Ryan - Part One

When I was younger I had mixed feelings about who I was. In fact, I still have those same mixed feelings.

I don't think you every truly know who you are.

I had a crush on this guy at university, but never thought I would get the chance to actually take it any further than just fantasizing about him from a distance. He was a few years younger than I was and I had an on/off girlfriend back home. So I thought he was definitely out of my reach.

I would see him around campus all the time and my heart would skip a beat when I made eye contact with him. Strangely enough, I would always look away quickly when our eyes did connect for the briefest of moments. I don't consider myself shy, but this guy was different. Maybe it was that unattainable desire that made him so appealing, who knows.

Months went by and I still hadn't gotten anywhere with this guy. I didn't think he knew I existed at all until one day at the cafeteria, he sat at the table next to me. This made my heart pound so hard in my chest I could hardly breathe. Here I was, inches away from my fantasy guy not knowing what to do with myself. My mouth got incredibly dry as I struggled to look everywhere but the table he was sitting at.

I could hear this voice asking me a question, but I thought it was the bl**d rushing to my head until I got a touch on my arm asking if I could pass him the ketchup. I did the usual thing of grabbing the bottle and handed it to him with a look of shock on my face. He thanked me and looked at me with a look of confidence and, at least in my head, a playful, cheeky smile as if he knew that I wanted him.

I should explain that this guy was 22 years old and had and average build, from what I could see. He stood 6 feet tall with a mane of dark brown hair and the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. It didn't help things that he had a smile to compete with any hollywood actor. He walked with confidence around the campus and was always with a group of friends.

But today, at that table, he was all by himself. I was in somewhat of a panic and couldn't eat the rest of my fries and burger, so I just sat there, hoping he would hurry up and leave so that I could gain some sort of composure. It took him what seemed like an eternity to finish eating, but at last he started to pack up his things and leave.

To my surprise, he bought the ketchup back and once again thanked me. I mumbled a reply and he said he would see me again soon. That was nearly enough to make my heart burst, I can tell you. I had to go back to my dorm room right then and deal with the raging hard on that had miraculously developed in an instant when he spoke to me for the second time. I couldn't get in the door quick enough to get my pants off. I lay on my bed, closed my eyes and envisioned us together whilst I stroked my cock to an almighty orgasm.

I found it ridiculous that a guy of my age (I'm 28) was acting like some obsessed groupie towards this guy. I mean, I've had crushes before, but this was taking the biscuit. I was finding it increasingly difficult to go through the day without thinking about him. It was getting out of hand.

A few weeks passed since the brief encounter at the cafeteria and I had managed to get my emotions under some sort of control when once again he sat at the table next to me. He was alone and needed the ketchup again. I found it strange that this popular guy would be sitting alone when a group of his friends were also eating there. I thought to myself that he probably wanted time alone so that he could catch up on some studying or reading. But, he didn't have any books with him. Instead he just sat there, facing me this time, eating.

This was making me very uncomfortable. Mainly because I found it difficult to look anywhere but in his direction. I undressed him mentally at that table and imagined what it would be like to run my tongue up his entire body. This of course led to me getting a hard on once again. He would look in my direction once in a while and would smile that smile. I swear that he knew exactly what I was thinking because he uncrossed his legs and gave me a wider smile. I just stared at him and his crotch the whole time he was there. I couldn't help myself.

He got up and left. Not saying a word.

I thought to myself that I had to do something about this, because my body and mind were going crazy. But how do you approach a guy? I'd never actually gone up to another male and introduced myself in a flirtatious way before. Sure, I had dabbled in my youth with other guys in my town, but that was with friends who I had known for a lifetime. I was currently in an off stage with my girlfriend and was horny as hell.

I decided that this was the reason behind this. I was horny and this guy was my fantasy. He wasn't actually smiling wider or opening his legs so that I could see his crotch. It was all in my over active, horny imagination. There was nothing there on his side.

Being a student at university usually involves going out to bas and clubs. I am not one of those guys. The crazy antics of jocks scared me. I liked to go to bars, but nice quiet ones. Not some rowdy dive full of intoxicated students. The over indulgence of hormonal youth had passed me by. Living in a small town where everyone knew each other's business probably helped stem my wild ways and I lived through them.

I was at a bar enjoying a few beers with other regulars. Nobody in particular, just the other guys who would sit there and make comments about the game that was on the TV once in a while, when a noisy group came in. I thought about moving on from the bar as they were spoiling my quiet enjoyment of the place. That's when I saw him. He was in the group. My fantasy guy. I ordered another beer and sat in silence at the bar, but fully aware of where he was at all times. I could look in the mirror behind the bar and check him out discreetly.

The next thing I know, he comes to the bar and orders a round of drinks for him and his friends. He saw me and smiled that smile, then he came over to me and started telling me that he had seen me in the cafeteria looking at him a few times. I must have turned bright red at that point, because he smiled and giggled at me. Seeing me blush must have amused him. He introduced himself as Ryan and we started to make small talk. Me stumbling over my words embarrassingly. It wasn't long before his order was ready, but just before he left with his drinks, he stroked my arm in a way that made me very aware that it wasn't a "hey buddy" kind of touch, but a touch that meant much more. It was a caressing stroke that worked down my forearm to my hand. I didn't know what to do. As he was leaving, he turned and waved at me and flashed that smile that could calm any storm or fears and then he was gone back into his group of friends. Just like that.

After they finished their drinks, they left to go to a club I presumed. This was a relief to me, as I had once again gone into my fantasy mind and had him naked in my arms. I finished up my drink and headed for the doorway, grabbing my coat from the back of my stool.

That's when I saw Ryan walking out of the washroom. He hadn't gone with the rest of his friends. I blushed again and waved at him, and headed for the door. As I was walking down the street, Ryan caught up with me...

To be continued...

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8 months ago
looking for the continuation of this story
8 months ago
nice set-up.... I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next!!!
8 months ago
more please