Twin girls double trouble

I worked at a drive in theater for several summers. One summer I had three girl friends at the same time and was having sex with them up to six times a day. This story is not about the three girls or the amount of sex I had with them and what happened when they found out about each other, that is another story. This story is about what happened one night at the drive in theater.

In the entrance booth I was working with another guy about my age and we were just talking as it was slow, when this car drives up with two girls. The girls happen to be twins, and very attractive. They asked if we would let them in for free. I said we couldn’t. They begged and begged and I refused. After a minute of this they finally said, if you let us in, we will meet you in the office and do the nasty. Both even quickly flashed us their boobs. I looked at the other guy and he shrugged his shoulders, so I said ok however they needed to show up about half hour before the last movie ended. I said that just in case they actually showed up as by then all the money would have been counted and all of the staff except the projectionist and the two of us would still be there, and that would give us enough time to do whatever we wanted to before the projectionist had to leave.

After the girls left we started talking and I said I doubt the girls will come to the office. The other guy opened up to me (we never talked about sex before) and told me he hopes the girls come, because he has been edging for the last several days and hasn’t ejaculated as he likes the feeling of blue balls. I also found out that he didn’t have a girl friend at the time, and that he was still a virgin. I asked him if he could even have sex with a girl while someone else watched, he though he could, and I talked to him about some of my sexual exploits. I could see that he had a ragging hardon, so I said hey, show me yours and I’ll show you mine, and he and I showed each other our cocks quickly between cars.

By the time the first show was over his there was a wet spot in his pants. I told him again that I didn’t think the girls would come to the office, yet we quickly closed things down after the first show was over and waited.
We didn’t wait long when we heard a knock at the door and the two twin girls were there. I let them in and locked the door. They walked over to the other guy and said they were there to repay us and one of the twins started kissing the other guy while the other twin started rubbing my soft cock.

It didn’t take long for the girl kissing the guy to start removing his belt, then unbuttoning the guys pants, while the twin rubbing my cock did the same to me. When both our pants were down, the twins stripped completely, I could see the other guys cock just glistening with pre-cum while my cock was just starting to get hard, while the twins cunt was shaved and their tits hard. One of the twins started to rub my cock again, while the other laid down and motioned the guy to put his rock hard cock into her juicy wet cunt. Probably due to him being a virgin who had been edging for days, as soon as his cock entered her vagina he said he was going to cum. Immediately the girl wrapped her legs around his waist and the twin who was rubbing my cock into hardness went over to him and pushed his hips/cock into her as far it would go. He grunted and was finished, but they held him firmly there.

I went over to them and as he rolled off of her I said let me give you a ride. The other twin said she wanted me to cum into her first, but I told her I would do both of them. So I slid my cock into the first twin and started humping her hard and kept at it for about 5 minutes before she started to orgasm. When she came, I pulled out of her, the other guys cum glistening on my cock and a froth of cum on my balls. I said to the other twin its your turn, and started humping her as hard as the first twin about 10 minutes or so later she came, and shortly after woods I came as well. As soon as I said I was going to cum, the girl wrapped her legs around me and the other pushed my hips and cock into her and held me till my whole load was shot.

As soon as I came, the girls quickly gathered their things, got dressed and quickly left. As they left they said see you next year. As the other guy and I got dressed he asked me how I was able to hump so hard for so long. I said I already had sex 6 times that day and this was number 7 (or number 1 as it was past midnight).

We never had sex together again, and we really didn’t talk about the event after woods as he seemed a bit embarrassed about everything. Shortly after woods he quit and moved with his f****y across the country and I lost track of him .

About a year and a half later I was working at the drive in again when the twins showed up. They were both holding babies with blond hair and blue eyes. They told me they wanted to become pregnant and that we were the fathers. However I was lucky, even though the girl I had sex with became pregnant, she became pregnant with the cum on my cock from the other guy, and neither baby was mine. I was lucky that it took so long for me to cum, and that perhaps my cum was a bit short of sperm as I was having so much sex around then, while the other guys cum was loaded.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
great story sorta seemed like u were patting urself on the back there but i enjoyed reading it
3 years ago
LOL...Nice ending