I went to buy lingerie...

I went to buy lingerie, and Marie, a very beautiful lady was my sells woman. After choosing and showing her what I wanted I expected Marie to hand her the clothes and wait outside the changing room, but instead I gently pulled her inside and closed the door. In a matter of fact tone Marie instructed me to remove my clothes, and after hesitating for a moment, a firm look from Marie made I begin to undress. In a soft voice Marie murmured, "Very nice," while handing me the flesh colored panties and told me to put them on. As I pulled them up over my hips I saw Marie looking directly at my crotch, which caused me to shiver and make my nipples immediately harden. I adjusted my panties and reached for the bra, and as I began to put it on, I felt Marie's hands helping with the clasp in back, then reaching around my with both arms I adjusted my chest inside the large cups. As I tugged and pulled on the bra, Marie let her hands roam all over me, gently cupping each breast and squeezing and pinching my nipples. I was stunned but didn't move as Marie continued to touch me while biting on my shoulder and ear. As the massaging of my chest became more intense, I then felt the clasp to the bra unhook! Marie's hands were now on my bare breasts! I turned around to face Marie directly, and immediately Marie's mouth went straight to my nipples, sucking on them urgently for two or three minutes as the moisture was filling my hot pussy. I became dizzy with desire and Marie slipped to my knees and pulled off the flimsy panties. "This is what I want," she said, as I pushed her down on the changing room stool and pulled open my legs. Marie's mouth barely touched my outer lips, but it caused me to shudder! The feeling was unbelievable!!! When Marie f***ed her tongue into my hot slit, the first of my orgasms hit like a tidal wave. Wave after wave poured over the shaking woman, and just as I began to come down from my high, Marie's expert tongue found my clit and began a steady licking and sucking that caused me to cum three more times in quick succession!!! And then was my time to do her… but that is another story…
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3 years ago
I would love to have that happen to me,sounds awesome.
3 years ago
sounds lovely I trust you enjoyed it?
3 years ago
3 years ago
mmmm very hot, hope you wright the next chappter