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Art was sixty eight but could still fuck like a teenager and he needed sex all the time. He had a room full of sex toys and gadgets and loved to use them. He could fuck for hours thanks to the d**gs he ordered from the "man's" magazine. He now had an eighteen year old living with him and she knew from the time she got in his car it was all about the sex. He met her at the diner and she agreed to go home with him and as soon as they got in the car he told her get naked. He said "I want you naked so I can see tits and pussy. Take off your clothes and spread those legs wide and let me see that pink pussy." She did just as he asked. He then drove with one hand as he pushed two fingers in her cunt and fucked her as they headed to his home. She had a nice tight hole and he could not wait to lick her and tongue her then fuck her for hours. He wanted to suck on her delicious tits too. For a petite gal she had a nice set of lungs with nice cherry sized nipples. He could feel her cum several times as he finger fucked her and then he took his cum soaked fingers from her cunt and pushed then in her ass. Her ass was tight and warm and he fucked her hard and could not wait to get his cock in that tight hole. He was going to double up on his magic cock hardener for the first week so he could fuck her till she could not walk. His cock was hard just thinking of that young pussy and ass. He has a nice potion to give her to make her a raving sex maniac too.

Art fingered one of her holes all the way to his house and when they pulled into the drive he told her "Leave your clothes in the car. You won't need them for several days. We are going to have the hottest fuck fest and I want your body naked." He pulled her into the house quickly stripped naked and grabbed her right inside the door and pulled her to him and smashed her tits tight to him as he kissed her tonguing her mouth. His hands reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her tight to his body as his kisses got deeper and deeper. His cock was hard against her body and he spread her legs and pushed a finger back in her asshole and fucked her as they stood and kissed. Then he lifted her leg and spread her wider as his cock plunged into her wet cunt. She felt so good. She was wet and warm and so tight. He pulled her tighter to him as he fucked her hard as they stood with her pressed against the wall. He had all nine inches of hard cock in her cunt and two fingers in her ass as he fucked both holes hard. He could feel her nipples against his chest and feel them rub up and down as he fucked her holes. He moaned to her as he fucked her "Oh baby, you fuck better than a high paid whore. And you have a tighter body. My cock feel so good inside that tight cunt of yours. You are going to love how much I can fuck and how long. My cock is going to stay hard and needing your ass and pussy for days. We are going to have so much fun." Art the then fucked her for over an hour before he took her to his play room.

The room was full of everything sexual that Art could find. He first turned on a porn video that played on a large screen. This video was a young girl with monster tits tied and three men fucking and sucking every hole on her body. The young girl was covered with cum as the men ravaged her body. Cum was dripping from her ass and cunt and around her mouth as they fucked and fingered her and sucked her. Art looked at Mona and said "Would you like to be that girl and have those men fucking you all night?" Mona smiled at him and said "I am here to fuck you all night. Just you." Art laughed and gave her a light slap on her ass. He then pulled her to him and told her "You have the sexiest body I have fucked in a long time. I love your big tits and nipples and that nice ass and your cunt is so tight. You are perfect for my strong sex drive. Now lay on top of me with your cunt in my face as I eat your sweet hole and you suck my cock and my balls. I want to feel my cock go down your throat and I want that mouth to suck me hard."

Art laid down and Mona laid on top of him and pushed her cunt to his face as she began to lick his cock as she felt his tongue lick on her pussy. His tongue flicked her clit and made her cum very fast. He licked and sucked her clit as she licked all over his cock. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and first sucked it then licked it running her tongue over the slit. She felt his cock jerk as she licked on his slit. Then she took one of his balls in her mouth and sucked it as she ran her hand up and down his cock. She was a great cock sucker and the more she sucked and licked his cock and balls the more he sucked and licked her clit. She had cum running out her hole she was so turned on by his tonguing and sucking. She then heard him yell "Oh baby, suck that cock. Take every inch in your mouth and down your throat and suck me hard so I can fuck that mouth of yours. Show me what a good cock sucker you can be. Suck me hard like a two bit whore. Yes, suck that cock." As she took his cock deep down her throat her hands grabbed his balls and squeezed and massaged them. She sucked hard on his cock as she took it deep then brought it out and sucked the head then took it back deep. Art was so turned on and he then shoved his tongue into her cum soaked cunt and began to suck her cum and tongue fuck her hard. The harder she sucked his cock the harder he tongued her cunt. His face was covered with her sweet cum. He loved the way she tasted and he kept tonguing that tight cunt.

She sucked on his cock for two hours and he tongue fucked her cunt for the same time. She was wet with sweat from cumming so much. He loved this sexy horny nympho maniac. Then he pushed two fingers in her ass and began finger fucking her asshole as he tongue fucked her cunt. Then he took a finger from each hand and spread her ass wide open and took his tongue from her cunt and shoved it in her asshole and began tongue fucking her ass. He fucked her sexy ass as he gave it a few slaps which made her shove three fingers in his ass and as she sucked harder on his cock she brutally fucked his ass. He kept his tongue in her ass as he then shoved three fingers in her cunt and fucked both holes. Art knew he had found the perfect horny slut for his fucking enjoyment. He was out of control licking and sucking and fucking her clit and cunt and ass as she fucked his ass and sucked his cock and balls. He sucked and licked her and spanked on her ass as the sex got more and more heated between them. Then he finally filled her mouth with a huge load of cum. It just kept pulsing out of him and she swallowed every drop. He had never even had a high priced whore take as much cum as this young girl could.

He then pulled her to him and kissed her tasting his cum in her mouth. Art told her "You are the wildest cunt I have ever had at my house. You fuck better than a whore. You sucked nine inches of cock like it was three. You are quite the cum slut. I can't wait to use all my toys on you. We are going to fuck non stop. Now bend over and let me fuck that sexy ass with my big cock." Art was thinking about when he would put the drops of the "fuck" d**g on her tongue and see how wild she would be when her body was on fire and wanted to shove everything she could in that cunt of hers.

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