Wedding Day Blues

A little 'loving wives' tale


"Oh my God!

That's it ---- that's it ---- don't stop.

Aaah you bull you, you fucking bull.

More ---- more ---- more!

Oh yes --- yes --- yeeeeeeeeeees!"

With a final shudder that ran right through my body, my toes uncurled, my nipples seemed to explode. Then I collapsed exhausted on top of the hunk of a man that I was astride.

My bare breasts flattened against his chest, and slowly, no hurry, just very slowly and deliciously, I experienced that wonderful feeling of his large cock slowly deflating inside of me, slowly, wonderfully, slipping out with a silent plop!

We both lay there panting, trying to regain our breath, my body, so small against his, gently rising and falling as his chest rose and fell.

"Bugger me Dave that was good." I informed the good-looking man under me once I could find my breath.

"Isn't it always Barby?" He answered.

My name wasn't actually Barby, and for that matter it wasn't even Barbara. Some years ago when at school some guy had compared me to his s****r's Barby Doll and the name had simply stuck.

Well that more or less gives you some idea of what I look like I guess. Tall, blonde, willowy and with big boobs. OK, not as big as the real Barby's tits, and they're real rather than plastic, and big enough that nobody ever complained.

Certainly the guy who first gave me that name didn't, and he enjoyed playing with them often enough at the time.

I looked down at my lover and smiled happily. We'd first had sex together some seven years previously when we'd been at College together as teenagers, and had hit it off straight away. It had been great that first time, and had got even better over the years.

Practice makes perfect they do say, and I found sex with my friend Dave just as close to perfect as I could possibly imagine.

"That was fucking marvelous Barby," reiterated Dave. "How come we never got married?"

"Because you're an asshole Dave," I reminded him for the fiftieth time.

"Mel doesn't think so." Dave pointed out cheekily.

"That's because your poor wife doesn't know that you've never stopped fucking me Dave," I pointed out, grinning at him.

"Could be," he agreed grinning back at me with that cheeky smile of his that I loved so much.

We lay there for a little longer in silence, while I rubbed my tits slowly back and forward against his chest, relishing the feel of his chest hairs as they caught against my still hard nipples. I could feel a third session coming on.

"What about Nick then?" Dave reminded me.

"Oh God yes; I mustn't forget, I'm supposed to be meeting him in town this afternoon."

"That's not what I mean silly," Dave interrupted me. " I mean how come I'm an asshole for screwing you, but you're not an asshole for having sex with me."

"Not the same." I pouted.

"How come it's not the same?" He demanded. "You're engaged to the guy, and due to get married in a few weeks."

"It's just not the same Dave." I tried to explain. "Men are happy as long as they get regular sex, but women, sensual women that is, need some variety. They need the feel of different cocks inside them from time to time."

"Time to time for Christ's sake," he laughed out loud. "How many men have you been to bed with since you got engaged to Nick?

I thought about it, remembering that I'd got engaged to Nick nearly five months ago.

"Eight," I told him trying my best to be honest.

"What about me."

"OK nine then," I admitted with a giggle. "But I'm going to stop the day I get married."

"Think you really can?" Dave asked.

I slithered my nakedness further up his gorgeous hard body, and started to kiss him passionately while I rubbed my pussy up against his hardening cock.

It was a pretty neat way of avoiding that question, as I wasn't really sure that I knew the true answer. I truly intended to be faithful to Dave's best friend Nick after we became man and wife, but then I'd promised myself the very same thing when we'd got engaged five months ago.

If only life wasn't so complicated.

If only there weren't so many gorgeous sexy men around.

If only my pussy didn't throb so, whenever an attractive man talked to me.

"Well I'm going to be Nick's best man on the day Barby," He reminded me. "But who's the best in bed?"

I gave that a moments thought, and then wished I hadn't. How do you give an honest answer to a question like that? Insult my husband to be ---- or lie to my favorite lover.

"Neither of you," I told him at last, making sure that he saw my mocking grin. "It was the black chap I picked up in the pub last week."

"Cheeky cow," Dave cried out, and pinched one of my nipples hard, pulling and tugging at it till I squealed out loud, and at last with a giggle agreed that it was in fact him who was best ----- Maybe the best by far.


"Hi Barby."

Nick stood up like the gentleman he is, as the Maitre 'd showed me to his table. One of the advantages of having a boyfriend like Nick was that I eat in posh restaurants like that one all the time.

Little me from the back streets of South East London, being wined and dined by the son of one of the best families in the country.

Fucked by him as well for that matter.

"Hi Nick," I greeted him with a smile on my face. "Sorry I'm late sweetheart, but I got caught up on something."

What a sweetheart my Nick was. Never queried what I had been stuck up on to make me so late. Not that I could have told him that it had been his best friend's hard cock.

"Just over two weeks to go now Barby," my lovely six foot tall hunk of a husband to be reminded me, as he curled his arm round my slender waist. "Then we can sl**p together every night without having to pretend we weren't to my parents."

"Not so loud Nick," I admonished him in not much more than a whisper. "I don't want everyone round us to know what we get up to.

"You're such a sweet little innocent aren't you honey," Nick laughed at me as I fluttered my eyebrows at him. "Nobody cares these days if we sl**p together before we're married."

I shrugged my shoulders in reluctant acceptance, relishing the fact that my sweet man thought he had popped my cherry shortly after we had got engaged.

If only he knew.

If only he knew that I'd spent the night before and half this morning fucking his best friend in positions that he didn't know existed. How could I possibly introduce him to such acts, which I adored so much when he thought I was such an innocent little thing?

"Even so Nick," I carried on putting on an embarrassed grin, doing my naive little schoolgirl act. "You know how much I enjoy going to bed with you, but you don't have to let everyone know what we get up to do you?"

Nick chuckled and smiled at me as if I was a small c***d. Oh I loved it when he treated me like that. I absolutely loved it when he treated me like an innocent young girl.

He really thought that he had taught me everything that I knew about sex. Sometimes it was so difficult not to take the lead, not to take him to the edge of oblivion, to blow his mind, like I knew I could.

That would come of course, and I was looking forward to it developing over the next year or so. But meanwhile I had to play the inexperienced card, even acting so nervous when he suggested that I try giving him a blowjob, claiming that I wasn't really ready for that yet. Making him wait, when in reality I wanted to get my lips round his lovely cock, every bit as much as he wanted it, if not more.

The one time I'd actually kissed the tip of it, after he'd been on at me for so long just to taste it, I'd burst into tears, mock tears, and the poor sod had fallen for it.

Stupid upper class sod!

No, that's not fair at all. I did love him. No honestly I did love him, and was really looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him. Once I'd trained him a little, he would probably be just as good in bed as Dave.

Well, maybe nearly so.

And if he wasn't?

Well Dave would still be there for me of course.

And Mike and Fred and Miguel and .......

Oh it really wouldn't be a problem, and even I could afford to be a bit patient in order to marry into one of the richest families around.


The two weeks seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, Nick was off on his stag night with his pals, my hen night being scheduled for the night after, the night before our wedding.

"Now you behave yourself Nick," I warned him as I brushed his jacket down with the back of my hand. "Don't let those wild friends of yours lead you astray."

"Don't worry sweetheart," he replied happily. "Dave has promised me faithfully to keep me on the straight and narrow."

Oh yer!

I already knew what they had in mind for him, having wheedled it out of Dave the night before when I refused to suck him off till he told me all. He'd held out well, right up till I threatened to get out of his car completely naked and go and knock on his neighbor's door. The one he didn't like that is. The big French rugby player who had flirted with his wife, Mel, at the Christmas party.

Then again of course, Dave had no idea that it would be nothing new for Jean-Pierre to see me in the nude; but then, why should he? Was none of his business after all.

It sounded OK --------- The stag party that is.

They were going for some drinks at their favorite pub in town, then off to the lap-dancing club down the road. I'd warned Dave that if he let things get out of hand, then he'd never hear the last of it. No way did I want my husband to be having sex with some loose woman just before our wedding, and if he did, then I don't think I would ever be able to forgive him. Just the thought of it made me sick to the stomach. Didn't mind some slapper sitting on his lap and flashing her bare tits in his face at all. Didn't mind if he had a grope of them for that matter.

Just didn't bother me.

But the thought of some other woman using my man's lovely cock, even just holding it, set me off in a rage.

He'd better behave!

If he didn't then he would suffer. The pair of them would suffer.


Anyway ----------- It all did go off reasonably well as it happened.

Not that I trusted the pair of them to be honest with me of course, but my best friend Hester worked at the club they were going to. Nick thought she worked at an office in town of course, so she had to make herself scarce the night they were there.

I knew several of the girls at the club as it happened, having worked there as a stripper myself for a few months to help pay my way through College. But that had been several years previously, before I'd met Nick, but I made it very clear to all the girls that they'd be in trouble if it got out of hand.

It worked!

The following day Nick, Dave and several of their friends were complaining that it had all been a bit tame. Didn't mean they didn't have hang-overs of course, but that was OK with me.

bl**dy men. c***dren, the lot of them.


Then it was my hen-night!

Well, I'd been a bit crafty, hadn't I?

Hester, I and a couple of like-minded pals met up with five other girls who I'd met since I'd known Nick. Even his stuck up s****r Pam was there, at my invitation, to witness that everything was above board.

We went to a pub and had a few drinks, then off to another for a few more. Then by eleven that night we ended up dancing at some dull club in town, me carefully turning down most of the frequent offers to dance from the nondescript group of men there.

I hope Pam was suitably impressed.

Hester then suggested that we call it a night, as we all had a busy day tomorrow, and we called the two taxis that we'd booked earlier. Pam and her group bundled into one of them, and Hester, I and the other two into the other.

"See you tomorrow at the church," I called out to Pam as we drove away. "Better that we all get an early night."

Oh yer!

Soon as their taxi had disappeared round the corner, Hester called out to our driver and redirected him back to the club where the girls worked.

I won't bother to tell you what the taxi driver got as his tip.

What a night!

What a bl**dy fantastic night!

As soon as we arrived at the club, the very one that Dave and his crowd had passed the tame evening the night before, they grabbed me and propelled me towards the stage.

I had no choice --- honestly I had no choice.

The music started and the clientele, mainly men of course, started to chant out my name

"Barby ------- Barby -------Barby."

I started to sway sexily to the music, and the chanting soon changed.

"Strip ------- Strip ------- Strip."

Oh my God!

I knew I was going to enjoy this night, and my pussy was already on fire.

First my dress ---- that didn't take long, and it disappeared as I flung it into the crowd.

I humped and bumped around the stage for a bit, teasing the guys, dressed just in my bra and panties and high heels. I never wear nylons or stockings or anything like that, so my legs were already bare.

Before I could go any further, Hester jumped up alongside me.

"Hey you guys out there," she shouted above the music. "This is Barby who is getting married tomorrow."

A huge cheer went up and they all stamped their feet on the floor, making me feel so horny and desirable.

"Actually guys," Hester carried on. "It's just gone midnight, so she's getting married later on today."

Again the crowd went wild, shouting out obscene suggestions as to what I should do.

"Who wants to see her bare tits on the morning of her wedding," my friend screamed out at them. "Who'd like to see them before her husband does?"

"Me ------ Me ------ Me," cried the mob.

"Get it off girlfriend," Hester shouted over to me. "Get that bra off and flash your tits off."

I didn't need any further encouragement ---- well you wouldn't if it was you, would you girls?

Reaching behind my back, I unsnapped my bra, slipped it off, swung it round my head a few times then threw it into the crowd to join my discarded dress.

I spun around a few times, letting my large breasts fly freely, giving them all a show, then clasped them in my hands, squeezing them, offering them up to the crowd.

God it felt wonderful as I rolled my nipples between my fingers. Standing there almost naked with a wild throng of horny men screaming at me lustfully.

"Who wants Barby to pull her panties down guys," I then heard Hester calling. Golly what a true friend she was! "Who wants to see her bare pussy?"

When the hullabaloo died down a little, Hester carried on, while I stood the shaking my bare breasts at the throng, having the time of my life.

"Who wants to come up here and pull Barby's panties down for her chaps?"

Oh my God!

"You there," she shouted out above the calls offering assistance, just about all of them volunteering to perform that service for me. "You with the dark hair and green top on. Up you come."

Oh she'd chosen well.

The guy was a hunk, and must have been well over six feet tall.

Pushed up onto the stage by his pals around him, he approached me with a silly grin on his face.

"What's your name," Hester demanded.

"Harry," the hunk in green answered, his dark eyes hardly leaving my bare naked breasts.

"What are you doing here tonight Harry?" Hester went on. "Are these all your friends down there?"

"Yes they are," he answered sheepishly, looking down at a group of about fifteen young guys all stood together, gazing stupidly up at my near naked body.

"It's his stag night," one of them volunteered. "Let him strip her naked."


That put a whole new complexion on the situation didn't it.

Hester and I exchanged glances, and we both knew that Harry boy was about to get a stag night to remember.

"Well off you go then Harry," my friend invited him, and I stepped forward to make it clear that I was up for it.

"Get 'em off ----- Get 'em off ---------- Get 'em off," the crowd chanted, and I stood there in my own little heaven while Harry boy slowly peeled my tiny panties over my hips, and carefully slid them down my trembling legs.

Oh my God that was magic!

Simply standing there while some unknown hunk slipped my panties off in public, right there in front of everyone.

I stepped out of them, and smiled sneakily at Harry as he slipped my panties into his pocket, no doubt as a trophy that he could brag about for years to come.

Fair enough!

I walked around him, circled him, naked except for my spiky high heels, which I had no intention of ditching, knowing how they added to the overall appeal. A lesson I'd learned very early on in my days working as a stripper.

"Touch me!" I whispered to him as I stood in front of him. "Feel me, squeeze me. Use me, you gorgeous bleeding bastard."

And he did; his hands snaking out and cupping my breasts.

Before I knew it, his friends invaded the stage, and hands were all over me as they fought in a frenzy to get a part of me.


Just a little bit frightening at first, but wonderful!

Hester was being stripped off as well by the crowd, and I caught sight of my other two friends climbing up on the stage to join in the frenzy.


A mass of hands carried me naked over to a table, laid me on it and spread my legs wide, my high heels waving wildly above me.

"Harry first," I cried out in desperation, trying to see where he was. "Please let my Harry fuck me first ----- please ------- please."

Was it him?

I have no idea.

If he wasn't the first, then I'm sure he got his go at some stage, but as I felt the first hard cock thrust up inside me, I stopped worrying about it..

Wonderful ----- bl**dy wonderful ----- gang banged by complete strangers in public on the morning of my wedding.

I bet you'd all love a hen night like that, wouldn't you girls?


The morning!

Well, of course that is, later on that morning.

bl**dy hell, it was quarter to eleven, and I had to be dressed in my finery and at the church by three that afternoon.

Damn it ---------- No bl**dy clothes.

I was covered in sweat and cum, naked and with no bl**dy clothes. Even one of my high heels had disappeared.

You're right of course.

Fucking wonderful!

What a night ------ what a damn wonderful night!

"Come on Barby," urged one of my friends from the night before, June. "We've got to get you back to get ready."

Couldn't find Hester, and couldn't find Anne, so we presumed they had gone off somewhere with some of the other guys.

"Sorry lover," I said to the unknown blonde hunk of a man that I still had my legs wrapped around. "Got to get off and get ready for my wedding."

He said nothing.

Simply gazed back at me with a blank expression.

Guess I'd exhausted him.

Where were we? No idea.

Where were my clothes? Back at the club maybe?

Where was my phone? With my clothes probably.

How was I going to get back to Hester's place where my wedding dress was waiting?

No damn idea at all.

We persuaded 'Blondie' to call a taxi, the driver of which couldn't believe his eyes when two girls spilled out of the house we'd ended up in, me in just one of Blondie's tee shirts and June with a towel wrapped round her. He was so shell shocked that he didn't even query whether we had any money to pay the fare, it being pretty obvious that neither of us had anywhere to put any money.

"You get into Hester's quick Barby," June yelled at me when we pulled up in front of her place. "I'll sort the fare out with the driver."

I rushed to the door, rang the bell and leapt inside, pulling off the tee shirt over my head before the front door was even closed behind me.

"Wow!" came the cry from the sofa, and to my surprise, there sat Harry boy with a couple of his friends, one of whom actually still had his trousers on for some reason. "Where did you disappear to last night?"

"Don't know," I replied with a big satisfied smile. "Some big blond guy --- Don't know his name, but this is his tee shirt."

With that, I threw the item in question, over to Harry.

"That'll be George," Harry told me as he looked me up and down. "He's my best man. I wondered what happened to him."

I grinned at Harry, and just had to ask the big question. "Did you get to fuck me earlier or not Harry?"

"Course I did Barby," he chuckled back at me. "I was the first."

"And I was the last," added the guy next to him. "Except for George by the state of you."

I glanced down at myself, strangely surprised to find myself standing there quite naked, chatting away to three guys as if there was nothing extraordinary about it.

I was a bit lopsided due to having only one high heel shoe on, but other than that, I could really get used to this!

"Sorted the taxi driver out," sang out June as she at last breezed into the room, carrying the towel over her arm. "Good way to get free taxi rides --- I recommend it girls ----- Oh! ----- Hi guys. Where did you spring from?"

The three chaps now had two naked girls to stare at!

I was just thinking of joining the boys on the sofa, when Hester came charging into the room in a fluster.

"Come on girlfriend," she called out to me, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the stairs. "We've got to get you ready."

She was right of course, as in just a few short hours, I was due to become Mrs. Nicolas Du Plessis, wife of the heir to a very considerable fortune.

'Let me just kiss Harry good luck in his marriage," I grumbled, pulling away from Hester, and leaning over to give him a peck on the cheek. No such luck though and within seconds the three of them had grabbed me and dragged me onto their laps, spreading me out naked along the sofa, as they groped me with gusto.

"Let her go you bastards," squealed Hester all giggly, who with June's help proceeded to pull me away from them, a jolly tug of war developing between the four of them with my nude body as the rope in between.

Eventually we all fell laughing to the floor, a tangle of half dressed men and naked women, where we all continued to mess around with whatever part we could find of a member of the other sex.

Great fun!

It was after all my last hours of freedom, and why shouldn't I have made the most of it? My husband to be was going to get fucked beyond his wildest dreams shortly, so why not?



I scrubbed up nicely, Hester refusing point blank to allow me to invite Harry and his friends into the shower to help, and in fairness, I guess that was wise. My parents were due to arrive up from South London, and I knew they were so excited, never having been to such a 'posh do' as they called it, before. We were getting married in Nick's f****y's local church, with the reception in the gardens of their manor house in the country.

Well ---- They were paying for everything, so they called the shots.

My wedding dress was a one off design by a well-known dressmaker, and when I eventually walked back downstairs, an hour later, the look on everyone's faces as I walked in, told me that I'd got it exactly right.

I looked fabulous!

Sorry but I did, and I knew it. There was no denying it, and I was really pleased that I was going to get married in white.

We went to the hotel where Nick's f****y had put my parents up for the night, and my mother nearly fainted when she saw me. My dad simply stood there, staring at me, muttering, "My little girl ---- My little girl."

Even the staff of the hotel came out for a look, and stood around grinning and smiling at how lovely I looked.

"I won't be around for a couple of weeks Tom," I cheekily whispered to one of the barmen when nobody else was close, and he nearly fell over in surprise when he recognized me.

"Barby?" he uttered in shock.

"The very same," I replied quietly as I wandered away. "Surprised you recognized me with my clothes on."

Oh by Golly I was enjoying myself.

What a great day it was going to be!


We arrived at the church, fashionably late, and my father proudly took my arm and led me up to the church and down the aisle to where Nick was waiting in all his finery.

I could feel the pride emanating from my Dad, and I'm sure he was even more nervous than any of us.

I looked over at Nick as we stopped by his side, and almost choked at how good-looking he was.

My God he looked so fantastic!

I was so lucky ---- So damn lucky to have bagged one of the most eligible bachelors available, and he was about to be all mine.

Dave looked down and me with a serious look on his face, and I suppressed a giggle, guessing that he was even more nervous than me.

God --- how I loved him. I really did. I resolved there and then to mend my ways. To stop messing around with other men. To stop having casual sex with men I'd never met before. For some reason I couldn't see Hester or my other girlfriends anywhere in the church, but decided that maybe that wasn't a bad thing, as I'd be moving in different circles from then on, and I'd been wondering how to distance myself from them.

And Dave?

Well --- We'd just have to see, but I hoped I had the resolve to turn my back on him even.

The service had started and I'd hardly noticed, my Dad having to jab me in the arm to remind me to make my response.

"I do," I whispered, or something like that, having totally lost track of the service.

The vicar conducting the service got to the part where he asked if anyone had reason why this union shouldn't take place, then to speak up, or forever hold their peace.

You know ------- The funny bit, where everyone sniggers and smiles and looks around, and all the little boys make quiet jokes and things.

Come on ---- Let's get on with it.

A commotion!

The vicar was looking up at some one in the congregation.

What on earth was going on?

I looked round, and there was Beth.

Yes Beth!

That Beth!

Dave's wife Beth!

She marched confidently up to Dave, who being Nick's best man, was stood at the front alongside Nick.

"Bastard!" She screamed at the top of voice at Dave, her husband. "You cheating fucking bastard! You think I didn't know what you've been doing with this slut?"

With that, she turned towards me and slapped me hard round the face, her blow stinging as I stumbled backwards, falling to the floor.

"Nick darling," I appealed to my husband to be as I struggled to get up. "What's she talking about? Please help me."

"Bugger off you worthless whore," my love screamed at me, and then he spun around and punched Dave straight in the face, breaking his nose, bl**d spurting out as he knocked him to the floor.

"Nick," I appealed to him. "What's going on? What's this all about?"

"You think I didn't know about your sluttish ways you bitch," Nick screamed at me. "You really think you could get away with it?"

"But Nick I love you," I cried pathetically. "What about the reception? What about all the food and drink."

"Cancelled you stupid cow," he responded. "We cancelled it all a week ago when I found out about your cheating ways, and I never want to see you again you fucking, cheating cow."


I sat there on the floor crying my eyes out, abandoned by everyone, even Dave having disappeared. I heard Nick's dad apologizing to my parents for the charade, and shivered in shame as I heard their response. My parents, poor though they were, were very straight laced indeed.

They stared at me with contempt in their eyes, and for one moment I thought my mother was going to spit at me.

"You're no daughter of ours," my Dad spat out at me, and grabbing my Mum's arm, turned and walked out of the church.

How low could I feel?

I just collapsed on the floor, tears flowing freely.


"Come on young lady," the voice said to me. "You can't sit there all night; I have to lock the church up."

I looked up and saw someone I'd never seen before. The churchwarden or something I supposed.

"Where is everyone," I asked between sobs. "Where have they gone?"

The church was empty with no sign of anyone at all, and the light outside was fading.

"They've all gone," the man told me. "They all went hours ago."

"How am I going to get home?" I pleaded with him.

"No idea," he told me firmly, as he eased me out of the church door. "The nearest village is only a mile or so down in that direction and you should be able to get there before it gets too dark."

"Is there a taxi in the village?" I begged him.

"No idea," he replied, as he slammed the great oak door in my face. "Better go and find out."

"But I haven't got any money," I cried out in despair, but found myself talking to the closed door.


I'd only covered a hundred meters or so when my heel broke and I tumbled over into the small ditch at the side of the road.

I sat there crying ---- bawling my eyes out as the darkness descended around me, shivering as the chill wind of the autumn evening cut through the flimsy material of my soaking wet, wedding dress.

I didn't deserve this.

Nobody deserved to be treated this badly.

Please tell me you agree with me. Whatever I'd done ----- I didn't deserve to be treated like that, did I?


Well did she?

What do you think?
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11 months ago
She certainly deserved this. Lying cheating whore... She deserved worse than this.. I hope she ends up as a a sex slave dying in misery