A Mid-Twenties Night Dream

The following is a story about a couple that decides the wife can pursue sex with a male co-worker. It is a little twisted.

"What do you think?" Stephanie asked, patting the area around her crotch with a towel.

Her skin was smooth. Her husband Bryan stood by the dresser, his boxer shorts tented out with his stiff cock. He looked at her slightly puffy and red pussy, much more visible now that she had shaved most of her pubic hair off. He walked up to her and cupped her damp quim, his middle finger slightly penetrating between her lips.

She kissed him and moaned. Bryan stood back again and asked her to turn around. He knelt down and spread her ass cheeks. Her pussy stretched out in front of him, distorted and she looked back at him and grinned. He smiled as he stood up again and slapped one of her ass-cheeks playfully.

"I think he'll like it. Remember to be aggressive." He said.

"You really think so?" She asked. "What if he doesn't like it?"

"If's he's a man, he'll like it. Dennis will get this pussy next if he has any balls."

Bryan crawled into bed, his cock stiff. Stephanie turned off the lights in the bathroom where she had just showered and threw on one of his t-shirts and some panties. She flicked off the main light as she slid in next to him.

"Are you sure about this?"

Bryan paused, thinking how to answer. "Honey, I've never been so turned on. Just tell me everything that happens."


"Everything. That's the only way it works for me, and trust me, I'll love it." He replied. He started feeling his cock, the rhythm under the sheets obvious to her.

"My God, again? Look at you!"

"I'm sorry, I can't help it. You want me to go to another room?"

"No," she answered, "here, let me help."

Stephanie reached over under the covers and grabbed his cock. Bryan relaxed and adjusted to her hand-job. It was good, but he did it better. He closed his eyes and murmured, "Oh man, I hope this works for you tomorrow."

"Me too. I can't believe we're doing this."

He was silent as she pumped his cock.

Bryan thought back to sex with Stephanie the past couple of weeks. Almost every day she would come home from work, and she'd be horny. She'd kiss him as she entered the apartment and guide him to the bedroom. She'd usually lay on the bed in her work clothes, raise her legs together and he'd peel off her panties and hose first, then the knee high skirt. She was always so wet when he'd put his fingers between her legs to finger her. No real foreplay was necessary, just a straight shot to her hairy pussy. It was so unlike her usual self to be this wet.

As Stephanie continued with the hand job, he remembered back to that first day, how she was reluctant to admit why she was horny. Finally during sex and pestering from Bryan, she came out and admitted that one of her co-workers, Dennis, was turning her on. He'd asked how long this was going on and she admitted for a couple of weeks. She'd only recently started working with him.

Each day after, Bryan would have sex with his wife while she described how she'd flirted with Dennis. How she sat in a booth in a half empty diner and he made a crack about being on a date with her. She complained about stress and he massaged her feet and legs under the table.

The next day during sex she admitted that he sat by her and guided her hand on the computer mouse as she feigned ignorance with some computer issue. She admitted that she started to call him "darlink" like Zha Zha Gabor. She had also asked him about his personal life, and he admitted he didn't have a steady girlfriend.

Every day it was something new, and today was very interesting, because she said that tomorrow there was to be a small company get-together at a downtown hotel bar. Some honcho had flown into town and they were to entertain him with dinner and drinks.

She mentioned this as Bryan was in the middle of fucking her.

"Oh, that sounds interesting." He panted as he hunched over her in full penetration.

"Why?" She coyly asked.

"You know, you two, together. Drink a little too much, make some bad decisions."

"You want me to make bad decisions?"


He'd quickened his pace.

"Are you sure?" She'd asked. "You really sure?"

"Yes. Just see where it goes. Tell me all about it afterward." Bryan couldn't make himself be more direct. He was embarrassed to admit his feelings.

"Okay. I'll try." She had said.

With that thought, Bryan returned to the present, his wife giving him a hand-job in the dark, and he spurted again. His sex life seemed to be circles within circles.

"Woah big boy." his wife cooed, and she laughed as she wiped her sticky hand on his boxers. He had feelings of remorse, wanted to talk her out of it, but he suppressed them. It made things more interesting. He felt alive.

The next day was nerve wracking for both of them. She tried on various combinations of underthings, with his input. It felt strange to be dressing for a third person. Stephanie was excited and nervous, wondering if Dennis would even see the clothes, Bryan wondering if he was crazy, trying to make his wife as attractive as possible for another man. As they both went to their cars that morning, he kissed her hard and grabbed her ass.

At 5 pm he got off work. He'd barely eaten lunch, and drove home, horny. In the apartment he nervously cleaned up, watched TV, and cleaned some more. He got a call a little after 7 pm from Stephanie.

"Honey!" He answered.

"I'm so nervous." She half whispered into the phone.

"That's okay, it's normal. Are you guys out having drinks?"

"Yes. There was some touching."

Bryan's erection was already hard, but this just energized it.

"I have to go." She said. I'll text you if anything happens.

She hung up.

Bryan pulled out his cock and started to rub. It was showtime.

Stephanie put away her phone and stepped back into the hotel restaurant. During dinner, while sitting next to each other, Dennis had put his hand on her thigh. She had reciprocated and had only meant to rub his leg, but she quickly felt his large hard cock under his slacks. She'd gently rubbed it.

Afterward the small group started to break up for home until finally it was just her and Dennis.

"So," she said, after the last guest had left, "you want to get a drink at the bar?"

"Fuck that, I want to get a hotel room, but I'll settle for the bar." Dennis had thrown out the idea in the form of a joke.

Stephanie bit, "Well, if you want too... I guess I don't mind." She grabbed his hand.

"What about your husband?"

"He doesn't mind. I hope you don't."

At 7:45 pm, Bryan was trolling porn on the internet. At the same time, Dennis was kissing his wife in a hotel room. His lips touching hers felt like a hot white path of light from her lips to her tingling groin. She lay on the bed, much like she had done for her husband earlier in the week. Dennis didn't peel off her clothes, but he stroked her legs and massaged her clit through her panties. She was very wet. She moaned as she was overcome with a warm, sexy rush. She felt the release of tension as her orgasmic contractions fell over her in waves.

They lay and cuddled for another ten minutes. Amazingly, they were still dressed. Finally Dennis started to tug her clothes off, and she complied. She lie on the sheets, her bare legs covered only by her skirt, with his hand between her legs again. This time he wanted to see, so he got down between her legs and started to lick, first gently on the inside of her legs, then along her slit, like an ice cream cone.

"Ohhhhh" She moaned. "Just fuck me. I need you."

Dennis smiled. He got up and pulled down his pants. Out popped his cock. From her point of view it was magnificent. Also mostly shaven, a big strong looking member, thicker than her husband, and ready for her to enjoy. He lay down beside her, and asked her to get on top. She complied quickly, straddling him, and she reached down and grabbed his dick as she squatted over him. She positioned herself over it, the head at her entrance.

She lowered herself down, the penis slowly stretching her out, more than her husband could ever accomplish. Thankfully it wasn't much longer. After a little adjustment, her clit mashed with his pelvis. She automatically moved her hips, the cock rubbing her G-Spot. And again she came in mind-bending waves. She felt airy and light and felt something resembling love washing over her body.

His cock felt a tingle, right in the middle, and like a volcano, building up quickly, it spread in a ring around his shaft. His muscles and balls contracted as he exploded into her. He grunted as his sperm, white hot poured forth in a pleasurable fountain. He prayed she had already cum because he felt it was all too short, and was worried he ruined it by being too fast. But she had cum, for the second time that night, and they collapsed on each other in a tight hug, giving each other powerful kisses, their tongues intertwining. He didn't pull out, he just let himself get soft inside her, his this sticky ejaculate bonding them together.

After ten minutes they finally separated.

He got up to use the facilities. She reached for her phone and sent a text.

"OMG, we did it. It was awesome. I had 2 O's"

Bryan was edging himself all night, getting close to orgasm, then backing down. When his phone buzzed with the incoming message, he leapt to read it.

"Are you coming home?" He replied.

"Do I have to?" She answered.

"No. You just have to promise to tell me everything!"

"I will!" She answered. "Thank you! You are the best husband!"

He sat back stunned. He went over to the bed, the one he would share with his wife, but that would be cold and empty tonight. His cock was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. He had considered doing something he hadn't tried since he was a teenager. Experimentation seemed to be the order of the day.

He lay flat on his back, completely naked. He put his legs up over his own head, his cock point down to him. Somehow the experience made him feel left out. It was time to push the envelope for his own enjoyment.

He tried to suck his own cock, but he barely got his tongue to lick the head. He relaxed. Again he tried, and got it closer. His lips touched the head. Sweet pre-cum dabbled on his lips. So in that position he masturbated. His back ached, but he persevered. When the moment of truth came, he was revolted, but his willpower won out and he spermed into his mouth and face. It tasted disgusting. He swallowed briefly but couldn't do more.

He felt ashamed as he hustled to the bathroom, spitting into the sink. He looked in the mirror and wondered what he had done. He felt terrible, but somehow it seemed okay, like at least he tried. He turned off the lights and hopped into bed. His mind would not stop. Thank God it was Friday and he wouldn't have to work. He got up again and retrieved his phone.

He read the texts again and got hard.

Bryan slept fitfully. His wife Stephanie was out with Dennis, yet to come home from the hotel.

The night was warm, but Bryan seemed overly sensitive to the air conditioning. The breeze bothered him and the noise seemed louder than usual. He got up sometime after 1 am to turn it off.

He laid back in bed and had a short but intense dream about his wife. He was with Stephanie, under the sheets in a hotel room. Being a dream, his mind placed them in a particularly memorable hotel in the old town section of Lucerne, Switzerland, where he and his wife had once stayed. As they made love, he looked out the plate glass windows at the Chapel Bridge. The bedspread covered them, she was on her back as he rhythmically pumped her.

Being a dream, not particularly logical, Dennis stood by the bed. He hadn't been there a moment earlier. Stephanie was happy to see him, and Bryan nervously got off the bed while Dennis crawled between her white legs. Bryan was embarrassed and excited. He stood and watched as she grabbed Dennis's cock and laughed, showing it off.

Bryan stroked himself, feeling like a guilty c***d. His wife had turned into something of a mother figure, shaming him for watching them as they fucked. "This is wrong," she told him, "why are you watching us. Leave us, go outside. Leave me with my boyfriend. You aren't my husband anymore."

When Bryan awoke he was surprised that he'd had a nocturnal emission, something he hadn't had since he was an early teenager.

Back at the hotel, the d****s were still open and the couple awoke to the early light of morning. Stephanie wondered how late they'd made love. She figured it had to be after 3 am. She was exhausted, her eyes heavy. She looked over to see Dennis eyeballing her. He reached over and stroked her leg. She smiled.

"I can't, I'm just too sore," she told him.

"Sorry," said Dennis, "last night was great."

"I know." She looked at him in the eyes. "I have to go home soon. I promised."

Dennis raised an eyebrow, "Promised? It's not even seven."

"I promised Bryan I'd come home as soon as possible," her voice trailed off.

Dennis asked, "Do you have an open marriage?"

"Not really, but I told you my husband is okay with it."

"Wow," said Dennis as he put his hands behind his head. "I find that hard to believe."

Stephanie wondered how far she should open up to him. "I texted him from the bathroom."

"Huh, when?"

"Last night," Stephanie got up to retrieve her phone. She was surprised how uncomfortable it felt as she walked. His cock felt like it split her. She hadn't felt that in a long time. She showed him her text updates to Bryan.

Bryan read, smiling. He read out loud, "You just have to promise to tell me everything."

"Well I'll be..." He looked at her. "Pardon me for asking, please don't take it the wrong way, but I would have never guessed. Have you done this before?"

"No, but he's been begging me for years," Stephanie replied, "I never thought I'd do it. Until I did."

"Did you two plan this?" Dennis asked.

"Sort of. Yes," she answered.

"I've died and gone to heaven," he said. "Let's make all his dreams come true."

She warily looked at him. "What do you mean?"

"I'd love to take you out," Dennis answered. "I like you, I don't want this to be a quick fling. If he'll share you with me, I'll take what I can get. I don't want to sneak around. Do you?"

"Well no," she said.

"Exactly, so let's have fun with it, give him what he wants," Dennis seemed animated as he said it, as if trying to sell a difficult concept.

Stephanie sniggered, "Can you give him what I want? I don't know if you'd really be willing to do that."

"What do you mean?"

"Would you do a threesome with us?" Stephanie asked. "I think it would be fun, I know Bryan would like it."

"This conversation just took an unexpected turn." He contemplated what the three way would entail.

Dennis pulled out his cock. "So he wants to see you do it?"

Stephanie leaned in, "Yes, but I want him to suck you off," she giggled.

"You little pervert," Dennis felt his cock rise. Sure, he could do that. "Okay, but I'm not going to reciprocate."

"Your loss, but it's a deal," she bounced on the bed, giddy. "So you want to go to the movies with me, huh? What am I, f******n?"

"PG-13 babe. Only the best." Oh why did she have to be married, Dennis thought. She's pure gold.

In the shower they soaped each other's bodies, him allowing her to stand in the warm spray, the water hitting her back. Satisfied he was clean, she squatted in front of him. She grabbed his member and carefully put it in her mouth, water drenching her.

Reaching up and cupping his balls, she sucked him off. He came with a shudder and she half swallowed, half spit the warm, bitter fluid.

Leaving the hotel room was surreal. They had nothing to carry out but laptops and that felt strange, walking from the room like empty handed thieves. They kissed in the elevator and went their separate ways.

Going up the stairs to her apartment, Stephanie had knots in her stomach. She thought of her conversation with Dennis. Her fantasy was coming true. She turned the key to the deadbolt and entered their apartment.

Bryan came out of the hallway, "Are you okay?" he asked. "Honey I love you."

"Well," she said, "I guess we finally did it."

"How was it?" He asked.

"Great," she replied.

"So you want to do it again?" he asked.

"I'm not sure you can stop me," she answered.

"Can I fuck you?" He begged.

"No, I'm sorry, I'm so sore. He was just so," she paused, smiling, "big and hard."

Bryan was crushed. He badly wanted to reclaim her.

"Maybe I can call him over and watch you suck his cock." She smiled, wickedly.

"You didn't actually tell him," he was smiling yet profoundly embarrassed. "Oh my god, you didn't, did you?"

"Of course I did," Stephanie felt his pants, the hardness in his pants. "I made your fantasy come true, now it's your turn."

Bryan stared at her. "Oh fuck," he croaked.

"It's pretty big, I don't know if you'll be able to do such a good job." She enjoyed this. She wanted to see it. "Go ahead, touch yourself."

"What here? No, let's go to the bedroom. Please," he begged.

A minute later he sat on the high king sized mattress. As Stephanie peeled out of her used clothes, she continued, "Imagine how his cock was, inside me. You should have been there, getting him hard for me."

Bryan stroked himself. Stephanie said, "Use some lube, that's okay," and nodded to the dresser. Bryan got up and took the bottle and towel back to the bed.

Stephanie continued, "Just do it for me, please? You seem to like this. I do."

Bryan felt ashamed at his excitement. "Oh fuck," he answered. "It's just, you know, picturing him with you turns me on."

"I want you to admit you like the idea," she prodded.

Stephanie got on the bed and kissed him. She posed for him, her ass in the air. Bryan was in heaven.

He said, "I want to take a picture of this and send it to Dennis."

Stephanie laughed. "You think he'll like it?"

"Fuck yeah," said Bryan, and he crawled out to get his smartphone.

She arranged the sheets to look less sloppy and positioned herself again. Bryan took a couple of pics, choosing the best one.

"What's his number? I want to send this."

She grabbed his phone to look at the picture. Her head wasn't showing, that's all that mattered to her. She thought Dennis would like it.

"You want to send this to him?"

"You want me to suck his cock, but you have doubts about this?" Bryan laughed, "If this is going to work, he has to know I don't mind. Plus, really, I don't want him thinking he can steal you away."

"I told him you were okay with it."

Bryan felt somewhat relieved at that answer. He wasn't interested in playing the chump, and it bothered him if Dennis thought he was "getting one over" on him.

"But you can't send this unless you promise," she held the phone behind her back.

Defeated and horny, Bryan relented. "Fine, okay, I'll do it." His cock rose as he said it and she nodded, looking at it.

Stephanie wanted him say it. "You'll do what?"

"I'll suck his cock," Bryan almost whispered it.

"Thank you!" she chirped, and paused, "Oh, and can I go out with him?"

Bryan was more pleased with this question. The idea of sending his wife on a date was extremely arousing. "Absolutely."

She threw the smartphone over to him.

"You're not exactly making sacrifices," Bryan said snarkily.

"You asked for it, not me," Stephanie replied. "I would have been happy just being with you."

Bryan didn't answer. He paused to think of the proper verbiage he'd send along with the picture. This was an important moment. He'd be giving Dennis a first impression on many levels.

He typed, "Thanks for taking care of my wife last night. If it were almost any other person but you I'd be pissed, but she has only good things to say about you. You're welcome to go out with her more often. The attached pic is a gift."

He was very curious about Dennis. He'd met him a few times in social settings, and he seemed to be a nice guy, good looking, but non-threatening and open-minded. That's part of the reason he'd let them fuck. He didn't think there was any reason they shouldn't be friends, or at least, friendly. If this freaked Dennis out, then maybe he wasn't right for them. Then again, Dennis did tell his wife he'd let Bryan give him a blowjob.

He sent the message and the picture.

He waited for a response, but didn't get anything immediately. Stephanie was already in new clothes and in the kitchen. He fondled his wife's used panties before deciding to snap out of it and get on with real life.

An hour later while absentmindedly surfing the net his phone beeped. Bryan looked at his wife type on her laptop on the kitchen table.

Bryan read the incoming text. Dennis had wrote, "Honestly, thank you. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. You are a lucky man to have her."

Bryan spent a couple of minutes thinking how to answer. He decided on a short, clear message, "She liked it. I liked it. It's all good. But she's mine, don't forget that."

"Okay," responded Dennis. "Glad to hear. I promise to be good."

By the end of the day it was agreed by everybody that he'd come over the next weekend, ostensibly to watch a football game. In truth they all knew some sexual barriers would fall.

The three of them sat on the leather couch watching the game, each of them with a Smirnoff Ice, ironically to "break the ice". Bryan sat rock hard, witnessing his wife snuggle with Dennison the couch. She sat in the middle, but ignored her husband. All of them had knots in their stomach.

The awkwardness continued until Stephanie grabbed Dennis's hand. He looked at her and she leaned over and kissed him. It was as if a dam broke, each person falling into their natural role.

Bryan sat there, his heart beating, his cock struggling to break free from his jeans.

Dennis put his hand under Stephanie's skirt, massaging her panties, then pussy. She reached over and unbuckled his pants, freeing his penis.

It shocked Bryan how much larger he was. He now understood why she had been sore.

It also crossed his mind that he was supposed to hold it, put it in his mouth, and suck it.

Dennis looked at him and noticed Bryan staring at his dick. He grabbed it and shook toward Bryan, offering it to him. "Don't be afraid, I don't mind."

Stephanie said, "Just do it Bryan." She got up and kissed Bryan, guiding him to the middle.

Bryan's sexual life flashed before his eyes. He leaned over, the condemned man. His stomach churned. He reached out to touch it. As fingers met flesh, he couldn't help himself, saying "No homo."

Everybody laughed. He gripped Dennis's penis and stroked. He milked pre-cum from the tip.

"That's it Mr. No Homo," said Stephanie. "See, it's not so bad. Taste it. Lick it. Do it for me."

Dennis just put his head back and looked at the ceiling, groaning. "No homo." Again, chuckles, softer this time.

Bryan put the length in his mouth, tasting seminal fluid. Stephanie was mesmerized. She stood up and pulled off her panties and skirt. She sat back on the coffee table, her bare ass on the hard wood.. She rubbed her pussy as she enjoyed the show.

Bryan didn't know if he should be disgusted or thankful. He was somewhere in between.

This went on for a few minutes, his gag reflex kicking it as he tried to deepthroat Dennis. It was surprising how wide he had to open his mouth to get it in. He never thought giving a blowjob would be so taxing.

"Come on Bryan you can do it," Stephanie encouraged.

"Do what?" Bryan said, taking a breath.

"I want you to make him cum. I want you to swallow it. God that would be so hot," she rubbed her clit in little circles.

"Get me some lube," Bryan said. "Just get it."

Stephanie disappeared for a moment, then returned with the bottle. Bryan poured it into his hand and started stroking Dennis more f***efully as he bobbed up and down on his shaft.

Dennis started to inhale sharply. "Here it comes," he said and he held Bryan's head, keeping him from withdrawing. Bryan's right hand vibrated back and forth on the shaft and Dennis bucked his pelvis, exploding into Bryan's mouth.

Bryan choked, coughing sperm that he couldn't swallow, some going up his nose. He was please and disgusted with himself.

"Oh God yes," Stephanie moaned.

"Okay guys, enough fun," Stephanie grabbed Dennis's hand and lay back on the couch, her legs in the air. "Dennis, lick me down there."

Dennis slid on top of her, licking between her thighs. Bryan sat back, thinking about the taste of sperm still in his mouth and throat. He coughed some more.

When he settled down he drank in the view. His wife, eyes closed, lay back, one leg on top of the couch's backrest, the other on the floor. Dennis put his whole face into her pussy, so he couldn't really see what was happening, although his wife seemed to enjoy it. Dennis's semi-soft cock and balls rubbed the reddish brown leather, cum staining the seat.

Bryan gripped his rock hard dick his right hand on auto-pilot barely aware of its actions.

After ten minutes Stephanie cried out with an intense orgasm. Bryan got up to get more cold drinks for everybody. They all sat up, bewildered and half naked as they took a break.

It was amusing, everybody thanking each other, telling the next person how great it was before Stephanie asked Dennis if he could do it again.

Bryan was self-conscious of his smaller erection. It's wasn't super small, just small compared to Dennis. He was made all the more aware of the fact as he watched Dennis probe his wife's labia with the tip of his cock. The penis seemed to open up her cunt, the labia tightly hugging the invader.

Dennis was careful to not just f***e it in. He asked Bryan who poured lube on it. Then Bryan reached out and spread it on the large hard shaft.

Stephanie gasped, the visual and her cunt filling with Dennis's manhood.. This was where she wanted his penis, filling her.

"Come on, just fuck me!" She said. He slid balls deep into her and started pumping, picking up the pace.

"Oh it hurts. Don't stop. Don't stop." She was moaning.

He fucked her like this, Bryan staring and stroking himself.

Stephanie moaned, crying from the orgasm. She felt waves building, long beautiful cascades, and buried her face into the leather of the couch as she cried out in pleasure.

The cock released inside her, Dennis' penis and balls squeezing sperm into her. He held her for what seemed to be a minute before backing away. Cum dripped everywhere as he withdrew, Bryan swooped in to clean him off with his mouth, a string of cum, like a spider web, crossing his face.

Dennis enjoyed it. "Suck it, Bryan. Get it all." As before, he again held both sides of Bryan's head, deep-throating him with his semi-flaccid cock.

"Oh God," she said. "Give me a moment. You boys have fun."

Dennis told Bryan. "Feel free to jerk off. I would."

Bryan stood up. "Will you? For me?" and he offered his cock to Dennis.

"Sorry, I just can't. I'm not a cocksucker."

Bryan couldn't believe his ears. He was humiliated, yet more aroused than ever.

Dennis had taken over. This really turned Stephanie on. A strong, dominant man was a nice change from her always agreeable husband.

Twenty minutes later, Dennis and Stephanie were all in the bedroom, the door locked. Bryan sat on the floor quietly listening as they talked softly with each other. Every ten minutes or so his wife would cry out in pleasure.

Eventually he hear the telltale sound of the bed rocking, skin slapping skin. Bryan imagined what it looked like, his wife being fucked on their white comforter. Stephanie called out, "Oh fuck me. Fuck me Dennis. Fuck me, fuck me," she repeated.

Bryan's thin cock burst as he stroked it with two fingers. Cum dripped on the ground by the bedroom door.

As he stared at the mess, the door opened and he looked up, startled. His naked wife looked down on him, smiling.

"Dennis and I need to be cleaned up honey. You think you could do that, please?" Stephanie had a pleading tone in her voice.

His cuckolding was just beginning.
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