Story of Jane - Updated & Final (Cuckold)

I posted this before but this is the updated & final version with some additions.

Every event in this long story is true and happened exactly as I have told it with only minor embellishments. The story covers a period of about 30 years and includes only events that I remember as highlights – there were many others who were similar so this really should be called “The Best Bits of the Story of Jane”! If you like it and it turns you on please rate it so more people will read it and share our pleasure.

True Story of Jane Part 1

When I first met my wife she was 23 and I was 28. She had been married once before. I learned very quickly that she was very sexually experienced and I found out she had had a black American soldier, who was stationed in England, as her boyfriend for a while. I pressed her to tell me more about sex with him and she readily admitted that he had the biggest cock she had ever taken (and she also admitted she had taken quite a few). She said that his favourite position was to get her to climb onto a chair and squat with her lovely arse facing him while she hung onto the back of the chair. Like that, she said, he could drive his prick so far into her that she could feel it hammering against her womb.

Little by little I found out more about her sexual history. We once tried to work out how many men had fucked her (she lost her virginity at 15). She couldn't remember them all but I figured that we were talking about 80 to 100 guys. She told me that once she had had a party at her house and after all the other guests had left, there were 5 guys left. One of them took her into the bedroom and soon had her stripped to just her stockings and suspenders and with a pillow under her arse he was fucking her hard when she saw the bedroom door slowly open and the others standing watching. She said this really turned her on and she began to put on a real show for them while at the same time pretending she hadn’t noticed. She had her legs wrapped round her rider and was moaning, bucking her hips, slapping his arse and telling him "Go on fuck me! Fuck me! Fill me up! Give it to me! Give it to me!"

As she was getting her cunt stretched, out of the corner of her eye she saw the others sidle through the door and now they were standing round the bed with their zips down and they were slowly massaging their stiff pricks. She said she loved the feeling that she was in control of them and that she was really turned on by the look of absolute lust in their eyes. She knew immediately that they were going to screw her one after another and the thought of her cunt overflowing with their cum and the knowledge that she was going to have her first gangbang drove her over the edge and she had a mind-blowing orgasm as the first guy pumped his seed into her. As he slowly pulled his softening prick out of her sopping cunt the others began running their hands over her body, squeezing her erect nipples and rubbing her tender erect clit.

She was dying for another cock in her hungry pussy but suddenly she realised that she was not as much in control as she thought for the guys were in charge and they were playing with her. They were going to fuck her, but in their own time. She said they were quite gentle and surprisingly polite. Two knelt on either side of her head and made it obvious that they wanted their cocks sucked. As she alternated between sucking one then the other, her body was being stroked all over, her tits squeezed, her nipples sucked, her clit rubbed and her cunt fingered. All the while they were saying, "Is that good? Do you like that? Do you want some more cock? Shall we fuck you some more? Can you take all of us? What a lovely little slut you are!"

Her body was tingling all over and she was on fire with lust. To their questions she just kept saying, "Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes, please, please!" She said they kept playing with her till she was trembling from head to toe and when finally one of them said "Are you ready to be fucked now?" she could only reply "Oh God yes! Yes! Yes!"
The next hour was absolute bliss. All they did was fuck her cunt. For an hour non-stop they fucked her cunt. They put a second pillow under her so her arse was right up in the air and while the others held her legs open one of them would slam his cock into her. Bang! Bang! Bang! All the time there was a running commentary from the others. "Go on, give it to her! She's loving it! Aren't you, you cock hungry slut? Yes! Yes!"

As soon as one climbed off another would take his place so for the whole hour she only had a few seconds without a cock in her now very stretched and very slippery pussy. They would comment on this. "Look at that cunt!" "Boy, can she take some cock" "God, she's a hot bitch, look at the spunk running out of her!"

Finally, it was all over. The dawn was breaking and they gently took their leave of her. Each one of them kissed her and thanked her before they dressed and left. The strange thing is, she never ever fucked any of them again.

You can imagine that it took me some time to get this much detail out of her but she could see that the story really turned me on. I would get her to tell it to me over and over, getting a little more detail each time. I also used to fantasise with her about being in a big room, often a poolroom where all the guys she had ever fucked had been reassembled. She would be playing pool in a short mini skirt, wearing, as usual, her stockings, suspenders and G-string. The view when she bent over to take a shot was irresistible. I would try and imagine all the guys taking turns at her while I would try and get her to remember each of them, what his prick was like, where and when she had last fucked him etc. Sometimes she could remember, sometimes not. Sometimes I think she just made it up to please me – but it sure worked.

The next stage was when I persuaded her to do a bit of flashing in public. We would drive along the motorway and she would put her feet up on the dashboard and I would pull her dress up and finger her pussy as we drove along. When we got alongside a lorry, I would slow right down so the driver could get a good eyeful. As we passed they would often flash their lights and eventually I persuaded Jane to go to a parking area. It was public parking, with toilets in one corner. Truckers sometimes used it as well as other guys out for some kind of sex. It was also close to a large park.

I would get Jane ready to go out by helping her select her sexiest outfits. We would take a large (black) vibrator with us and sometimes a couple of joints to help her relax. We would park where drivers could see us, especially if they left their vehicles to go to the toilets, ensuring that they had an excuse to walk by our car. I would slide her seat back and lower the back then begin kissing her like any normal necking couple while at the same time unfastening her blouse and easing her bra up over her tits so I could suck her erect nipples. She would take the vibrator and opening her stocking clad legs wide she would put her feet up on the dashboard. From a distance this is probably all anyone could see of her as she was so low down but I was quite visible and my actions were obvious. Jane would keep her eyes closed and I would give her a running commentary if anyone came close to the car.

"There's a guy getting out of his lorry now. He's walking towards the back of the car and he's going to pass on your side.""He's only about 15ft away now, he's slowing down. He's almost alongside - show him how you use your vibrator" I ease her skirt right up to her waist to reveal her smooth creamy thighs above her stocking tops and her shaved pussy (often framed by crutchless panties) and as I sucked her nipples she would rub her clit furiously with the head of the buzzing black dick.

"What's he doing now?" she would whisper, still with her eyes closed. "He's walking past really slowly. He's right alongside getting a real eyeful. Now he's gone into the toilet! OhOh! Here he comes back again! Quick, let him see you sucking my cock" Jane would oblige by changing position and would slowly suck my dick. This time our voyeur would nearly always stop by the car and watch. It was a fantastic turn-on as Jane changed positions and gave him a look at every intimate part of her body. I especially liked it when she would kneel on the front seat facing the back with her skirt up over her lovely arse while I fucked her sopping cunt with the black dildo. It was a real monster and our watchers got a great view of her cunt lips parting round its girth while I slid all 9 inches up her.

I guess news of our activities got around, although we only went there 2 or 3 times a month, for soon we found we had regulars and sometimes 4 or 5 guys round the car openly masturbating at the sight of my slut wife in action. This really turned Jane on though she still pretended not to see them but of course the inevitable happened. Late one warm summer night she was lying back with her feet up as usual and fucking herself with the dildo. She was exceptionally randy that night and she was squirming and moaning while 3 men (all over 40) watched through the window so I slowly lowered the electric window. Now they could not only see better but they could reach in and touch too 'which of course they did! The strange hands exploring her body, squeezing her tits, pulling her legs even wider open brought her to a shuddering climax.

One night a lorry driver was feeling her through the open window and he said "Why don't you come into my cab, there's more room?" and indicated his lorry parked at the back of the car park. I said, "Give us a minute to think about it" and closed the window. "Shall we try it?" I said to Jane. She just smiled and nodded so we followed the guy across to his lorry. He helped Jane climb into his side getting a wonderful view up her skirt as she climbed into the high cab, while I climbed into the driver's mate's side. It was an old type lorry (remember, this is over 20 years ago) with the engine in a tunnel down the middle dividing the cab effectively in two. Jane lay on her back on top of the carpeted engine cowling with her head on my side and her legs towards the driver who knelt on his seat and began to unfasten his jeans. I started to kiss my wife and opened her blouse again so we could see her tits with her erect brown nipples while the driver pulled her skirt up to her waist.

"You've got a lovely wife," he said, "I bet she's a good ride. I bet you like a good fucking don't you darlin'? Do you want this fat cock up you?" Both Jane and I looked at the stiff cock now sticking out from below his, it must be said, rather big belly. He was right, it was fat, at least twice as thick as mine, though about the same length and his helmet was huge compared to mine. "Hold her legs open", he said to me as he positioned himself. I couldn't believe it, I was actually helping another guy to fuck my wife, but I did as he asked and pulled her legs apart and towards me so she was spread for him.

He slowly pushed his swollen purple-headed cock into her and she moaned "Oh Jesus! Oh God!" I whispered to her “Is that good? Do you like that?" "Mmm yes!" was the only reply I got as he pulled her roughly towards him so he could bury it deep in her cunt. He was in a perfect position to fuck her hard being just slightly lower than her hot wet cunt so he could drive his cock up and into her, right up to his heavy balls. I was mesmerised as I watched him piston in and out, slowly at first, then building up speed. Apart from the sight, there were the sounds too. There was the slapping as he slammed home and his balls banged against her arse hole, the wet slurping & sucking sound from her cunt, his constant commentary “This is what you need isn't it you little slut? You need your cunt fucked hard don't you? Come on, open it up for me! Hold it open (which she did!) That's better, I'm right up to my balls in you, you hot bitch. Boy am I gonna fill your pussy! Do you want my spunk up you? Do you want me to empty my balls right up your cunt while your hubby holds your legs open?"

As he got faster and faster, Jane was responding more and more verbally as well as physically.

"Yes! Yes! Give it to me! Fill my cunt! Oh God, yes! Flood me! Pump it up me! Oh please, please, please, oh fuck me hard! Oh my god! Oh my god! I'm coming! I'm coming! Give it to me!"

As Jane climaxed, she reached round his arse and pulled him hard into her. "Here it comes baby!", and with several groans his buttocks twitched again and again as his hot sperm spurted into my wife's belly. "Keep it in" I heard myself whisper to Jane as with a soft plop he pulled out his dwindling cock. We said very little more and quickly went back to the car where I laid Jane across the back seat. She had done her best to keep his cum inside her but she was so full some had leaked out and run down her thighs during the short walk back to the car. I licked her inner thighs clean and worked up to her spunk dripping pussy and licked her out, bringing her to a second orgasm at the same time. That was it, I was hooked. I knew I was a cuckold (though I didn't know the word then) and I just loved watching my wife being fucked hard and filled with another man's cum.

Story of Jane Part 2

After that first time with the lorry driver we became quite a bit bolder and about twice a month we would go to the parking area. We always got an audience though surprisingly it wasn't as easy as you'd think to get someone to fuck her. I remember two occasions quite vividly though.

One night a guy had been watching me fuck Jane with the dildo while she knelt on the front seat facing the back and with her short skirt up over her shapely arse. She looks great like that and the sight of the big black dildo sliding in and out as she pushed back on it was incredible. Anyway, the guy that had been watching went back to his car and flashed his lights and slowly drove off a little way, then stopped and flashed again. "I think he wants us to follow him", I said to Jane - so we did. He didn't drive very far, just to the edge of some playing fields where it was dark and isolated enough that we could see anyone else approaching. We parked only about 15ft from his car and Jane said she needed to piss, she got out of the car and was about to piss on the side hidden from him but I told her to go between the cars. She hitched up her skirt, pulled her flimsy panties to one side and squatted down to pee. The driver and I got a lovely view of her golden stream gushing out of her pussy.

When she'd finished I told her to get into the back of the car and I got out and in beside her. I laid her along the back seat and began to fuck her again with the dildo with her stocking clad legs up over my shoulders. The other guy got out of his car "Here he comes", I said to Jane. He came right over and stood looking through the window with his thick hard cock in his hand. I wound the window down and he reached in and started to play with her tits, squeezing her erect nipples. "She's gorgeous", he said. Without stopping sliding the black dick in and out of her, I reached over and unlatched the back door, which he opened. His prick was now at her head level but she was too far inside the car so I slid her along the seat so that her head lolled back over the end of the seat."That's better", I said. The guy couldn't believe his luck. Her open mouth was only an inch away from the swollen end of his knob and she was obviously very willing to suck him. I lifted her hips up a little and slowly pushed my rock hard cock into her pussy alongside the throbbing vibrator. She's got a fantastic cunt - it starts lovely and tight but she can stretch enough to take my full fist with a bit of lubrication.

As I began to slowly fuck her the guy took his cue and began to slowly feed his dick into her mouth, then out again, then in again. Because of my position on top of her I got a fantastic close up view of my wife getting her mouth fucked by this complete stranger. He and I kept up a slow steady rhythm but I could tell he wasn't going to last long! In less than a minute he started to moan and whisper, "Oh God I'm close! I'm gonna cum!" "Keep sucking! Keep sucking! I'm gonna cum in your mouth! Oh yes, yes, yes! Here it comes you slut!" and with a long groan he emptied his balls in her mouth. She choked as he squirted into her but she kept his prick between her lips and started to cum herself. She was trembling all over and as she finally went over the top she let his softening prick slip out and let out a long long moan "Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohh!" and at the same time I kissed her slippery spunky lips, pushed my tongue into her mouth and pumped my load into her cunt. The guy just simply zipped up and left!

Another time we were feeling really randy and Jane was in her usual provocative short mini dress, which only just covered her stocking tops. There had been nobody around at the usual haunt so I suggested "Let's try hitching a lift." Jane said "Where to?"And I replied "Nowhere, or anywhere! I'll pretend to be d***k and get in the back and fall asl**p and see what happens. She said "OK, But how will we get back?" and I said "Easy! We’ll just do it in reverse!"

So we went to the side of the road and I pretended to look a bit pissed while she stuck out her thumb. A few cars passed and then a guy stopped. He asked where we were going and Jane said, " It doesn't matter, we're just out for a ride." He looked a bit surprised but having looked Jane up and down he said OK but he was only going about 15 miles to the next town. We got in and as planned I sat in the back and pretended immediately to fall asl**p and Jane explained that we'd been to a party and I'd had too much to drink. He put the radio on and we drove along for a bit and I could see that Jane's skirt was riding up far enough to see her stocking tops quite clearly. She deliberately opened her legs and placed her right leg so that whenever he changed gear he had to touch her knee. When he realised that when she didn't move her leg every time they touched "accidentally" he kept his hand on the gear knob and stroked her leg with his finger (I was watching this surreptitiously through the gap in the two front seats).

It wasn't long before he had his hand between her legs and she slid forward on the seat with her legs wide open to give him better access to her pussy through the crutchless panties she was wearing. I could tell he was still nervous about me as he kept looking in the rear view mirror to see if I was still asl**p. I slowly pretended to wake up giving him time to take his hand out from between her legs and then I reached over and started to play with her tits, opening her blouse and letting them spill out of her bra. She took his hand and put it back between her legs and we drove along for a while with just the radio playing and me squeezing her nipples while he finger fucked her. After a couple more miles we saw a sign for a lay-by and Jane said, "Let's pull over".

We pulled into the darkened lay-by and carried on as before except that now the guy (who was probably in his early forties) had both hands free and took out his erect prick and was wanking with one hand while he fingered Jane with the other. They tried to slide the seats back to make more room but it was quite a small car and I was blocking the seats from sliding right back, so I got out and gave them more room. It seemed bizarre because now I was in the position most guys were when they saw Jane in action - outside a car looking in! I opened the front door on her side and motioned for her to get on her hands and knees on the seat. She did this with her face in the guy's lap and her arse towards me and I slid my stiff cock up her wet slit as she began to suck his prick. I began to talk dirty to her and the guy joined in.

"Go on baby; suck his fat cock" – "Yeh! Go on suck my dick!" “Suck him dry!" "I'm gonna shoot it in your mouth! Would you like that?" "Yeh, she loves a mouthful of spunk, don't you, you hot little slut!" “Let's give it to her from both ends! Let's fill her cunt and mouth at the same time!" "Tell me when you're cumming and I'll pump it down her throat."

Now he had hold of her by her long hair and he was pushing her head up and down in time with my strokes up her twat. "Mmmnh I'm getting close"' he said. "OK, let’s give it to her together!" and I started to really slam my cock into her getting faster and faster while he did the same with her head on his thick dick. "Oh yes, yes, here we go. Here it comes!" "Oh yes, yes, me too!" I buried myself in her hot cunt and emptied my balls at exactly the same moment he pulled her head right down on his shaft and squirted in her mouth.

We cleaned ourselves up and the guy offered to drive us back to our start point. I'd kinda hoped to repeat the experience by hitching back but it was getting late and there wasn't a lot of traffic about so we gratefully accepted. We parted with him saying that he hoped to see us again. I didn't like to disappoint him by telling him that Jane never fucked the same guy twice.

Story of Jane Part 3

It was at about this time that our lives began to change a bit. The first thing that happened was that I was promoted and my new job meant that I had to travel quite a lot. Of course this involved staying in hotels and sometimes I was able to take Jane with me.

The hotels were the usual type frequented by businessmen and there were plenty of guys available but we couldn't easily find a way to entice them to join us. Eventually Jane suggested that we pretend not to be husband and wife and in fact to have a business relationship, which left her, free to seduce whom she wanted. The first time we tried this was at a London airport hotel, the Skyways.

Jane showered and dressed in her stockings, suspenders, semitransparent flimsy panties and a matching bra covered by a figure hugging slinky dress with a full-length zip down the back. With just a little makeup she looked gorgeous. We went to the bar which was quite busy and managed to make our way to the counter where we ended up standing between two men in their 40's. We got chatting in a general way and I simply introduced Jane as "Jane" without elaborating on our relationship. We all bought a round of drinks then I excused myself to make a phone call. I took my time and came back a good ten minutes later. Jane was now a little d***k and was flirting outrageously with the guys so I had one more drink and said I had to go to prepare some work for the next day.

I waited in our room alone for at least 2 hours and about 1.00 am the phone rang. It was Jane and she was in another bedroom with both of the guys. She just said not to wait up as she might be late! I said "Have they fucked you?"She said "No, not yet!" I said "Do you think they will?" She said "Probably, see you later."

She finally came back to our room at about 04.15. She had no panties on, her lipstick was smeared and her dress was only partly zipped up. She told me that they sat drinking whisky and for ages none of the guys would make a move on her, even though she was showing lots of leg and glimpses of her stocking tops. Finally one of the guys went to the en-suite bathroom and the other pulled her to her feet and started to kiss her. As he did so he unzipped her dress, let it drop to the floor and laid her on the bed in just her stockings and suspenders, bra and flimsy lace panties. He started to suck her nipples and she heard the toilet door open and saw the other guy stand beside the bed with a full erection which he was slowly stroking. He knelt on the bed and offered her his prick and she obligingly turned her head and let him slide his swollen purple helmet between her lips. He held her by her long hair and started to face fuck her while his friend stood up and stripped off. Once naked he lay between her legs and began to rub her clit through the flimsy knickers until they were soaking with her juice. He pulled them up tight making her pussy lips bulge on either side and sucked and licked her clit through the damp fabric till she was nearly coming and was thrusting her hips and pushing her hungry pussy against his mouth.

He said to his friend "Swop places" and he took his place and gave Jane his cock to suck while his friend peeled off her panties and put a pillow under her bottom to raise her up for her first fucking of the night. He spread her thighs and held her legs up in the air and drove his prick into her in one straight thrust that made her gasp and began to shag her with long slow strokes so that she could feel his heavy balls slapping against her.

"You like that don't you? Is it good? Do you want me to come in you? Shall I fill you up?"
"Oh Mmm! Yes! Yes!"

He was getting faster and faster and Jane said the bed head was banging against the wall and she tried to hold it as she was frightened anyone in the next room would hear.
"What's wrong, don't you want anyone to hear you getting screwed? I do! I want them to hear you coming! Let them hear you, you slut!" and he began to fuck her harder still.
She abandoned holding onto the bed head and used her hands to hold her pussy wide open ready for him to shoot his load in her. She said they were making a helluva noise, the bed head was banging, she was moaning loudly and both of them were talking to her and one another quite loudly.
"Go on give it to her!"
"Come on, open up, and get it right up you! That's better! Oh you're a great fuck! I'm gonna empty my balls right up you! Here we go! Here we go! Oh! Oh! Take it baby take it! Oh yesss!" and with a shudder he drove his prick in hard and pumped his spunk into her.

She thought the guy who was fucking her mouth was going to come too but instead he took his friends place and said, "Here goes sloppy seconds!" His cock slipped easily into her gaping spunk lubricated hole and before long the bed head was rattling again and the process was repeated while she sucked the other guy till he was hard again. He held her by the hair as before with his left hand and wanked his cock into her mouth timing his orgasm to coincide with his friend's so that she got a mouthful of cum just as her pussy was being filled for the second time, bringing her to a shuddering, moaning orgasm herself.

They wanted her to stay longer but she said she had to get up for work in the morning. She didn't bother to put her panties on and slipping into her dress she kissed them and made her way back to our room with their mixed cum trickling down the inside of her thighs. Once back with me I had the pleasure of licking her out and bringing her to another climax while she told me all that had gone on.

We had several other hotel experiences like this but this was the only one with two guys. Then our lives changed again as I was promoted and we moved to the south of England. It was more difficult to have fun to begin with as we didn't know the area or where to hang out and it was at this time that my wife adopted the name "Jane" for her adventures. Not far from our house was a small park with a ladies & gents toilet. I had been to the gents and there was a lot of graffiti and some excellent drawings as well as some guys saying they wanted to meet a married woman or couple. Late one night I persuaded Jane to come into the gents and took her into one of the cubicles. I was hoping someone would come in next door as there were big "glory holes" in the walls but no one else came. Nevertheless, Jane was turned on by the graffiti so I wrote a message on the wall:
"Slut wife Jane available for big cocks. Husband approves" and gave our phone number.

Nothing happened and about a week later Jane had got dressed up and we had driven around, gone to a few bars with no success and were on our way home when I said we should go to the toilets with the intention of removing our message as we didn't want to leave our number there for too long. Jane went into the ladies and I into the gents. There was a rather rough looking well built guy in his twenties at the stalls and I could see he was looking at the graffiti, including our ad. I said

"That one's true you know"
"How do you know?"
"Because it's my wife and she's in the ladies right now."
"I don't believe it!"
"Give me a couple of minutes and come round the back and you'll see."
Jane was waiting for me outside the ladies next door and I said
"There's a guy coming out in a minute. Let's put on a show for him!"
I took her in my arms and lent against the wall, pushed up her blouse to expose her tits and began to suck her nipples. The guy appeared at the door of the gents and stood watching us. I slowly lifted the back of her skirt to show she was wearing stockings and suspenders and open-crotch panties. He came up close and stood for a minute then took out a lovely big thick prick and stood so Jane could have a good view as he slowly wanked it.
He walked back to the door of the gents and motioned for me to follow him. Inside he said "She's beautiful! Can I fuck her?"
"Yes, if you have someplace to go. We can't go to our place because we have k**s."
"I live in a caravan. We can go there. I share it but the other guy's not there."
"OK, we'll follow you."

We followed his car in ours and arrived at a caravan parked on a rundown building site. The caravan was pretty tacky but he led us straight into the bedroom and almost jumped on Jane right away. He completely ignored me and got her on her hands and knees with her skirt lifted up over her rounded cheeks and began to finger fuck her. He slid one finger into her, took it out and licked it, then 2 fingers and licked them and within a couple of minutes he actually had his whole fist in her and was fist fucking her hard. Jane's head was pushed against the wall and I wasn't sure if her grunts and moans meant she was enjoying the rough treatment or not but as she didn't say "stop"! I didn't do anything but watch. He was so randy I don't think I could have stopped him anyway.

He pulled his jeans and pants off and holding Jane by the hips began to ride her hard. I managed to wriggle under Jane in a 69 position with my mouth perfectly positioned to suck her swollen clitoris which at the same time gave me a perfect view of his hard prick sliding in and out of her wet pussy. His balls were banging of my chin every time he slammed his dick up to the hilt and I held her arse cheeks apart so he could get as deep as possible. He got faster and faster and Jane’s head was f***ed hard against the flimsy caravan wall when he said “Oh yes! I’m coming! I’m coming like a train!” and with a loud groan he buried his throbbing cock into her and I watched his balls twitch as he shot her full of his cum. As he slowly pulled his softening prick from her pussy there was a soft “plop” and a stream of Jane’s pussy juice and his cum flowed out and I cleaned her up with my tongue and brought her to a shuddering climax.

Story of Jane Part 4 – Holiday adventures

We were lucky enough to be able to take holidays abroad every year and inevitably the combination of sea, sun and lots of bare skin worked wonders for our sex life and let to several encounters with randy local men. The best of these were in Morocco and in Barbados and I remember some of them well.

On our first trip to Morocco we landed late at night and decided to walk into Agadir from the airport as we didn’t really want to take a taxi and had plenty of time. Unfortunately we hadn’t realised how far it was and we were walking past a small village and beginning to think we had made a mistake when a young Moroccan guy, Hassan, approached and asked where we were going. He said it was too far too walk and offered to put us up in his f****y house for the night. He led us into a typical village house built around a courtyard but there was no one else around – he said his f****y were sl**ping. He took us into his one-room “bedsit” and told us we could sl**p in his bed and he would sl**p on a mat on the floor. After a little bit of chat we said we were tired so we undressed to our underwear and got into bed while he, as good as his word, settled down on the floor.

After a little while he asked if we were OK – and then said he was cold – “Can I come into the bed too please?” I gave my wife a nudge with my elbow and she said “Sure, it’s your bed!” He slipped into bed and Jane was between us. There was a huge sexual tension in the air as you can imagine and we all lay there in silence waiting for something to happen. There was a gentle movement from Hassan’s side as he slowly slid his hand under the covers till it was resting between Jane’s thighs. I reached over too and my hand brushed against his and he recoiled slightly so I gently pulled Jane’s leg towards me, spreading her thighs wider to give him better access to her pussy. Very soon his hand was back rubbing her through her panties and she voluntarily spread her legs even wider and I realised she had reached down under the covers and was rubbing his stiff young cock though his boxer shorts.

We lay like that silently for a few minutes with just the soft rustle of their hands against the sheet as they stimulated each other and then Hassan suddenly rolled on top of Jane and began kissing her. He tried to pull her panties down and she lifted her hips so he – with some help from me – took them off completely and then Jane helped him off with his boxer shorts. He immediately began to fuck her – no more foreplay – just the urgent fucking of a frustrated and randy young Moroccan man of about 20. He didn’t last long! However, the most amazing thing was when my wife simply said “Oh my God!” as she felt between her legs. I put my hand there too and she was soaking wet – so much so that we though she had wet herself or something and I pulled the sheet back and we could all see in the half darkness that she had simply been filled with so much of Hassan’s cum that it had flooded her pussy and was leaking out all down her thighs and bum.

That was her first experience of being fucked by an Arab man but we learned from future adventures that many of them have massive pricks and heavy balls so full of spunk that due to their sexual frustration they come quickly – but deliver huge amounts of cum.Next day we found a hotel in town. Hassan visited us a couple of times there and fucked Jane again – once with her standing up leaning on the balcony and him behind her with her skirt pulled up – a real “Wham,! Bam! Thank you Mam!” as it was over so quickly but as usual, as soon as he left, I had the pleasure of cleaning her up and giving her the orgasm she badly needed.

Also in Agadir, one night we were out walking along the beach promenade and there was a very handsome guy renting out horses to ride along the beach. He called to us and gave us his sales pitch. As were on the walkway and he was on the beach his head was just above the edge of the walkway and to talk to him Jane had to squat down. I didn’t have the same view as him but I knew he could see right up Jane’s short cotton skirt to her flimsy lace-trimmed panties. I told him I didn’t like horse riding so he focussed all his attention on Jane but we decided not to take a horse that night – but he made her promise to come back the next night.

Before we went out the next night I managed to persuade Jane not to put on any panties – it wasn’t hard to do as she often did this anyway. She wore the same short skirt and a T-shirt with no bra. When we got to the beach the guy was busy with another customer but as soon as he was free he came over and again was treated to a full view up Jane’s skirt. He said that he didn’t think she had enough experience to take a horse out alone and that he would bring a second horse and ride with her. He helped her up onto a fine horse and I got as good a glimpse as he did of her bare arse and pussy as she swung her leg over the saddle. The 2 of them set off side-by-side along the beach following the water line and before long they were quite distant in an area where there were very few people. I saw them stop and the guy got off his horse and mounted behind Jane on hers – and then they continued along the beach moving further and further away. I couldn’t make out what was happening and had to wait till later to get the details. The thing I remember most was when they eventually came back (on their own horses again) Jane was very flushed and when he helped her down off the horse there was a big sticky pool of what was certainly cum left on the saddle.

We went straight back to the hotel and Jane straddled my face while she told me how the Moroccan had climbed up behind her and reached round and under her T-shirt to fondle her tits and massage her nipples which were soon erect and hard. She felt his cock pressing against her arse and he pushed her forward along the horse’s neck so he could pull her skirt up from under her and she kept her feet in the stirrups so her lovely bum was in the air and her pussy accessible to his throbbing knob. He eased it right up her then took hold of the horse’s reins and they started to slowly ride along the beach with the rocking action of the horse providing the movement that f***ed his prick in and out of her cunt. Slowly the horseman increased the speed of the horse from a walk to a canter and eventually almost to a full gallop and Jane hung on to the horses neck while she was well and truly pounded from behind. The increasingly violent rocking rhythm of the horse and the friction of the saddle leather against her clitoris made her come several times, each time clenching her cunt walls around his rigid cock till she finally felt him spurt his hot spunk deep inside her.

Barbados was very different. We were in a small hotel complex and most of the guests were couples who had come in on the same flight so we couldn’t really mess around with the guests – or the staff with so many guests around. Even the young local lads seemed to steer clear of couples though they were quick to chat up any single girls. We were incredibly randy and concluded that there was only one thing to do – Jane would have to go out on her own. We got pretty stoned on some local ganja and I helped Jane get ready to out – dressing her didn’t take long as she only wore one article of clothing! We chose a short-sleeved white short style dress that came down to mid thigh. To add to the thrill I shaved her pussy (which we had done several time before) and even put a little rouge on her pussy lips to make them glossy and shiny. “Are you ready?” I asked. “I sure am!” she said. “Good hunting!” I replied.

From the balcony of our room I watched her exit the hotel compound gates and cross the road. God she looked good! She started walking in the direction of town and had hardly gone a few yards when a car stopped and after a brief conversation she got in and they drove off. For the next 2 hours all I could do was lie on our bed stroking my cock and wondering where she was, what she was doing and who she was with. About 01:30 I heard a car door slam and her footsteps on the stairs. As soon as she came in I asked “Well, did you score?” “Oh yessss!” she replied. She said that a handsome black Barbadian had picked her up and taken her for a drink and then suggested going to a night club. As they entered the club he stroked her arse through her thin dress and immediately realised she was naked underneath – “Let’s just go for a drive!” he said. They had driven to a quiet spot near the beach and he had fucked her in the car. At this I put my hand between her legs but though her pussy was wet I couldn’t feel the slipperiness of spunk in her and seeing my disappointment she said “Sorry, but he wore a condom.” “Did he have a big prick?” I asked. “Would you like to see for yourself?” “What do you mean?” “Well he’s waiting outside in the car and wants to know if I can ask him up. Shall I?”

I looked out the window and sure enough there was a car parked on the other side of the road with one guy in it. “Wow, OK, ask him up.” She went down to the car and they both came in a minute or so later. She introduced him but I’ve forgotten his name – let’s say Benny – and we sat and drank some rum and smoked a couple of joints. There seemed to be a bit of a “Who’s gonna make the first move?” atmosphere so I stood behind Jane’s chair and slid my hands down the front of her dress and began to caress her tits and she tilted her head so I could kiss her. Benny stood up too and unzipped his jeans to reveal a big (but not enormous) black cock with a significant upward curve from the base to the circumcised tip. Taking her cue, Jane leaned forward and slowly sucked him taking nearly all of his shaft right to the back of her throat. I got my prick out to and Benny and I watched her suck our dicks alternately while we fondled her breasts. “Let’s go into the bedroom” I said. In the bedroom Benny and I stripped off Jane’s dress and she lay naked on the bed watching while he and I undressed and lay on either side of her. We made a good team Benny and I – working our tongues and fingers all over Jane’s willing body – we would each suck a nipple, or one would lick her pussy while the other offered her his cock to suck – then we’d swop. I think being stoned helped and this foreplay seemed to last a long time but the Benny rolled onto his back with his twitching dick sticking up in the air.

“Come on baby; let me see you ride that black dick!” Jane straddled Benny and I helped to guide his prick into her – no condom this time I was delighted to see – and she slowly lowered herself onto his shaft and began to rock back and forward as Benny thrust his hips upwards to meet her. They kept this up for a lonnnngggg time! The speed and strength of their movements was increasing very slowly – almost imperceptibly slowly – but I saw that Jane’s eyes were closed and she was getting more and more flushed in the face. Slowly she began a soft moan of pleasure which moved into being short grunts as she dropped onto his up-thrusting cock. The inevitable climax came and she slumped forward onto his chest and kissed him deeply “Oh thank you, thank you!” Now it was my turn and I gently placed my hand on her arse to tell her not to move and as she lay across Benny I slipped my prick into her hole which to my delight was slick and slippery with Benny’s spunk.

I rode her slowly from behind like that while she kept kissing Benny and taking his tongue right into her mouth and to my (and Jane’s!) delight we felt Benny’s cock begin to stiffen again beneath her. Within a couple of minutes he was fully hard again and I lifted Jane slightly saying “2 cocks are better than 1!” and Benny, with a little difficulty to start, pushed his prick into Jane’s pussy alongside mine. Her cunt was tight to start with but with the lubrication of Benny’s cum we were both able to get right up her hole and she loosened up enough for us both to be able to properly fuck her together.
It was a great feeling sharing her cunt with his hard black prick and my face was close to his and it was almost as if we could read each other’s minds and time our strokes together. I could tell by the feel of his cock against mine that we were both getting close to cumming. “Do you want us both to cum in you together Jane?” “Mmmh! Oh yes please!” Benny and I kept eye contact as we increased our thrusts and I said “Here I come!!!” “Me too!!” said Benny and we both drove our cocks as far up Jane’s pussy as possible and we felt them pulse as we emptied our balls into her hot cunt.
After that we slept but we did manage one more double fuck before Benny left just after sunrise.

Story of Jane Part 5
Back in the UK we were not having a lot of luck with our adventures and then something happened which gave us the most erotic experience we have ever had – and it was almost purely by chance. It was a warm summer evening and we went to a hotel where we had once managed to pick up a businessman by the simple technique of Jane sitting on a bar stool and giving him a good view of her stocking tops from his lower position sitting at a table nearby. Anyway, on this particular night the hotel bar was almost empty, probably because it was a weekend, and we had no luck and left around 23:30. We were both quite d***k and frustrated by our lack of success. We talked about other places we could try and I suggested to Jane that she walk along the side of the road leading out of town while I sat in the car and kept an eye on her. If she got a lift I would follow them. We agreed she would try this but wouldn’t actually hitchhike – just walk. She was wearing a short tight skirt made from a stretchy material which was so tight over her thighs that you could make out the outline of her suspenders where they were attached to her stockings.

She started to walk while I parked in a lay-by where I could see her. 2 or 3 cars passed then suddenly one stopped beside her and a black guy got out of the back and spoke to her. I could see that there were3 other guys in the car and after a short conversation Jane got in the back of the car and the guy got in beside her so she was sitting between 2 of them in the back seat and then they drove off. I immediately followed.

I discovered later that they were 4 black soldiers who had been nightclubbing in Stockton and were returning to their barracks in Catterick. As I drove quite close behind them I could clearly see that the two in the back were taking turns to kiss Jane and in as short while they turned off down a country lane. I saw Jane lean forward and they eased off her blouse and laid it on the back parcel shelf. Her blouse was quickly followed by her bra. By now they obviously knew I was following as the guys in the back would turn and grin at me and they seemed to be deliberately driving slowly. As I watched I saw Jane clamber round so that she was facing me out the back window. I couldn’t see at the time but found out later that she was riding one of them with her panties pulled to one side and his thick knob right up to the hilt in her pussy.

Suddenly they turned off through an open field gate. It caught me by surprise and I parked nearby in the lane and started to walk back to the field when Jane came running out of the gate. Her breasts were swinging and I could see the telltale marks of love bites on them. As I reached her she pulled up her skirt and put my hand between her legs. “Feel that! One of them has had me already!” Her pussy was wide open and spunk was leaking out down the inside of her thighs. The 4 black soldiers came out of the gate “Come on,” one said, “Let’s have some more of you!” They took her by the arms and gently led her back into the field while stroking her tits and bum. One of them had laid a blanket on the grass and he lay on his back with his huge black prick sticking straight up. Two of the others lifted Jane up and lowered her onto the waiting prick and I watched in erotic fascination as she closed her eyes and moaned as she slid down on the throbbing shaft. Two of the others stood either side of her and offered her their dicks to suck and as she rocked back and forward she alternated between sucking one then the other. The 4th guy and I stood and watched the show and gently wanked.

The soldier she was riding was the first to come and his place was immediately taken by the 4th guy who had been wanking. One of the guys she was sucking knelt behind her and managed to f***e his prick up her pussy alongside his mates. Even though her pussy was now lubricated by 2 loads of spunk it took him a little while to ease his prick up her as both their cocks were big – much bigger than mine. Once they were both in up to their balls they began to fuck her hard and she was really moaning loudly now. “God this is great!” one of the guys said “It’s just like you read in Fiesta magazine but I never believed the stories before”. “How do you like these black cocks baby? Nice and fat, eh?” “Does your hubby want to watch us fuck you hard?” “Is this what you like? Is this what you need, a good shagging?” “Come on, open it right up and we’ll give you all the cock you can take!”

For the next hour they took turns at her mouth and cunt. All of them came at least twice and the one who had her in the car I think 3 times. By the end she was plastered in spunk on her face and in her hair and of course her pussy and thighs were coated in sperm too. She was literally “shagged out” and I had to help her walk back to our car as her knees were trembling.

The night with the soldiers was certainly the highlight of all our activities and also marked a certain change in Jane’s behaviour.

I had to go to a business dinner in a hotel in another town and I planned to stay overnight but when the dinner ended at 2 in the morning I decided to drive home and got back to the house at 04:30. As I expected Jane was in bed but still awake. I said “I thought you would be asl**p!” “I’ve just got in!” she replied.

She went on to explain that she had gone to a nightclub with some friends from work but left them at midnight as she was bored. When she went outside there was a guy in a car which she thought was a taxi and when she approached she saw he was rolling a joint. He said, “Do you want a smoke?” “OK” she replied and got in the car. They smoked the joint and he asked her if he would like to come back to the hotel where he worked and she agreed. In fact his name was Sean and he was the son of the owner and had his own little flat at the back of the hotel. When they got there they had a couple of drinks and another joint and then Got down to business” as Jane put it. She said he had the biggest prick she had ever seen on a white man and that he got her to kneel on the bed while he lifted her dress up and screwed her doggie style with her head being f***ed against the wall. She didn’t leave him till nearly 4 a.m. and when I got down to lick her pussy I could still taste his cum in her and her pussy lips were puffy and swollen. I was quite shocked by this new behaviour as it was the first time she had ever had a man when I wasn’t there but I found it a real turn-on as she described what he had done to her and especially the huge size of his cock.

I said that I would love to watch him shag her and persuaded her to go back to the hotel with me about a week later. We went to the bar and Sean was working behind the bar. He obviously recognised Jane as he said hello but we didn’t say much and took our drinks to a table. We had another couple of drinks while we worked out what to do. We agreed that I would leave her alone in the bar for 10 minutes or so, on some pretext and she would see if we could both join him later.

When I got back she had spoken to him but it wasn’t good news for me. He said he would love to see her after he finished work but that he didn’t want me there. What a dilemma! I asked Jane if she wanted to meet him alone and she said “Sure, if you don’t mind. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home!” I went out to the car while she spoke to Sean and said she would come back at 11:30 when the bar had closed.

It was still very early so we went home and Jane dressed in her sexiest underwear and stockings and had a couple of drinks. At a little after 11 PM I drove her back to the hotel and dropped her off with an agreement that I would be back in the hotel car park at 2 AM to pick her up. I couldn’t believe what I was doing – delivering my wife to her stud! I was back there at 2 AM as arranged and at about 2.15 she came out and got into the car. “How was it?” I asked. “Let’s stop in a lay by and you can find out for yourself!” We pulled off the road and got in the back seat where I was allowed to lick out her pussy which had been filled twice with his spunk while she told me how much she enjoyed his thick prick.

I delivered Jane to Shaun for servicing in this way 2 or 3 more times but I missed being able to watch her squirming on a thick penis or sucking a guy’s dick. We talked about this but Jane felt that it was difficult for us to pick up a guy when we were together and I had to agree as we hadn’t found anyone when we were out as a couple for months. To find a compromise we devised a plan. Jane would go out on her own in our car (which was a pretty posh company car at the time) and if she picked someone up she would phone me. She would take the guy to one of two secluded areas we knew not too far from where we lived and she would always let me know which one she was headed for. That way I was able to get there in our other car and watch the action as she made out with him in our car. It didn’t always work of course – sometimes the guy had his own car and had to follow her, which was OK – and sometimes they went in his car which made it more difficult for me to find them – and of course occasionally he had a place of his own and would take her there. Nevertheless there were quite a few occasions where I could sneak up to the car and watch him stripping Jane and fucking her – including with her big black dildo which we had kept all these years!

On the occasions when she was taken back to their place I had to content myself with licking her out while she told me all that had happened but I loved the excitement of waiting for her, not knowing when she would get home (would it be all night as it was sometimes?), imagining what she was doing and what was being done to her – and best of all having her come home all dishevelled, cum stained and often without her panties which the guy had refused to give her back and had kept as a souvenir.

Well, I’m pretty much at the end of this story. The years have passed, we’ve got older and I guess maybe our sex drive is less than it was way back then. Jane is still as beautiful as ever and we very occasionally – maybe once a year – get to have an adventure with a stranger but sadly it’s getting more and more rare.

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3 months ago
Shame it's getting more rare. Sounds like a lot of fun
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Magical story, thanks for sharing
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You are an incredible couple, THANK YOU for sharing this story of your amazing adventures!
1 year ago
Thank you! very goog story
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In our favourites thanks x
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thanks mate, check out mine
3 years ago
Excellent realities, excellent writing. Also, lucky man.
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good story
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Saving this!
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love it man your mrs sounds amazing x ty for uploading