My Fantastic Trip

California (part 3)

Hi everyone my name is Larry and at 55 years old I am having the greatest sexual adventure of my life. After leaving Erin in Reno I headed to check on an old army friend that was not doing so well in San Francisco. It was a great Friday morning, the sky was clear, the air fresh, and the sun looked fantastic coming up over the mountains to the west. As I cruised down the road in my rented 2011 red Cadillac CTS two door sports coup I spotted A Lexus sitting on the side of the road, I slowed down and just before I went past it I noticed two very good attractive women stand beside the Lexus looking down at it like it was a puppy that just pissed on a new rug. Something told me to stop and see if I could help these two poor ladies out. So I pulled my Caddy in behind the Lexus, got out and started walking toward what I could now see were two well dressed woman in what looked to be there early to mid-thirties. I also notice that the shoulder of the road had just been treated with some kind of oil to keep the dust down. I made a mental note to check my shoes before hopping back into the Caddy. The closer I got to the ladies the easier it was to see, how pissed off they were and that they did need of help. Little did I know at that time, my stopping to help these two good looking woman would lead to one of the most erotic and sexually draining three days of my entire life.

There was no other traffic on the road so I decided it would be best to keep of the shoulder and out of the junk that had to have just been sprayed. As I came up behind the Lexus I could see the two woman much better. I was right about their age for sure and now that I was up closer I could see one of the woman was a very hot looking tall red head and the other was a shorter and stocker but still very good looking blond, I could see right away that they were not s****r, good friend maybe?

As I looked at these two stranded woman, my mind went wild with idea's of fucking both of them at the same time, The vision of the redhead sucking my dick while the blond licked my asshole gave me goose bumps for a second, my cock was ready to go again after just five days of rest. There is nothing that can jump start a older man's libido again like spending a unbelievable weekend with a hot and very horny eighteen year old girl. I had meet on-line.

(Flashback) Erin was a old man's dream come true, she had a slim, trim athletic body with fantastic little pink nipples on her cute young girlish tits and her bald little pussy was so tight, it felt like it was custom made for my cock when I fucked her the first time and every time after that. Erin had not had sex with many experienced men before, and had never had sex with a man my age, So she was very eager and welling to please, learn and was willing to do anything I suggested. Between her willingness to learn and please and my large supply of those magic little blue pills we had fuck and sucked almost none stop from Friday night till, I hit the road again on Sunday morning. Erin was a real live little nymph, she came easier and more often than any girl I had ever seen, she soaked the sheets within the first hour of our sexual play in the hotel bed we were using. Her vagina got so wet as I played with it and had to started putting the big thick bath towels the hotel provided under her ass to keep her from flooding both of us off the bed.

We were naked and engaged in some kind of sexual activity from the time I picked her up at her girlfriend's house. It started right after we said hello to each other, Erin reached across the console between our two seats and unzipping my pants pulled my cock out and began sucking it in her young, hot wet mouth, she took her mouth of for just a second to say "I told you what I would do if you and I ever meet Larry, and then went on to show me that she was naked under the cute designer sweat suit she had on. Erin suck on my cock and played with her pussy until we made it back to the hotel I was staying at. She did the same thing when as I drove her back, and dropped her off at the same place Sunday afternoon. When I asked her what she was doing, Erin said in her little girls voice, "Larry I wanted to leave your balls bone dry and your fat cock limp for a month". Erin then looked up into my eyes when we stopped at a red light and said "I just wanted to say thank you for such a great weekend Larry and to let you know what you can expect if you ever come back again, and then she went back to licking and sucking my cock, till it was time to say good buy.

The only exception was when I drove Erin to play in a softball game that Saturday afternoon. I was amazed at the energy that Erin had, we had been up all night playing sexual games and we both lost count of how many orgasms Erin had, the two of us only sl**p for a few hours had breakfast in our room, fucked again in the shower, dressed and grabbed some lunch on our way to the game. I was exhausted myself but not young Erin she was full of energy and ready to go as soon as she fit the field. As I watched the game I know Erin had to be telling her girlfriends on the team what she had been doing since yesterday afternoon and who she had been doing it with. I had taken a seat behind Erin's team bench and throughout the entire game her young team mates keep looking straight at me. While it was easy to see that most of the girls where giving me that "I want to fuck you too old guy" look, a small group of others had that "you fucking sick old perv stay away from me" look. After Erin's team won the game the whole team went to get ice cream on the coach's dime. At the Ice Cream Stand Erin introduced me as her dad's older b*****r and her godfather from Harrisburg Pa visiting for the weekend. I do not think anyone bought the story though, even Erin's female coach could smell the odor of Erin and my sexual play that was thick in the air around us. After eating our ice cream and chatting for awhile full of sexual innuendo and some out right bold and even kinky sexual offers from some of Erin's female team mates as well as an offer from her 30 something hot ass coach to join us that night, (an offer I said I would talk to Erin about and told her that one of us would get back to her on), Erin and I headed back to the Hotel got naked again. Our hotel room door only opened two more times that night; once to let our room service dinner in and once to let Erin's coach Jenny in for what turned out to be a wild, kinky, and oh so naughty three way that was just over the top. While Jenny left after breakfast Erin and I stayed naked and did not leave the room until check out time a 3pm Sunday afternoon.

The Red head
was dressed in expensive designer slacks with a matching blouse that was thin enough to show off her lovely braless smallish, firm and very perky tits, and very hard nipples, and was tight enough to give anyone looking a great view of her trim flat tummy. Red was wearing tight fitting pants that made her ass look as tight as a teenagers, as well as giving anyone looking, just the hint of a camel toe in the front, I am sure they were covering great pair of legs, Red was also wearing matching open toed shoes with not quit a "fuck me heel". Her red hair looked fantastic and a face that was very pleasing to look at, Red had hazel eyes, small pointed nose, and very lovely kissable lips. I would have guessed that Red was about 5' 8" out of her heels. After looking her over really well, I thought to myself, Oh yes Red I want to fuck that lovely mouth and tight pussy, I know you have under those pants, Yes Red I want to hear you scream my name as you ride my bone and when I make you cum all over my fat cock.

I then eyed the Blond standing beside Red, Blondie was also a good looking woman indeed. She was about 5" shorter than Red and a bit stocker as well in a very nice way, I noted that the Blondie had a wider ass and much larger tits than Red did, and I wondered if they were real. The Blond had the same style and quality clothes as Red had on, but unlike Red the Blond was wearing a bra but it did not hide the fact that she also had rock hard nipples on top of her big tits. Her pants were also tight enough to show she was wearing a pair of thong underwear under them. The Blond also had a pair of matching shoes on as well but hers were sandals instead of heels which to me look a lot more comfortable to wear than Red's heels. Blondie had a lovely round face, big full lips, and very bright, friendly deep blue eyes.

Again my naughty active mind thought of what it would be like fucking this shorter woman like a bitch in heat and finger fucking her wide asshole at the same time. MMMMM I thought yes I want to fuck your wet pussy doggie and finger fuck that lovely wide ass of yours and after I make you cum a few times, I can hear you scream and begin to beg "OH YES FUCK MASTER PLEASE, PLEASE, I WANT YOUR WONDERFUL FAT COCK DEEP IN MY ASSHOLE RIGHT NOW" "PLEASE BUTT FUCK ME NOW" "I NEED IT UP MY ASS NOW". My momentary fantasy was interrupted when Red came up and said "thank you for stopping to help us, we have been here for almost two hours now. We have both been trying to call our husbands but for some reason our cell phones will not connect to either of our husband's cell phones or to either of our homes, then I tried calling the AAA for help and was able to get through about two hours ago but they said it would be at least three hours before they can send someone. Blondie spoke up at this point and said "can you please help us, it's getting hot out here and I only like to get hot when I am having sex" then she giggled and smiled. Red rolled her eyes at Blondie's comment and I gave Blondie a smile, said ok that's very good to know and we all started walking to the Lexus.

Both women walk ahead of me and as I watched the two shake their ass's another wicked thought passed through my mind. I wonder if these two are lovers, and if they are, who was the top and who was the bottom. Yes I could see Red as the top bitch fucking Blondie in her chubby wet cunt and wide ass with a big strap-on dildo and Red making Blondie eat her pussy and lick her asshole for hours at a time.

For some reason the fantasies keep popping into my mind, I started to wonder what it would be like to fucking these two, and having one eat my cream pie and the other suck my cock and balls clean, My nasty ideas were making my cock thicken inside the short pants I was wearing. I needed to be careful because I was traveling commando, but at the same time could not remember when two woman had caused me to pop a boner and make a tent in the front of my pants, But I could not stop my over sexed mind from thinking, I wondered again, what would these two bitches do if I told them they would both have to sucked my cock at the same time before I would help them at all?

As I got to the Lexus, I was snapped back to reality when I heard Red voice begin introducing herself and Blondie to me. Thank you for stopping again she said, my name is Mona and this is my best friend Joyce, as you can see we are in a bit of trouble here. I hope you can help use, as she extended her hand, I accepted Mona's hand then Joyce's as I was shaking hands with the two lovely ladies, I introduced myself and told my name was Larry, and I would be happy to do whatever could to help two beautiful women in distress. Mona and Joyce both smiled and blushed a bit and said thank you again.

I asked who was driving when the car stopped running and Mona said it was her car and she had been driving when the engine just died and Mona said she was able to coast the car on to the shoulder of the road, then tried to start it again but nothing happened. I asked Mona if this had ever happened before and she said "never" I then asked Mona if she had been doing anything when the engine stopped running, Joyce then spoke up and said "everything was fine until Mona turned on the AC, we had the windows open until it started getting warm in the car, I looked over to Mona and she nodded her head yes agreeing with Joyce.

I asked Mona to pop the hood so I could look over the engine and check some other things that may have cause the engine to stop running. Not seeing anything right away, I asked Mona to please get back into the car and try to start the engine. When Mona turned the key to start the engine I saw a flash of light and knew what was wrong right away. Joyce how had been standing beside me and also saw the flash and jumped back. Joyce asked me what had happened and found some way to rub her big tits across my back and onto my right arm, as she came back to look under the car's hood with me, at first I did not notice what she had done but the feeling of her firm tits on my back and now on my right are became very exciting and added to the thickening of my manhood, My cock now needed to be adjusted in my pants so I reached in when I thought Joyce was not looking, little did I know Mona had an un-obstructive view of me repositioning my semi hard cock while looking through the opening between the hood and windshield. The problem was easy to fix and the repair would only take me a few minutes to complete, it seemed a wire had come loose on the battery.

As I was checking over the engine for any other problems, Joyce started telling me about what and where she and Mona where going. "Thank You again for stopping and helping Larry", Joyce said. "Mona and I are on one of our girls weekend getaways" she went on, "Oh" I said "what do you girls do one a getaway weekend" I ask just trying to be friendly. "We" Joyce went on to say, "get away from it all about every six months. Mona and I dump the k**s with or husband's and head to a great Hotel, Spa and Resort about 20 minutes from where we are right now". We left early this morning and would have checked into the spa by now, Joyce gave the car a nasty look. Let's see Joyce went today is Friday and after we checked in to our suite it's off for a day of shopping, then a relaxing evening back at the suite. Saturday is spent relaxing and making ourselves beautiful, we start by having our legs and vagina's waxed, then it's into a great mineral bath, and after that two big strong hunks give us a wonderful massage that yes includes a very skillful and intense happy ending, Joyce gave me an elbow and a wink, yes honey that kind of HAPPY ENDING, then it's off to the steam room till lunch. The afternoon is spent getting our hair, face, feet and nail done. We go back to our room for a short nap then get ready for an evening of naughty girls fun. We both enjoy dressing up for dinner and like to wear clothes that are very sexy and suggestive. You know, short dresses to show off our bare tanned legs, Mona refuses to wear a bra all weekend, she still has great looking tits even after two k**s, but these, Joyce pointed to her own large tits, well let's just say they need support. She then put a hand under each large breast and said, "but that doesn't mean I don't love showing off my deep cleavage and as much of these big ta-tas as I can. In days gone by we would not wear panties but we both found that guys love looking at women in those tiny thongs they make today, now we each buy a new pair on our Friday shopping trip. About eight p.m. we treat ourselves to a fantastic dinner, made all the better because we did not have to cook or clean up after wards. Then (blushing) Joyce said in a lower voice, "we like to go visit this Adult Store very near our Hotel, we both enjoy checking out the toys and cheap lingerie, as well as the looks we get from the men and sometimes women shopping for who knows what. One of us may buy something but we do it because it is fun and a bit naughty, when we are done play in the adult store it's off to the coed strip joint right next door for a few drinks and watch all the boys and girls taking off their clothes. We both just love watching the guys and girls shake their money makers, I love to tip the guys, Joyce said, I just love it when a guy with a big cock shakes his naked junk about 6 inches from my face. I looked at Joyce and was surprised at how open she was talking about the male dancers, and it was easy to see she was getting very excited, as she talked about the male dancers cocks being exposed only inches away. Again I thought to myself, hey baby I will shake my meat a lot closer than 6 inches from your face, and I'll do it for free. Matter of fact honey I would be happy to show you both my meat and even give you two a taste if you wanted it. Joyce's nipples were hard as two large peas and they where shining like the headlights on a large truck, and she also had this really naughty look in her bright blue eyes.

I finished checking the engine and walked around to the driver's side and told Mona to give it a try---she turned the key and the engine started right up. I saw this very big smile spread across Mona's lovely face and Joyce began jumping up and down and clapping, but my eyes where fixed on her large breasts bouncing, yep they are real I told myself. I then told Mona to shut the car off again so I could put some covers back on and close the hood. While I was closing thing up, Mona got out of the car, and I guess she heard me ask Joyce what they did when they finished watching the strip shows. Joyce blushing again and started to tell me that they would go back to their room at the Hotel and talk about all the hard bodied girls and guys they saw that night, She also let it slip that the two of them would get undressed and sit on their beds naked and it was not uncommon for them to masturbate while they talked like two young school girls, and that depending on how much they drank that night, things often got more sensual and hands-on between her and Mona. Joyce said that while most of the big long cocks looked good swing free, she and Mona had both agreed long ago that they would rather have a nice big fat cock that was only about 6 inches long, instead of one of those horse cocks they had just seen. I looked at Joyce and said "really"!!! I always read that girls like those big horse cocks. Joyce replied, oh no not true, I guess some girls like them, but most girls like Mona and I like our cocks big and fat around and not all that long, I have had a few of those long ones Joyce said and all they do is hurt, I am not that deep she went on, and anything longer than 7" just will not fit all the way inside me. Mona complains when she see gets a cock much over 6" long, Guys with long cocks just do not understand that not every girl wants or can take 8 or 9 inches up there twat. I just nodded and before I could stop myself asked; why after seeing all that hard cock, don't you girls go man hunting you both have to be horny as hell???? Mona answered that question, Oh Joyce always wants to go but I promised my husband I would be a good girl. You see Larry my husband and I have a deal, To keep thing fresh my husband goes out and selects different cocks to fuck me, and he always stays with me while I am getting fuck. Joyce on the other hand loves to pick up strange men and of course does not tell her husband about it. On our first trip here Joyce brought a cute guy back to the room and the two of them started going at it in front of me. Oh it was very hot indeed until the guy wanted to fuck me as well and I said NO! Well he got pissed and started coming at me, Joyce had to hit him over the head with our empty wine bottle to get him to stop, we then throw his naked ass and clothes out of the room and into the garden outside. After that we decided that since Joyce and I always stay in the same room together, Joyce can't bring a friend home with her anymore unless I agree to him, that's not to say she has not tried a few times. I looked over a Joyce but she had her head down and was playing shy. After a shot pause Joyce went on, Somehow though Mona and I always end up in the same bed and it's always around ten AM, We end our weekend by taking a long hot bath and shower together like we did in college, Dry each other off, dress and head for the fantastic brunch the Hotel has every Sunday. We check out by three and are back home by 7 Sunday night, and its back to the old grind until our next trip. I have to say ladies that does sound like a great weekend away, your both lucky to have husbands that will take the k**s for the weekend so you can go away and play.

Then I was surprised to hear Mona say, are you k**ding I have to suck my husband's cock every night for two months before he will take the k**s for two nights, I don't mind doing it and he does have a great tasting cock indeed, but he also makes me masturbate while I am sucking him, and Damn it that's his job when we are together not mine. Joyce added, yea and my husband knows when it's time for another trip too, that's because, I will rim his ass then suck his cock and balls without him asking for it. He has learned over the years that when I do those things to him without him asking for it I want something , and he has learned that when beg him to take me up the ass, I want something big, and then she giggled again as before. These two ladies were getting me hot indeed and I could feel my old cock growing in my shorts. I closed the hood and checked it, as I was turning around to face both Mona and Joyce, somehow Mona and I collided and I fell flat on my ass onto the freshly sprayed shoulder of road. I could feel whatever the state used for dust and weed control leak into through my pants onto my ass and balls. Mona and Joyce both came over and help me up, Mona keep saying how sorry she was and that she would be happy to buy me a new pair of pants, Joyce agreed but pants were not the problem just then. The stuff I had just sat in was beginning to burn my balls. I looked at the ladies and said excuses' me and jugged back to my car opened the glove box and took out a package of disposable hand wipes I keep for cleaning up while on the road. By now my balls feel like they are on fire so I just dropped my pants and kicked them off, then using a hand full of the wipes I began to clean the road spray off my now red balls. Then I took out another hand full of wipes and started to clean my ass cheeks,

The two woman came over to see what I was doing and got an eye full, my pants where down around my ankles, I had a chubby form all the sex talk, and my balls where fire engine red, and it had to looked like I had my fist up my ass. I just continued to clean my ass and said "sorry ladies but that stuff was burning really burning my balls and turned so they both could get a good look at the still red skin of my nut sack. I must say that both woman had their eyes fixed on my semi hard cock and hairless red balls. Mona started with the I am sorry line again and Joyce said that I need to take a bath and change my clothes, I agreed. Mona said that I should follow them to their Hotel and Spa, and that I could use the tub in there room to to take a bath and change clothes. Joyce said if we move it we can be there in 15 minutes. Mona then she went into the trunk of her Lexus and came back with a larger white towel, here you can take off your pants and just rap this around you till we get to the spa, then in a lower shy voice Mona added "I will be happy to kiss your balls if it would make them feel better right now. I looked at her and could see she was not k**ding, and would have dropped to her knees right then and there kisses my balls. I thanked her for the offer and told her I would love to have them kissed after I had my bath. Mona replied that she would be happy to wash my balls then kiss them all over if I would let her. All I could say at that time was "We will see" Mona then licked her lips and said "Oh yes we will" Joyce had gone through my pants and retrieved my wallet, car keys, money clip, loose change, and belt. Joyce stated that the shorts I had been wearing where a total lose and just left them beside the road. Both women to one final look at my almost completely hard cock (for now anyway) as I rapped the large towel around my waist. Mona told me to follow her as we got back into our own cars, and we were off to the Hotel and Spa.

Please look for part 2 of this story called---The Car Ride

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3 years ago
Trust me, most of the girls on my softball team wanted you to fuck them. Most of them are really horny and looking for more experience from a man like you. And my softball coach Jenny wants to know when you are coming back to visit me so she can have some more kinky fun.

3 years ago