Mom's Group Party

My wife Kelly co-founded a Mom's group with her friend Sallie this year. It's basically a support/ activity group for "stay at home Mom's". Generally, they meet once a week and host play groups and things like that. Sometimes they have a "Mom's Night Out". This story is about one of those nights.

First, let me describe Kelly a little. Kelly is 30 years old and very pretty. She's never had a lack of admirirers. She has beautiful breasts (36Ds) and a beautiful smile. When I met her she was already engaged (but that's a different story!). Kelly is also very "old fashioned". She is not very adventurous in the bedroom and dresses conservatively. Since reading many of the stories here, I've been fantasizing about her being more "wild". To date it's been just that....a fantasy.

In stark contrast personality-wise, her friend and co-founder of the group, Sallie is not prudish. She says the "f" word like a sailor. A lot of fun to be around! Her husband, on the other hand is much like my wife Kelly.

Anyway, back to the story...

Sallie was in charge of planning the next Mom's Night Out. Now there have been times where Sallie and I have talked about our conservative spouses and laughed about it. Sometimes it's frustrating though because we want to see them loosen up and try new things. We've both been married several years and want them to help "spice things up" a bit.

It just so happened that Sallie stopped by to pick up some things for a yard sale that the Mom's Group was hosting when she told me that she wanted to do something "wild" for the other mom's on their night out. That's when the idea hit me.

I asked Sallie if she had any ideas and she said "nothing specific". I offered to make a suggestion and she said "sure".

"what if you hold a mock "Bachelorette Party" for one of the Mom's. You could have drinks, adult games and even...a stripper! The grin on Sallie's face went from ear to ear. I even offered up Kelly as the "bachelorette".

"That's a great idea!" she said. I'm gonna do it. But are you sure you're okay with Kelly being around a stripper. "Sure", I said. "It'd be funny to see Kelly get a little wild" as Sallie began to catch on. "Of course, it'll be tough to get her to loosen up". I offered. "NO problem" replied Sallie. "I know just the trick".

With that, she told me the next Mom's Night Out was the coming Thursday. I was excited at all of the possibilities of Kelly's reaction.

Sallie went about the preparations and had all of the other mom's in on the "party". They would all bring kinky gifts, etc., just like a real bachelorette party.

On the day of the party Sallie called me and said that she had an idea which would enable to me to witness the events. She would keep a blind in one of the windows off her patio slightly open through which I could "spy" on the festivities.

I was psyched, but to be honest I expected Kelly to be a 'party pooper' when the time came.

At 6PM I walked into the bathroom to find Kelly getting ready for the night out. She was putting on her makeup in only her bra and panties. She looked great! when she was done with her hair and makeup, she put on a "mom-type" of summer dress. She looked beautiful, but like a "mom". Her normal dress.

When she left, I dropped our k**s off at another friend's house to sneak over to Sallie's to see the big event. Wen I got into my "hiding spot", the party had just begun. It was funny. Kelly was obviously not completely comfortable, but she was smiling and laughing some and had been dressed up in a veil and a garter belt. It was funny and exciting at the same time. She chose not to have a bachelorette party when we got married because she didn't want to get embarrassed and wasn't into the "party" scene. Being alergic to alchohol didn't make her much of the "party girl" growing up anyway.

In any event, the room was filled with Mom's. They were all drinking and some of them were obviously a littly tipsy already. It was really fun to watch. That's when Sallie stood up - obviously a little "buzzing" too and announced that it was time for presents. Applause filled the room. Kelly was lead to a chair in the middle of the room and told to stay there. Each mom brought a little 'gift' for Kelly and sat it beside the chair. Sallie brought Kelly a drink (unbeknownst to Kelly, it was spiked with grain alchohol) with a HUGE smile. Since it was grain alchohol, Kelly couldn't taste it.

As Kelly began to open her presents she realized that most of them were "prank" gifts like a black dildo, some edible undies, etc. At first she was visibly upset, but as the alchohol began to have it's increased effect (due to her alergy) she became more and more relaxed and even did something that I thought was completely out of character. At one point, she took the black dildo and made like she was jerking it off between her legs. I almost choked as I watched it. It wasn't more than a split second, but DAMN! did it make me hard! I had never seen my wife d***k before.

THe rest of the moms just cheered and teased her calling her a "horny bachelorette" and a "naughty girl". After the presents, the girls played pin the penis on the stud and stuff like that. They were all getting more d***k as the night wore on. I started to get a bit disappointed thinking that this was it for the night when Sallie announced that she had a 'special' surprise for the moms and especially for the "bride to be".

Again she lead Kelly to the chair in the middle of the room and told her to sit still. She told the other mom's to find a seat and hold on a sec. They all looked puzzled and wondered what was next expecting a special cake or something.

Suddenly, the room was filled with music as 3 male strippers entered the room. After the initial shock, the moms started to cheer for them. The alchohol, along with the pretending made them forget for awhile that they were all married mothers. I was laughing to myself seeing them act like 21 year old partiers.

The guys were dressed as a cop, a doctor, and a fireman. Now, I think Kelly has always had a secret fantasy for firemen so it was luck to see him go to her first. As the dancing was going on, the strippers were gettin dollars from the moms but Kelly's was free as she was the bachelorette. Noticing that they were all pretty liquered up, the men started becoming more and more daring. Ida, one of the other moms, was getting the attention from the doctor. He was aggressively moving up between her jean clad legs pretending to lick her thighs and closer to her pussy with each lick. It was driving her nuts. Sallie was getting the attention of the policeman. He was moving his hips in a humping motion just above her crotch.

The moms were cheering and shouting. THe fireman was having his work cut out for him with Kelly. She was trying hard to keep her composure. That is until she was startled by a squeal from across the room. When she looked to see what it was, she was shocked. It was the doctor. He had taken his penis out and was using it on one of the moms like a stethascope. He was rubbing it between one of the moms sweater covered tits asking her to take deep breaths for him.

THis was turning the other moms on as they became more and more daring. In fact, they began to place bets as to which mom could be the "nastiest". This was getting out of control quickly.

That's when I turned my attention back to Kelly. While she was watching what was going on, she hadn't notice that the 'fireman' had stripped down to just a g-string and was sitting on the arm of the chair she was sitting in. Not only that, he had Kelly's hand in his and had placed it on his cock. Without realizing it, Kelly had been rubbing it. It looked HUGE even inside the g-string. When Kelly realized where her hand was and what she had been doing, she quickly pulled away although she couldn't take her eyes off it for a moment.

Back to the action on the other side of the room, Sallie had gotten into the betting action. I knew she would as she's a blast at parties and would never lose a bet!

The bet on the table was a "dare". It was to see which mom could make one of the men cum with a handjob first. Marci, one of the moms and Ida won the first honors. The 'doctor' and the 'policeman' stepped up to the front of the sofa. When they took out their penises, there was collective gasp in the room. These guys were huge. Sallie shouted, "let the jerking begin!!".

Just then Ida and Marci started into it. Each of them trying to get their hands around the shafts. Jerking, tugging, and rubbing. It lasted about 3 mins when Marci's man shot off. It took her by surprise as he groaned out and shot a string of cum onto her sweater. She began to giggle and rub the cum with her hand off her sweater and from his cock. Official time: 3 minutes 10 seconds.

The 'doctor' hadn't had his chance to cum yet when Sallie, not to be outdone, said she could 'beat' the time. She told Ida to let him go for a moment so he could calm down. When he was semi limp again, Sallie called him over.

When he got over to Sallie, she said something like "You're gonna LOVE this". With that, she began a slow stroking motion. As she increased speed, she moved her face closer and closer to his cock. Suddenly, she put her mouth around the head as she continued to stroke. The other moms shouted "cheater" and laughed at the same time. As soon as it started, it was done as the man could not hold on and announced he was gonna cum. Sallie pulled her mouth off and continued to jerk him as he came onto the couch besider her. When she was done, she stood up and took a bow. Cheers broke out.

As all of this was happening, the moms forgot about Kelly - as did I. When I looked over, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. There was the stripper, on his knees sexily moving his hands up and down Kelly's calves and inside her knees. It was amazing! I knew he could see her panties from there, but Kelly seemed too far "gone" to do much about it. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly parted.

As he began to move up, so did the hem of her dress. Kelly instinctively moved her legs futher apart as well. The room was silent. You could hear a pin drop.

The 'fireman' had now moved Kelly's dress up just below her panties. His hands were on her hips rubbing them...massaging them. As he continued to move his hands up, Kelly continued to keep her eyes tightly shut.

He was now at the sides of her breasts. You could tell he was testing the waters, but each time he advanced, he was met with no resistance. My heart was beating out of my chest as I watched my wife of 8 years spread out on a chair with a stripper practically on top of her.

Taking her lack of resistance as a green light, the 'fireman' began to move closer. He moved his face to her breasts and began to nibble and kiss just above the neckline of the dress and onto her neck. Meanwhile, he began to dry hump Kelly between her legs - not a dry hump motion but actually dry hump her. The only thing between his cock and Kelly's pussy was his g-string and her panties. She began to move her hands to his chest and push away, but the alchohol made it tough to do so and it was apparent that the humping against her clit was having it's affect on her. Her hips were grinding up against him as she tried to "protest".

As he tried to kiss her, she came to her senses a bit and moaned out that they shouldn't be "doing this" and to please stop. The 'fireman' replied "ok" but to please let him 'fix himself' first. Kelly nodded "ok" still somewhat in a daze.

I'll never forget what happened next. He then moved his hand down to his g-string and in almost one motion pulled his cock out of his g-string and Kelly's panties to the side at the same time. Then, he put his weight on Kelly and worked the head of his cock into her.

Kelly's eyes popped open and she let out a loud "ugh" sound as the rest of the moms looked on in sheer amazement and lust.

Kelly tried to say "no", but it was obvious she was trying to hold back an orgasm as the reality of the situation hit her. The fireman moved further into her pushing his hips forward. The moms were all glued to the scene..some of them even starting to fondle the other strippers again. As Kelly continued to fuck the stranger, she began to move her hips harder.

"ugh...ahhh...I...we...shouldn' doing...this...ahh...ugh."

Quicker and quicker the 'fireman' was screwing her. "my gawd!'re mean please...ahhhh" Kelly was hit by one of the biggest orgasms of her life. The strager tried to kiss her as she climaxed and Kelly sucked on his tongue and allowed him to fuck her mouth with it.

The stranger was really pounding her now as he announced he was about to cum and asked Kelly where she wanted him to cum. Now my wife doesn't use protection. We never had and this is when I realized that he could get her pregnant!!!

My wife though, couldn't talk between her groans and grunts.

Realizing that, Sallie told Kelly if she wanted him to cum inside her to wrap her legs around his waist. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Kelly begin to bend her knees up and tightly wrap her legs around his waist! She was actaully going to let this man cum in her fertile belly!!

With that, the 'fireman' continued to pound even harder.

"ahh...gawd...yes!" cried Kelly

"I'm cumming!" shouted the 'fireman'.

He pushed foward with all his might as Kelly squeezed him closer with her legs and came again herself as she felt the hot fluid flood her womb. She was tongue kissing him as they melted into each other

The room erupted with cheers as the moms stood and applauded.

Later when Kelly got home, I asked her how "Mom's Night Out" went. She was obviously still feeling the affects of the alchohol and her hair was messed up and she was all flushed.

Her only response was "fulfilling". What a 'bachelorette party'!!
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A good sport or a fool...that's why it's better to leave the women to there fun or not let them go he has a new member to his
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