Cow Girl`s got something hard in her jeans

Last Friday night me and the guys from work stopped to have a couple of beers. which of course turned out to be a whole lot more. boy was i going to be in trouble when i got home. but when i got home it was all quite, too quite. then i saw the note. "You son of a bitch you knew we had that dinner at my mother`s!" i knew i was in big trouble now. being a little d***k i thought hell with it i am going to have a good time any ways. so i put on my boots and grabbed my cowboy hat and headed to the bar to do a little country dancing. as i looked around i noticed a nasty looking blond on the other side of the bar looking at me and smiling. d***k and feeling a little cocky i headed over to ask her to dance. when we got out on the dance floor and started dancing is when i realized just how d***k i was. i stumbled and had to hold on to her to keep from falling. which she thought was kind of funny. lets go sit down and wait for a slow dance she said.when we got back to her booth and sat down she was not shy at all she was all most sitting on my lap. which was fine with me she was hot! my name is Tracy she said as i felt her hand on my leg. which made my cock start to grow. you don`t mind do you she asked. no not at all if you don`t mind as i looked down at the bulge in my jeans.she smiled and started rubbing my cock threw my jeans. it was not long before she had them undone and her hand wrapped around my now rock hard cock. wow this girl is fucking hot i thought to myself. but just when i put my hand on her leg she jumped up and said come on its a slow one. dam back on the dance floor we went. we danced real close and she reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against her. i felt something hard against my cock. o you are a kinky bitch i said. yes i am can you feel it she asked? yes and its all most as big as mine i told her and laughed. thinking the whole time it was a strap on cock. which i was ok with. the song ended and we went back to the booth. i was real d***k by now so i thought what the hell i will play along. i started rubbing what i thought was her latex cock outside her jeans. wow i could not believe how nasty this girl was. she had my cock out stroking it right there in the bar, don`t worry nobody can see what we are doing and if they can fuck um she said as she wrapped her lips around my cock and started giving me one of the best blow jobs i have ever had. she did not stop till she had a mouthful of my hot cum. now its your turn to suck my cock she said. i laughed and said sure i will suck your hard cock i undid her jeans and reached inside and O MY GOD it was not a latex cock i instantly let go of it and looked up at HIM. change your mind Tracy asked? no i said with out thinking and started sucking on her hard cock. i could hear people cheering her on as she began fucking my mouth hard and did not even warn me when she exploded in my mouth. cum was oozing out the sides of my mouth and down my chin when she pulled her cock out and said thanks you cock sucker and started walking away. got another one uh Tracy i heard some one yell!
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1 year ago
love your stories
2 years ago
love the story. I love a good shemale cock to suck on
2 years ago
another good one
2 years ago
all i can say is wow
2 years ago
wow been there and done that
2 years ago
2 years ago
Las Vegas!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
Just where the fuck do you live, I want you to come suck my dick as well...