Our First Meeting

I meet her on xHampster---we chatted---traded e-mails---then pictures---next came phone numbers and finely it was time for us to meet in real life

I selected a place about half way between where both of us lived---a quiet off ramp that would be easy for her to find---I phoned her with the location we were to meet at---I told her was it was along a secluded country road and told her to be there no later than 3:00 pm that very afternoon---I also told her that if she was one minute late I would be gone.

I got to the meeting spot at 2:45 and she was already there waiting---dressed as I had instructed her in my earlier phone call---I watched her for the next 20 minutes---then I silently walk up behind her---she did not try to turn around until I started kissing her neck and ears and my hands cupped her full breasts---she tried to turn to see who was doing these things to her---but I stopped her and whispered into her ear---do not try to look at me---I then unbutton the blose she had on and as I kiss the back of her neck and ears---my hands stroke her breasts and play with the rings she had in both of her nipple---twisting and turning them---pulling them as I took in her load moans of pleasure

Again she tried to turn around and again I said NO into her ear---warning her that if she tried to turn around again or lift her arms from her sides---I would stop and leave her standing by the side of the road

My right hand finds the waist band of the slacks she has on and I open the top button and unzip them---I whisper into her ear---that I am going to play with your cunt and clit but first I wanted her to spread your legs--- until I say they are open wide enough---she obeys without making a sound---my other hand is still working over her smooth breast and toying with her nipple and nipple rings---I then whisper that she is not to try to but your hands on or even near my cock---that she had not earned that right yet---if she tried I would leave her standing there just the way she was---my right hand is now inside her panties and stroking the hairless skin above your cunt---I run it down first one side then the other---teasting her flash---comming closer to her magic spots---all the while whispering "do you want me to touch your cunt lips bitch---oh don't talk you dare talk slut---just shake your head yes or no---the only sound I want to hear from you are your moans of pain or pleasure---no talking do you understand me----now I am going too see how wet you are----I slide a finger into your vagina and test you---mmmm you are wet arn't you--- just like a good little slut should be---I take that wet finger out of her vagina and run it down to your asshole and then up and over your clit---do you like that my little slut---do you like it when I touch you like nasty slut you are---then I cup her whole pussy and she starts to grind your clit into the heal of my hand---her wetness is now in the palm of my hand also---you want more I ask again---she shake your head yes and moans with pleasure---are you my slut right now ---again she shakes her head yes---I slide my finger over her asshole again----this time pushing that same finger in as far as it will go---thats a good girl---now relax relax your asshole some more I tell her---I tell her I am going to put a second finger inside her tight dry asshole---I get the second one in and finger fuck her asshole for a little while---then I whisper---asking her if she wanted my fingers back in her wet cunt again---she just moans half in pain and half in pleasure---I told her to shake her head yes if she did or no if she wanted me to see if I can get a third finger in your dry ass---her moans and breathing are both comming faster and harder--- I grind the heel of my hand hard on your clit---she is shaking from head to toe now---well slut I am waiting---she shakes her head yes and I move my hand and begin fingering her pussy slow and easy at first then harder and faster---my hand slides in and out of her wet hole and over her clit then back into her wettness---I ask her if she likes being finger fucked---again she shakes her head yes and lets out a load moan---I ask her if she is going to cum for me---and she let the word YES slip out of her mouth----I grab your clit and twist and pull up on it very hard---she yelps in pain---what did I say about talking I as her---one more word an you can finish yourself---I will just walk away understand---it was easy to see that she liked having her nipples pulled and twistes and her cunt finger fucked and your clit rubbed by the sounds she made and the movement of her body

I then told her I was getting tired of playing with her slutty ass and it was time for her to cum for me---I told her that I was going to count to 20 and if she had not cum by then---I was going to twist her clit agian but this time a lot harder---do you understand I asked--she shoke her head yes

I rub her clit hard and fast and start a slow count to twenty---in between each number I whisper---1---I hope you---2---don't cum---3---I liked to---4---hear you---5---yelp---6---in pain when I---7---can abuse your---8---clit---9---I know you are close----10----I can feel your orgasm coming---11---the choice is---12---yours---13---will it be---14---pain---15---or pleasure---16---my pretty---17---slut---18---cum for me bitch---19---cum now...........

She shoke as her body was racked with a powerful orgasm---she moaned with pleasure---she through her head thrown back---her eyes closed---mouth wide open---I held her tight as her legs shoke and she seemed ready to colapse to the ground---I held her through her orgasm and kissed her neck and whispered again into her ear---that she was a good girl---and that she would make a wonderful little cum slut---I asked her to tell me who her master was---she replied softly---you are---she then added "you own my cunt---my body---my soul----I reply---thats a very good girl---I take my wet hand out of her pants and and raise it to her mouth and she licks her cum from my hand.

I then tell her that this was her first lesson---it was a lesson in following my orders---I explain in a cold hard voice that---she is just a slutty sex toy to play with----I then take her hand and lead her over to a bench and we sit down---I put my arms around her and hold her---while I storke your hair---telling her what a good girl she had been and how happy she had just made me---

She is still shaking and I can see she is tired so I guide her head down onto my lap---I speak softy and say---a few more lessons like this one and I will allow you to see and teast my cock---all the time I am storking her hair and gently rubbing her back----we sit there for another ten minutes not saying a word---then made plans for her next lesson in following my commands
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yes master
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Great story, Larry. I love the anonimous sex part. That's hot!
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nice ...
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Jethro, why didn't you finish the fifth grade?