My wife's first time at 15- a true story

This story is completely true. It took me over 20 years to get it out of my wife Jennie.

When she was 15 she was getting pretty horny and was sick of being a virgin. She had a friend, Bobbie, who felt about the same way but had the advantage of being 16- old enough to drive.

One Friday night Bobbie drove them to a club that featured beer and rock music. They both looked hot, in different ways. Jennie was thin, with small breasts and a tiny waist over long legs. Bobbie had big tits but a thin waist and a nice tight ass. They were both wearing short skirts

They had to flirt with the bouncer until he let them in, since they were obviously not 21. They got a beer and looked around the room until they saw a table free up down in front of the band. It was a local group, 5 guys, okay but not great. Jennie and Bobbie went through one beer after another until they were really wasted. The band guys watched as they got wilder and wilder, pulling their skirts up to their panties and licking their lips as they watched the band.

As soon as the last set ended the lead guitarist, a tall skinny guy named Roger, jumped down off the bandstand and came over to talk to them. He seemed particularly interested in my wife-to-be, Jennie, and she got really excited that a musician would like her. He asked, "Do you want to come over to my apartment with the guys in the band and party some more?" Jennie and Bobbie looked at each other, grinning, and said, "Yes!" They went and got their car and Roger rode in back with Jennie while Bobbie drove. All the way there they were making out, and he was rubbing her clit and putting his fingers up her pussy. He asked her, "Are you still a virgin?" and she said, "Yes." He said, "I'm going to fix that problem." A thrill went through her and she giggled and rubbed his crotch.

They reached Roger's place just as the other cars were pulling up, and they all went in. Roger put on some music and one of the guys passed out the beers he had bought on the way over. Bobbie began dancing with one guy and then Jennie started dancing with Roger. He was all over her, his hands up under her blouse rubbing her little tits and pushing down the front of her skirt and panties. He turned her around and pushed her into his bedroom, where he stripped her naked and did the same to himself. Jennie didn't have enough sense to ask him to put on a rubber, so they just went at it. His cock was very small, but he was really hard and fucked her silly, and he came inside her pussy.

Roger got up, saying, "I'm going to get another beer," and walked naked into the next room. He came back a minute later and said, "Bobbie is having a great time out there. You should come see."

Jennie got up off the bed naked, and went into the hall so she could see. Bobbie was lying naked on the living room carpet, her legs spread, getting fucked by one of the guys, while another one knelt over her head and she sucked his cock. The other two guys were standing over them, slowly stroking their cocks.

"Oh my god!" Jennie said. "She's never done anything like that before!"

"Well it looks like she's learning fast," Roger said. He crossed the room to talk to the two guys who were standing waiting their turns to fuck Bobbie. He gestured over his shoulder at Jennie, and the two smiled at her and began walking toward her.

Jennie's heart kind of fell as she realized she wasn't special in any way to Roger. "Oh, shit," she thought. "This is getting really heavy. Do I really want to fuck all these guys?"

She never got the chance to decide, as the two guys took her by the arms and laid her down on the carpet. She was saying, "No! Please! I don't want to do this!" but nobody cared what she said. One pushed his knee between her legs and began fucking her, and the other groped her tits and shoved his cock in her mouth. After a while, Jennie began to get really excited even though she wanted them to stop, and she remembered having at least one orgasm. Pretty soon they both came, one in her pussy and the other in her mouth, and they climbed up off her. She sat up and looked over at Bobbie and saw that Roger was fucking her now, and the two guys who had fucked Bobbie first came over to Jennie and pushed her down again, then took turns fucking her pussy.

This went on for a couple of hours, and each of the girls had every cock in the room at least once, most of them twice or three times. The guys were kind of tapering off, having a hard time getting it up again, so Jennie crawled over to Bobbie and whispered in her ear, "Come on, Bobbie, we need to go." They pulled their clothes together, got their purses, and started for the door. Then they heard Roger say, "Wait. You were really sweet, Jennie. Give me your number and I'll call you."

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2 years ago
great story! please post some pics of this sexy wife!
2 years ago
nice for yg girl to get gang fucked her first time! I bet u have had to share her alot since eh?
2 years ago
Good Story! Hope she shares more experiences with you!
2 years ago
Very hot,,she got just what she wanted,,her cherry busted,,thanks
2 years ago
Good Story! Has she confessed to anymore stories?