My Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked

My Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked.............

This is the story of a teen who suddenly becomes aware of the allure of his girlfriends mom. Of a boy/man who struggles with the feelings this woman ignites within him. And what about his girlfriend's dad, a man who's always treated him like a son? And why does this inexperienced lad become so excited at the thought of taking another man's wife?

1 -- 3:18 p.m. May 27th 2008

"Tommeeeee!" my girlfriend's mom shrieked as I lifted her high up into the air. But her eyes were smiling in excitement as she looked down at me from above. She thought I was just playing a game.

"Stop it," the thirty-six year old, still pixie cute face ordered between giggles as I threw her up in the air and then caught her in my arms, one arm under her knees, the other supporting her back. Unbidden one of her arms snaked around my neck to steady herself.

"You're bad, soooo bad," she accused with a broad smile on her lips, lips that were just inches from mine. I couldn't miss seeing the excitement in her eyes. Her short blond hair seemed to be sparkling.

"It's you who's been bad Mrs. Wright," I answered as I flipped her up and down in my arms. Her other arm circled my neck as she tried to hold on.

"I'm not... and don't you dare drop me," she ordered. She still thought we were playing. Were we?

"You're as light as a feather," I said as I tossed her upward again, amazed that this adult woman was as easy to handle as her daughter. In fact easier! When she came down the arm that had been supporting her legs found itself under her skirt and touching her bum.

"TOMMY! I'll fall ... you shouldn't--"

"I'm very strong Bonnie," I said as I used her given name for the first time even while realizing how easily I could handle this woman, how light she was in my arms. Stop, that's enough one part of my brain ordered.

"Bonnie? It's Mrs. Wright to you young man," she instructed, but the smile was still on her face. I could feel a breast, one significantly fuller than her daughters, pressing against my chest. The bl**d was flooding into my penis.

"In fact you've been so bad Bonnie that you're going to have to be disciplined," I said as I moved backward until I felt the sofa in the Wright's den hit the back of my legs. I sat down with her still cradled in my arms. Don't do it you idiot my sane side advised.

"I'm not bad," she said with a sexy pout. This woman, who'd been teasing her eighteen year old daughter's boyfriend for the last three months, still had a teasing, even challenging look in her eyes. She didn't yet realize that today she was going to pay for the little game she'd been playing.

"You're just a little tease, aren't you Mrs. Wright?"You're fucking crazy, don't do it, I admonished myself silently as I looked down at the body that had increasingly invaded my dreams in the preceding weeks. She's Kristine's mom you idiot I thought as I lowered her until her bum was sitting atop the bulge in my pants. "Yes, a bad little girl who needs to be taught a lesson. What do you think Bonnie's punishment should be?" I asked her.

"You're not funny Thomas Campbell," she said but in a tone that indicated she was quite happy to be held in her daughter's boyfriend's arms. To feel his penis arching upward against her bum. "Let me go," she ordered as she started to try to free herself. I simply held her a little tighter as she writhed in my arms.

"What did Bonnie's daddy do to her when she was a bad little girl?" I asked with a smirk. My cock, now huge, was throbbing under her wriggling bum.

She tried to use her adult voice, her mother's voice, "That's enough now, stop it Tommy! I'm serious." In answer I simply flipped her over so that her rear end was sticking up and inviting my next action. My right arm flashed through the air.

"Did daddy spank his little angel when she was bad?" Twack!

"Ooowwww!" My arm lifted and fell a second time. Then a third. "Are you craaaazy?" she yelled back over her shoulder. In answer I grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up until I'd bared her rear end and the skimpy, red lace fringed, bikini panties that hardly covered it. You fool echoed in my head. Too late now!

"DON'T!" An order. My hand fell again.

"Nooooooo!" The woman who'd so easily been able to cow me cried. There was a desperate tone, a fear now in the wail that echoed around the room. I quickly stripped the soft panties from her loins. My hand fell again. On her bare bum.

"You've been a bad girl Bonnie, very, very bad," I said as I ran my hand caressingly over one firm cheek and then trailed it down her crack.

"It hurts... and I wasn't bad," she complained.

"It's supposed to Mrs. Wright, you were a very bad girl," I answered as my hand rose and fell five times in succession. Hard blows. The sharp slapping sound of my palm landing on her ass sounded like rifle shots as they echoed around the room.

"Bastard!" she moaned between groans. My middle finger found the puckered hole and I tentatively pushed the tip in.

"DON'T," she ordered but I knew I'd broken her. In fact I almost couldn't believe how easy it'd been. The woman I'd dreamed of for weeks but had been in awe of, now bent and trembling in my lap. I slid my finger farther down her crack and then under. Her slit was wet. A married woman's pussy. I pushed my finger into another man's property. Penetrated her. She groaned.

"Please, it's wrong, so wrong, don't Tommy," she begged. Which only earned her five more sharp blows. She had to know I meant business. She cried out each time my palm landed. There were tears in Mrs. Wright's eyes when I finally pushed her off my lap and down onto her knees between my legs.

"I swear, you'll never see Kris again," she threatened as she sobbed. "I'll tell Greg, your parents... the police... yes I'll report you ... you'll go to jail..." There was a wildness in Mrs. Wright's eyes as she raved.

"For spanking a bad woman?" I had one hand in her short blond hair as I talked, holding her so she couldn't escape. "An innocent high school boy seduced by a sex crazed married woman?" I knew that I couldn't stop now -- I'd already gone too far. I knew that all our futures depended on me completely breaking her.

"I didn't seduce you ... you're a monster," she accused.

"A poor boy made to do dirty things by his girlfriend's mother."

"I did nothing," she denied.

"I'll tell the police how you touched me, my penis."

"That's disgusting," she answered as her eyes flicked downward to my cock which was clearly outlined through my pants.

"I'll tell everyone that you said that your husband couldn't satisfy you. That you said his cock wasn't big enough for you."

"LIAR!" she yelled.

"That you said you craved my cock, my big cock. I'll tell them that you watched Krissie and I when we made love--"

"You're sl**ping with Kristine?"

"As if you didn't know! I'll tell them that you told me that you were better than your daughter, that you could show me things, do things for my big cock--"

"Shut up!" she hissed.

"That you loved big cocks in your cunt."

"That's disgusting. I don't! You're just a boy."

"That you liked to be spanked," I continued, ignoring her outburst. "And then when I'd done what you'd asked, after I'd spanked your naked bum--"

"STOP!" she howled. There was desperation and tears in her blue eyes.

"That after I'd spanked your bum until it was bright red you slipped down off my lap and then knelt between my legs. That you touched me through my pants before you lowered my zipper and pulled my penis out."

"I won't, never," she declaimed as she looked up into my eyes.

"Yes, I'll tell your husband that you said it was much bigger than his, much nicer, that it felt soooo good when it was inside you," I said as I undid the button at my waist and then lowered my zipper. She watched as I lifted my rear and quickly pushed my pants and boxers down my thighs.

"Oh my gawd," Mrs. Wright moaned as my freed penis slapped angrily upward against my stomach.

"How his wife kissed its head before she slipped her hungry lips over it."

"I won't!" she insisted, then added, "no one could swallow it."

"Krissie can," I lied.

"Krissie sucked you? All of it?" There was awe mixed in with her disbelief.

"Yes," I said as I reached for her left hand. Once I'd captured it I pulled it toward my shaft.

"No," she said as I f***ed her fingers to open and then placed them around my penis. My other hand pulled her head towards the drop of precum that was precariously perched on the tip of my cock. For second after second her eyes flicked from my penis to my eyes and back.

"I'll tell my parents, and the police, that you said that you loved sucking high school boys. That I wasn't the first."

"You're a monster," she accused, then seconds later her tongue flicked out and captured the precum just as it was about to drop.

"Kiss it," I ordered as I released my hold on her hair. Freed, she did nothing to escape!

"You're forcing me, aren't you?" she asked as she looked up into my eyes. I knew she wanted to.

"Yes Mrs. Wright I am, now lick it."

"You'll spank me again if I don't, won't you?"

"Hard," I promised as I moved my hand back onto her head. Then slowly pulled her forward.

"I can't stop you can I? You're too strong." I nodded in reply as her lips tentatively reached to kiss my cock. Then her tongue darted out and slowly and moistly circled my cockhead.

"I hate you," she hissed.

"Krissie's better," I told her as my penis was engulfed.

And then my cell phone rang. My hand tightened on the back of Bonnie's head, holding her in place, as I pulled the phone from my pocket and flipped it open. Mrs. Wright's tongue was still working as she looked up and watched me.

"Hi hon," I said after recognizing the caller. "Where are you anyway? I've been waiting for you for like twenty minutes." I'd put a peeved off tone in my voice. Her mother's tongue continued to swirl around my cockhead.

"I'm sorry, our practice just ended," my cheerleader girlfriend answered down the line.

"We've gotta get that school project done," I chided as I watch her mother try to swallow even more of my penis.

"Are you at home?"

"No, at your house, your mom let me in. She fed me some cookies and then started questioning me."

"She did? About what?"

"You know, mother's questions. I've been getting the fifth degree. She wanted to know what we've been doing ... whether we've been doing it," I said as I pulled her mother even farther down on me.

"She wanted to know if we're doing it? Oh my gawd! What'd you say?"

"I told her that her daughter's a sex maniac ... that you never leave me alone. That you're always touching my cock. I told her you love to suck me, that we fuck at least twice a day," I answered in a teasing tone.

"Hah! You're the sex maniac," my girlfriend accused. "Where is she anyway?"

"She was hungry ... she's getting something to eat," I told my girlfriend as I watched her mother struggle to get more of me into her mouth.

"She can't hear you can she?"

"As if," I said with a laugh. "Hey Mrs. Wright, I'm going to fuck your daughter when she gets home from cheerleading practice." I winked down at her mom.

"Shut up you idiot, she might hear you," my girlfriend cautioned down the line. Her mother, her eyes angry and boring into mine, was now bobbing up and down on my shaft. Her daughter had never got as much in her mouth. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and knew I was close.

"Besides Tommy Campbell," Krissie added, "we don't have time to make love today... we've got homework to do."

"We'll see," I said ominously as my cock bucked and sent a thick strand of cum deep into her mother's throat. Then I snapped the phone shut as the spasms of ecstasy that were shaking me propelled my cream into Bonnie's mouth. "Ohhhhhhhh fuck," I cried as my cock continued to spit my sperm into her sucking mouth.

"You're a pervert," Mrs. Wright finally spat out after I'd finished. A sticky strand of my spunk hung from a corner of her mouth and down across her chin.

"You're the one sucking her daughter's boyfriend's cock," I answered.

"I hate you."

"Do you want to watch us?"

"Watch what? I want you to go home ... I never want to see you again."

"Liar," I laughed. I knew I had her where I wanted. The rest would be easy.

"You're a horrid boy," she hissed.

"I'm going to leave her bedroom door open when she gets home. She'll tell you we're going to be studying. I'll put her on the bed so you'll be able to see her in the mirror ... she won't be able to see you. You can stand in the hall in the dark and watch us."

"You're crazy. What's happened to you? I won't watch ... I'll tell her I don't want you two alone in her bedroom. I don't want you dating Krissie any more."

"You want me for yourself, don't you? You want me to fuck you."

"Don't talk dirty, you used to be a nice boy," Mrs. Wright hissed.

"She'll be home soon, you better wash your face," I told her as I slowly stuffed my cock back into my pants. "Your saliva, the saliva you slobbered on me, will pave the way for me, lubricate me as I fuck your little girl," I promised.

2 -- November 2007, Six Months Earlier

The Wrights liked me. In fact they always had. They'd been elated the day their daughter told them she'd dropped her old boyfriend and was going out with me.

Growing up together on the same suburban block, c***dren of two men who were business partners, c***dren of couples who'd become best friends, I think it had always been assumed, or at least hoped for, that Kristine and I would go out together when we grew up. From the time we'd been five year old kindergarten students we'd heard the comments from our parents and their friends, the, 'oh don't they look so cute together' kind of stuff. And we'd genuinely liked each other. Played and laughed together all our lives.

But of course, once we'd reached the boyfriend/girlfriend stage, as the hormones were exploding in our young bodies, we'd rebelled. For four years we'd resisted, warily watching the other even as we explored our awakening sexual desires as we dated others.

But there was always a certain sexual electricity between us as we grew older. A just suppressed hunger that was continually fueled by the daily interaction between our two families. No matter whom we were dating we were always aware of who the other was seeing, dating, fucking.

Then one day six months earlier we'd both stopped pretending. As eighteen year old high school seniors we were finally ready to admit the truth. It had just taken one question from Kristine. "Where's Jacqui?" she'd asked, referring to my current girlfriend, after she'd run into me in the school hallway late one afternoon.

"We broke up," I answered on the spur of the moment, a completely untrue statement. At least it had been until I'd uttered it.

"You have?"

"She dropped me, said I'm not good enough for her," I said.

"Yeah right! Is she craaaazy?" exploded from her lips. I casually shrugged my shoulders. Then a suspicious smile crossed her lips. "I'll bet it was you, you dropped her, didn't you?" she accused.

"There's this other girl ... I keep thinking about her," I stammered, pretending. I hadn't planned any of this but suddenly knew where it was going.

"Who? Gwen? April? Liz?"

"She's smarter than Jacqui. Cuter. Better looking. More fun to talk to. Smarter. Sexier."

"Who is it?" my curious neighbor couldn't help asking.

"She's got a boyfriend," I said, a touch of sadness in my voice.

"Does she know? Did you tell her? If she knew she'd--"

"She'd what?"

"She'd be lucky," my friend said wistfully.

"She has great breasts too."

"She does? Great how?"

"Uh huh. And she lives on my street too."

I could see the wheels turning as Kristine ran through all the possibilities on our street. "No she doesn't," she finally announced with absolute confidence.

"She's tall ... beautiful long legs ...blond hair ...hangs right down to her waist ... the prettiest blue eyes ... funny little nose," I said as I ran my eyes slowly over Krissie's body. "I dream of her all the time."

"A funny nose?" There was a grin now on Krissie's lips. She knew.

"Uh huh. Great nipples too."

"You've never seen my nipples!"

"You were about four, you didn't want to keep your bathing suit on—"

"Ha, Ha!" She was beaming.

I grinned back.

"So, do you want to walk home together?" she finally asked after seconds of silence.

"Where's Will?" I asked, referring to her then current beau.

"I broke up with him ... just today," my neighbor lied as she took my hand in hers.

"Good," I said as we started to walk down the deserted hallway. It had been as simple as that. By the time we arrived at her house we were going steady.

Her parents and her younger s****r had been in the Wright kitchen working at preparing dinner when we'd marched in twenty minutes later that afternoon. Her f****y was always happy to see me and welcomed me warmly. Mr. Wright, who had no son of his own, was especially happy any time I dropped over.

"Can Tommy stay for dinner," Kris asked her mom.

"Of course he can," Mr. Wright answered happily, the prospect of a dinner table conversation with another male present irresistible.

"Oh, by the way, we're dating now, Tommy and I that is," Kris said simply. Both her parents' eyes opened wide in surprise.

"Oh my gawd," her little s****r Mandy blurted, then added as she ran from the room, "Wait til Gail hears this." Gail, my younger s****r, was her best friend.

"Finally," Mrs. Wright said, an unbelievably wide smile on her lips.

"Have you told your parents?" Mr. Wright asked me as he shook my hand. If I had asked him at that second if I could marry his daughter he would have said yes.

So my parents and s****r were summoned to join us for dinner, and they were as delighted as the Wrights.

And when Krissie's little s****r asked between courses, "When are you two getting married?" everyone at the table looked at us expectantly.

"Hah, who knows, I may not even like him. Besides, next year when I'm in college I won't be dating high school boys," my new girlfriend said dismissively. But no one at the table was fooled. It was just a question of time as far as they all were concerned.

The next day we'd made love for the first time. And we hadn't stopped in the six months since. It was better than great. We both knew we'd been made for each other. For both of us it was different from anything we'd ever experienced before. So much fucking better!

It was love. And sex. Great sex. We were both happy as we planned our future life together. We both wanted k**s. We'd even discussed getting married as soon as we graduated. Why wait we'd both asked ourselves.

So what had brought me to a point where I'd wanted her mother? Why had I taken her over my knee and spanked her? Why had I f***ed her to her knees and made her service me with her mouth? Suck my cock.

It's not easy to explain. Something happened, something changed in the way I looked at Mrs. Wright. She'd always been just a neighbor, an adult. My mom's friend, Krissie's mom, dad's partners wife. Just another adult.

Had I ever thought of her in a sexual context growing up? Looking back I realize I must have, she was a beautiful woman. But if I did, and I don't really recall it, it was just background sexual noise that was drowned out by the sexual feelings I'd had for the more legitimate and likely targets of a horny teenager.

Was it her fault? Certainly she hadn't planned anything. She hadn't set out to seduce her daughter's boyfriend. She'd been happy with her life, with her husband. But a subtle change had occurred in her attitude towards me. Something happened in the weeks after I'd started dating her daughter.

It started with simple looks. I'd lift my eyes and catch her watching me. Catch her with a look in her eyes that was new. An interest. It took me a while to interpret it as sexual interest but it finally dawned on me. I responded in kind. I liked it. It was exciting that my girlfriend's mom was attracted to me. Strange but exciting. Anyway I wasn't planning on doing anything about it.

And then there was the physical contact. A mother's hug. A kiss on the cheek of her daughter's boyfriend. A soft breast suddenly pushed against my arm. A soft hand caressing my hair. Normal day to day contact that suddenly was something more.

Again I responded. A hug held seconds longer than expected. A kiss that she'd expected on her cheek instead brushed her lips. A hand on her shoulder. We said nothing as we lured the other. We fucked each other with our eyes.

And so a desire was slowly awakened. She morphed in my eyes from just another adult into a sexy woman. She started to appear in my dreams. She triggered wet dreams. I'm not sure what was happening in her brain. How she was rationalizing it.

And the fact that she was married, that she was another man's wife, somehow added a taboo excitement that was unlike the desire I felt for her daughter. I realized I wanted her in part because she was married.

And so it had finally gotten to the point where I'd simply taken her. Spanked her. Pushed my cock into her mouth. Assaulted her. And after having mastered her I knew I was going to fuck her. Even though I still loved her daughter... it was wrong...

3 -- 4:07 p.m. May 27th 2008

And so, five minutes after I'd spurted my creamy sperm into her mother's mouth, my girlfriend, the girl I'd been going with for six months, and making love to for almost as long, arrived home and found her mom and her boyfriend in the f****y den. Everything looked normal.

"Hi mom, hey you," Kris said as she walked over and gave me a hug.

Taller than her mom by about two inches, at five foot, nine inches tall, her body still had the coltish quality of a female who was on the cusp of full ripeness. She hadn't quite attained her mother's lush roundness.

After a minute or two of conversation with her mom Kris excused us, explaining we had a school project to do. I winked at her mom before we turned to go. Then Kris turned back and asked, "Can Tommy stay for dinner mom?"

"If he has to," she answered, a scowl on her face.


"We can't," Krissie protested once we were in her bedroom and I'd pulled her against me. "We've got to study, really Tommy, I'm serious," she said as my hands found her rear and pulled her tighter against me.

"I'm hard," I said needlessly, she couldn't help but feel my urgency.

"You're always hard," she protested but lifted her arms up as I pulled the sweater up over her head. Groaned softly when I unsnapped her bra.

"Your nipples are hard too, hard little pebbles," I said as I cupped and caressed her firm teenage breasts.

"She'll hear," Krissie complained even as her fingers worked the buttons on my shirt and then the button and zipper on my pants.

"Sex maniac," I accused as my girlfriends soft fingers found my cock.

"You are. Yuck, it's sticky," she complained as she softly moved her palm up and down my shaft.

"You make me sticky," I answered as I lifted her and carried her to the bed. I laid her on her Queen Size bed at an angle so that she couldn't see the mirror or the door I'd left open a crack.

"Now don't make any noise, we don't want your mommy investigating," I directed as I knelt between her legs and then slowly lowered my mouth to her sex.

"Ohhhh Tommy," she groaned as my tongue found her clit. Looking up I found my girlfriend with her head back, her mouth open, her eyes on the ceiling as I slowly licked up and down her slit. Then flicking my eyes upward I caught a movement reflected in the mirror. Mrs. Wright! Bonnie's watching her daughter get eaten!

I was already hard but found myself in no rush. My ejaculation into her mom's mouth just minutes before had taken the hard, urgent edge off. I took my time, delighting in the cries of pleasure my probing tongue produced. Her hands held my head against her sex.

She was thrashing wildly when her first orgasm washed over her and spilled out onto my lapping tongue.

"Hurry," she urged after I'd sat up and knelt between her legs. "Please Tommy," she pled as I slid my cockhead up and down her moist slit. I realized as I teased her that I wanted her screaming!

"Hurry and do what?" I k**ded. I could see her mom now clearly reflected in the mirror. I smiled at her before positioning my cockhead at her daughter's gate. Then I lifted it up and down in a mock wave to the woman who'd just swallowed it.

"Fuck me," she cried as her fingers reached for my cock. I pushed inside. Deep. And hard. Her mother's eyes were locked on my penis as it disappeared inside her groaning daughter.

My hips started to thrust in and out rhythmically. Krissie started to yell. I watched Mrs. Wright in the mirror. She had her dress raised and her hand was working urgently inside her panties as I continued to fuck her daughter. I'd never been so excited... so hard!

My girlfriends pussy was like a boiling cauldron when my penis finally erupted and bathed her insides with my hot sperm.


"Do you think she heard?" Kristie asked between panting breaths minutes later. We were both covered in a sheen of sweat.

"You were howling like a bl**dy banshee, of course she heard," I answered as I gently ran my hand over her heaving breasts.

"What if she says something?"

"Like what? She knows we're doing it."

"Still Tommy--"

"She and your dad must make lots of noise when they're doing it. What's the difference?"

"No they don't."

"Your sexy momma doesn't scream out when your daddy's fucking her." Looking up I caught movement reflected in the mirror. Mrs. Wright was still hanging around.

"That's gross."

"Why? It's just sex. If they hadn't done it we wouldn't be here. You should hear my mom scream," I answered.

"You've heard them? They do it when you're home?"

"Sure, they're going at it all the time. Don't your parents?"

"I don't know... I mean they must do it but..."

"But what?" I asked.

"Well ... they're old."

"Hell your moms only thirty-six, she's hot, I'd fuck her," I said as I trailed a finger down her slit, picking up a thick drop of my cum that was still oozing out. I winked at her mom in the mirror.

"That is so disgusting. She's my mom you pervert!" I pushed my cum covered finger between her lips.

"So? If I was your dad I'd be fucking her day and night. I'd have her screaming."


"Did you ever dream of doing it with your dad?"

"Are you crazy? That's sick."

"Does your dad have a big penis?"

"How should I know?"

"I've dreamt of my mom... of doing it with her," I admitted.

"You haaaaave?"

"To your mom too. I'll bet my cocks bigger than your dad's."


"You and your mom in bed with me ... naked... licking me... sucking my cock. Your dad watching."

"You're such a sicko," Kristie accused even as her hand reached for and then circled my again hard shaft.

"Would you really mind if I fucked her?" I asked as I thrust deep inside her.

"Do you really want to?" she gasped. I sensed she was excited at the idea as I was.

"Yes," I finally told her five minutes later as I pulled my softening and dripping cock out of her pussy.

4 -- 6:15 p.m. May 27th 2008

"You're eating here more often these days than you do at your own house," Mr. Wright, Greg, teased when Krissie and I arrived at the table twenty minutes later. I'd just spent the last hour and a half making love to his daughter and he didn't have a clue. And if he had he wouldn't have minded, he'd already decided I was the perfect husband for his little girl. My cum was sliding down her thighs.

"It's because Mrs. Wright is such a good cook," I said as I bowed towards his wife before I took my seat at the table. I watched him, wondering what he'd think if he knew what I'd shoved into his wife's mouth earlier that afternoon. If he knew my sperm was swirling around her stomach. I was tempted to tell him.

"Don't let your mom ever hear you say that young man," he said good-naturedly.

"Yup Mr. Wright, one of these days, I'm going to have to cook up a special treat for Mrs. Wright, pay her back for everything." As I spoke I slipped my left foot over until it touched Mrs. Wright's foot.

"Krissie's a good cook too," her little s****r interrupted.

"Yes she is," I agreed as I let my right foot drift onto my girlfriend's calf. We ate dinner. I played footsie throughout with both of them. Greg Wright was oblivious to what I was doing. In one way I felt bad about what I'd done, about what I was going to do. But I also couldn't help but feel a little bit of contempt for him too. Shit, his wife had sucked me off and here he was feeding me.


"We've got to go daddy," Kissie's s****r Mandy insisted twenty-five minutes later as she pushed the empty dessert plate away from her.

"I'm coming too," my girlfriend said.

"The cake was great Mrs. Wright," I said as I licked my lips.

"You girls have to help your mom clean up before we go," Mr. Wright instructed. He'd earlier agreed to take his younger daughter to the Apple store to buy her an I-Pod. I knew Krissie wanted to go so she could continue her campaign for a new computer.

"You guys go, I'll help your mom," I said as I stood and then started to clear the table. Mr. Wright protested my offer but within two minutes his two daughters had him out the door.

"You don't have to, I can do it," Bonnie said when I arrived in the kitchen carrying a second load of dirty dishes. She was standing at the sink, her hands immersed in the soapy water.

"You can do it can you?" I asked as I moved up behind her and circled her waist with my arms.

"Stop ... we can't."

"But you just said you could do it," I answered as I moved my hands upward until they were cupping her full breasts. Rounder and softer breasts than her daughters.

"I didn't mean that! Please Tommy," she pled. I pinched her nipples in reply as I pulled her back against me.

"Did you like watching?" I asked as I caressed her. My prick was hard.

"I didn't watch."

"Liar!" I pinched her nipples a little harder. Pulled them. Stretched them.

"That hurts," she groaned as I ground my cock into her bum.

"Watching your daughter get fucked," I whispered into her ear. "Touching yourself while my cock was in Krissie's cunt."

"I didn't!"

"She's noisy isn't she? When she has a big cock in her."

"I hate you."

"She said you never make any noise when your husband fucks you."

"She didn't say that."

"She said Greg has a small prick."

"No she didn't, she said she'd never seen it."

"You listened to every word didn't you?"

"No I didn't."

"So Bonnie, is it as big as mine?"

"You're disgusting."

"Did you hear what I told her," I asked.


"That I wanted to fuck you, fuck her mom. It excited her." My hands moved downward as I talked, down across her stomach, then over her hips and down her thighs. Then I let them creep up under her skirt. After pushing her panties aside I slipped a finger inside her. She was sopping wet.


"I'll make you cum," I promised as I used my other hand to undo my zipper.

"They'll be back soon, we don't have time," Bonnie cried as I ran my thick cock over her bum. "Please Tommy."

"Turn around."

"Why? I don't want to." In answer I pulled her hands out of the water and quickly turned her so she was facing me. Then I f***ed her hands back behind her and back down into the water.

"Leave them there," I ordered.

"What are you going to do?" I started to undo the buttons on her dress instead of answering.

"Don't... Pleeeease Tommy."

"I want to see your breasts," I replied as I pushed the straps of her dress down off her shoulders. Then I quickly unsnapped her bra. Her full, pink capped tits tumbled out.

"You can't!"

"Why? Do you think your husband would mind? " I asked as my palms took possession of her breasts. "They're so beautiful," I crooned into her ear.

"They're not. And Greg's always been good to you. He's treated you like a son," she argued as I massaged her now erect little nubs. Her nips were thicker than Krissies but shorter.

I knew it was true. I knew that it was wrong to do what I was planning to do. But there was another feeling growing in me. It was more than simply having sex with a beautiful woman. It was the excitement at knowing I was going to possess another man's wife.

"It's his fault," I growled.

"His fault?" Bonnie asked, her incredulity clear.

"If he can't protect his own wife, can't satisfy her--"

"He can" she protested.

"Not like I will," I started just as the lights from a car turning into the driveway splashed across the curtained kitchen window.

"Oh my gawd, they're back already, let me go," Bonnie squealed franticly but I continued to caress her breasts. Breasts that were fuller and rounder than her daughter's still growing young beauties. "Please Tommy," she pled. I let my hands drop to my sides.

"Kiss it," I ordered.

"We don't have time," Bonnie cried as she struggled to reattach her bra. I let her. Then I let her button up her dress even while keeping her hemmed in with my body. My cock was poking her.

"Put it away ... hurry."

"Kiss it first," I insisted as we heard the car doors open.

"Don't let them see it," she begged. I simply waited until she bent down and kissed the tip of my cock. Then I let her tuck me away just as the front door opened.

"I'm going to fuck you Mrs. Wright," I whispered, then turned to greet my girlfriend.


A half hour later the two girls, their mom and I were in the Wright den watching TV. Mr. Wright had excused himself, saying he had work to do after young Amanda had won the remote and insisted we had to watch some show on a****l Planet.

"It's about orangutans, it's a series ... we always discuss it in science class the next day," Amanda explained as she settled herself on the floor in front of the TV. I was happily ensconced between her mom and s****r on the couch in the room whose only illumination came from the flickering screen. I put an arm around each of them as Mandy gave us a running commentary on what was happening on the screen.

"That's Jasper, he's what they call the Alpha male of the pack."

"The what?" I asked as I let my right hand drift down onto the edge of Krissie's breast. She quickly checked her mom but then said nothing when her mother seemed oblivious to what I was doing.

"He's the strongest, the biggest, he's the big boss, they all have to obey him," Mandy explained.

"Like me," I said with a laugh. "The man in charge of the women." Krissie gave me a quick elbow but then nestled back into my side. I cupped her breast and then squeezed it. My other hand started to caress her mother's hair.

"He's in charge of everyone. Even the other males, they have to obey him," Mandy said without looking back. On the screen in front of us the big male orangutan was mounting one of the females.

"That's so gross," Krissie announced when the orangutan started to pump his hips, pushing his monkey prick into her. He quickly finished and pulled out.

"I don't think Mandy should be watching this Mrs. W, this has to be an Adult's Only show," I said, knowing I'd get a rise out of the almost fifteen year old.

"Its natural science Mr. Smarty Pants," Mandy said in the most superior tone of voice a girl her age could manage.

"Look Mrs. Wright, he's doing it with someone else now," I said in mock horror as the screen showed the orange monkey mounting another female.

"Maybe you shouldn't be watching dear," her mother started.

"They're monkeys mother! Its how they're made, don't you know anything? He sl**ps with all the females in the f****y," the exasperated teen spat out as she continued to watch the screen.

"He sl**ps with all of them? Even his s****rs? His mother? His daughters?" I asked. My hand moved down onto Mrs. Wright's breast.

"They're in the wild. That's what monkeys do. He wants all the baby orangutans to be his. That's how it works."

"Jasper the monkey gets to sl**p with his girlfriend's mother," I whispered into Krissie's ear, then kissed her.

"Perv," she whispered back but as she turned she saw my hand cupping her mom's tit.

"It's late, I gotta go," I told my girlfriend whose mouth had opened wide in disbelief. "I'm not watching any more of this weird monkey business. C'mon, give me a kiss," I insisted, then covered my girlfriend's lips with mine.

"It's not weird," young Mandy insisted, her eyes still on the screen.

"Bye Mandy, night Mrs. Wright," I said as I turned to Krissie's mother. Then I lowered my lips onto hers. Tongued Bonnie as her daughter watched.

Then, before either of them had recovered, I was up and out of the room without another word.

5 -- 12:15 p.m. May 28th 2008 High School - the next day

"Are you fucking crazy? What if Mandy had seen? Or if Daddy had come back into the room?" Krissie demanded. I'd succeeded in avoiding her all morning but at lunchtime she'd finally cornered me in the school cafeteria.

"The orangutans excited me."

"Idiot! They're fucking monkeys. Who do you think you are, Tarzan the ape-man? You touched her breast. Tongued her."

"Well you told me your dad didn't satisfy her."

"I never said that," my girl protested loudly enough that heads rose all around the cafeteria.

"Maybe we better discuss it somewhere else," I suggested as I nodded towards the surrounding listeners.


"I said they didn't make lots of noise, not that he didn't satisfy her," Kris hissed at me five minutes later. We were walking across the school baseball diamond. She'd refused to let me hold her hand.

"I think she wants me."

"Are you crazy? She's happily married."

"She's just like her daughter. Horny! Wants a big cock in her."

"She's not. And if you think I'm going to allow it--"

"Call me Jasper," I teased as I grabbed her and pulled her against me.

"Stop it!"

"Can you feel Jasper the orangutans big cock?" I teased. "It's nice and big for little Krissie."

"You're so sick," she said but made no effort to escape my grasp. In fact she even wriggled a little closer.

"We can do it behind the stands," I whispered between kisses.

"Someone might see," she protested but couldn't hide her excitement.

"Me Tarzan, you Jane," I said, then released her and beat my chest. Krissie fled laughing. But I caught before she got to first base. Then released my "bat" and managed to hit a home run in the infield...

When we'd finally finished I looked up and saw the school gardener standing by the outfield fence, his hand working urgently inside his pants. Pervert.

6 -- Wednesday, June 4th 2008 A week later

"How'd you get in?"

"I have a key ... in fact I think it was your husband who gave it to me."

"You should be in school."

"I should be in you," I said as I moved purposely across the room. "Mr. Wright did give me the key. He said I was welcome anytime. That the Wright door would always be open for me. You're door."

"That's not what he meant. I want you to go home immediately," she ordered. Instead I picked her up in my arms.

"He knows you're frustrated, that you need a real man. That's why he gave it to me."

"We can't, it's wrong, he didn't want you to do it," Bonnie Wright protested as I carried her towards her bedroom. Towards the bed she normally shared with her husband Greg.

Seconds later, laughing, I dropped her in the middle of her bed. "Take off your clothes," I ordered as I let the knapsack I'd been carrying slip off my shoulders.

"I won't. Krissie loves you, you'll break her heart," her mother implored. She was lying on her back, her legs spread and her panties exposed as her dress rode up her thighs.

"Krissie will have to share me," I answered as I pulled my t-shirt over my head. Shirtless I turned to my backpack.

"What are you doing?" she asked when I pulled the tripod and the video camera from my pack.

"I'm going to film us."

"Are you crazy? You can't," she protested as she watched me set up the camera.

"Our first time together." I pushed the 'record' button.

"I love my husband, I won't," she promised as I unzipped and then shucked the jeans and boxers I'd been wearing. "It's wrong." I simply walked towards the bed. My cock was engorged with bl**d.

"Come here," I ordered. When she cowered back against the headboard I simply grabbed her ankles and pulled her back toward me. Then I quickly reached between her legs and ripped the white cotton boy shorts from her loins. Her wispy triangle of blond pubic hair couldn't hide the pink, inviting gash of her sex. Her vaginal lips were already puffed wide in anticipation.

"Don't!" she protested as she watched me climb up onto the bed and push her knees apart. Holding her hips down I slowly brought my erection towards her sex.

"It's too big," she cried as my cockhead pried her nether lips apart. "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh," she groaned when my shaft split her.

She's a married woman... someone else's wife I chastised myself as my penis f***ed itself inside her. Greg's wife! She was as tight, hell, even tighter than her daughter. But she was wet with excitement. I pushed more inside. Then more.

"Tommy, we shouldn't," Bonnie said softly even as she spread her legs wider.

"Should I stop?" I asked. I stopped moving my hips and looked deep into her eyes.

"Yes," my girlfriend's mother answered but the way she wrapped her legs around my back belied her words.

I slowly pulled my hips backward until I'd eased all but the fat head of my cock from her. Her heels slammed down on my butt. "Say it," I demanded as I locked eyes with her.

Second after second she met my gaze until she suddenly dropped her eyes and whispered, "Fuck me."

"Fuck you?" I asked.

"YES! FUCK ME," she demanded as she lifted her hips upward off the bed. I smashed downward and filled her with one deep thrust.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Krissie may have never heard her mom make any noise during sex before but the next five minutes proved she was as excitable and as loud as her daughter. Her moans, her groans, her shrieks of pleasure echoed from one end of the house to the other as I pounded inside her.

And then my cock flooded her with my sperm as her orgasm spasmed through her body. I was in her husbands bed... and in his wife.


"It hurt," Bonnie whispered. She was lying on her back, her legs splayed wide apart, my cum leaking from her vagina.

"Liar." I turned on my side and lightly caressed her hair. "You're a beautiful little slut Mrs. Wright," I said reverentially as I let my fingers slide down her cheek and then farther down onto her breast.

"I'm not," she started but my lips found hers before she could say another word. Our tongues explored.

"Touch me," I encouraged when our lips had finally separated.

"I don't want to," she protested even as her hand slipped between our bodies. "My god, you're already hard again," she said when her fingers circled my penis.

"You make me big," I said as I rolled her over onto her stomach. I moved my palm possessively over her ass as I moved between her legs. "Lift your bum, get on your knees," I instructed as I ran a finger up her crack.

"No, not there... you're too big ... I don't do that," Bonnie protested as I slipped a pillow under her stomach.

"You don't like it here?" I asked as I moved my middle finger against her puckered anus.


"Greg doesn't make love to your ass?" I asked as I pushed my finger deep inside her.

"Noooooo! Please Tommy! Fuck my pussy ... my--"

"Your cunt?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, fuck me ... fuck me with your big cock ... hurry."

"Is it bigger than your husbands?" I pumped my finger insistently in and out of her bum.

"Yes ... much bigger ... please Tommy... fuck Bonnie...I need it... fuck me hard."

I did! Hard, deep dogging that within seconds had her screaming in pleasure as loud as her daughter ever had when impaled on my cock. I waited for her, waited until her juicy orgasm struck before I splashed more cum inside her.


"Again?" she asked some time later.

"Yes," I said as I again pushed my penis into another man's wife.

"You're an a****l," she accused back but in a voice that invited.

"You love it," I laughed back. We both did!


"It's late. They'll be home soon," Bonnie whispered. She was lying on top of me, her lips inches from mine. She was mine now.

"Tell me."

"Tell you what?" she asked. I simply waited. "I love you," she finally whispered, and then when I said nothing she added, "I love your big cock."

"Kiss it," I lured. She did.

I fucked her once more before we left her husbands bed that day. Then I joined the Wrights for dinner. And I knew as I ate that it should have been I who was sitting at the head of the table.

7 -- Thursday June 12th 2008 Krissies bedroom

"What is it?"

"A film I made," I answered as I put the DVD into the player. It was a week since I'd taken her mother.

"You want to watch a film? Now?" my girlfriend asked, her surprise clear. She was lying on her bed. Naked. She was panting. I'd just finished eating her out. We were alone in her house.

"Yes," I answered as I turned back toward the bed. My hard-on was poking out from my body.

"I don't think heee wants to watch a movie," Krissie teased as she reached out for my bouncing cock.

"We'll multitask," I answered as I hopped up on the bed next to her and then rolled her over onto her stomach. Like mother, like daughter I thought to myself as I prepared her. As I put a pillow under her stomach.


I interrupted her with a quick firm slap on her butt. Then I moved so that my cock was resting against her crack. "We'll make love and watch a movie," I said as I grabbed my penis and directed it to her sex.

"What's the film about?" Krissie asked back over her shoulder. There was a dirty little grin on her lips.

I pushed my cock inside her moist, welcoming teenage sleeve. Then pushed play on the remote control. "About mothers and daughters ... and men who can't satisfy their wives," I whispered into her ear. The screen lit up.

"OH MY GAWD!" She started to struggle, tried to wriggle out of my embrace. I tightened my grip on her breasts and held her tight as I started to piston deep inside her. We both watched the screen, the screen that showed me fucking her mom.

Krissie's cries of pleasure and protest soon were echoed by the cries her mother was making up on the screen.


"I hate you."

"I love you," I answered.

"What are we going to do?"

"Probably just get married and start having babies."

"You're terrible."

"Am I?" I bent my head towards hers.

"What about mom?" my girlfriend asked just before my lips found hers.

It was twenty minutes later before we started talking again. She was lying on top of me, her erect nipples tickling my chest as she tried to hold my softening spear inside herself.

"Are you mad at me?"

"I don't know," she finally admitted. "What about Daddy?"

"If a man can't protect his property--"

"A wife isn't property," my girlfriend protested.

Ignoring her interruption I went on, "then some other man will come along and take her."

"That's crazy."

"You're both my property now," I promised.

"Ha, ha." And then, as we lay silently contemplating each other, a new and surprising thought suddenly appeared in my brain. Krissie saw something in m eyes. "What?" she asked.

"Nothing ... it's nothing," I answered even as I examined the thought. Why hadn't my father ever made love to Mrs. Wright? In all the years they'd known each other, that they'd been friends, during all the socializing that the two couples had done. Why hadn't he? I knew he had a big cock, knew he and mom went at it all the time. Why hadn't he picked up on Bonnie's need?

8 -- Saturday June 21st 2008 the Wright house

"I want to ask you for the hand of your daughter."

"What?" I'd surprised Mr. Wright with my question. It was another ten days later. I'd slept with his wife another two times in the interim. Bonnie had succumbed easily each time I'd approached her. "But you two are both going off to University in the fall."

"I love her."

"I know you do, it's just that ... I mean, have you told your dad?"

"I wanted to ask you first," I told my future father-in-law. The man I'd cuckolded.

"Well of course we were all hoping ... Bonnie and I ... your parents ...its just that we thought you'd wait a few years. You two are so young."

"We're in love sir."


"How old were you when you married Mrs. Wright?" I knew she'd been s*******n and he nineteen when they'd married.

"That was different," he started but I knew as I watched him that it was going to be okay.


An hour later, after we'd finished off the bar-b-q steaks my dad had prepared, in front of my parents and s****r, and in front of Krissie's parents and s****r, I knelt in front of my love.

"What are you doing?" Krissie asked with a grin, thinking I was up to one on my crazy stunts. Then she saw the ring.

"No way," she answered after I'd proposed. But she was smiling. In fact everyone around the table was smiling.

"If she won't marry you I will," little Amanda chimed in.

"Mandy!" her mother chided.

"He'll just have to wait a few years," Krissies s****r added.

"Then you'll be my s****r-in-law," my little s****r told her friend.

"Shut up you two," my girlfriend warned as she slipped the ring onto her finger and then embraced me.

"Remember you've got to promise to obey me," I teased after our lips had separated.

"Yeah right," simultaneously spilled in answer from the mouths of the five females present. Little did they know!

And over the next thirty minutes our families agreed on the main details. We'd marry in the summer. A late July weekend. In just five weeks. Our moms had protested they wouldn't have time to prepare everything but we simply plowed through their arguments.

We'd marry in the Wright's back yard.

"How are you going to support Krissie anyway?" her clever little s****r asked after we'd agreed on all the general arrangements.

"I'll get a job."

This raised an immediate protest from the four adults present.

"They're attending University," mom quickly interjected.

"They certainly are," Greg agreed.

"College will actually be cheaper with them married," Bonnie added.

I said nothing even though I knew I wasn't going to go away for school. Neither was Krissie. I figured I'd save that news for another day.


"She'll be the only one? Promise me," Krissie demanded. It was later that night and I'd just snuck into her bedroom.

"Just you and your mom," I lied. I knew there was at least one other woman I'd eventually have to take.

"And you promise to never let daddy know?'

"He'll never know from me," I agreed but wondered as I uttered the words if I could keep the promise. I'd been slowly coming to realize that it would never be enough to simply take another man's wife. He also had to know. If you're going to be king of the jungle the other males have to know it. What was the point if he didn't know?

9 -- Sunday July 6th 2008

"I'm not going away to school dad," I told my father on an early July Sunday afternoon two weeks later.

"Of course you are," he answered as he lowered his beer bottle to the patio table. "Every Campbell male goes to the University of Virginia." I could see he was ready to argue this one.

"I'm going to stay here in town, get a job, take some courses at State."

"You can't. What about Kristine?" her father Greg asked from across the table. The three of us had been sitting on the patio talking baseball.

"She can go to State full time."

"Where will you work?" Greg Wright demanded.

"You're going to U.V.A.," dad insisted.

"I'm going to set up a web design and computer marketing company," I told Mr. Wright as I ignored my dad's comment. "Do for others what I did for you guys last summer." I'd spent the summer building a web site for their company and had worked part time at it all year.

"You need to get a degree first," my dad growled.

"I'll get one part time, at night."


We talked back and forth, argued really, for another hour before I finally split. I hadn't totally convinced them but they hadn't shaken my resolve either. Leaving, I knew my father and Mr. Wright well enough to know that they'd spend the next hour or so discussing the pros and cons of my plans. Knowing Krissie was off with a couple of her friends organizing last minute things for the wedding I went looking for her mom.

And found her ten minutes later. She was on her knees in her backyard garden with a trowel in her hand. A garden that was completely screened off from the neighbor houses by a thick wall of foliage. I unzipped as I walked towards her. She looked up when I was five feet away from her.

"Are you crazy?" my future mother-in-law screeched.

"Yes, you make me crazy," I agreed as I grasped my rapidly hardening penis in my palm.

"Greg's in the house!"

"He's over at our place. Dad and he are deep in discussion, they're discussing my future," I answered. "You're so beautiful," I intoned as I reached with my free hand to caress her hair.

"Krissie could come out," her mother hissed.

"She already knows," I said as I ran my cockhead lightly across her lips.

"She does?" I pushed my penis between her lips before she could say another word. Then I put both of my hands on the back of her head. Her tongue started to move.

"It excites her to know you and I are doing it," I said, then was silent as I let her mouth work my cock for minutes before finally pulling away from her. I wanted to fuck her.

"Not here," she cried as I undid the denim jean shorts she was wearing. After I'd exposed her I pushed her down on her back onto the rich soil she'd just trowelled.

And then I pushed my hoe into the most perfect furrow God have ever designed. A furrow formed of human skin. A married woman's welcoming sheathe. She was sopping!

"I want you to have my baby," I told Bonnie when my cum started spurting deep inside her.

"I'm too old."

"You're perfect," I cooed as I started to move my hips again. "You're both going to have my babies," I promised.

10 -- Sunday July 20th 2008

"What's this?" Krissie asked as she took the proffered envelope from my dad's fingers. The two families were eating dinner together again. It was some two weeks since I'd told dad and Greg my plans to not go away for school. The wedding was scheduled for the next Saturday.

"A wedding present," dad answered.

"From all of us," Bonnie added.

"What is it?" my future wife asked.

"We thought if you weren't going away," my mother started.

"It just fell into our lap ... Mr. Conrad was transferred, they were in a big rush," Greg added.

"Mr. Conrad, our Mr. Conrad?" Krissie asked, clearly confused. The Conrad's lived two houses down from the Wrights and across the street from our house.

"We didn't want you living in some broken down student apartment," mom explained as my girlfriend opened the envelope and pulled out a deed to the Conrad's house.

My future wife screamed in joy. And then we all started to talk at once, then, laughing as the tears fell down our cheeks, we all embraced.

I hugged Greg and couldn't help but smile at the thought of how easy he was making it for me.

11 -- Saturday July 26th 2008 Wedding Day

It was a perfect July afternoon when Kristine Wright was e****ted by her beaming father to an altar that had been temporarily erected in her parent's back yard. Standing waiting at the altar I couldn't help glancing at the spot just feet away where I'd planted her mother just weeks earlier. Her mother, who, at that moment, was smiling at me from the front row of the temporary seats that had been installed just that morning. My mother-in-law Bonnie, a woman who already had my c***d growing inside her.

And so we both dutifully said, "I do", and then kissed in front of our friends and f****y to seal our union. We became man and wife. I was married! We wee both ecstatic. I was a husband. At eighteen.

And then the party began. We ate. We made speeches. We smiled. Krissie and I kissed again and again to the demands of the clinking china. And then we danced. And then it happened. As I was dancing Bonnie around the dance floor that had been set on the lawn next to the pool.

I looked up and locked eyes with her across the yard. And as I smiled I saw as the quizzical expression she'd had on her face suddenly changed to knowledge. Somehow she knew! Some female intuition. I looked away from my mother as I continued to dance my mother-in-law around the room. How could she know/ I asked myself as I looked away from her now penetrating stare.

Twenty minutes later, while I was dancing with my new wife, my father cut in and left me with my mother as my partner.

"It can't be true can it?" She asked. She knew it was. I didn't answer, instead simply held her a little tighter as I led her around the dance floor.

"She seduced you? Her daughter's boyfriend? She's supposed to be our friend. I'll kill her." Her words weren't really directed at me, they were simply her thoughts that were spilling unbidden from her mouth. I continued to dance. "Is she crazy? God, what about poor Greg?"

"How'd you figure it out," I asked.

"She's a slut," my mother accused her best friend.

"It was as much my fault, I seduced her," I finally whispered in my mother's ear.

"You?" I nodded yes into her cheek. "But why?"

"It just happened."

"Just happened? But what about Kris? Your new wife for God's sake."

"She knows," I said as the song ended.

"Ohhhh Tommy," my mother groaned into my ear.


"You should have waited for me," my new s****r-in-law, recently turned fifteen year old Mandy told me as I danced her around the room some time later.

"Well, by the time your old enough in three or four years maybe I'll be ready to trade in your s****r," I teased back.

"Yeah right."

"Or maybe I'll need a second wife by then," I said with a wink.

"Sure," my new s****r-in-law scoffed.

"I could be like your friend Jasper."

"The orangutan?"

"Uh huh. Doesn't he rule all the women in his f****y? Don't they all become his wife?"

"Ha, ha," she said as the dance ended and I released her. I watched as she walked over to my s****r and whispered in her ear. Watched as they both started to giggle. They were still girls of course but dolled up as they were for the wedding you could see the beautiful women they were likely to become.

We took the f****y pictures at our new house. We'd already taken lots of the wedding party, with the bridesmaids and ushers and all. But we'd all wanted a group of just f****y shots. Krissie and her mom, with her s****r, with her mom and dad, with me and her f****y. Then with my f****y. Then both families together.

A shot of Krissie and I, flanked by our mothers, then our s****rs, and then at each end of the shot our fathers.

Then I banished my dad and Greg and orchestrated a shot with just me and the five females in it.

"He probably thinks he's Jasper," my s****r Gail said as I clowned around among the women, directing them.

"Who's Jasper?" my mom asked.

"He's just a big monkey who thinks he's the big boss, thinks all the females have to obey him... and have to sl**p with him," Amanda Wright answered. The photographer snapped a picture a second later and captured the moment for posterity. In it my little s****r and Mandy are both giggling, my wife has a grin on her lips, my mother-in-law is holding her hand in front of her mouth, and next to me, my mother has a questioning look on her face.
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