The Party Encounter - for Porn Mom

It was one of those formal parties you had to attend to keep a job. My client was hosting the party in his home and there I was, bored out of my mind and trying to stay awake.

I was in a group of a dozen or so people in an upstairs library, listening to the idle conversation of others and trying to pass the time. I had long since given up on the conversation and was watching the women walking around the room. Some were trying to impress others with their knowledge in a conversation. A few were just strutting around the room watching to see which man would lust after them with his eyes and then they would quickly walk away just to tease him.

I was sitting on a sofa towards back of the room trying not to appear like the voyeur that I really am when all of a sudden this blonde appears right in front of me. Oblivious to my presence, she bent over at the waist to pick up something she had dropped on the floor. In her haste, the short dress she wore rose to expose her lovely white thighs but then stopped just below her panties, exposing her stockings and garters. The silky dress she wore clung to her body, molding perfectly to her tight round bottom. Her beautiful female form was exposed right in front of my face as if she was wearing nothing at all. I was so startled by her sudden appearance that I sat up in the sofa, making enough noise that she realized someone was right behind her.

Embarrassed by the less than lady like show she had just given me, she quickly rose and scowled at me with the “you pervert” look all over her face. With her scowling at me, I just could not resist the temptation to be a smart ass, so I licked my lips, grinned from ear to ear, and whispered thank you! What a brilliant remark, she instantly became irritated. Then she began the indignant diva walk, strutting over to the next conversation and glaring at me in disdain as I sat back on the sofa trying to stifle my laughter.

The black dress she wore was gorgeous, cut low in front to expose her ample cleavage and then dr****g loosely around her torso stopping just below her thighs. When she walked the fabric flowed around her body outlining her features as if she was wearing nothing at all.

What a beautiful woman! Too bad that a stupid wise guy that I know personally, had just irritated her enough that he will not be able to enjoy that view again. And what a view it was! Lovely legs wrapped in stockings from her ankles to her thighs with just a flimsy dress covering that petite behind. It felt good just to reminisce about that view. Women! They dress up to make everyone stop what they are doing and look at them but heaven help you if you actually look at them. With that simple glance, you have crossed the line to become a pervert. I know there is some logic in a woman’s mind, somewhere, but I’ll never figure it out.

The different groups in the library were starting to move on to other rooms. The last couple left the library, leaving me sitting on the sofa nurturing my drink. I just sat there for a few minutes, not really wanting to join the rest of the party but knowing that I had move on to keep up appearances. Suddenly, as I started to get up to leave, that gorgeous blonde in the little black dress walked back into the room.
Damn, I thought, now I am going to get a lecture that I don’t really want to listen to. But to my surprise, she raised a finger to her lips to silence me as she quickly turned and looked around the room. Satisfied that no one else was in the room she quickly shut and quietly locked the library door. I sat back down into the sofa, somewhat confused by her actions but eager to find out her intent.

She walked over and stood right in front of me, scowling at me like she did before. But this time she started to smile and then turned her back to me, stretching her arms to the ceiling. She slowly bent over at the waist, kicking off her heels and sliding backwards right in front of me. She gently caressed her leg with her hand then reached around, raising her dress above her waist to expose herself fully to me. What a view!

She braced herself on the arms of a large chair as I knelt behind her placing my hands on her legs. I gently started to massage her legs above the knees and began sliding my hands up to her hips as I slowly kissed my way around her panty line. I slid my hands over her panties, gently placing my thumbs over the sweet spot between her legs. I began to lightly caress the swollen lips that were pushing against her panties. When I began to feel love juices on my thumbs I slid her panties off and stuffed them in my pocket.

She stood up, allowing her dress to fall down into place and then motioned me back onto the sofa. I sat on the edge of the cushion, leaning back into the sofa, just staring up at this beautiful woman right in front of me. She knelt over me, straddling my lap and then wrapped her arms around my neck. She began slowly pulling my face towards her, stopping only when she had buried my face between her breasts. As I started nibbling around her breasts I realized there was only a flimsy dress hiding those breasts from my tongue. I raised my hand to gently slip her breast out of the dress and began kissing all the way around her nipple. As her nipple hardened I placed my mouth over it and began milking her with my tongue. Several milking sucks later I felt her collapse in my arms as she began thrusting her hips into mine.

With each thrust of her hips she began to feel the bulge between my legs grow stiffer. She leaned back and opened my shirt and began running her fingers across my chest. Her hands moved back and forth slowly for a while then started exploring down my sides to my hips.

Feeling the bulge beneath her begin to move she sat back and began watching the bulge grow. She loosened my belt and unzipped my trousers, gently freeing my entrapped member from the cloth cage. She began slowly stroking my cock using both hands, teasing the helmet with her fingers as she massaged the length of my shaft with her other hand. With every stroke it grew harder and stiffer.
She slid forward resting her ass on my balls and rubbing her clit against my hardened shaft. Slowly she began sliding up and down in the groove as the juices began to lubricate us both. Then rising up, she massaged her clit with my dick by sliding the tip between her moist lips as she slowly lowered her warmth around me. My cock was throbbing inside of her and I could feel her body milking me further into her. I put my hands on her ass and held her down just enjoying our entwined bodies. Soon, neither of us could sit still any longer and the thrusting began, slowly at first, but getting faster with each thrust until neither of us could control ourselves any longer. Finally with a hard thrust, I exploded deep inside of her. I could feel my body repeatedly pumping hot sperm into her pussy and her pussy milking every spurt completely out of me. As she felt my warmth inside her, she collapsed in my arms, pulling me tight against her. We just sat there for a moment, not moving, enjoying our orgasm together.

After a minute she stood up, straightening her dress and putting on her heels as I closed my shirt and trousers. Then as quickly as she came back into the library, she opened the door and vanished into the party.

I tried to find her during the rest of the party but she completely disappeared forever and I didn’t even know her name. What a woman! It’s a shame, I can’t even keep the panties as a souvenir, my wife just would not understand.

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2 years ago
Goog imagination
2 years ago
awesome tribute to a hot lil'lady
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks.
3 years ago
It is well written. Good story. I might add that the name of the room I have done this in is called The Chesapeake.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
The best story I've read in so long, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
My kind of party.
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
mmm...great story!