An Ashamed Bride (Blackbred At My Bachelorette Par

Blackbred At My Bachelorette Party

My name is Lori. I have been carrying the shame of what I did, and what happened to me, at my bachelorette party with me for 5 years. The guilt and shame are almost unbearable at times. I have thought about telling one of my close friends or my s****r, but have never worked up the courage to do actually do it. I am thinking about going to a counselor just to talk about it with another person, while maintaining confidentiality. The only people that know this story are me and the guy that was involved. I thought telling the story in writing and confessing on this site might make me feel better, and it has. I ask the people that read this story not to judge me. I deeply regret what happened the night before my wedding. Nothing like this had happened before or has happened since. It was a one-time crazy event that I deeply, deeply regret.

My husband Rick and I started dating during our junior year in high school. He was the first boyfriend I ever had and the first boy I ever kissed. Up until the night before my wedding, I had never been with another man, and haven’t been with another one since my marriage to Rick. Rick and I got engaged during our senior year in college. It was during our senior year, when we were both 21, that we made love for the first time. My first time with Rick was wonderful because I loved him so much. But, physically, it was very painful. Rick’s penis was the first thing ever inserted into my vagina. I had never been a tampon user and hadn’t had my first visit to the gynecologist until after I lost my virginity to Rick. When I was a virgin, whenever I “played with myself’ (which wasn’t that often), I would just touch my breasts and rub myself between my legs (on the outside). I never fingered myself.

Rick has an average size penis (not big, and not small). I was very wet and excited when he pushed into me for the first time. But, still, it really hurt. I cried some and the sheets of the bed in my dorm room were bl**dy afterward. The first couple of times making love to Rick hurt quite a bit. But, since then it’s been fine. I am a very petite woman. I am 5’ 0” tall and weigh 95 lbs. Rick and I have never been very adventurous sexually. He has never performed oral sex on me. Even though he has asked, I have never given him a blow job. I just don’t like the thought of it. He’s asked to have anal sex with me, but I’ve always said no. Given how much vaginal sex hurt the first time, I couldn’t image how painful anal sex would be.

The night before our wedding day, several of my girlfriends surprised me by dragging me out to a bachelorette party. I have a real “good girl” image from having stayed a virgin so long and having only ever been with Rick. I think they wanted to embarrass me a little and have some fun with me. I dressed up real pretty thinking we were just going out to dinner. It was summer time and I had on a short, short white halter-top dress, a pair of white strappy sandals, a pair of bikini panties, and a wedding veil that the girls made me wear on my head. I didn’t put a bra on with the dress because the top supported me pretty well and I am very small breasted (32A). That day we had all gone out for manicures, pedicures, and leg waxing. Some of the girls got very naughty at the waxing parlor and convinced me to wax my “bikini line” as a surprise for Rick. I’ll just say that I hadn’t looked that way “down there” since I was about 12 years old (before I started having my period). We started the evening by going to a restaurant for dinner. I got very d***k at dinner. At the end of the night we ended up at a club that features male dancers.

I was truly embarrassed when we went in and I saw all of the guys stripping and dancing. There had to be a half dozen guys walking around totally naked and most of them had huge penises. I had never seen one so big and didn’t even know they got so big. I was very embarrassed when the dancers paid so much attention to me since I was the bride. I knew Rick would be really mad the next day when I told him where I had been. He is very protective and possessive of me. When he found out half a dozen strange men had stood right in front of me with their penises showing, he would be mad. But, I was going to tell him. After about an hour, two of the dancers came and took me by the hands. The said that my friends had arranged a “private dance” for me. I couldn’t believe it. I was so mad at my girlfriends for doing this. I was led into a private dining room and put in a chair. I sort of stumbled my way into the room because I had quite a few more drinks over the past hour. The two guys blindfolded me and told me to wait for my dancer to come in. I heard someone come in and I felt the blindfold being taken off of me. I was shocked when I saw a huge, muscular black man standing in front of me wearing a pair of silk boxer shorts and a vest. He had to be 6’ 5” tall and weight 225 lbs. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. He looked like a professional athlete. He introduced himself to me as “Superman” and said that he was here to make sure I have a “Really good time” tonight. I was uncomfortable with the private dance and, to be honest, with the whole “interracial thing.” He started to dance and was down to his boxer shorts. I was guessing (hoping) he wouldn’t take them off. He turned around to face away from me and with one flick of his write ripped off his boxers. They must have been held together by Velcro. I was staring at his muscular black buttocks gyrating in front of me. He turned around and I was shocked to see a huge black penis hanging half way down his thigh and about a thick as a big banana. My eyes had to be as big as saucers. I heard him laugh and say “I bet you never seen one like this before have you Lori.” I just shook my head “No,” not knowing what to say.

He started dancing again and his huge black penis was swinging back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. He then started to get an erection. It got even bigger and thicker until it was pointing straight up in the air. The only erection I had ever seen before was Rick’s. Superman walked closer to me which made me very uncomfortable. He picked up a can of whipped cream off the table and sprayed it all over his erect penis. He then opened a jar of cherries, took one out, and put it on the tip of his cream covered penis. Superman stepped within inches of me and his penis was level with my mouth as I sat in the chair. He said “Lori, why don’t you take the cherry off the top with your mouth honey? All of the girls do.” To this day, I don’t know what possessed me, but I leaned forward and very, very carefully took the cherry off the tip of his penis touching nothing but the cherry with my mouth. I swallowed the cherry. I looked up and Superman was smiling. He said, “Now try the whipped cream Lori.” Again, I don’t know what possessed me, but I touched the whipped cream on his penis with the tip of my tongue. He moved as I did this and I was shocked to feel his penis bang into the side of my face. There was whipped cream all over my face. I began to clean up my face by moving my tongue around my mouth and eating the whipped cream. While I was licking the cream off my face, I felt Superman’s hand touch my chin. I looked up and for some reason my mouth just fell open. He slipped the swollen head of his penis in my mouth. At first I just tasted the sweet cream. But, very quickly, I felt the Superman’s thick firm penis exploring deeper into my mouth. I put my hands against his thighs to keep him from going any deeper and to try to push away. He put one hand on the back of my head and pushed more f***efully into my mouth. He also reached around my neck and untied the bow on my halter dress, causing the top to drop suddenly exposing my breasts. I let go of this thighs to try to cover myself back up. When I did that, he stepped even closer to me and filled my mouth with his penis. I started chocking. He was thrusting in and out very f***efully at this point and I got really scared. He grabbed one of my hands and made me cup and squeeze his giant balls. It was a very strange feeling. It was like I was outside of my body and standing back watching this stranger fuck me in the mouth. I wanted to stop, but couldn’t (or just didn’t?). The whipped cream was gone at this point and I started to taste a thick salty liquid. It was Superman’s seamen. I had never tasted seamen before. He started to moan, grabbed the back of my head with both hands, and very f***efully thrust himself deep in my mouth (to the back of my throat). At that instant, I felt his penis wildly pulsating inside of my mouth and he began to pump mouthfuls of hot salty cum into my mouth. The first few mouthfuls went straight down my throat. I pulled back hard and my mouth began to fill. I half swallowed, half choked on the next couple of mouthfuls. I pushed back again and his penis came out of my mouth. He was still cumming. I thick, glob of sperm splashed on my face. Another glob went into my hair. I saw him massaging himself in front of me to make him cum more. The final two shots landed on my bare chest. I was a mess. Superman’s sperm was all over my chest, face, and hair. I had swallowed at least four full mouthfuls of it as well. I couldn’t believe what had just happened! I was getting married the next day and I just sucked off this black stranger. To this day, I’ve never even done this for my husband.

He stepped back and started getting limp. He handed me a cloth napkin off a nearby table and I whipped off my chest and face. He was just standing there staring at my tits. I pulled the top of my dress back up and re-tied it. I stood up, in shock. He stepped close to me again, put his hands on my hips, and lifted me onto one of the tables. I couldn’t believe I was passively sitting there letting him do this. He pushed on my shoulders to lay me down on the table. He put my feet on the table also. I saw his head disappear underneath my dress, felt my panties pulled aside, and felt his tongue probing my vagina. That’s the first time I had ever felt what oral sex was like. Electric currents shot through my body. I involuntarily spread my legs wide for him and started to moan. He grabbed the little pair of panties I was wearing and pulled them off of me. They fell to the floor in a tangle. He f***ed my thighs further apart and started to suck my clitoris very, very hard. I screamed and had a very messy orgasm, and another, and another, and another. I lost count at some point. He then spread the lips of my vagina and f***ed his tongue deep into me. His tongue felt just like Rick’s penis inside of me. As unbelievable as all of this was, I really couldn’t believe what happened next. Superman spread my butt cheeks and began to lick and probe my butthole with his tongue. At one point, I know his tongue was a couple of inches inside of my butt. It felt really strange to me. I had never been touched there before.

After many, many orgasms, I felt Superman stop and saw him stand up. I was a mess at this point. My face, hair and chest were still sticky with his cum. The top of my dress was down again. I don’t know how it got untied? So, I was laying there with my breasts exposed. My panties were off, my dress was pulled up, and my legs were spread wide apart. Also, I was soaked between my legs. Somehow during the process my shoes came off. He must have taken them off me.

When he stood up I noticed that he had a huge erection again. He reached down, grabbed both of my ankles, put my feet flat on the table top, and grabbed my hips pulling my butt to the edge of the table. Again, I just laid there passively watching what he was doing to me. He then positioned himself between my legs, forcing my knees apart. I then just watched as he positioned the swollen head of his huge black penis against the tiny, pink, wet opening of my nearly bald vagina. As he leaned in and I felt the pressure of the head of his penis against the opening of my vagina I remember mumbling “Nooooooo!” A second later I felt like I was giving birth, but in reverse. Something huge was going into me, not coming out of me. I got scared when I felt his size in me. The pain was incredible as his huge cock head passed through the delicate skin and tight muscles at the opening of my vagina. I knew I was being stretched like never before and I began to worry that he was tearing me down there. After about ten thrusts I stretched enough to accommodate his size and he then began to explore deeper. I pick my head up and saw inch after inch of hard black cock fed into my tiny little vagina. I felt the head of his cock banging into my uterus and there were still several inches that weren’t in me yet. I screamed “No more, I can’t take any more. I’m full!” He pulled his cock all the way out of my vagina, showed it to me, and put it all the way in again until he banged into my uterus. He did this about 10 times. I said “No more, it hurts.” He said “I haven’t gotten to the best part yet.” He put about half of himself into me and began thrust slowing in and out. At the same time, he reached down and massaged my clit. I quickly forgot about the pain and proceeded to have several more orgasms. I heard him start to moan, then the grunted, and his huge penis exploded inside of me. I felt it pump, pump, pump, pump, pump inside of my belly. I said “Don’t cum in me; I’m not on the pill.” He pulled out and finished all over the outside of my vagina and my belly. He squirted on me about 5 more times. He went limp again.

I struggle to sit up. I was even messier than before. I looked between my legs and saw the white table cloth underneath me soaked in my cum, his sperm, and bl**d from my vagina. He had torn me. It was like loosing my virginity again. I am sure he destroyed whatever was left over of my hymen. I was basically naked at this point except for my dress being bunched up around my waist. I stood up, my dress fell back down around my thighs, and I proceeded to pull the top back up and tie it. I was totally numb at this point. All of a sudden Superman’s sperm started to flow back out of my vagina and down the inside of my things. I bent over to pick up my panties off the floor.

When I bent over, Superman f***efully shoved me forward so that I ended up face down, laying on the table. He pushed me very hard and it knocked the wind out of me for a second. I felt him lifting up my dress from behind. I turned my head to say “Hey, what are you doing?” and I saw he was hard again and moving toward me. I thought he might want more sex. I didn’t want any more and physically couldn’t take any more. He grabbed my ass with both hands and spread the cheeks apart. He leaned into me and I suddenly felt a lot of burning pressure in my anus. I thought to myself “Oh no, he is going to sodomize me.” I screamed “Stop, no more. I don’t do anal. Stop!” He replied, “What are you going to do you white bitch, tell your finance on me? Who are you going to tell about this?” With that, he f***ed his penis about an inch into my anus. The pain was incredible, twice that which I just experienced. I couldn’t believe it. I was being sodomized and ****d. I thought to myself, “You can’t do this, I am getting married tomorrow.” He kept pushing deeper and deeper. I felt myself tear more with each thrust. He buried himself deep in my anus. I know I was crying at that point. It was a strange and painful feeling. I felt like I had to have a massive bowel movement every time he thrust into me. After about two minutes he started moaning and grunting again, just like when he was in my mouth and in my vagina. I knew what was going to happen next. His penis exploded in me for a third time. The pain was even worse while he was cumming. One time when I was a little girl my mother had to give me an enema. I remember the sensation of the water being f***ed into my bowels to make me go to the bathroom. The explosive orgasm Superman had in my anus felt like that enema my mother gave me. He shot deep into me and his sperm entered my bowels. I don’t know how much he came, but he was pumping inside of me for about 30 seconds. I felt him going limp in my anus. There was a final twinge of pain as he pulled the head of his penis out of my anus. I could see some bl**d on the inside of my thighs. He really hurt me!

I was standing there in pain, legs trembling, bleeding, and crying when the final humiliation came. My abdomen started cramping violently and suddenly, and somewhat involuntarily, I had a bowel movement while I standing there. I just stood there numb while it was happening watching my bowel movement fall to the floor between my legs. Superman laughed and said “Why do you white girls always take a dump after Superman does you up the poop chute?” Since that night I’ve read several articles about anal sex that say a man’s sperm can act as a laxative, causing a woman to have a bowel movement after anal sex. I guess that’s what happened to me? I’ve never had anal sex again.

I put my dress back on, picked my panties up off the floor, grabbed my shoes and ran into the ladies room just off the private dining room I was in. I sat on the toilet for about 10 minutes. bl**d and sperm were dripping out of my vagina and anus into the toilet bowel. I had to pee and I had another bowel movement. I cleaned myself up as best I could and bought a maxi pad from the machine on the wall. I put the pad in my panties because I was still bleeding some and finished getting dressed. I definitely looked like I had been fucked. I went back into the bar to join my girlfriends. I had no idea that I had been in the room with Superman for about 90 minutes. All of the girls were shocked. They thought that “something” probably had happened. But, there is no way they could know the truth. I said I had fun, thanked them all, and told them I was going home because I was tired.

On the way home I began to get more and more ashamed of myself. I could never tell Rick what had happened. He would never marry me if he knew what that black man had just done to his bride. Suddenly I couldn’t bear the thought of standing at the alter with Rick in a few hours with Superman’s sperm inside of me. I stopped at a 24-hour d**g store and purchased a douche (my first one ever) and an enema. When I got back to my apartment I read the directions on the douche, sat on the toilet, and tried to wash all of Superman’s sperm out of Rick’s bride’s vagina. I then lay on the bathroom floor to give myself an enema. I wanted Superman’s sperm out of Rick’s bride’s ass as well. After douching and finishing with the enema, I went to the bathroom sink and threw up. I could see Superman’s sperm in the sink after I finished. I showered and put on my pajamas. I was still bleeding some so I decided to put a hand mirror on the bathroom floor, squat over it, and see how badly I was hurt. My vaginal opening was beet red from the trauma of Superman being inside of my. It looked like the remnants of my hymen had been further torn and damaged and that’s where some of the bl**d was coming from. I moved the mirror back some and spread my butt cheeks. My anus was still bleeding and gaping open a little from my ****. I thought, “Will I ever be the same again?”

I put a pad in my panties and went to bed. The next morning I was so sore between my legs that I could barely walk. My mother came over and helped me dress for the wedding. She wondered why I was wearing a pad. I told her I had my period. My period was last week and I think she was a little suspicious. So, I stood at the alter with Rick, bleeding into a maxi pad because I had fucked a perfect stranger the night before and ended up being ****d in the ass by that man. I felt sorry for Rick to be marrying a woman like me. I had never let Rick enjoy my mouth or go into my ass. But, this perfect stranger got to do both things to Rick’s bride. It seems unfair to Rick. But, given what happened to me, I can never have a penis in my mouth or anus again. It would be too traumatic for me. Rick will never get to feel what Superman felt.

It really hurt when Rick and I made love that night. Rick is not that big, but I was so tender down there. I told him he felt wonderful and I couldn’t wait to have his cum in me. He came in about 5 minutes. I went to sl**p.

About a year later, Rick and I were at the grocery store when I saw Superman walking down the aisle shopping. He looked at me, I looked at him, we both knew what had happened, and either of us said a word.

I feel like such a SLUT and a WHORE for what I did that night!

I also wonder from time to time how may white brides Superman has done this to over the years. I see young, pretty girls having their bachelorette parties there all the time. Each time I see a young bride there, I wonder what Superman has done to her.

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5 months ago
hot story sequel?
7 months ago
i would have luv 2 eat his cum out of Ur SWEET LIL PUSSY
8 months ago
hot story
8 months ago
Excellent ...WOW she was such a slut and a naughty girl!
She needs me for her Anniversary!!
9 months ago
Thumbs up and added to my favorites; thanks for sharing!
10 months ago
very nice
10 months ago
great story, incredibly hot
12 months ago
Very hot!!
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
Your friends should of known better :(
1 year ago
Great Story, thanks for sharing!!!
1 year ago
your not a slut you were drunk and not married yet and friends do encourage people at times when they shouldn't be doing it ...