Alice Daniels, A Slut for Teens

Bored housewife helps herself to 18-year-old men.

Alice Daniels sat at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and looking out the window at the back yard swimming pool. What she really needed, she thought, was a good stiff drink, but stiff drinks were the cause of her problems. As she sipped her coffee she asked herself just how in the hell did she allow herself to get in such a predicament. It just wasn't fair! She did every thing she was supposed to do. She cooked, cleaned, kept the house spotless, and was a good mother to her two c***dren - Tom couldn't ask for a better wife. Didn't she treat him like a king? She waited on him hand and foot - his every wish was like a command to her. God, it just wasn't fair.

She thought back to how it had all started. Tom had been working hard at his new job and was putting in ten and twelve hours a day six days a week. He was exhausted when he came home and as a result their sex life had gone from marvelous to zilch. She hadn't been laid in so long she was afraid her pussy might grow shut. Desperate to turn things around she had gone to Frederick's of Hollywood and purchased enough sexy lingerie to turn on a platoon of men. She had sent the k**s to her mother's for the night and when Tom had come home that night she had greeted him at the door with a martini and wearing only high heels and a few black pieces of almost nothing. He had taken the martini and walked past her asking, "What's for dinner?" Stunned, she had run crying to her bedroom.

The next day she had started drinking at ten in the morning and by noon she was feeling no pain. She put on her bikini and went out to lie beside the pool and take some sun. The level in the pitcher of martinis on the table beside her had been getting lower and lower and the sun on her body was hot. u*********sly she had started to rub her mound and soon felt little tinglings of pleasure move through her body. She became aware of what she was doing and then thought, why not? She was in the privacy of her backyard. She removed her bikini and lay back on the lounge chair. Her fingers went to work on her clit and the feeling that came over her caused her to emit a low moan. She didn't know how long she'd lain there fingering herself, but it must have been while. She had decided to go in the house and get something more substantial than her fingers when she heard a noise. She looked to her right and saw young Denny Thomas watching her. She made an effort to cover herself, but stopped when she saw the bulge in Denny's pants. It was obvious that the eighteen year old had been there a while and had seen everything. As she looked at Denny's bulge she thought to herself "at least its nice to know I can still turn someone on. She tried to keep her voice under control as she asked Denny what he wanted.

"I'm here to collect for the paper, Mrs. Daniels. You told me that if you didn't answer the door bell I should come round back to the pool."

Damn, she thought, so I did. She had gotten up from the lounge and walked into the house to get her purse. She could feel Denny's eyes on her ass the entire walk into the house. Walking back to the pool she saw that his eyes never left the black triangle that was between her legs. She cursed herself for not putting on a robe while she was in the house. She had been whining about things not being fair where she was concerned and look at what she was doing to this poor eighteen-year-old k**. She could have asked him to turn away while she put her bikini back on, she could have put a robe on in the house, but no, here she was waving her pussy in the poor k**'s face. Talk about being unfair. You can be such a bitch sometimes she thought. She paid Denny what she owed and was considering how much to tip him when the idea hit her. She was shocked that she had even had the thought, but what the hell, it's my fault. She'd sat Denny down in a chair next to the pool and then she had knelt down between his legs. As she pulled down his jeans and worked his cock out of his undershorts she had looked Denny in the eyes and had said, "This is our secret Denny. No one else ever knows about this, ok?"

Denny dumbly nodded yes and she had begun to jack him off. After several strokes she had changed her mind about the hand job and had bent forward to take him in her mouth. She slowly started to suck him. She ha forgotten how good it felt to have a cock in her mouth. Denny started to hump up into her mouth. She should have expected it, him being a hot horny teenager and all, but she had not expected his sperm to hit the back of her throat so quickly. She swallowed every drop and had licked him clean.

"Remember Denny – it's our secret."

Two days later she had answered the doorbell to find Denny on the front porch. "Hi Mrs. Daniels. I'm trying to earn some extra money. Can I cut your grass? Or maybe clean your garage or basement?"

She had stifled a smile - she knew what he really wanted. It happened that the grass did need cutting and there were some things in the basement that needed moving. When he had finished they had gone to the kitchen to get her purse and as she handed him the money she had seen the disappointment on his face. She had looked at him for a long hard minute and then she had relented. "Sit down in the chair Denny."

For the next couple of weeks Denny had come by to do things for her and she paid him with blowjobs, She was becoming very fond of his cock - God knows it was the only one she was getting. One day during the third week as she was on her knees between Denny's legs she heard a noise and had turned just in time to see a head duck down over at the window. She glanced up at Denny and had seen the nervousness on his face.

"What's the matter, Denny?" she had asked.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Daniels. I couldn't help it."

"Help what Denny?"

"I told my best friend Todd about us. He didn't believe me and I told him if he was real quiet he could peek in the window."

She'd had Denny go out and get his friend and bring him in the house. When they were both back inside she had looked at them for a minute before saying, "You had a very good thing going for yourself Denny. All you had to do was keep your mouth shut. How many know?"

"Nobody else Mrs. Daniels. I only told Todd."

"Who have you told Todd?"

"Nobody Mrs. Daniels. I didn't believe him."

She had talked to them about what could happen to all of them if anyone found out what they were doing and then she had bound them to silence in the only way she knew how. She had sucked off both of them and then promised them that if she ever found out that they had shared the secret with anyone else, no matter whom, she would cut them off and they would never see her again.

Another week followed and she did not go a day when she didn't suck off Denny or Todd or both. Monday morning she'd had an argument with Tom over some piddly little thing and after he'd left for work she'd made herself a vodka martini. By noon she'd had several and as every hour of the morning had passed she had gotten more and more pissed at Tom. By one o'clock she was saying, "I'll show that bastard. I'll teach him to ignore me."

She showered and put on her black garter belt. Rolling on her hose she thought again of Tom and how he had not taken her to bed for over two months. She stepped into her high heels and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. "What a waste " she thought. She covered herself with a robe and went downstairs to wait for Denny or Todd. As luck would have it they both showed up. She had let them in and then dropped her robe to the floor. She'd stood there with her firm breasts jutting out, the nipples already stiff with anticipation and then she'd taken them upstairs to her bedroom. She had let them take turns fucking her, but always with an eye on the clock. Half an hour before her c***dren were due home from school she had sent them on their way.

There had followed several weeks of almost daily sex as either Denny or Todd, and quite often both, stopped to see her. One day Todd had skipped school and had spent the better part of the day with her - actually, it was the better part of the day in her. She no longer cared that Tom was too busy or too tired for her. She was getting all she could handle. The boys lacked finesse, but they more than made up for it with youthful enthusiasm. She'd taught them to eat pussy and both were quite good at it. Before the boys had come into her life she had never had two cocks at once and she found that she liked it - liked it a lot. She had taken them both in her ass and she found that she liked that too. But her most mind blasting experience had come when she had straddled Todd and then had bent forward and let Denny have her ass. God, she had almost passed out from the pleasure.

In the back of her mind she knew that she should end it before she got caught, but she kept telling herself - just one more week - just a few more days until they leave for college. And then it happened. She was on her knees with Todd's cock in her mouth and Denny was fucking her doggie fashion when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. A quick sidelong glance at the doorway revealed Tom ducking back out of sight. She fought down her panic and finally she thought, "What the hell! He didn't come storming in so there is no sense stopping now." It was over an hour before the boys were through with here. She kept an eye on the door and caught Tom peeking several times. She had walked the boys to the front door and an odd thought occurred to her. "Should I kiss them goodbye?"

Tom was waiting in the kitchen. She went to the fridge and got out the cold pitcher of martinis and poured herself one. She had turned to face Tom and waited for him to speak. He had looked at her for several moments before asking, "How long has this been going on?"

She had thought for a minute. "Three months or so. Ever since it became apparent that you were not going to fulfill your husbandly duties."

"But why k**s?"

"They aren't k**s Tom, they are young adults. Both will be starting college this fall. I picked them because they know they won't get anymore if they talk about it. They are young and energetic. They are disease free, and they enjoy the hell out of it."

Tom had stripped and fucked her on the kitchen table and he made no mention of how loose his cock felt in her sperm filled cunt. Then they had gone upstairs and it had been like their honeymoon again. They had fucked all night long taking off only long enough to feed the k**s, help them with their homework and put them to bed. In the morning Tom had asked her when the boys would be back again. She had told them that they usually came over around one. Tom had looked at her for a moment and then picked up the phone and called in sick. That afternoon he had hidden in the closet and watched as she and Denny had sucked and fucked for over an hour. When Denny had gone Tom had come out of the closet and attacked her like a mad man.

He stayed home for the rest of the week and every day was the same. He would watch and then he would come out of the closet and fuck her. On Wednesday Tom told her to ask the boys if there was someone else who could be trusted to join them. On Thursday the boys had showed up with a boy named Glenn and that afternoon she'd had three cocks for the first time - one in her pussy, one in her mouth, and one in her ass. Friday all three boys had gotten there early and she had been fucked nonstop from nine in the morning till three in the afternoon. Tom took her from three to four and then it was time for the k**s to come home. That afternoon Tom had called work and pleaded f****y emergency and had taken the next week off as vacation.

Monday she had gotten the k**s off to school and fixed Tom his breakfast. He had come downstairs and told her she needed to get herself sexy. She'd asked why and Tom told her he had called a repairman for the washer and dryer and she should entice the man into her bed. The repairman had been bald, overweight, and his breath had smelled of stale cigar smoke, but he did have a nice cock and he knew how to use it. When he was gone Tom was on her like a raging bull. She had taken a shower and then the boys were there. Tuesday it was a telephone repairman, Tom and the boys; Wednesday a plumber, Tom and the boys; Thursday brought a painter to give a quote on painting the house, Tom and the boys, and on Friday the boys had shown up at eight-thirty in the morning and had fucked her until three. She had looked forward to the weekend when she would be left alone.

Tom couldn't get anymore time off work so he spent the weekend setting up the bedroom with video cameras. Monday it had started all over again. Tom would rush home, watch the videos, and then drag her upstairs to bed. He had pressured her to add a fourth boy, but she had protested. She did not think she could take care of four boys and get them out of the house before the k**s came home.

It had been two weeks since Tom had added the video cameras. Alice sipped her coffee and stared at the pool and cursed the day she'd had too much to drink and had gone out to take the sun by the pool. She had been using her diaphragm and spermicide since she had started fucking the boys. She'd even had it in with Tom. Now she was pregnant and she did not have a clue whose it was. Toms? One of the boy's? The washer repairman? Ugh, not him she hoped. She finished her coffee and glanced at the clock. Time to get ready. Who was it today she wondered as she headed for the bedroom? The cable guy? No, he was last week. What the hell, she thought as she headed for the shower. It doesn't matter.
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