cuming 8 times

I had a friend when I was younger and we were very comfortable with being naked with each other and did many things together from wrestling naked, masturbating together, to having sex with girls together. We touched each other’s manhood, but that was it.

One evening a girl we both new asked us who could have sex the most in an evening. Both of us said we could each outdo the other. So we placed a bet of $100 for whoever could ejaculate the most. The rules were simple, we would masturbate and she would suck our cocks when we were ready to cum, as she liked the taste of cum. When one of us was one ejaculation ahead, they could then fuck her, and if they ejaculated in her, they would win the money. BTW we had to put on a condom when we were going to enter her.

My friend and I both ejaculated at the same time within a minute of us starting to masturbate she just loved the cum. About 5 minutes later we where at it again and within a few minutes both of us shot our load again. In about an hour and a half we both ejaculated 5 times. Two hours later we were trying to shoot another load and my friend shot a load, while I was just rubbing. 15 minutes later he was hard again and put on a condom and started to hump the girl, I could only watch rubbing my cock furiously trying to cum, before he ejaculated. He was humping her hard for 5 minutes before I crossed the point of no return and shot my 6’th load into her mouth, and my friend had to withdraw from humping her.

He waited about 15 minutes till I got hard again before we both started to masturbating again. A short time later I felt close to the point of no return and the girl suck my cock till I shot my load while I watched him quite jerking off.

It just took 10 minutes before I got hard enough to but on a condom and enter her. That was when my friend started to masturbate again. I humped the girl as hard as I could till I was exhausted at which time she rolled me on my back and started humping me. She came twice on me. After she came the second time, I felt my whole body tensing up, just like hitting the point of no return, I turned her on her back and started thrusting as hard as I could till my whole body felt cramping up. I was screaming, as I new I was past the point of no return, but I couldn’t ejaculate. I was in that state for about a minute till I rammed her as hard as I could and shot what seemed a single ejaculation. Then the tension started to build unbearably again till another shot of cum, then again. My final orgasm lasted 3-4 minutes. When I pulled out of her I had a couple of cum shots more and the condom was more full of cum than I ever saw before. A few minutes later my friend ejaculated for his seventh time.

BTW no of us could walk for a couple of days.

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3 years ago
Nice.. Sounds like allot of fun
3 years ago
i did love the stories.
watching guys masturbating before fucking them is hot
3 years ago
HOT story! Thanks for sharing all the sexiness.