Marriage, Divorce, or Sex? Ch. 02 (The making of a

Waking up nude cuddling my naked Nicole brought flash backs of the previous evening. My head spun in an alcohol induced haze as I remembered the decadence that occurred in my living room with my wife and her gentlemen callers. My head ached as I lifted it from the pillow pushing my out of shape body to a sitting position trying not to disturb my nasty wife from her dreams of ecstasy. I needed something for my head and time to think before confronting her.

Coffee helped clear the cobwebs, but not the doubt. The insecure sick feeling in the pit of my stomach returned with a vengeance. Until last night I considered my home life to be comfortable safe and secure, my Nicole to be honest and faithful. After her declaration of infidelity through out our entire marriage, I wondered why I wanted her to stay in my life at all. The thought of her leaving or one of her fellows taking her away brought waves of panic. I would do what ever it takes to keep her, any thing she asked and the realization she had such power over me sickened me, but so be it.

Last night held many surprises for me. I found that lust brought forth a****listic desire for sexual activity and orgasms brought forth jealously and doubt. I lose interest and turn dirty movies off after I climax from my efforts under the covers, but I couldn't turn off Nicole and her friends after I climaxed. I had to watch their obscene behavior, becoming angry, defensive and extremely jealous as they played and fondeled each other only a few feet away.

My hurt feelings of betrayal changed to feelings of desire only moments later, fueling my imagination. I imagined I was along side Nicole helping her satisfy her urges as well as her men friends. I was so involved with her performance on her knees I prematurely ejaculated with out touching my self as my chauffer spilt his seed on Nicole's face and breast. As with my earlier climax I wanted to turn it all off but couldn't, once again I find myself in conflict with myself.

One disturbing yet intriguing surprise of the evening awoke me to the fact, naked men and erections aroused me. Jealously moved through me all evening some times jealously of the men and some times jealously of Nicole's womanhood, the ability to have sex with any one you wanted and to be desired by so many must be intoxicating to say the least. With a body such as Nicole's its no wonder she can't be faithful.

Coming home unannounced created more surprises for me than Nicole, the one intended. My decision not to call in advance set off a chain of events that continued even now. My first morning home after a business trip the chauffer, maid, and grounds keeper reported to me at breakfast, but this morning the house is quiet and seems deserted.

After refilling my mug, I ventured up the stairs. Entering the bed room, I heard the shower running. Nicole's scent lingered in the empty bed still warm from her body. My reflection in her mirror surprised me; I avoided looking at myself. I'd let myself go over the years while working and traveling for business. Nicole kept herself in top shape with the help of trainers in her home gym.

I'd lost my voice I couldn't think of any way to start the conversation I knew we must have, avoiding it wasn't going to make it go away. Nicole pranced naked into the bed room drying her hair.

"What's with the long face Richard, having second thoughts, cat got your tongue I hope not I was going to put it to use."

My shocked expressions betrayed my emotional turmoil. "Nicole we need to talk."

"Ok talk Richard let's clear the air once and for all, what do you want to know? I cheated, so what, you're gonna divorce me or what?"

"I'm sorry I'm confused, it's not normal for you to run around uncovered, do you realize I've seen you naked more in the last ten or twelve hours then our whole time together?"

"So has a lot of people, seen me naked more than you I mean."

"NICOLE! Have you no shame?"

"Temper, temper Richard and for your information yes I did feel shame occasionally, but you made it easy to ignore and finally it went away, in its place is anger, anger you've neglected me for so long. Do you realize most people make love more in a month then we have our entire time together?" I could almost see steam rising as her anger over took her making her nipples hard and her cheeks turn red. "If you want me to stay you have to prove it and if you don't just say so, but decide now, I've wasted enough time on this!"

Flaring tempers tainted the room with emotion brought on by fear, fear of betrayal, disloyalty and infidelity possibly resulting in loneliness, hatred and finally divorce. Nicole seemed to fear being trapped in a marriage to an unresponsive husband and living a life cast in despair and boredom not able to express her self or indulge in pleasures of the flesh. She'd been aroused, pleasured and sexually fulfilled by illicit sexual behavior and seemed determined to continue down this path of depravity.

"How would you like me to prove it Nicole? After last night me being here should be proof enough, don't you think?"

"No I don't think! Although I didn't expect you to hang around after finding my pussy stretched and bruised and you coming down the stairs was a little disconcerting for the boys, but it helped changed my mind from leaving you especially after you helped yourself to a blow job. Maybe theirs hope for you yet."

"I'm confused; you want me to prove what exactly?"

"Do I have to spell it out Richard, you have to come to terms with my sexuality but more importantly you have to come to terms with your's as well. From this moment forward if we follow the same path we both have to be comfortable with the destination."

"And what might that be?" I asked afraid of the answer.

"I can only speak for myself, but I intend to expand and enjoy my sex life as long as the urge moves me. I've found when I'm honest with myself I'm happy and fulfilled and I do things that are good for me like work out and eat right. It makes me smile and I like smiling."

"What am I supposed to do sit back and watch, like it or lie about it, what?" I couldn't get passed the insecurity I felt while talking about this. I was angry, confused and on the verge of chucking the whole mess when the phone rang taking Nicole out of the room to talk privately with the caller.

"My trainer is on his way over, so let's get this over with Richard," Nicole said as she disappeared into her walk-in closet. "Where were we, oh yes as to what you are supposed to do if you want us to stay married? If I were you I would think about a diet and getting to know my trainer. You'll never be able to keep up with me in the shape your in. Secondly Richard you really should consider something to boost your libido. Sex twice a month is just not healthy."

Nicole emerged from the closet dressed and ready for her exercise session. Her choice of dress once again wasn't normal for her, she replaced her sweat pants and shirt with snug fitting gym shorts that exposed her Dari air and her sweat shirt barely covered her breast after she cut away most of the tail and opened the neck line. Standing before me she spun around letting me enjoy her attire. Her waist line from her hips to above her ribcage was exposed as were the bottom of he lushes boobs.

"Come on Richard lighten up you look like you've lost your best friend. Why don't you get dressed and join us in the gym? I'm going on down, I wanna warm up before Lane gets here."

New waves of jealously came over me at the mention of Lane Washington, Nicole's trainer. Nicole hired the black body builder to help her get in shape after she gained a few extra pounds while I was away serving Uncle Sam. He came and went three times a week with out my seeing him except in passing. Knowing Nicole's nearly nude body would be in the hands of this black stud compelled me to follow my wife to her gym. Finally I'd had enough and decided to evict every one from my home including Nicole and all her employees.

Taking a deep breath trying to calm myself for the altercation before me, I opened the door to our home gym planning to scream my demands they leave. Nicole and Lane paid little notice to my intrusion, and the sight of my wife standing with what looked to be a ton of weight on her shoulders stopped my out burst. Seeing me in the doorway Nicole let a slight smile escape the tortured look of concentration as she bent her knees slowly squatting. The muscles standing out from her legs amazed me, Lane supported her as she straightened standing tall with beads of sweat popping out on her forehead. In shock I watched my wife as her trainer pushed her through a grilling hour work out leaving Nicole drenched in sweat every muscle on her body visible under the gleaming moisture, her gym shorts soaked as well as her top.

"I'll let myself out," Lane said as he left the gym. Looking me up and down he paused in the doorway. "You could use a little exercise yourself Mr. Cline, your wife could teach you the basics, you really should think about getting in shape before you stroke out or worse. See you next week Nicole regular time right?"

"By, Lane I'll be here, I hope," Nicole said looking at me to see if I caught her meaning.

I was torn between purging myself of this woman I've known since my teen age years and trying to repair or at least reestablish some sort of normalcy to our marriage.

"Nicole can you give me one reason I shouldn't divorce you for what you've done and plan to continue doing, can you?" My anger was showing and I didn't care, to hell with control, it's my house and I'll be damned if I'll be quiet.

Nicole saying nothing pushed by me leaving me in the gym alone with my anger. I followed her up the stairs noticing her legs back and shoulders for the first time it seemed. The view of her back side after her workout inspired me to consider Lanes observation of my fat and flabby physique.

Nicole was tight lipped and cold shouldered avoiding my gaze; she disrobed on her way to shower. Her silence and determined look scarred me I'd never been so indecisive in my life and I didn't like it one little bit.

Nicole's shower washed away her sweat but not her attitude, tears weld up as she silently started packing her bags. "I'll get the rest of my things later and let you know where your lawyer can reach me Richard, I can't take this hatred from you. I'm sorry it came to this,"

"Not as sorry as I Nicole, I've looked forward to growing old with you and tried to be the best husband I could, I've never cheated; I've worked hard to make a life you could be proud of. Coming home unannounced was the worst mistake I've ever made I wish I could start over from the beginning."

Nicole turned to face me, her anger showing. "Start over! There's no starting over, do you think this is some kind of game or something? Richard we're in our thirties now you have been in my life since I was a naïve sixteen year old. f******n years I've wasted on you and for what a secure life so boring I could..."

"What Nicole, what could you do? I think I saw you do what you can do last night it was disgusting, you blowing strangers! Who was that young guy anyway?" My anger and my voice rose to a level I didn't know existed.

"Oh Richard don't act so innocent you enjoyed it as much as I until you climaxed, for awhile I thought we were on to something we could share, something that might bring some fire to our marriage liven things up a little. Richard I love you and want to stay with you but not if I have to be a prisoner in my own home expected to ignore my desires and libido. I can't, no strike that, I refuse to be your submissive little wife staying home until you need me on your arm at some company party or you need me for a little quickie."

"But Nicole is there nothing I can do to fix this? I love you too, but I can't take you being with strangers!"

"It's to late Richard I've fucked so many people behind your back I've lost count. Haven't you ever wondered why I haven't gotten pregnant? I've been on the pill Richard I've hidden them from you along with my infidelities and I'm tired of felling guilty every time you come home I'm tired of hiding the real me from not just you but everyone I know. Charles and Jimmy are the only two people who know the real me and only out of necessity do they know."

"I certainly don't know you any more, this is unreal you're not the Nicole I left here a month ago. I can't believe you're the same woman I married."

"I'm the same woman you married Richard, I've just realized I have to stop hiding behind the woman you want me to be." Charles will be taking me to a privet party this afternoon. Last night for a fleeting second I thought you might like to accompany me but I don't think you're ready for the real me. I'll get a room in the city until we sort all this out."

"You're going to a party dressed like that? You look like a tramp in those cut off jeans and t-shirt, your ass is hanging out and with out a bra your breast may as well be exposed, Nicole I won't stand for it!"

"You don't have a choice Richard, I'm going and you can come with or not but I'm going and I intend to enjoy every dick that comes my way."

The thought of my lovely wife in the throes of passion with some stranger infuriated me but the thought also aroused me, the tent pole in my bath robe revealing my momentary excitement.

"Is that what I think it is Richard, see you too have a nasty streak are you sure you won't join me for some cheap and meaningless thrills?"

"Damn Nicole I can't believe this is happening. You can't imagine how long I've wanted you to loosen up in bed, how many times I've fanaticized you becoming more sexually permissive and now its happening and I can't stand the thought of it and want it too, this is crazy Nicole what if some one recognizes us have you thought of that?"

"I've already been recognized and guess what; they were there for the same reasons as I and just as embarrassed until we..."

"Until we what Nicole? Finish telling me if we're going to work this out I have to know what I'm dealing with."

"It's not nice to kiss and tell, but I do have an idea you might consider. What if I send Charles back for you around seven o'clock or so, you could come to the party with out every one knowing we're together."

As promised Charles rang the door bell at precisely seven o'clock. Nicole had the good sense to give the staff the day off and this was my first encounter with my chauffer since watching him deposit his man seed on my wife. He treated me with utmost respect as he opened the car door allowing me to settle into my rear seat, the wet bar directly in front of me. The one hour ride gave me just enough time for a stiff Martini to calm my nerves. It didn't help, my hart raced as I climbed out of the back seat of the limo in front of a tall brick building.

"You'll need the pass word Sir," Charles said as he closed the car door behind me. He pointed at an entry way leading up a short flight of stairs with an unmarked door at the top "No matter what the girl behind the desk says, your response will be, Quote I hear Betty Page and the Marquee de Sade would make a cute couple. Say that exactly and nothing else or you won't get in."

Climbing the stairs was my excuse for my shallow breathing and racing hart or at least I hoped the little round and robust granny sitting behind a plan oak desk decked out with the normal office equipment and telephones would think.

"Can I help you sir,"

"I hear Betty Page and the Marque de Sade would make a cute couple," I nervously responded. My voice betraying my apprehension I thought, but the little lady in granny glasses instructed me to stand in front of the fire place and unexpectedly the wall turned, I found my self in a room full of well dressed middle-aged men. As I stepped away from the fire place the wall rotated hiding any evidence of the entrance.

"Good evening sir we have been expecting you," an elderly gentleman said as he e****ted me to a table close to a small stage.

Nervously I removed my sport coat as I surveyed the room. Men were sitting at tables having drinks served by topless women. At a table near me I witnessed a tall brunet bending over her Dari air was exposed to all who cared to look.

The lights dimmed as the performers filed out on the illuminated stage making the fact painfully clear my Nicole was to be the center of attention. Her presents on stage with four young men could only mean one thing she was about to be ravaged and my only concern was what if I had another ejaculation in my pants, I would be so embarrassed when the lights came on.

My concern was short lived however; the topless waitresses were available for more than serving drinks. Watching Nicole in action with her young studs excited me but my curious wandering eyes found she excited others as well. Waitresses were ducking under tables throughout the club as the middle aged clientele watched Nicole take on her male partners all four at the same time. Although the lights were dim it was obvious the waitress at the table next to me had her hands as well as her mouth full assisting four gentlemen with their erections.

Hands on my shoulders and the scent of perfume alerted me to a waitress asking if I would like a drink or something.

"Would what they're having be available," I asked as I motioned at the table next to me.

"Certainly, with or with out a drink sir?" The waitress asked.

"After." I said remembering Nicole on stage and how I was going to feel about it as soon as I climaxed for the first time with any one other than my wife.

As feared the second my erection was freed from its confines it spewed forth in the hands of a stranger but the release relaxed me and this time anger and jealously didn't fill the void.

"A gin and tonic would be nice now," I said as I felt a warm wash rag cleaning the result of my over excited libido.

"Right away sir," the waitress responded as she turned giving me a view of her lovely back side sashaying away.

On stage Nicole's performance commanded the attention of every man present. In a mammoth sized bed elevated above the floor she laid on her back atop a fine looking fellow with every orifice impaled by an oversized male member. She wore the expression of bliss on her face as she allowed herself to be taken every way imaginable by four young men. The action before me excited me and unlike last evening there was no turmoil.

My gin and tonic arrived but the waitress who delivered it wasn't the sexy blonde I'd placed my order with, in her place stood a petite fiery red head. In the dim light she looked like a tiny fallen angel. She interrupted my attention to Nicole, who now was on her hands and knees with one man out, waiting for an opening.

Looking around as the red head sat my drink down, I noticed girls in the laps of some of the male patronage. With Nicole getting nasty on stage and the availability of the waitresses, my bravado took hold and I ran my hand under the short skirt of the tiny beauty standing at my side. Her silky smooth bottom felt wonderful in my hand. My fingers found there way to her nether regions finding her moist and cleanly shaven. She stood rigid allowing me to explore her bald vagina.

"Would there be anything else sir?"

Boldly I asked her to sit in my lap as I wiggled my finger deep inside her. She obliged, letting me replace my middle finger with my new erection.

The guilt I felt watching porno and masturbating when alone and feeling like I'd cheated on Nicole dissipated and in its place a new and wonderful lusty attitude was forming.

The party lasted until the wee hours but Nicola's performance on stage ended as each of her partners climaxed deep in side her. The evidence of her and her cohort's lust pooling between her legs for all the audience to see.

"I'm up," the little fire ball in my lap said as the curtain fell. Her vagina griped me tight as she pulled away leaving me wet, shiny and hard.

As I watched the little red disappear behind a door left of the stage I felt a hot breath with the sent of sex whispering in my ear. "Would you like some help with that sir," the woman asked. She didn't wait for an answer. I realized my Nicole had a hold of my Penis as she dropped to her knees.

"Oh sir, someone has left evidence of decadence on your privets what would your wife say if she were too discover your infidelities? I must clean you sir," Nicole said as she sucked me into her mouth her nose tickling my pubic hair. My climax threatened as Nicole rose from the floor leaving my five inches waving and pulsing all wet and shiny. Her giggle was music to my ears as she pranced out of reach. For the second time in two days, I'd enjoyed the sound of her uncontrollable girlish laughter this time without anger and jealously interfering.

The evening wore on and woman after woman visited my table each staying long enough to sample my arousal but always leaving me in a fit of sexual excitement. Nicole traveled from table to table as well but came by occasionally to insure I was content to stay awhile longer. We partied for hours before leaving arm in arm. I was proud to be seen e****ting my sexy wife to our limo.

Charles always the perfect gentlemen opened the car door for Nicole and I. She instructed Charles to take the scenic rout home before we fell into each other's arms kissing like we were still in high school something we hadn't done in recent memory.

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