I was s*******n when mom had to go out of town and she left me with my granDpa. I was wild and hard to handle. One day as I was walking around dressed slutty he told me, "You look like a slut'" I told him "I am a slut" He replied "well I will treat you like a slut then. Come over here."

I walked to him in my short skirt and tight top with no bra. He lifted my skirt and saw my bare cunt with no panties. He then pulled down my skirt and lifted my top over my head and I was naked there for gramps. "I am going to punish you for acting like a whore in my house" he told me. He then felt my tits and pulled the nipples and pinched them hard. He held me by one nipple as he slapped the other tit. I truly liked this. I loved rough sex. I have been having sex since I was thirteen. My tits were red from the slapping from my grampa.

He then spread my legs and told me "let me see your cunt." My cunt was shaved and bald and gramp could see all of it. He then layed me across his lap and pushed my ass up and my head down as he got ready to spank my ass. He had a wooden bristle brush that he used on my ass. It stung like crazy. He then spread my legs and put one leg under his so I was really held down. He whipped my ass til it was raw. Then he smacked my cunt with the brush and the pain was horrible. "Little whores get rough punishment" he yelled at me. After a few whacks on my cunt he put down the brush and rubbed my sore ass and cunt. "Ready for more?" he screamed. He then reached down and picked up an instrument that i did not know what it was and rammed it in my ass deep. I screamed in pain.

"Take this like a fucking slut." he laughed. He then pulled it from my ass and rammed it in my cunt hole. It was big and rough and I saw later it was a big piece of wood. "A slut like you must love things in that cunt. You will suffer before I am done with you." He took turns ramming my ass and cunt with the wood stick. He tortured me for at least an hour but he was not done yet. My ass cheeks were bruised from the beating and my ass and pussy was the sorest it has ever been.

Grandpa then took me to his bed and tied my hands to the head board. He stripped from his clothes and his big hard cock popped out. He had a nice hard cock for an old man but he had always been handsome. He got over my face and pushed his cock in my mouth. "Lick my cock and suck it." He had his cock down my throat and gagging me but he did not let up. "Suck harder slut." I sucked his cock till he filled me full of his cum.

He then told me "give me a minute and i am going to fuck you more. I am no way near done with you yet. I am going to fuck you like the two bit whores down on 5th Avenue." Soon his cock was hard again and he got on top of me. My cunt was so sore from the wood stick that i did not think I could handle his big cock but he did not care. He pushed his cock in deep all the way in one swoop, I screamed from the pain. Even tho I had lots of sex before his cock was huge in my tight cunt and the pain was horrible. Grandpa fucked my cunt for at least forty minutes. My hole was raw but his cock did feel good. I came many times like the slut I was. "So you like your grandpas big cock don't you?" he whispered to me. I said I did. He then told me to beg him for more cock. "I then yelled at him "fuck my cunt grandpa with that big cock of yours. Make my cunt stretch and bleed from the fucking you are giving it. I love yor big hard cock." He replied "yes, grandpa is going to give you lots of cock for the two weeks you are here. You will be granpa's baby slut."

Grandpa fucked me four more times that day. He kept my hands tied and after fucking me he licked my cunt pushing his tongue in my hole. When he was done with me for a while he rubbed a cream in my cunt to soothe it. He layed beside me and sucked my tits. He told me "you have nice big tits like your mom. I used to fuck your mom all the time. You could very well be my daughter. Now I am going to fuck you day and night. I love young pussy."

later grandpa fucked me more. He also fucked my ass three times. I sucked his cock between each fucking he gave me. The only time i was untied was when he bent me over the chair and fucked me more. He could fuck more than a teenager. My ass and cunt got used to his big cock and I got so I loved fucking him and sucking his big cock. The only time he was not fucking or feeling me up was when we were eating. We showered and fucked there. We fucked in the kitchen, in the garage, in his car, the wood shed, and on the back porch. I like sucking his cock on the porch. i loved him sucking my tits at night in bed. I hoped I did not get knocked up with grandpa's baby like my mom may have.

Grandpa never had to punish me again as i was a willing fuck toy for him. I loved when he tongue my cunt hole. He had a great tongue. I would cover his tongue with cum. I loved him with his fingers in my cunt. We fucked day and night. Sex was an obsession with us. One moring after I had sucked grandpa's cock for the third time I asked him if I could stay all summer with him. Mom had to know he would be fucking me like he did her so I am sure she would let me. And sure enough she let me stay.

That summer grandpa fucked me day and night. I was his teen fuck slut. I loved his big huge cock and grandpa could fuck better than any of the school boys. I could deep throat his cock clear to his balls and would suck his cock several times a day and night. I would wake him at night sucking his cock.

Mom never came back to get me. So I stayed with grandpa. I am now knocked up with his second c***d. I am still nursing one as I carry the second one. Grandpa nurses me also. My tits have grown to DDD's. They are heavy with milk and I need grandpa to help me empty them. I am sure all of grandpa's cum I swallow makes my milk richer and very tasty. One day as I sucked his cock he got so excited he filled me with cum and piss. I didn't mind drining his piss at all. He is proud I am carry ing his second baby. He laughed and said he may just keep me knocked up as he loves my big tits that get bigger with each baby. Grandpa's cock is sure loaded with potent sperm. And we still fuck day and night. Some day grandpa will fuck our daughter like he did my mom and me. He is just in his fifties. i will tech our daughter or daughters to love her daddy/grandpa's big cock like her mommy did.
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3 years ago
Poorly written story that is impossible to take seriously or imagine would ever take place.
3 years ago
I just read "Grandpa." The opening paragraph, brief and abrupt, actually gave me a good laugh to start the day. (Thanks.) In certain ways, this story is particularly intense, even hideously entertaining. It calls to mind the BOOK Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr. Ever read? Every chapter is a short story and ends in some hideous climax.
3 years ago
This is exactly the kind of treatment a slut wants and deserves.