The Hitchhiker

Ron and Sam had started fishing since dawn and were way out on a county road driving home when they saw the young gal with her thumb out. She was gorgeous and sexy standing there needing a ride. Sam looked at Ron and said "Pull over. We might just have some fun with that young sexy gal. My cock could use a little pussy as the wife is on the rag and won't even suck my cock." Ron smiled and said "My cock could use a bit of strange cunt too. Also like a tight ass to fuck as Cindy won't let my cock near her prissy ass." Ron pulled over and Sam asked the girl "Want a ride sweetie?" She looked at the two guys and said "Sure." Sam jumped out and put her between them and Ron drove down the road. They hadn't gone far when Sam put his hand around the girl and pulled her to him. He then tipped her face to him and began kissing her tonguing her mouth and she met his tongue with her own. Sam said "You kiss nice. I love a good kisser." He kept kissing her and let his hand go under her shirt and rub her tits. He told her "I love a girl that does not need to wear a bra. You have great tits." He kissed her and played with her tits before he said "Let's take this shirt off and so we can see those nice titties of yours. Ron would love to see then too."

Sam then pulled her top over her head and threw it on the floor. He kissed her again and told her "Now that is better. You are quite sexy." He then put his mouth over her tit and ran his hand inside her shorts. She wore no panties either. As he rubbed her pussy and played with her clit he then told her "Take off the shorts since you have no panties on and let's see that pussy." She pulled her shorts off and was now naked in the truck. Sam spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy and then he grabbed Ron's hand and put it between her legs and Ron shoved a finger in her cunt. He was finger fucking her as they drove down the road and Sam was playing with her clit and sucking on her nipples. She then unzipped Ron's pants and pulled out his cock and then did the same to Sam. As the guys felt her she stroked their cocks getting them hard. Then Sam pushed her face down to Ron's cock and she sucked him as he drove down the road. Sam now had three fingers in her cunt fucking her hard as she sucked on Ron's hard cock. Ron screamed "This bitch can suck cock good. She has me deep in her throat sucking like a vacuum. She is hot. Suck me good baby. Suck that cock hard for me."

As she sucked on Ron's cock Sam then got down and began to lick her pussy. He sucked on her pussy lips and then her clit. She had a nice big clit and he liked sucking it and feeling it get hard. He then moved his tongue to her cunt and pushed his tongue in her and began giving that wet cunt a good tongue fuck. As he fucked her cunt she sucked harder on Ron's cock and Ron then said "I am going to pull over to that deserted road up here. Then we are going to fuck pussy and ass on this hot bitch. Keep sucking baby. I want to feel that mouth around my cock. You suck good and I bet you fuck good too." Ron found the road and pulled over and moved his seat back as far as it would go and the girl kept sucking as Sam fucked her cunt. Ron then grabbed her head and began to move her up and down on his cock fucking her face and shoving every inch of cock down her throat as she sucked him hard. Sam had his tongue deep in her cunt as he pushed two fingers in her ass and fucked both holes as the girl began cumming hard and fast coating his tongue with her sweet cum. It did not take Ron long as he face fucked her to fill her mouth with cum. He held his cock down her throat till she swallowed every drop. Then he pulled her by her hair to him and kissed her mouth and tasting his cum on her tongue.

Sam now had his pants off and he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to his cock and she then began sucking him taking him down her throat. Sam moaned "You are so right. She can really suck cock. I have all ten inches of cock down her throat and she is still sucking me hard. She is the best cock sucker I have ever found. I can't wait to fuck that ass and cunt." As she sucked on Sam's cock Ron was playing with her tits and ass. He twisted her nipples as he rammed two fingers in her asshole and began fucking her hard. He would give her ass a few slaps as he fingered her. She had a nice round sexy ass and he knew his cock was going to feel amazing in her. Sam now was really fucking her mouth as he shoved all ten inches of cock in her mouth as she sucked him hard. As Ron kept his hands all over her body Sam then filled her mouth with cum. It was a huge load and she swallowed every drop for him.

Ron's cock was now hard again and he pulled her over on to his lap and shoved his cock all the way into her cunt and began fucking her hard. He wanted every inch of his cock buried in the tight warm cunt. As he fucked her cunt hard he grabbed her nipple with his teeth and pulled on it and then sucked it deep in his mouth leaving a bruise. He then rammed her cunt as he sucked all over her tits bruising them in several places. She had nice big firm tits and he covered them with the dark marks. Sam then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to him and began kissing her shoving his tongue deep in her mouth tasting the cum over her tongue. Then he yelled to Ron "Fuck that cunt hard. Show this slut how two cowboys can ride hard all day. She needs to see how we are going to fuck every hole with our horse size cocks. We are going to ride her hard and keep her wet. She is going to get what our wife's won't let us give them. My cock needs a good piece of ass and I am going to ride hers deep and hard." He watched Ron fuck her hard then fill that cunt with more cum. Ron had a nice long and extremely thick cock. Sam's ten inches was thick too especially at the base. And he loved to push it all the way in and fuck hard.

Sam told Ron "Keep your cock in her cunt and lay her on top of you. I am going to ram my cock in that sexy ass and give her a good ass fuck. As soon as your cock is hard and ready then fuck that cunt more and we will really give her a hard ride. When we fill her holes with cum then she can lick out cocks clean and tongue fuck our assholes. I bet she can lick ass as good as she sucks cock." Sam then got on top of her and pushed his hard cock into her ass and felt how tight she was. He screamed to Ron "She has the best tight ass. She feels so good. My cock is going to love fucking that tight ass hole." Then he began fucking her hard and shoving every inch of cock in her ass. Ron was once again sucking on her huge tits an biting them really turning her on. He could feel her cunt pulse around his cock and he wasn't even fucking her again yet. But it would not take long as he could feel that pussy hugging his cock and getting it hard.

Sam was pounding her ass as Ron got hard and began pounding her wet cunt. They had her between them fucking her hard and deep in both holes. She was also cumming hard and cum was running out of her covering Ron who was laying beneath her. They double fucked her for almost an hour before they could fill her with cum again. She seemed to be able to take anything they did to her. She was very hot and loved the sucking and fingering and fucking that they gave her. She also loved licking the cum soaked cocks on them too. They were right about her ass licking skills. She licked and tongued one ass as she finger fucked the other making the cocks rock hard. The had a tongue in Sam's ass and three fingers in Ron's ass giving them the best ass fuck then she switched and fingered Sam's ass and tongue fucked Ron's as she listened to Ron scream out loud. They had hit the jackpot when they found this sexy slut along side the road.

They took turns finger fucking her and eating her pussy as she sucked and licked their ass and cocks the rest of the day till it was almost dark. She was well fucked and covered with cum and bruises and the guys had sore cocks from all the fucking and getting sucked. They hated to end it but knew they had to get home as no one could fish after dark. They planned to meet her the next Saturday and she was going to bring her girlfriend with her for some real good fucking and sucking. They liked the idea of double the fuck holes and double the sucking. As Ron drove her to where she needed to go she did suck Sam's cock one last time. She was such a horny bitch and the guys loved her. They couldn't wait till next week to meet her for double the sex.
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nice drop this goody on us then leave
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Bring on part 2