Cumming in class

One summer for about a month before classes were to start, I was having sex between 6 to 7 times a day with three different girls. None of the girls knew about each other, TILL the day after school started. After they found out about each other, I was cut off and didn’t have sex, and boy did I have blue balls.

About a week after the girls found out about each other I fell asl**p in class and started having a dream about one of the girls giving me a blow job. All of a sudden my friend who was sitting besides me nudged me awake, and I awoke just at the boundary of the point of no return. I tried to keep relaxed so I wouldn’t cross, when I looked at my friend. He glanced down at my pant and I followed his eyes.

I was wearing sweats with no underwear, he noticed my rock solid cock was sticking straight up and pulsing with a large wet spot showing. I looked back at him and smiled, all the while trying not to have my throbbing cock cross over.

I was just starting to relax, when the instructed called my name thanking me for rejoining the class. This, caused me to sit straight up, making me lose my concentration, and made me cross the point of no return. For the next 15-30 seconds, my cock started to throb harder, and I knew what was coming. Then it happened, I started to shoot my load. I had so much cum I could almost hear it shooting, and I counted, 1 2 3 4 5 large squirts up to 12 shots. My friend sitting besides me noticed my throbbing cock, he knew the look on my face, and he saw the wet spot grow into a large wet patch. He could barely contain himself from cracking up and laughing out loud.

Then the bell rang and the class was over, so I gather my books and covered my front so no one else could see the huge wet patch. Instead of going to the next class I went to the bathroom. In the cubicle I pulled down my sweats and wiped my pants, and waited till my friend could go to his locker and get me his sweats.

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2 years ago
happened to me once in school. Sadly I did not have a friend to help me like that.
2 years ago
Gud experience