Didn`t dare say yes but didn`t want to say no (p

One night feeling kind of horny i decided to stop by the theater in our local adult bookstore. who knows maybe i`d get lucky and there would be a nasty couple in there so i could stroke on my hard cock in front of the guy`s wife and let her watch me shoot a big hot load of cum all over the place.well no such luck no woman tonight only a few guys. what the hell i`ll still go ahead and sit down and jerk off and if a few of these guys wanted to watch that would be fine with me. i noticed a guy sitting a few seats down really watching me stroke on my cock.feeling a little brave i motioned to him to come closer so he could see better when i started to cum. hell not only did he wanna watch he wanted to help too.and when he did ( i let him ) i could not believe how good it felt having another guy stoking on my cock.so i closed my eyes and leaned back and let him have is way with my now rock hard cock. when i felt his tongue touch the tip of my cock i could not wait any longer and i started shooting hot cum all over him. i opened my eyes to see a couple standing there watching us. well now that you are through. my husband could sure use a good cock sucking. you up for it? she asked. i did not know what to say i did not dare to say yes but i did not want to say no! to be cont....
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1 year ago
go for it!
2 years ago
you say YES
2 years ago
Wow that happens at those adult theaters
2 years ago
Yes i'm ready for the next chapter
3 years ago
Yes its always better whensomeone else is jacking you off thanks