Skinny Dipping

This is what happened last night at the beach on the Island not far from where I live! I have friends visiting from out of town and we decided to have a little fun on the beach!! This is a true story however I will be changing some names… 1st time writing a story, so be nice with the comments please, thanks :)

So I have my best friend Janie, my good friend Kristen and her adorable baby girl, and their friend Kevin visiting down here from Colorado and we have been staying at my camp in Grand Isle, while Janie's parents and friends are staying at their camp not far from us.

So here is the story from last night (7-14-12)!!!! There were a bunch of us on the beach trying to catch fish, shrimp, and crabs for supper, well we ended up only catching like 9 crabs that we could keep so we let them go, we caught 15 fish that we could keep and no shrimp. All the older adults came sit on the beach and we made a fire and drank the night away :) So as the fire dies down and the alcohol slowly disappears they pack it up and head out to their own camps. While Janie and Kevin are hanging out on the beach by the now tiny ass fire I decided to get back into the water. I grabbed my floating cooler in case I needed beer and headed out. Janie called my name asking why I was going by myself and I said because I can and laughed a little, I’m a big girl I can manage and I smiled at her and walked into the water. Well Kristen I guess was noticing how close those two were getting and stood up and said me too. So I waited for her handed her beer and we walked out into the water. I swam a good distance out to where you can barely see the dimly lit fire and removed my tank top leaving my bra and shorts on. Kristen wasn’t far behind me or so I thought when she was now quietly by my side slowly running her wet fingers along my shoulders going back and forth. It sent electrifying chills down my spine and causing some serious nipple erection:) I turned my head towards her and she leaned in and kissed me so deeply and passionately I could have melted right there. After a little while of heated kissing she broke away and slowly walked until she was right in front of me. I looked deep into her eyes and I picked her up slowly and she wrapped her legs around me. I went in to kiss her neck, ran my tongue across her collar bone and back to her neck, tasting the salt water on her skin, while a hushed moan escaped her lips. I smiled as I kissed up her neck, to her ear, and then back down her again. I switched sides and did something similar getting another moan. I feel her hands grabbing at my hair, rubbing along my shoulders, and into my back searching for my bra clasp to unhook it. She finally frees my tits and reaches for the cooler and throws my bra in there. She took both my tits in her hands and felt how hard my nipples were, I looked up at her and she had this huge grin on her face which made me want her even more and I kissed her again. Her hands were exploring any and everywhere she possibly could and I was just fine with it!! She pulled away and put her mouth to my neck just below my ear, which happens to be my weak in the knees spot if you know what I mean, and I let out a moan and another. She made the slightest little chuckle and the vibration of it mixed with her warm breath in the cool water gave me goose bumps everywhere. Kristen moved down my neck extremely slowly making me go crazy and then she dove in taking as much of my tits into her mouth that she could and sucked and bit on my nipple, then moved to the other. I was in complete bliss at this moment. I was rubbing and massaging her shoulders and back, while she was making my toes curl, my hands going in and out of her hair and on my way down her neck I pulled those top strings of her bikini and let them fall. She looked up at me and smiled around my nipple giving it one last nibble and coming back up for another kiss. While we were kissing I reached around and untied the bottom of her bikini top and threw it into the cooler. I adjusted her to where I had her in like a cradle position in my arms. If you’ve ever tried to have sex out in the ocean it’s somewhat difficult ;) but so worth it!! I stared at her gorgeous body with the little bit of light coming from the moon and was in awe of her. She smiled back reached up and around my neck and pulled me down to her for another deep kiss. I took my right hand and started massaging her breast making her nipples even harder, slowly moving my hand down towards her pussy. She stopped me right above her clit, feeling her bikini bottoms and a little bit of bush and said I’m not sure if I’m ready to go that far just yet! I said that’s fine we can go as slow as you want and I gave her a wicked little grin ;) She started kissing me again and grabbing at my nipples which were still getting harder which I didn’t think was possible. Kristen was giving them a death squeeze, it hurt so good ;) and I started to moan in her mouth, which is kind of hot!! I readjusted her again to our first position and she started grinding on me and letting out moan after moan, I was in heaven!! Kristen then grabs my hand to hold it and we held hands kissing and grinding for a few moments. Kristen then untwined our fingers and led my hand down to her pussy!! I looked at her asking her if she was sure and she answered me with a kiss. I pulled her up close to me wrapping her arms around my neck, I started to slowly rub up and down her pussy while kissing her upper body. I started to massage it a little more now and she starts moving her hips all over. I take off her bikini bottom as quickly as I possibly can. I run my fingers across her hard clit that you can tell was in need of some attention. I massage it slowly at first then picking up the paste, her moans getting louder. I slow it back down and move just slightly below to stick a finger into her awaiting tight little pussy. I started off slowly letting her take in the moment enjoying it as much as she possibly can. I moved my mouth close to her breast devouring it and adding another finger to her pussy. I start to slide them in and out faster and faster watching her stomach rise and fall and she breaths heavily and her moans get carried away by the waves. With my fingers still inside her I take my thumb and rub her clit watching her start to thrust into my fingers picking up paste, I can tell she is getting close and I kiss along her neck again making her eyes close briefly, she pulled my lips to hers and the passion flowing between the two of us was incredible. She’s starting to thrust harder with my motions and moaning louder and louder, biting on her lips, and pulling my hair; all those actions of hers were driving me wild. I was having the time of my life, I was with a very beautiful girl, on the beach, having some fun, in my own little world, and then we hear “What the Fuck are ya’ll doing?” I turned my back towards them to cover Kristen’s body and I said “Oh just having fun!!” Kevin came over and asked if he could join and I said sry I don’t play for that team. My fingers never left her pussy at this point but just slightly moving doing that amazing "come here" motion, she started biting her lip again driving me insane. Janie came closer and said Mal are you a lesbian? I said yes Janie and I have been fighting back to tell you that for a very long time!!!! I pulled my fingers out and set Kristen down b/c it just got serious. Janie looked at Kristen and said you too? But you were just engaged and just recently broke it off!! Why?.. Kristen said I’m just exploring, why not live a little Janie. She turned away from us, I put my hand on her shoulder and she turned and hugged me. Let me paint you a picture of that real quick, I’m 5’10 and topless, Janie is about 5’6 and was hugging right at my breast area, which I will never ever tell her but I used to have a crush on her and last night made me want her again but just briefly. I said um Janie I’m topless and she said oh uh yea, I laughed but stopped quickly. I was so confused by her actions and I said are you mad at me? She said for what? I said for being gay, for not telling you, for worrying you would judge me and never speak to me like you did our friend Alexa!! She said that was so many years ago and I was raised where being gay was wrong, I said me too!! Janie said what I did to Alexa was wrong but these past 7 years I’ve grown up and lived in this fucked up world where hate and judgment ruin people’s lives, and to do that to my best friend would be unforgivable!!! I hugged her, I picked her up and bear hugged her. I put her down and said I would’ve forgiven you no matter what, but to hear you say that means the world to me!!!! Kristen came closer and put her hand on my shoulder and kissed my cheek, Janie said I’m ok with this but I think I might head back to the beach and give ya'll some space. Kristen grabbed her hand and said c’mon Janie just try it, Mal is really good!! I blushed and answered before Janie could and said no! Kristen and Janie both looked at me surprised and were like why not? I said b/c Janie is my absolute best friend, I just shared some serious info with her and I couldn’t do that to her!! Janie smiled and said well what if I want to? My damn jaw dropped literally, Kristen laughed at me and was like awe hell yes!! I said I still can’t do that with you Janie, I’m sorry. Janie says ok fine, but if ever I want to explore this option for real you better be there to answer any questions I may have! I said without a doubt!! She left to go back to the beach where Kevin was. Once Janie was far enough I turned towards Kristen and kissed her long and hard picking her up in the process and starting right where I left off, but this time I was driven, I made her orgasm 3 times in the water before I realized how late it was and needed to head back to the camp…… to hopefully be continued later!!!!

Thank you so much for reading my skinny dipping adventure from last night, I really hope you enjoyed it!! Please let me know what you think, I’m still fairly new to sharing my experiences so please don’t be too harsh…

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1 year ago
I think you did an amazing job for your first story. My only suggestion would be to have several paragraphs than just one long one. One long paragraph can be difficult to read
2 years ago
its a wonderful story. So did u you a Janine finally get together?
2 years ago
write me
2 years ago
Thanks for the votes and all the views, would love some comments on my writing and what you thought of my fun evening!!