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Ryan - Part Two

You can read part one of the story <a href="">here</a>.

After they finished their drinks, they left to go to a club I presumed. This was a relief to me, as I had once again gone into my fantasy mind and had him naked in my arms. I finished up my drink and headed for the doorway, grabbing my coat from the back of my stool.

That's when I saw Ryan walking out of the washroom. He hadn't gone with the rest of his friends. I blushed again and waved at him, and headed for the door. As I was walking down the street, Ryan caught up with me...

Ryan was clearly in a party mood, and very talkative as we walked along the street together. I was struggling to find any sort of meaningful things to say to him. I didn't actually know why he was walking with me, let alone talking. So I asked him why he was no longer with his friends.

He had told his friends that he wasn't feeling so great and was going to head home. I asked him if he was OK and he told me that he'd made it up so that he could get away from them. I was curious to know why, and having some Dutch courage in me, decided to ask him if it was because he wanted to spend time with me.

Without hesitation, he blurted out YES!

That kind of stopped me in my tracks. I was stunned at his response and I think my heart actually stopped for the briefest of moments. Did he actually say that he wanted to spend time with me, or did I hear him incorrectly? I asked him to repeat what he said.

"I got rid of my friends so that I could spend some time with you" he said with a big smile on his face.

Now I knew I was in trouble. What was my next move? How do we go from here? WTF!? My mind was all over the place and Ryan was just looking at me. I had no response for him so I did one of those nervous laughs.

Ryan however, knew exactly what the next move would be.

"So, what do you say? Do you want to come back to my place and we can have some beers and get to know one another?"

This was it, the moment I had yearned for. I was actually going to get to spend time with my fantasy guy. He was asking me to go back to his place for beer and to get to know one another. My mind was racing. Do I say OK or do I say no? The confusion in my mind was killing me. I took a deep breath and said sure.

"Awesome!" was Ryan's response.

We walked the couple of blocks back to his place quickly. He didn't stop talking all the way whilst all I could manage was the occasional "uh, huh" and "yeah". I felt like a dork. Who loses control of their speech? Me, apparently.

His place was nice for a students place. He lived there with another friend, but she was away in Europe for the month and he had the run of the place to himself. We went to the kitchen and he took out a couple of beers from the fridge and proceeded to open them for us and said we should go to the living room, where it was cosier.

I didn't want cosier... I wanted him, naked in his bed. Fuck the beer, let's just get it on.

But I managed to string a couple of words together, "sure, sounds good."

We sat next to one another on the couch, but I made a conscious decision not to sit too close to him. He was having none of it and moved in closer to me. I swear, he knew exactly what I was thinking and asked me if I was nervous and shy.

I told him I was both and proceeded to ask him why he had invited me back to his place.

He didn't reply. Instead he put his beer down on the floor and kissed me on the lips.

I pushed him away and asked him what he was doing angrily. Why I was angry I have no idea. This is exactly what I had wanted for a long time.

"I've seen you look at me and I've seen the boner you get when I get close to you. Do you think I don't notice these things?" he said playfully.

"I've been wanting to kiss you for the longest time, and now I have you alone I'm going to take full advantage of it."

This both excited and worried me. As I said, I hadn't done thins kind of thing before, not really. Just some messing about when I was younger. This was the real deal and it was happening right now.

"OK, but don't you think you should have asked me first? How did you know I would even consider it?" I stumbled.

"I know what to look for, this isn't my first time seducing a guy. I've been flirting with you for a while, but I guess you haven't noticed because you've been too busy staring at my crotch."

When he said crotch, he put his hand on my dick and found out that I had a massive hard on.

"See, I knew you were in to it. All I've done is kiss you and this is the result"

There was no going back now. He was holding my dick through my trousers and gently stroking it. I had no idea what to do, so I decided that the best way to deal with this was to kiss him back. I moved my head so that I could lock lips with him. It was like a bolt of electricity running through my body. His tongue teasing mine through our open lips.

It was a kiss that meant business.

I decided then, that I was in this all the way. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it all...

To be continued....

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