Breaking the Law BJ55mph

This is a true story

Does any one remeber back in the day when cars still had bench front seats and your GF (now wife) could sit right next to you and kiss your ear or neck or open your pants and give you a hand job or blow job while driving down the road---those where the days all right---I would like to invite you on a ride my GF and I took back in the magical summer of 1979.

Well I was in the army at the time and could only get home every other weekend and being a poor soldier could only afford to get a motel room once a month for the two of use to fuck our brains out when we where going together. Since she still lived at home and was the only girl when I came around her mother was always there watching us---As for Me I stayed with my folks when I came home and was the oldest of seven k**s so this really gave us very little time to be alone on the off weekend.---So to get away form both sides of our f****y we would go for long car rides togther---With me driving and Mary attached to my hip---Off we would go and sometimes we would pull over and I would eat Marys young sweet bushy pussy and she would suck my hard cock and then we would fuck---in the car if it was cold or wet outside---but if the weather was nice we would move out of the car and fuck on the warm hood of the car or on a blanket that I keep in the trunk for just that purposes.

Then one Friday night I got home early for my weekend visit and we created what we like to call "BJ55mph" (that's a blow job at 55 miles per hour) Like I said the sun was just about to set, and we where both horny as hell,---Mary had her hand on my cock as soon as she slide over beside me and my right hand was cupping her then small right tit and was rubbing her nipple through her thin shirt before we even pulled away from her house---well it was still to early in the evening to go to one of the places we would go parking at--(remember parking people)--So it was ride time--I got onto Interstate 79 North and just started to drive---we talk a bit and I contiuned playing with Mary's nipple and by now she had unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzippered my pants and was pumping my cock rock hard in her soft hands---this was not the first time she had given me a hand job in the car while I was driving---Mary would open her pants up so I could get my hand down her pants and take care of her "HORNS" as she called it---by finger banging her tight little hairy pussy and asshole and rubbing her hard clit until she came all over my right hand---and yes we did this while cursing down the road.---

So as soon as I got the car on to the four lane Highway I set the cruse control 55 (the speed limit then)---I set the tilt of the steering wheel all the way up---and move the bench seat back as far as it would go---Mary was horny that night I mean hornier than normal---all she had talked about since we had gotten into the car was sex---how she wanted me to play with and suck her nipples---how she wanted to play with my cock and balls---how bad she need me to make her cum---and then she said the words every man loves to hear---how bad she wanted to suck my hard cock and taste my cum in her mouth---well I lifted my ass up off the seat and pulled my pants down below my knees and before I could say go for it her hot mouth was on my cock and licking my balls---She then pulled the loose pair of pants she had on completely off and unbuttoned her shirt exposing her small breats and sweet little puffy nipples---So here we are going down the interstate at 55mph---Mary is almost naked her lovely tits,pussy and asshole exposed for all the world to see and her mouth full of my cock at the same time. She took her mouth off my cock just long enough to say---"please finger fuck my pussy lover"---Well she did say please and as my right hand found her very wet pussy and began rubbing her clit Mary began to moan with pleasure and those moans where transfered right to the hard cock she had in her mouth---the harder I rubbed or the deeper I fingered her pussy the loader and stronger the moans got and the more pleasure I felt on my cock and balls---she lifted here head again and just said more give me more I am going to cum and she closed her mouth again around my cock as wave after wave of her orgasm took her body over---and just as she was finishing her clitoral orgasm I started to rub her tight little ass hole with my index finger lubbed well with her pussy juice and cum---and she began moaning again so I rubbed harder and my finger entered her asshole for the first time and she came again and so did I----Mary took my full load into her mouth and swollowed it as fast as I pumped it out---but as hard as she tried some still ran out of the side of her mouth and down her chin---I pulled the car over onto the side of the road and I watched as Mary licked my cum from the conor of her mouth and then we kissed and hugged and kissed a bit more---I pulled my pants up and Mary got dressed and fixed her hair and we ended the evening back at her place kissing on the couch---But that was just the first of our "BJ55MPH

We got a surprize one evening---it was in the summer about 8:15 at night and we had just pulled onto a 4 lane highway, well off come my pants and off come her pants and she took off her shirt exposing her fine little tits and nipples---as well as the rest of her naked body---Know we are just driving down road cruse control set at 55MPH when this group of about ten 18 wheeltrucks started passing us by each one would stay beside us for a few minutes then as they moved passed us each would blow its horns and flash its lights---at first we where to busy to notice what they where doing---Then when the last 18 wheeler pulled up beside us and stayed right beside us and stayed there for what seemed like a lot longer than the other did---We figured it out---You see it was still light enough for the truck drives to look down into the car and see Mary sucking my cock and me playing with her almost naked body on the front seat of my Pontiac---I told Mary what was happening and she just spread her legs even wider and keep on sucking my cock and started playing with her tits and humping the fingers I had in her pussy---Mary's responce to being watched made me explode in to her mouth---by now we had figured out how to get our clothes back on while driving down the road---So we both pulled or clothes---Mary now carried a handy wipe so she make sure she did not have any cum on her face or anywhere else for that matter---and I hit the gas and down the road we went---as we passed every truck that had passed us while we where playing in the car lets us know that they had enjoyed the show by blow its horn and flashed its lights at us as we passed them by----thats a night we still talk about LOL
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3 years ago
Great. There's nothing better than road head!
3 years ago
I love that. Ive had truckers look at me before, doing nasty stuff.
3 years ago
oh yes parking great story