Going to the Bath House

When I was a lot younger and living in Korea (back in the mid 70's) one of my favorie thing to do on a Saturday night was go to the local bath house---There for about 5 bucks US, you got a girl and a big bath tub and all the hot water you could handle---In the begianing I never meet most of the bath girl before so before starting I would have to pick the girl I wanted before we started---The place had rules too. It was ok for the bath girl to lick your asshole---give you a blow job or a hand job---they where forbidden to have anal or vagianl intrecourse with the client---Once I picked the bath girl I wanted I paid the $5.oo fee she would take me back to the changing room and undress me and then undress herself---We would get into a hot shower and wash each other from head to toe and she would pay extra attention to my cock, balls, and asshole---Then we would sit together in the large tub and she would rub me down with this great silky oil, first my back and cheast---then I would have to stand up again so she could pay a great amount of time cleaning and oiling my cock, balls, she even inserted her small oiled finger deep into my ass while rubbing and jerking my erect cock---After she finished with me I would return the rub down on her, oiling her tits and nipples--oiling her clit and pussy inside and out and and then finger her very tight asshole the same way she had done to me.---Nine out of ten times the girl would cum while I did the slow steady rubbing of her genitals---Next we soaped up again to get the oil of of us and shower again to get all the soap and oil off each other---then it was back to the massage table built for two---she would massage me and I would massage her fingering her clean pussy and playing with her now enlarged clit---when it was big and full I would go down on her and suck her off until she came---the first few times I did this the girls resisted that is of course until they came---I did try to fuck some of these girls but they all sad NO so after a while I just quit tring---The girls that I did make cum using my
fingers and mouth where always very greatful and would at my request rim, lick and suck my asshole---cock---balls---and nipples often at the same time I was playing with there wonderful hard tits and nipples and fingering both there lovely pussys, clits, and assholes at the same time---well with all the attention I was getting on my cock and balls it did not take long to cum to a happy ending---Most of the time the massage girl would get a face full or mouth full of my hot sticky seed---Some of the girls swollowed while others spit it out----that did not matter to me because when she was down I felt like a million bucks---I would then dress and always gave the girls that did a fantastic job on me another 5 dollar tip on top of the 5 dollars I paid for the bath---I enjoyed the bath house so much that it became a weekly advent for me and over time a few of the bath girls would even fight to see how would take me back to the wash room----I would just love to find a place like this here in the states some day.

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4 years ago
and your not coming within 10 feet of these chicks without a condom. Nooooooooo Way!
4 years ago
good luck finding that in the states. It is still like that now, but not for 5 bucks. Noooooooo Way!