Oh,,,,,,,, so helpless

The ankle straps of her five inch heels connected by a short chain and secured in place with tiny padlocks. A virtually unnoticeable black cable secured around her waist held the shiny steel handcuffs that pulled her silken gloved hands behind her, leaving white glossy fingers resting on the very large white satin bow that in turn hung across and down the short black silky smooth skirts and numerous frilly petticoat layers of her French maid uniform. Zipped to the neck and edged in brilliant white lace frills, the locked bodice of her dress was clinging tightly over the uplifted bosom and corseted waist. More white lace frills and gleaming satin sat pinned on her short coiffure bob. With perfect makeup her bright painted lips bordered a white ball secured with two thin straps which locked a replica penis into her gagging mouth. Movements from her hips, the skirts rustle and she starts to squirm, the second replica penis locked into her behind has started to twist, thrust and vibrate. But she wants some release, it’s in her eyes, wrists secure and steel chastity sitting tight and smooth beneath her white satin panties with all that luscious frilly lace there is no option, she remains frustrated.

She had never gone this far before, never with ankles chained so close, never with wrists cuffed behind her and most definitely never with her means of release safely stored in another room. It had been weeks in planning, her flat mate was away on business and he wouldn’t be back for days, it was ideal, and now she was reaping the benefits of that careful preparation. Powerless, a damsel in distress, all the fantasy was now real and the rhythmic thrusting of the hidden replica penis was creating both a level of ecstasy and a frustrating diversion to her thoughts. I could see it in her eyes she needed the vibrating to stop before she could think.

But then, in an instant, she was snapped out of her fantasy.

A noise, the front door with its familiar creak, oh my god. At the same time she feels a sudden dampness, and is slipping into reality. She is he, no she is me. I stand looking in the mirror and again feel the slow gush that is now starting to fill my silky panties.

More hazy thoughts, I did this to myself, I’m trapped and my fantasy has caught me.

More noise, this time footsteps clicking along the wooden hallway, shit, shit, shit. I suck hard on the penis gagging me and breathe loudly through my nose as the thrusting reaches a crucial point, not causing a little gush but more a flooding of my already damp frillies. I am caught in her world, something I have always dreamed of. To be that damsel in distress, to be that maid serving a master was my fantasy, but this wasn’t right I had no control, but wasn’t that the point, that I should have no control. The footsteps stop, he’s outside my room, I close my eyes and wait for the inevitable…

The door opens, he speaks. “Well, well, well, what do we have here”?

Shaking, I suck my gag harder.

He walks over to me and starts circling, “so what’s under here then”; he lifts my skirts and brushes his hand across my panty covered bottom, feeling the dampness he turns to me. “Oh dear Tracie, what do we have here? I think I’m going to enjoy you being my maid”.

Staring into my eyes he says, “All your planning, and I’ve known all the time. You even have a little extra something I added, and you never noticed.”

I look back, still squirming, and he tells me that he intercepted my order for the gag and butt plug. There had been an extra option placed on the order, both the penis in my mouth and the other buried deep in my behind were exact replicas of his own penis. My flat mate was laughing as he said, “I bet you can’t wait for the real thing, I know I can’t”.

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3 years ago
so kinky!
3 years ago
Wow Tracie what have you gotten yourself into thanks