It was possible to me to visit three years ago business trip on one of paper combines of Prikamye. The job certainly boredom mortal, but on happy combination of circumstances with me worked the local laboratorian Antonina Alekseevna.......... Very nice-looking lady, but at once so to it also you will not drive (as at first it seemed to me)......

And somehow this aunt was confused from mine idiotic - semiliterate jokes. Passed day after day. Work, chemistry, analyses, calculations, and I as the moron came to work on an hour earlier because the pancake itself didn't notice as began to be fond of this light-haired, with the freckled person and a round ass the young lady. To
By the end of the second week we after all managed to deduce an optimum ratio of components for bleaching of paper and it was time to me to dump back home...

- Whether instead of надраться to us in rags, Antonina Alekseevna?
I speak.... Silently shrugs shoulders and leaves. Here moron pancake... Even the forthcoming award ceases to please me. On what counted? The horse-radish knows. It took an interest-can not yours married at all?! Trying to drive away these thoughts "to a mare in a crack" I gathered to departure... It is suddenly sonorous on the mobile:
- Nikolay Petrovitch? That it you to call called, and and the trace caught a cold?
- Antonina Alekseevna!!! I am ready! Where to submit the carriage?
- I here it is not far...
Calls the address and exactly in an hour we have supper at local restaurant.... we thump!!!
- For you, Tonechk!

Also rushed!!! Conversations from a series you "rub-rumple", binge, snack. Tonja with each wine-glass хорошеет directly in the face of...... At the height of a meal friend Vovan sends me ММСку with the text: "At Kalyan look where I!".....
You had to see as the face of the tipsy woman is changed when viewing video? The show is cool - contrast indescribably!!!!
- Dak of that - to look? It is necessary to do!!!
Literally Tonja cried out to me on an ear looking as in my phone Vovan brings down for a cheek to any "scab".
let's roll !!

I pay off, I catch a wheelbarrow, we go to it! What happiness that it not married! We rush already on a threshold we are knocked down in gums, the clothes s**tter in different directions... I bring up the smoking hat to it gubam-EST CONTACT!!! Licks, sucks in!!!! Accurately as sewing Singer machine!!! And suddenly spits out!
- Now - you!
Also it is filled up on a back having lifted up and having stretched a slingshot!!
I take language on its damp pizdenka, fingers I move apart sponges, I find "button"
- What horse-radish!!!!
Sharply I insert into it a bolt on the eggs! Tonja with f***e moves to me on a meeting....
- Sit down from above, Tonja...
Climbs up to me a back and bends down to feet.... a show I will tell to you - fantastic!!! The round, thick and rough and elastic bum moves on my end, compressing that opening a small, dark opening. I raise it it is sensitive and I get an ass!!!
- Kolya! НЕЕЕЕТ!
- Yes it is fine, that you?
-.... I am the first time there..... OH!!!
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