Honolulu surprise

I haven’t written a story in a while because I moved from Asia to the US and have been busy with work.

Back in Honolulu, I used to fuck plenty of women as I was young, tan, blond, and in super shape with Triathlons. Mostly I would try to close the deal really quickly after I met someone, just going with “Hey you wanna go fuck?” question after a few minutes of chit chat. You would really be surprised how often this technique worked. I got slapped a few times and a few “fuck you’s”, but really it worked more often than not. Actually, looking back it is only logical I would continue to use this technique as if it had not worked I would have never use it again. I have fucked all over downtown Waikiki: bushes, parking lots, parks, cars, on the beach (too much sand!), and in the ocean. However, one New Years eve down on Kuhio avenue I ran into something different.

As usual, it was after midnight and I was pretty d***k and had gotten separated from my group of friends. I had parked my car at the Zoo, but in my state I could not find the way back to the car to sl**p. This could just be rationalization as really I was wondering the streets looking for d***k pussy. As I stopped at the corner for the red light, I ran into three pretty hot looking girls waiting for the light to turn. There was a blond, a brunette and a redhead. The brunette was a local girl and she turned and asked me for a light. Tall, with six inch heels and a tight white leather skirt and shiny red top with sequins all over it, her tits were perfect and her legs were long and shapely. d***k as I was, I still remember her face; One word-knockout. A couple of tats here and there but that is nothing for a local girl.

She asked me if I had a light and I told her I don’t smoke, so she produced a lighter and light herself. We then started to make small talk and her friends walked off leaving us there together while the light turned back again. Pretty soon I asked if she wanted to go somewhere and she said “sure”. So we walked down the block and started making out in the dark under a banyan tree. Hot moist lips and great technique with her tongue had me hot and horny in seconds. She reached down and was massaging my hard on through my shorts. She was like, “Mmmmm, I want to get that in my mouth. How about we go to your hotel”? I told her I live on the other side of the island and how about fucking at her place? Her place was out so she said she knew a place not far off.

We then walked down a couple of streets to an apartment building and went to the back by the rubbish containers. She then got down on her knees and pulled out my cock which was rock hard. Again, she had great technique. Using her tongue on the underside, going deep to work up the spit, and using her hand at the base in a twisting motion all while looking up at me with those big doe brown eyes had me holding back my cum with all my available strength. I was gritting my teeth and doing the “oh fuck” over and over. I was going to shoot my load too quickly so I concentrated on the smell of the rubbish cans. Whew, did they smell bad though. Finally I stated I wanted to fuck and she told me she couldn’t because she was on her period. I told I didn’t mind I had condoms but she said she thought it was gross (pilau). So I stopped and grabbed my cock and told her, “this thing is going in your ass then.” To which she grabbed my cock and kind of examined it back and forth and sighed and said, “ok”.

She stood up, grabbed my cock and led me over to the fence and bent over, flipping her skirt up and pulling down her panties. I dropped my shorts to the ground and kicked them off to get a wide stance. She then inserted me into her backside, having to adjust a few times to get it in. I let her do all the movements until I was firmly implanted in her ass and started with slow, in and out movements, just moving millimeters at a time. An “ahh” escaped both our lips at the same time.

I lubed up with some spit and slowly I worked my way in and out of her ass until I was almost at full stroke. Then I opened my eyes. She had grabbed onto this metal pole and had her face pressed up against the fence sideways with her mouth open in an “O”. She was just so fucking pretty like that in the moonlight that I descended my mouth upon hers for a deep french kiss her while still fucking her at the same time. I increased my stroke rhythm and depth until I was literally pounding out her little asshole and her face was going up and down on the fence. She kept saying “ungh, ungh, ungh” to the rhythm of my pounding thrusts. I stopped the french kiss and reached my other hand down to play with her pussy and clit.

Her pubes were like a wiry brillow pad and as I reached further down I found a soft tiny penis. I think she thought I would freak out so she reached down and removed my hand, but I went back down and started to stroke her little dick with my thumb and forefinger. Not in her taste apparently, so she removed my hand again and I used both hands to spread her ass cheeks and begin an all out assault on her insides. I gripped her ass checks and spead em wide holding on to her hips with my fingers and increased my pace to shoot my load deep in her ass.

With holding back earlier and being pretty d***k, I was having a tough time spilling my seed. But I could feel the eventual waterfall begin to happen. Slowly the same old feeling like a sneeze was starting to happen and all I had to do was keep up the pace. I increased my stroke until I was barely exiting her ass and ramming it back in succession and that was the ticket; her hole was gaping.

I was standing on my tip toes, neck straining, whole body tense and I began to feel it happening. Fuck it was like the orgasm was coming from deep inside my body and when you get to that one point like you are going over a waterfall, your body seems to take over on its own and start spasming. I was kind of groaning and moaning at the same time saying “erm baby this is good, I’m gonna go deep with this shit” and shooting my hot molten lava cum deep inside her. I didn’t stop pumping my hips until all my load was inside and then I pulled out. She wanted to keep me inside her as long as possible for some reason and was a little disappointed when I pulled it out. She turned around told me “wow baby that was fucking awesome” and we deep French kissed some more.

I then pulled my shorts back on and put my dick inside. I zipped up and began to walk away saying thanks baby. She asked for my phone number and I yelled it over my shoulder as I walked away thinking she would never remember it. However she did though, and called me several times over the next few months asking to get together again. I never did though as Oahu is a small island and I didn’t want anyone knowing I was seeing a mahu. Still though, that was a great fuck and a happy new year.

True story about 2003.

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2 years ago
You ass hloe you could have had her all you want and than some well some people are very stupid great story