Talking the wife into going to a swingers club!

After our trip to the adult theater i noticed that my wife was dressing a little more sexier then normal.and she started talking real dirty when we fucked. so i decided to try and talk her in to going to swingers club if nothing else but to night after i got done fucking her good and hard she said honey i want to ask you something but i don`t want you to get mad or upset. go ahead i won`t get mad i told her. we had so much fun at the movies i thought we should try out the red rooster this weekend! it would be fun plus i really would like to lick another woman`s pussy while you was fucking it. "WOW" you did say licking another woman`s pussy right. yes i did would you like that? "O FUCK YES" a swinger`s club, you want to go to a swinger`s club! "SO DO I" i told her. she smiled and went to sucking on my rock hard cock! you are getting to be a nasty slut you know it? "YES I AM" and its all your fault but you have not seen nasty yet! she said. now that i know you like watching me with other guys i am going to suck and fuck as many guys as i can and as often as i can! i hope you like your wife being a slut cause i am loving it! sat when i got home from work she was ready to go."WOW" she looked hot a lose white button up shirt (no bra) white panties (which i talked her into leaving at home)a black skirt and nylons with heels! hurry up we don`t want to miss any of the fun she said. so with 3 hours to kill before they opened she said lets go in there why i don`t want a tattoo i told her. lets just look she said as we was looking a biker looking guy came out of the back and asked if we seen any thing we liked? before i could say no my wife said yes i want a small rose on my butt. when we got to the back room my wife said lets do it and stepped out of her skirt. ok the guy said smiling. i noticed his left hand keep getting closer to my wife`s naked pussy. so i excused my self and went to the restroom knowing my wife would let him touch it if he wanted to. but when i went back the door was shut and locked .so i went out for a smoke. i was trying to be mad but the growing member in my pants would not let me be. it was not long before my wife came out with a big smile on her face. what do we owe him i asked. "NO CHARGE" and kissed me. this was the first time at a swinger`s club for us so we did not know what to expect. but it turned out to be pretty cool kind of like one of those high school parties in the 80`s when the parents were out of town. my wife was like a k** in a candy store. lets try this, lets try that! we went in to a couple`s only room were there was two nice looking blonds on the bed making out. please, please can i join them asked my wife. heck yea go for it i told her. you sure you are ok with it? i am more then ok with it look i pointed down to the huge bulge in my pants!she smiled and asked if she could join them. sure the replied. "WOW" there was my wife naked and kissing and touching two other woman. as hot as that was i could not help but notice their husbands with their dicks out watching. it was not long before i was doing the same! i noticed one of the guys was watching me as much as he was watching the woman. so being as horny as i was i lifted my hips and pulled my pants down so he cold see my hard cock better.when i looked back at him he just smiled and started to shoot a big load of cum all over him self. i looked back to see the wife had been watching me the whole time i was watching that guy. she came over and said come on i am just getting started. so we got a drink and headed for the hot tub. we were alone at first then 3 guys walked up and asked if the could join us.sure come on in my wife said. as we talked i noticed them all starring at her chest. so i reached up and undid her top. it fell to the water exposing her tits to the 3 guys. you guys don`t mind do you? asked my wife. one guy stood up and said no as long as you don`t mind and took off his swimming trunks sporting a nice hard on.ok then my wife took off her bottoms and the other two guys stood up and said wait for us. off came their trunks exposing the hard cocks to my wife. "WOW" said the wife when she saw how big the one guys cock was! it was not long before they asked if they could touch. please do my wife said. i lifted my wife up on the edge and the 4 of us took turns licking her snatch. i could not wait any longer i had to fuck her! i got on top of her and the 3guys moved over so she had my cock in her cunt another cock in her mouth and one in each hand! it did not take me very long before i started to cum. i pulled out of her pussy and shot my cum all over her. dam that was to fast i did not get to cum my wife yelled. "O YOU WILL" i said. and i sat back and watched these 3 guys fuck the hell out of my wife! the guy with the huge cock made her scream when he started cumming in her!!!!!! thanks they said "NO THANK YOU" my wife replied!
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2 years ago
Wow I came again great sexy story
3 years ago
Wow where is this club anyway thanks