the wife who wanted more

Id been on the website a while and had varing degrees of luck. I got chatting a woman called shelly from the medway towns. we semedto hit it of really well and as with all chats on the wesiteit got very fruity at times. It turned out that shelly was married no k**s and a great husband, but she had maried young and had only ever been with one guy. It was her fortieth birthday at the weekend and her hubby who knewthat this wasa problem had told her to join this site and "get"it out of her system.

She had thought he was k**ding but he sey up her profile and paid for a three month full membership. shellyhad chatted toloads of men but for lots of different reasons they had either not been up to the job or just not right! Her husband was really enjoying the sex they were now aving as she would come off the computer at night wet and horny and was taking it out on him!

I logged on this morning and Shelly was online i said hi and she chatted away and then told me she had woken up reallyhorny this morningand had jumped on her hubby he had pumped away but now was at work! He had come she hadnt! I was free and casually said so. She paused and then simply put her address in the window and logged off! I wrote it down jumped in the car and dashed to her house it was only 4 miles away!

I parked out on the street and walked up the drive and rang the door bell> shelly open the door in her dressing gown! wesaid hi and i walked in. we walked to the kitchen. Her mobile rang as we walked in and she picked it up it washer husband she looked at me! i said answer and tell him im here see what he says!

She said hello and i could hear him saying about how he had had to rush this morning but how he loved her being sexy in the morning. She said that she was not alone and he asked who was there! She told him "Lee" from the site. There was a pause and I looked at her. she pushed a button and put the phone on the kitchen worktop. I could hear his voice she had put iton loud speaker. He said hello and so i did the same. he then told hs wife to tell me what she wanted. She was going red but said "I want to see you naked". So i stripped naked n front of her as she decribed it to her husband. Then she said she wanted me take her dressing gown off which i did! she was naked beneath and was looking great. He asked her now what she wanted and she said that her pussy needed licking! I didnt need to be asked more than once and knelt between her legs and started licking for all i was worth. She described everythng i was doing and it was only then i realised her pussy was still full of his come! She pushed my head into her lapp and moaned as i licked and sucked. I was so turnedon at that pointi think i would have done everything she wanted. her husband was loving the whole experience andwas encouraging me. She came and I lapped her flowing juices.

Twisting her round i was now in charge and pushed her head first downon the table spreading her legs and slaming my cock deep in side her. She groaned. he Hubby asked what was happening and she groan "hes fucking me on the table"! All that cam back was "Jesus". At this point I wasn't bothered who was listening i was fucking for England. I grabbed the butter dish stuckmy fingers in it then slipped them deep into her arse. she groaned deeply! "fuck" she screamed "hes got his fingers up my arse"> "Jesus" wasall that came back pulling outof her pussy i started to push into her arse. "OH god hes fucking my arse" she panted. I held her hips and drove home after 30 or forty strokes i exploded inside her.

We lay there panting she lookedat me over her shoulder and said we havent even kissed yet! Her husband was very quite and i Asked him if he enjoyed me fucking his wife. He said "you the first person to fuck her arse and i think im going to be the second later".

Shelly slipped from under me and said "maybe into the phone".
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4 years ago
that story may have been good if you would have used spell checker. i hate it when i have to guess what the hell someone is saying cause they don't know how to spell.