My first Pussy-sort of...

In my messages I received a lot of positive feedback from my first experience, so here is the rest of the month. Again, this is the beginning of my sexual life and it is true.

After I had my first orgasm with Ron, I was pretty much insatiable. I still had no clue how to satisfy myself; that is to say I had no idea I could jack myself off. I only thought that Ron possessed this magical power. However, it seemed my dick was perpetually hard as all twelve year old boys are. And I could not stop thinking about sex: in the classroom, on the paper route, doing my homework, I was a wreck. I was constantly playing with my dick and sticking things in my ass. You name it, it went up there. Broomsticks, the handle from the toilet plunger, little action figures (that really hurt!!), my mom’s turkey baster filled with hot water, I even sat on top of the washing machine and jerked my dick while the thing was on spin cycle and jerking all around just to see how it felt. All I know is my dick was hard all the time and I kept putting stuff in my ass.

I also started looking at girls a little differently. I always knew about putting my dick inside of them, but mom had told me that was something people did when they were in love. I guess this sort of confused me as I had all these different desires and I was confused as to what love really was. I do know I wanted to fuck my piano teacher because when she played really hard her tits would shake and my dick would get hard. I know that when I played with girls on the playground at recess, we didn’t play games anymore, but rather sneak into the bushes and made out and did the old you show me yours and I’ll show you mine routine.

So after a few times of this word got around that I was the guy to see if you wanted your titties sucked or whatever. Pretty soon I had girls coming up to me in the hallway asking me what I was going to do for lunchtime, after school, etc… and I would always accept their requests.

Michelle’s parents had a house on my paper route. Michelle was a brunette about 5'6", with a curvy figure, shoulder length curly hair and way too much rouge makeup. She also had a uni-brow and basically I did not know she existed. I did know she usually took the bus to school and I rode my bike. One day, when I was delivering the paper to her house I noticed her sitting on the porch and shouted “lookout” as I threw the paper at her. I hit her square in the face and she did not find it funny at all. In fact she started to cry, so I got off my bike and ran over to her. She hit my arm and said I was mean. Then she kissed me full on the lips.

I was pretty surprised by this and asked if she was OK, and she asked me if I wanted to go inside to her room. No one was home but I had the rest of my papers to deliver, and told her so. She said I owed her from the face shot. So I followed her in and we immediately laid down on her bed and started making out, or what you could call making out for two k**s who did not know what they were doing.

Eventually I wanted to feel her pussy, and put my hands down her super tight James Jeans. She helped me out by unbuttoning the buttons and pulling them down but left her panties on. I unbuttoned her shirt and pushed up her bra and began to suck on her nipples while rubbing up and down her slit over her panties. I would stop every now and then and kiss and suck on her neck and try to undue her bra, but my inexperience just sucked and I could not get that thing undone. Finally she had enough and undid it herself so I could suck her nipples and rub her slit at the same time. I remember she had a large B cup, with soft pillowy tits and small very hard brown nipples. I really didn’t know what to do with them, but eventually I pushed them together to where they were almost touching and started sucking them at the same time. Alternating back and forth, getting them soaking wet, and blowing on them watching them stiffen.

When I reached back down to her panties, I found they were soaking wet. So I pushed my finger up inside her with the panties still in place. This caused her to moan loudly and I continued this while sucking on the tits. When I thought it was time, I went for it. I pulled her panties down. She lifted up her bottom and boom they were off. I was kissing her and fingering her at the same time and I just could not believe how much heat was coming off of her vagina. It was like an oven down there with heat waves rising from it and every time I thrust my finger inside her she seemed to moan into my mouth.

Now it was my turn. Still trying to kiss her, I pulled my pants down to free my ever raging boner. I got them down to my knees and then went for glory. Michelle was so hot and wet that I did not have any trouble finding the hole, but getting the head of my dick in was another story. I lined it up and put it where it should be, but it did not go in as planned.

Where was the bliss? Where were the shooting stars and rainbows and unicorns and magical feeling that I had been dreaming about? Well, right now they were somewhere between the pain and agony of trying to get my dick into a hot, wet, waiting pussy and me not knowing how to put it in there. Literally I was trying to jam my dick in there and it was NOT going! And it was painful!

Finally I stopped and decided to have a look and see what was going on. I backed up and got eye level with this so called monster- the female vagina. It seemed harmless enough, just a soft vulva lightly covered in soft brown hair with a little piece of flesh sticking out the top. I had seen this before in porno mags and decided I should investigate further.

I put my nose up to it and sniffed. Hm, smelled weird I thought. I then decided I would lick it. Running my tongue up and down the slit, I noticed Michelle squirmed and giggled a lot, so I continued licking thinking she liked it. I just continued to lick up and down, from the bottom to the top because I did not know what else to do and pretty soon after a few minutes she put her hands on my head.

She grabbed two handfuls of my long blond hair and started to direct my movements to the top of her mound while her breathing became heavy. I really couldn’t do anything as she started grinding her pussy on my face hard, so hard it actually hurt, so I just stuck my tongue out and let her rub her pussy on it. She started really going fast and the bottom of my teeth were biting into the bottom of my tongue but I just let her do her thing as she had a death grip on my head and my face was not going anywhere. Finally she started bucking up against my face kind of mashing her pussy against my tongue, lips, nose, chin, everything and saying “oh my God, oh my God, oh my God” over and over. It was like being punched in the face by a soft warm moist boxing glove at a rapid pace. And then she straightened her thighs around my head in a death grip and f***ed my face deep into her pussy and held me there while her hips spasmed around on the bed. My God did she squeeze my head with those thighs. When she finally let me go she was panting and just laying there with her eyes closed.

I was in a sort of state of shock, but I still tried to put my dick in her. She however was having non of it. My cock was still rock hard, but Michelle just pushed me away and lay there panting. I said to her “next time I get to do you?” and she nodded, but there would be no next time.

This is where Ron comes in.

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