
I got a raging hard on right now from that!
3 years ago
This got me hard!