My First Bi Experiance writer: Anonymous

My First Bi Experiance writer: anonymous
Well I must Say that My First Bi Experiance was Unexpected,....I`ll Make this short as possible,....My husband had his Christmas party at this fancy hotel; to start I`ll tell you a little about me,..I`m 53 now and still firm and sexsuall,...I`ve always wondered about having a fling with another woman,...but never got the nerves to do it,...I`m 5'8" tall weight about 128 lbs,...34B breast with very large and dark erect nipples,...I`ve got shoulder lenght natural blonde hair,...hazel eyes,...enough of me, all started 2 years ago, husband wanted to go to his Christmas party,...but I wasn`t really up for it, to keep him happy I agreed to go,...he asked me if I would wear something a little sexy as he was going to introduce me to his boss,...I was a little skectical at first;, I didn`t really have a real sexy dress,...I called my daughter to see if she had something to loan me as we have about the same figure, I went over and she had these 2 dresses one was real nice a white dress that was realy short and the top tied around the neck and the front was open all the way down to the navel area,..almost showing your breasts,...everytime I moved a certain way you couls pretty see my breasts,..and sometimes my nipples,`s the kind of dress that you can`t wear a Bra, my nipples were also quit visible throu the tin material,....anyways we went to the party he introduced me to his friends and his boss,..after awhile he was pretty well talking business with the guy`s, some of the guy`s wifes and girlfriends made me feel at home by asking me to join them at the table,..we danced and had a few drinks as the night went along, we danced Marika one of the guy`s wife was really friendly with me but I never taught more of it,...when we danced she was always smilling at me and dancing kind of sexy,..and kept looking at my breasts, now I had a few drinks of wine in me and my nipples were very hard but I didn`t care,..I was just having a blast,....a bit later at the table she put her hand on my knee and started talking to me about something then she asked if I wanted to go outside for some fresh air ,....I agreed and we went out to the parking lot after awhile of chitchats she asked me if I`d be interested in joining her and her husband in a 3 some, face turned red and I just was lost for words, I said as I muttered words I said I don`t know with a scared laugh,...they were younger he was 25 and she was 23,....very nice cute girly like girl,....auburn short hair,....weighted about 115 lbs at the most,...anyways I remeber saying maybe we should go inside,...and I wasn`t done saying that that she got closer to me and slid her hands between my legs all the way up near my panties,....I laid back agaisn`t the car that was there,...and she started french kissing me right there,....I closed my eyes and she started feeling my pussy throu my now wet Panties,....rubbing my pussy with her tongue still in my mouth as I returned her kiss,....then her hands started feeling my tits and pinching my nipples,...she slid her face down to my tits and started sucking my nipples,.....then she slid a finger inside my pussy and rubed my clit with her thumb,....after a few minutes of that I was in another world, she knelt on her knees and spread my legs open wide and started sucking on my clit and my pussy she slurped my juices,....till I had an orgasim,....I held the back of her head and pressed it hard against my pussy as I was moaning,...she got me off a few times then she said lets go inside and I`ll give you my Phone Number so we can meet alone and have a fun time, I agreed and we went back inside and had a fun night,.....will continue

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