First black T-girl

I’ve been wondering what to write about lately. I’ve received a request to write about me and my s****r, but that is a road I might have trouble going down. Today I was thinking about my bi-sexual stripper girlfriend from the past, who loved bringing home other strippers (mostly lesbians) for some hot threesomes. However, today I shall write about my first Transgender experience.

I had responded to an ad placed by a self described hot black female that was in the local singles section of a free weekly paper. My thoughts were really “WTF”, as I expected no response but became surprised when I received a call back from this girl. We got to talking and getting along really well and over the course of a few days had decided to meet.

She described herself as tall, slender, super sexy with a large B cup and rounded bubble butt. My thoughts were running wild as I thought about myself with this tall, cool, drink of water. I had always had a thing for black girls, but never seemed to date any of them. Mostly just hook ups from the club scene and serendipitous encounters from girls I had met.

Looking back now, this probably has to deal with me going to an all black school for the 5th and 6th grade. My f****y had moved and our new address had put me in a certain school district by one block. Of course my mom tried to fight it and have me go an all white school in the other district, but the district board would not budge. In case you are wondering “how did things go for the only blond haired, blue eyed, white k** in an all black school?” Well, things went great. I had been playing football since the 3rd grade, was an All-District athlete, and many of my opposing teammates went to this school. So, as it turns out, my first “play” girlfriend was black, the first titty I ever sucked was black, and the first pussy I ever stuck my dick in was black; at 5th grade summer camp.

Getting back to the story, my girlfriend and I had been up skiing for the weekend and she had fallen and broken her wrist. She had to stay home on pain meds and was pretty much staying home for a few days. I on the other hand had gotten horny and this girl was calling and leaving voice mail about getting together. So I called her and set it up for a Friday night.

She had me meet her at a bar in what I would call the not nice part of town. I stepped into the bar and I was the only white guy in the bar. She immediately came over to me and gave me a big hug and we sat down at the bar to have some drinks. I was pretty impressed with her body and face. She was as described, about 6 feet tall in her red high heels, long slender legs, and nice set of boobs high up on her chest. She wore a long slender lavender dress, sheer and silky.

Some drinks and small talk later we were kissing in the bar. Note to some T-girls out there; please shave extra well when you go out with a guy who doesn’t know the real you! As I kissed her big soft supple lips, the stubble around her lips gave away the secret that she was a guy. I had to make a decision; do I continue on with the charade or do I exclaim loudly, “you’re a dude!” Well, as you can guess I went with the former and after some drinks, we decided to leave and on the way to her house stopped and got some wine.

My thoughts were running wild as we made more small talk in the car driving to her house- with her keeping up the charade and me wondering what it was going to be like fucking this guy. I could not decide how this was going to play out. I knew nothing of transgender girls. Who fucks who, do you both fuck each other, and what if this guy has a huge dick and wants to fuck me with it? No way was I ready for that.

We get to her apartment which I could only describe as a shit hole. It was in a dark, dumpy building with broken down cars in the parking lot. The apartment smelled bad. There was no furniture and dirty clothes were strewn all over the place with a double size mattress on the floor in the middle of the living room. If there ever was a time to turn back this was it. “Fuck ****, you are one horny fucking bastard to go through with this” I thought to myself.

She went to go sit on the bed and started smoking some d**gs which I declined. After she was finished she motioned me over to stand in front of her and took out my cock. Pulling my pants down she then proceeded to give me an excellent blow job. Without a drop of spit involved, she was able to deep throat my cock and lick my balls when all the way on the down stroke. Then come back up for air and jack me off. This went on for about 10 minutes. I reached down to stroke her cock, but she pushed my hand away still playing the charade.

She got up and said she had to use the restroom, and I lay down on the bed. When she came back she was wearing a nice pair of panties and bra. She then bent over in front of me and asked me to fuck her. So still playing along, I pushed her panties aside and slowly pushed myself into her ass. She groaned loudly and let out a ‘fuck yessss’. I pushed until I was balls deep and then began a long slow fuck of her tight ass.

I must admit, for my first transgender, her ass was pretty nice. It was nice and round and a shade darker than her face. I spread the cheeks wide and spit on my cock and then started in on some serious fucking. Spinning her around so she was on the bed prostrate, (face down ass up), I stood up on my feet and began to fuck her deep. Not really picking up the pace, just long steady fucking driving my cock deep in her ass pussy. She was moaning continuously, and I just kept enjoying my first black t-girl ass.

I increased the pace and felt my cock expand. I was getting close; pulling almost all the way out till just the tip was at her anal ring and plunging back deep. She was moaning “fuck me, cum in me”. As my hips took over and started on overdrive, I was getting to the point of no return and my cock was actually coming out of her ass and plunging back into her hole in rapid succession. This was the end for me and I grabbed her hips and pulled her up off of the bed and plunged my dick all the way in her ass pussy. Her feet were off the ground and I was almost standing straight up as I repeatedly stabbed her with my fully engorged cock. Primal instincts came out of me and my goal besides cumming was to fuck this chick hard.

She was near screaming as I came deep inside her. She was in the wheel barrow position with me holding onto her legs and I was buried to the hilt inside her as I felt my cock spasm and released its burning cargo. I shuddered and we collapsed on the bed out of breath. As we lay there and began a deep passionate French kiss, she caressed my face and told me that was the best fuck of her life.

I got up to use the bathroom and when inside I turned on the light and saw there was some shit on my dick. I looked around and saw no toilet paper so I washed my dick in the sink. Also there were no towels to dry my dick, so I used a sock I picked up from the floor and straightened up.

When I came out of the bathroom there was no more pretense of her being a girl, she was sitting on the bed naked and smoking d**gs again. This was now my time to make an exit and I kissed her goodbye and thanked her for a lovely time. She wanted to fuck some more, and asked me to call her again.

I never did call her, but she left several messages for a while. Reliving this, I can still remember that fantastic backside and shooting deep inside her.

91% (20/2)
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1 year ago
This story was good :)
3 years ago
You got me all hot and hard thanks
3 years ago
I, the male half of this couple, had a very similar experience that I haven't written up yet. One difference -- I went back for more TWICE. Best head I've ever had, bar none.