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u know guys bitch about how women are such divas and bitches. Well its because some guys dont know how to take a hint. They f***e u to be mean to them inorder for u to be left alone. I might say "oh im not that horny atm" or "im busy, hope u have fun" or "well, im tired im going to bed"....u would think they would get the hint that im not going to play at that point and second. But NO...they keep pushing keep insisting til they piss me off! and then im just a grouchy bitch to them from this point on!

U see guys i try to be nice, i try to not brag if im playing with someone else other than u, i try to let u down easy (not to sound concieted) but u cant handle that. u make me be flat out andd say...go away i dont want to talk to u!
i hate being mean! but dang!

so...sure pm me or whatever but do not hassle me about playing when i clearly dont want to! Truth is...strangley enough...im not always a horny slut when i come on this site (although i am sometimes ;P )....so anyway that was my soapbox/vent session :)
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2 years ago
I agree 100 percent!
2 years ago
Awesome, Some peeps just dont have a clue, can't catch a hint etc etc etc......
2 years ago
very well stated!
2 years ago
Love ya babe!
2 years ago
There are not many out there that do know how to take a hint...
2 years ago
You could not be more right! Be a gentleman.
2 years ago
you go girl ! , not every guy on here is like that maam